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¡­agri, mining, forestry, oil exploration fields targettedThe Board of Industrial Training (BIT) which offers programmes to empower disadvantaged youths is reviewing its courses to ensure students receive adequate and appropriate skills for a developing Guyana.This is according to Dr. Dale Bisnauth, Head of BIT, during a recent interview with this publication.He stated that a committee, comprising board members, was created with the guidance of Labour Minister, Dr. Nanda Gopaul,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, to review courses being offered under the National Training Programme for Youth Empowerment (NTPYE) to make them more appropriate to national development.Bisnauth explained that the Board is repositioning its focus on areas such as mining, forestry, agriculture, and oil exploration since they are critical to Guyana¡¯s development.While this would provide labourers for these expanding and new industries,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, the Board may be forced to cut back on certain courses owing to financial reasons.The programme was created five years ago by former President Bharrat Jagdeo, targeting school dropouts. Since its commencement,NHL Jerseys Authentic, over 6,000 youths between the ages of 16 and 30 have benefited.The idea was to give youngsters a second and third opportunity in becoming employable. The Board has been keeping track of the youths and to date 60 percent of them are gainfully employed.While there are some areas which allow easy employment such as heavy duty operators and cosmetology, other areas are finding it difficult. He explained that the private sector especially the mining sector utilizes the heavy duty operators while the cosmetologists are oftentimes self-employed.Dr. Bisnauth assured that with the introduction of the new courses when the trainees are churned out into the world of work, there would be appropriate jobs available. This would eliminate the competition of 200 youths chasing after a particular field of work that has opening for 20 persons.He related that currently BIT offers training in 94 skill areas in five broad fields. They are Engineering, Building and Construction,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Home Economics/ Hospitality,Wholesale China Jerseys, Clerical, and Medical. The training is done in two six-month phases across the country, except in Regions Eight and Nine.Besides offering specialized training, the youths receive Life Skills Education, where they are taught Mathematics,Wholesale Jerseys From China, English Sexual and Reproductive Health and Micro Enterprise Training.
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Belgrave shooting death¡­Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority Cecil Kennard is still perusinga report concerning the death of 21-year-old Dameon Belgrave, who was accidentally killed by police on October 5.But Mr. Kennard told Kaieteur News yesterday that he may have to send the file back to police for clarity on certain aspects of the case.¡°If I am not satisfied¡­I would have the police conduct further investigations into the matter¡­if there is anything misunderstood,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, the file would have to be sent back to the police for clarity, and in this case I think the file would have to go back to the police for clarity on certain issues,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap,¡± Kennard said.Dead : Dameon BelgraveHe added that if all is clear, he will have the file sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who would decide whether charges will be recommended for the Police Officers responsible for Belgrave¡¯s death.He however explained that he is seeking to conclude checking of the file as fast as possible, but expressed caution in dealing with such a delicate matter.The Police Complaints Chairman added that he only received the post mortem report last week and was getting around to viewing its contents.Meanwhile,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Belgrave¡¯s mother,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, Donna Sulker, said that ever since a visit to her home by Police Commissioner Leroy Brummel,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, who had made certain promises to her,China Jerseys Wholesale, she has heard nothing more about the matter.¡°Certain promises were made and I don¡¯t know what is happening. No one has contacted me or told me anything since the police came to my home.¡±Sulker said she too has made no contact with the police since the Commissioner had spoken to her and ensured a thorough investigation into the matter. The woman said she is trying to cope with the passing of her son, but would like to know what is happening with her son¡¯s case.Belgrave was slain one day short of his 22nd birthday when police opened fire on a car they were chasing in the vicinity of the White Castle Fish Shop in Hadfield Street.At the time, the young man was celebrating with friends near the popular hangout spot.The car that the police were pursuing was being driven by a 15-year-old boy who had taken the vehicle without the owner or his father¡¯s knowledge.
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For those of you who like a fun and explosive war strategy game, Super Senso from GungHo Entertainment is perfect for you to play! So far, there has not been a cool shooting style strategy game for mobile games. But Super Senso's appearance from GungHo Entertainment, answered that. Super Senso is a strategy game featuring collaboration of machine technology, mythical creatures, and other fantasy creatures. This game itself shows the battle between players in real time, allowing players to compete with other players. The main purpose of this game is to destroy the enemy's Senso Gate team. But to reach Senso Gate, players must set up their troops. Each unit of troops has their own specialization. Some of them have long range attacks, some have a short distance, some are special units. In total there will be 9 special units called Senso, two super abilities, and 30 kinds of normal units. Each unit you can get by opening the crate, like the features featured by Clash Royale. Each unit also has different levels of scarcity ranging from COMMON, RARE, and EPIC. The more units you get, the faster you increase the level of the unit. Each unit also has different attack capabilities. get the best cheap graphics card in gamingworldblogme & build your monster pc right now From the trailer above, there are several units shown. First is the Senso named Starshot, its main ability is to have a blaster weapon. It has the advantage of being able to shoot the Senso Gate or enemy unit from afar. In addition there are also meteors, namely the ability of super (or Spell) is capable of providing high damage area. Meteor is perfect for killing enemy forces gathered too close. Some units that have more strategic skills are Mastermind. When attacking enemy targets, he is able to swap his position with the target. This makes it easier for players to finish off the enemy's strongest unit first. Though after moving, the Mastermind is unlikely to survive, The game itself features Global Lightning Challange Leaderboard, allowing players to rank as high as possible to get prizes! Super Senso itself is presented in high quality HD graphics, so pamper the eyes of players. For you lovers of strategy game, you must play this one game! Super Senso can be downloaded for free, either through Google Play or iTunes. Some items in the game you can buy also use the IAP feature. Because it has HD graphics, you must provide a size memory that is large enough to play this game.
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Dawid Malan Jersey close to tears Reflecting on Chris Froome’s adverse analytical finding for salbutamol, I’m surprised but not shocked. I’m surprised because I did not think the team would make that kind of mistake, but not shocked because of the year that Sky have just had. It comes on the back of the whole thing with the Jiffy bag, the Fancy Bears hack, Dr Freeman’s problems, Shane Sutton saying that they were looking for percentages by going into grey areas. There have been so many issues. It all just adds to the misery that Froome’s squad have been going through. Jaguars Official Jersey Eight years ago when that team was being formed, I wouldn’t have expected the story to end up here. Dave Brailsford launched the team with the aim of being ethical, cleaner, brighter and more transparent than everyone else but as it’s gone on it has all got greyer and darker. I think that’s why there is widespread disappointment. Coming from the context of the way cycling damaged itself with the Festina affair and then Lance Armstrong everyone was looking for something different, but Brailsford’s notion that Sky would be cleaner and openly transparent hasn’t really happened in the way we all hoped it would. The zero tolerance policy of not employing anyone tainted by the past was one of their core statements and yet here we are questioning their practices. Again. Back in 2014 when the Cycling Independent Reform Commission inquiry was happening – it was the body the UCI set up to act as a kind of truth and reconciliation Coty Sensabaugh Authentic Jersey forum that would hopefully help to resolve the doping problem – I sent in my statement and would have made myself available to give further evidence if required, although in the end they didn’t ask me which is fair enough. I wanted the commission to learn there had been a long culture of cheating, and that wasn’t a good place for cycling, and it certainly wasn’t good for the athletes. I gave my statement not because I’m an evangelist but rather so that there would be an Russell Shepard Jersey understanding of the morals and ethics of those influencing how riders were expected to be competitive, of how certain practices weren’t seen as abnormal. Nowadays expectations are higher. If this was a Russian team that had been through all this, people would say: “Well, they just do anything to achieve success; it makes sense.” Authentic Claude Giroux Jersey But this is a British sporting story and people don’t expect this. The British like to think of themselves as being cleaner and more idealistic, but the most successful British rider and team may have messed up and it’s very hard for everyone to take.The most disappointing thing about this affair is that the decision made for Froome to take more of this medication wouldn’t have been his alone.
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Whilst contending that the electorate will judge the party based on its positive track record and will look to the development such as the building of roads,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, schools and hospitals among others,NFL Jerseys Outlet, People¡¯s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) General Secretary,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Donald Ramotar,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, says that he will seek to put measures in place to ensure that tax payer¡¯s dollars are not wasted.Ramotar was at the time responding to criticism that the government builds roads that deteriorate three months later,Cheap Jerseys, and to the several complaints in the Auditor General Reports over the years.He said that the issues can be dealt with at an Administrative level. ¡°Things can be put in place to remedy the situation.¡±He said that measures can be put in place to address the concerns and,China Jerseys, ¡°be tougher on the issue.¡±Ramotar did stress that many of the roads were not designed for the heavy vehicles that traverse the roads.He said that on many occasions they have urged villages to establish barriers at the entrance to the roads to prevent the passage of heavy duty vehicles which can damage the roads.The Presidential Candidate added that there needs to be tougher positions on some issues to ensure value for money
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Police on Tuesday night,NFL Jerseys Outlet, acting on information, ambushed and shot dead wanted man, 40-year-old David Mc Pherson, called Colonel.Mc Pherson was killed after he was cornered in a bushy area of a yard behind a shop in his home village of Betsy Ground, East Canje.Police in a press release stated that upon arrival the ranks saw McPherson in the yard armed with a cutlass.¡°As the ranks approached to arrest him, McPherson attacked one of them with a cutlass causing the rank to resort to the use of force and he was shot to his abdomen. He was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced DOA,¡± the police press release stated.The wanted man had escaped capture earlier this week when police raided his hideout.Kaieteur News understands that the police received information that the man who was wanted for a number of armed robberies, had returned to the area and was hiding out in a bushy area behind a shop.The cops organised themselves and two jeep loads and a car of policemen quickly descended on the area at around 21:00 hrs.Moving under the cover of darkness with some of the cops dressed in civilian clothes,Nike Air Max 97 Australia, they parked their vehicles some distance away and walked to the area. They surrounded the vicinity and moved in on their target. Shortly after shots were fired.One eyewitness said that neighbours quickly turned off their lights as gunshots started to reverberate in the neighbourhood.Mc Pherson, it is said, was hit during this period.According to the eyewitness the cops simultaneously raided a few other abandoned houses but came up empty handed as they searched for the other men who are reportedly part of McPherson¡¯s gang.Kaieteur News understands that another man wanted in connection with a robbery committed in Betsy Ground on Monday called ¡®Duck¡¯ was in the vicinity and manage to elude the police dragnet.According to reports, McPherson,Cheap Jerseys, who was released from prison last December,Hockey Jerseys 2018 Cheap, was wanted by the authorities after an arrest warrant had been issued for him after he was sentenced to five years imprisonment in his absence.He had encountered the police on Monday who were chasing two men who had committed a daring daylight robbery around 07:30 hrs on Betsy Ground businessman, Maurice ¡®Bayee¡¯ Sookraj,Sookraj was robbed of cash as well as a quantity of articles including jewellery, a cell phone and other electronic equipment.Police are convinced that McPherson had managed to elude police then, but the Police believe that he was injured.During the raid on his hideout earlier this week the police had recovered an improvised 12 gauge shotgun, 18 live 12-gauge cartridges, two black masks,cheap jerseys, one wig, one crow bar, one torch light and a kitchen knife and a quantity of clothing.They also found a part of a computer taken from Sookraj during the robbery as well as a bag with three pounds of marijuana.It is understood that Mc Pherson was being encourage to surrender by relatives and friends and he had promised to do so soon.Police had continued their search for McPherson and the two who were said to have robbed the businessman on Monday.According to the police McPherson¡¯s fact sheet reads like one of a seasoned criminal.Apart from being sentenced to five years¡¯ imprisonment in his absence, McPherson was fingered in two robberies in the Canje, during one of which a man was shot in the ankle.He was also wanted in connection with an armed robbery last week in which another victim had his finger shot off.¡°He led a gang that was operating in the Canje/Black Bush area,¡± a police source told this newspaper.The source also informed that a man, Bhojnarine Ramkissoon,Discount NFL Jerseys, called ¡®Duck¡¯, 27, of Betsy ground, who is suspected to be a member of McPherson¡¯s gang turned himself in yesterday around 13:00 hours in the company of his attorney Charrandass Persaud, to the Reliance Police Station.Meanwhile, the five persons who were in custody following the robbery and were being held for harboring criminal elements were released.McPherson¡¯s relatives were tight lipped, but said that they are prepared to take over the body for burial.
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With a deep American accent,NFL Jerseys Cheap, 24-year-old Shatese Athena Valentine,Jerseys Cheap, of 308 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn,Wholesale China Jerseys, New York, pleaded with Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry for mercy, but despite her efforts, she was yesterday found guilty of trafficking in narcotics and jailed for five years.Valentine, who was unrepresented, had earlier pleaded not guilty to the charge.Shatese Athena Valentine During yesterday’s hearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, Ashley Williams, an officer of the Custom Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) attached to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri, gave evidence in chief.CANU Prosecutor Oswald Massiah sought the magistrate’s permission to have the two brown envelopes, a brown suitcase and two Fernleaf milk tins which contained the illegal substance, tendered as evidence.After Williams was finished testifying, he was cross examined by the accused.Valentine, moreover, was given the opportunity to call any witness/witnesses to testify on her behalf. The suspect requested to call Mohanram Persaud, Williams’ supervisor. He was also cross examined by Valentine.Nevertheless, she failed in her bid to prove her innocence, hence the magistrate queried from her whether she wished to say anything before being sentenced.A tearful Valentine,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, in a shaky voice said, ¡°My worship I beg of this court to have mercy and pity on me. I came to Guyana with no intention of malice¡­if you check my passport you will see that I am a regular visitor to several Caribbean countries. I’ve never had brushes with the law. Please, I have a sick mother and younger siblings at home who need me. Give me the chance to properly look into their wellbeing to prevent them from being put on the streets.¡±Magistrate Beharry subsequently handed down the penalty of a $30,000 fine and ordered that Valentine spend the next five years in the women’s penitentiary at New Amsterdam.On October 28,Nike NFL Jerseys China, last, acting on information received, CANU ranks at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, intercepted Valentine with seven kilogrammes of cocaine stashed in the lining of her suitcase and in two Fernleaf milk tins. At the time she was an outgoing passenger, travelling to New York.The accused first appeared in court on October 28.
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¡­. escapes with wedding bandBy Romila BoodramIndira Ramgobind, the vendor who lost her fingerA lone gunman on Tuesday morning shot off a vendor¡¯s ring finger and escaped with her wedding band after dumping the severed finger in her selling cart.The incident occurred around 07:30 hrs at Third Street Non Pareil, East Coast Demerara (ECD).The vendor has been identified as 50-year-old Indira Ramgobind, a mother of four, of Lot 43 Coldingen,Cheap Jerseys From China, East Coast Demerara (ECD).She is a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Female Surgical Ward.According to reports,Cheap Jerseys, Ramgobind and her husband, Shaheed Abrahim,Jerseys NBA Cheap China, were selling fish when they were confronted by the gunman who fired about five shots at them.The gunshots caused the woman¡¯s husband to run for his life. Even the donkey ran away with the cart still attached, leaving the woman behind to battle with the bandit.On her hospital bed yesterday, Ramgobind said that the incident happened while she was sitting at the back of a donkey cart that was being guided by her husband.The woman explained that they had sold $4000 in fish for the morning. As they were about to enter the third street in Non Pareil, she observed a man signaling them to stop.¡°I tell my husband to stop but he said no, that it look too suspicious. I tell he no, is fish the man wants. But my husband said no,¡± the mother of four recounted.She said that the gunman opened fire at them when they failed to stop.¡°He fired a shot in the air and my husband was trying to go faster (on the donkey cart). The man fired another shot and then he (gunman) grabbed and pulled me off the cart and tell me to put my face down,¡± the vendor said.The woman added that it was the second shot that caused her to lose her finger.¡°I didn¡¯t even realize I lost my finger. The whole finger fly off and left in the cart,¡± she said.The vendor explained that when the gunman pulled her from the cart and put her to lie on the ground,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, he searched her pocket and escaped with the money she made earlier.He also removed the woman¡¯s wedding band from her severed finger and then threw it (severed finger) back into the cart.While this was happening,China Jerseys, the woman¡¯s husband ran for his life. The donkey also ran but crashed into a nearby vehicle.When the gunman escaped, Ramgobind said that she was taken to a nearby clinic by her husband and was later transferred to the GPHC.No one has been arrested as yet.The devastated woman said that it was only the second day that she and her husband had started to sell fish.¡°I sell in the market on Saturdays but during the election season my husband lost his job so we decided to sell the fish until he get another job,Cheap Jerseys From China,¡± the wounded woman revealed.She is expected to be discharged shortly.
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¡°¡­another example of the extent to which the? present Administration would go to stifle the constitutional right of Guyanese to freedom of expression¡±Africo Selman, of the People¡¯s National Congress Reform, yesterday, during the party¡¯s weekly press briefing, voiced her party¡¯s condemnation of the attack on Kaieteur News columnist and University lecturer Freddie Kissoon.Selman, who is also a Member of Parliament, told media operatives that the bizarre attack on Kissoon is a vulgar act, one of total lunacy that should be condemned by all right-thinking Guyanese.¡°The material, which was thrown in his face, is reflective of the fact that Guyana has descended into the pit; in essence, it is the lowest form of indignity and another example of the extent to which the present Administration would go to stifle the constitutional right of Guyanese to freedom of expression.¡±Selman stressed that it is no secret that Kissoon has earned the ire of the People¡¯s Progressive Party Civic, especially President Bharrat Jagdeo. This ire, she said,Jerseys From China Online, stems from Kissoon¡¯s daily exposure of the atrocities committed by the regime on the people of Guyana.¡°Their propaganda responses have not silenced the voice of Kissoon or frightened him to stop using his pen,¡± according to Selman who added that the attack on him clearly suggests that measures that are more desperate have been applied.¡°If there was any doubt, the immediate propaganda spin of the state media, NCN,Cheap NFL Jerseys, has confirmed that there was a sinister plan, not only to attack Kissoon physically, but also to damage his character, a recent trend as evidenced in the trumped up allegations against Peter Ramsaroop.¡±She said that within minutes of the attack,Wholesale Jerseys China, NCN was not only able to report the incident, but also had an informant who knew the motives for it.¡°By the next day,China Soccer Jerseys, NCN was allegedly able to find another person to corroborate their story that Kissoon¡¯s sexual advances to a student motivated the attack.¡±The MP posited that with such vast investigative capacity, Guyanese must question why the Network was unable to find any informant on the assassination of the late PPP/C Minister, Sash Sawh, or political activist and journalist,NFL Jerseys China, Ronald Waddell.¡°More surprising is their failure,Cheap Jerseys NFL, over the years of the phantom death squad murderous reign, to provide a single report from their mysterious investigative competence¡­Yet, within hours of the allegations against another political activist, Ramsaroop, the NCN and Guyana Chronicle were able to publish sordid libelous materials that were clearly intended at character assassination, as in the case of Kissoon, rather than to assist the police in finding the perpetrator.¡±Selma suggested that Guyanese are not fooled and will hold the Jagdeo regime accountable for all these atrocities committed on the people of Guyana.¡°The Guyanese proverb, ¡®every long rope has an end, will soon have a real meaning which the PPP/C will immediately learn upon their demise.¡¯¡±
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Guyana has recorded another centenarian in Selina Hosannah,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, called ¡®Mother Selina¡¯, who celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday.A celebration was held in her honour at the Our Lady Fatima Catholic Church among a gathering of relatives,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, church members, friends, and well-wishers.Mother Selina, a mother a two,China Jerseys Wholesale, grandmother of nine, great grandmother of 14 and great-great-grandmother of two, at her tender age could speak fluently, move around with little assistance, and stores a wealth of knowledge and experiences.She told this newspaper that she thanks God for the great privilege of long life.¡°I am contented and thankful to God that I¡¯m spared.¡±She also said that she is fortunate to have all her ¡®living memories¡¯ as she has met people whose thoughts are gone.Mother Selina grew up in Georgetown and is currently living in Stevedore Scheme,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Tucville.She told Kaieteur News that she has seen some serious times in Guyana. According to her, she can remember when the first war began. She stated that as a young girl she witnessed soldiers leaving and she saw some when they came back.¡°I was nine years old when they came back. When first war men came back I witnessed in Main Street the crowd and when they were going I was a small girl; I witnessed that too.¡±Mother Selina said that she was about four or five years old when the Brickdam Cathedral was burnt down.She said that she has seen all the ¡®ins¡¯ and ¡®outs¡¯ with Guyana.The Centenarian described herself as a busy body. ¡°I¡¯m an all rounder¡­I knew a lot of things¡­I can¡¯t tell all my experiences; they are too many.¡± Centenarian Selina Hosannah (centre) cuts her birthday cake, aided by her daughter left and member of the church Mother Selina said that she did several jobs including sewing and cake decorating. But mostly,China Jerseys, she added, she did a lot of church duties like caring for the sick and praying for them.According to her, she traveled a lot in this role.She would also visit institutions like the Palms. ¡°I had to do my best,¡± she said.Mother Selina went to the St. Ambrose Anglican School which she left at the age of 17 or 18.She never married as sadly, she said, every time she planned to, the person would die before it could happen. She said that this happened about four times.She noted that she didn¡¯t know her father and she understood that he had gone away when she was young and her mother died several years ago.¡°I grew alone. I grew up with the older members of the family, an adopted family.¡±Celebrating with her yesterday was her son Milton Kewley,China NBA Jerseys, 72, her daughter Gwen Dalgetty, 65, her sister Virginia Clarke, 80, and other close relatives and friends.They all expressed joy and pride at her accomplishment.A hamper was given to her on behalf of members of church.
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Police may have made a major blunder in their investigations into the murder of Chinese businesswoman Xiu Di Yang, who was shot dead by bandits last February.It appears that one of three suspects charged with Yang¡¯s murder was in jail on other charges when she was slain.If this is so,China Jerseys Cheap, the suspect may be released today, and questions will most likely be asked as to why he was charged in the first place.Delroy Park,China NFL Jerseys, 31, called ¡°Sickly,¡± of Cromarty Farm, Corentyne Berbice,Authentic NFL Jerseys From China, Cordell Small called ¡°Mad Dog and Bumpy Mouth¡± 29, of Lot 34 Johnstown,NFL Jerseys From China, Corriverton, and Premchan Kallicharran, 29, called Boysie, of Lot 29 Grant 1780 Crabwood Creek, Corentyne Berbice were charged with the February 7, 2016, murder of Xiu Di Yang, 49 owner of the Gin LI Lai Restaurant at Lot 1B No. 57 village.Yang was shot dead when a gang of men invaded the business she had operated with her husband Xu Hue Su and her two sons on the bottom flat of the two story building.Charged: Delroy ParkCharged: Premchan KallicharranCharged: Cordell SmallMurdered:: Xiu Di YangDuring the murder of Xiu Di Yang the bandits were unmasked; one was armed with a small hand gun while the other had a cutlass. The woman was shot in her forehead between the eyes before the bandits escaped.The trio first appeared on Monday 8th August at the Whim Magistrate¡¯s Court .It has also been revealed that during the time of the murder, Small was also incarcerated in the New Amsterdam Prison.Park and Small who were incarcerated at the New Amsterdam Prison on other charges,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, were taken out by cops and questioned. Kallicharran, who was out on bail on other charges, was also questioned. They were all subsequently charged.The men are expected back in court today when a decision will be made as to whether they will be released.Park was a victim of a hit and run accident which claimed the lives of three people. He was previously charged with the theft of $90,000 from a truck in December, 2015.Park has matters of robbery, rape, and robbery under arms among a number of other cases pending in court.Kallicharran and Small are on a joint charge of possession of one firearm and ammunition. They were the occupants of motor car PSS8296,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, being driven by Kallicharran when they were intercepted by police and the firearm and ammunition were?found in the vehicle.Kallicharran was also charged with robbing a vendor and his wife at the entrance of Black Bush Polder of $180,000, their car key and a cellular phone.Kallicharran and Parks were fingered in another robbery which occurred on January 3 at Cromarty, Corentyne .
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The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) yesterday commenced its Random Selection of Imports for Examination System.According to the tax collection agency,Cheap NFL Jerseys, with the objective of preserving the integrity of the GRA and its officers,Wholesale Jerseys China, members of the public were involved in the selection of consignments of commercial imports for one hundred percent (100%) manual examination using a lottery draw system.A GRA staffer assists a customer to make a random pick.Five consignments were selected from a ticket cage containing the names of consignees from Monday¡¯s lodged declarations at the Customs and Trade Administration.¡°Going forward, selections will be done twice per week,NFL Jerseys Outlet, with five consignments being selected at each draw.? In the interest of safeguarding the integrity of the system and stymieing persons who may seek to hinder the process,Jerseys Cheap, the dates and times of the draws will be announced via the GRA¡¯s social media platforms,Cheap Jerseys 2018, Facebook and Twitter, on the morning of each draw.¡±GRA explained that the primary objective of the random selection system is in keeping with its commitment to achieving greater transparency and efficiency in the selection process of consignments to be examined.¡°Importers whose names were drawn will be informed and examinations will be done at a mutually agreed time.? Participants in the draw are invited to witnessing the examinations at the relevant wharves at their own expense should they so desire.¡±There have been accusations and reports that the system of examination of containers needed improvement with corruption and collusion involving businesses,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, leading to millions of taxes being lost as a result.
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Armed bandits attacked a popular city businessman yesterday afternoon at his Duke Street, Kingston home. According to reports, the owner of Muneshwer¡¯s Limited was held up at gunpoint by two bandits.Kaieteur News understands that the proprietor, who is said to be in his late 70s, was attacked after the bandits managed to push his maid into the house and rushed to the upper flat of the home.A neighbour told this newspaper that two men calmly walked into the yard pretending that they were going to weed. The house where the bandits struck¡°The bandits came with the bush cutter and a bicycle. So it looked genuine like they going to work.¡±The maid,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, according to the neigbhour, called her boss to inquire if he had hired anybody to weed the yard.However,Wholesale China Jerseys, before she could have gotten a response the bandits whipped out two handguns and pointed it to the woman¡¯s head and neck.The woman immediately began pleading for her life. The bandits managed to push the maid in the house and went to the owner of the house.The bandits quickly attacked the elderly man and began choking him demanding money. The maid,NFL Jerseys Outlet, according to the neighbour,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, began pleading with the bandits to stop beating her boss. The man sustained injuries to his nose. He told his attackers that he did not have any money on his person.The two bandits quickly exited the house. According to neighbours, the bandits were heard telling someone on a phone that they did not get anything and that they were leaving.Neighbours also accused members of the Guyana Police Force for not responding quickly.¡°Had the police been prompt they would have captured the bandits,Cheap Jerseys,¡± one neighbour said.The neighbour further said that they called the emergency numbers,NFL Jerseys Outlet, but the operator insisted on taking a statement over the phone. The bicycle which the police removed from the crime scene However, police sources close to the investigation refuted this claim. ¡°We arrived promptly on the scene,¡± one officer said.Investigations are still continuing into the attack.
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Dr. Bheri RamsaranFormer Minister of Health in the PPP administration, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran,Cheap Jerseys, who is before the court on a charge of using insulting language, is following in the footsteps of his former boss Bharrat Jagdeo by moving to the high court to have the matter against him quashed.When the matter was called again in the Whim Magistrate¡¯s Court on Monday before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga,Authentic Jerseys China, his lawyers Mursalene Bacchus and Adrian Anamayah, informed the court that their client would like another date for the continuation of the matter since he would be moving to the High Court to have the matter dismissed.Ramsaran was a lonely man. He was all alone in court. No one turned up to picket the court or to protest his appearance.He is accused of on Monday April 20,cheap jerseys from china, last, outside the Whim Magistrate¡¯s Court, used insulting language to Women¡¯s Rights Activist, Sherlina Nageer.His lawyer,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Adrian Anamayah, had given details of his client who he said was 55 years old and lives at Lot 141 Block B Goedverwagting, East Coast Demerara.? He had stated that his client is single and is a medical doctor. It was the first time that he was appearing in court for a matter of such nature.The Virtual Complainant, Sherlina Nageer,Wholesale China Jerseys, was present in court with a number of woman rights activists, among them Joy Marcus and others of Red Thread.Prosecutor Sergeant Althea Solomon is presenting the state¡¯s case.According to Attorney at Law Anamayah,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, an application will be filed in the high court seeking to have the matter thrown out. He said that after perusing the documents his client is convinced that the Prosecution hasn¡¯t established the ingredients of the charge based on the statements that were supplied to the defence.Anamayah had stated earlier that his client will be exploring all possibilities of filing cross charges against Ms. Nageer.The former Health Minister has been embroiled in a number of matters over the years.He is expected to return to court on the 26th October.
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A 17-year-old girl who was caught with 1.5 kilograms of cannabis in her possession at the Ogle Airstrip appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Court on a drug trafficking charge.According reports,NFL Jerseys China, the teen was intercepted at the Ogle Airstrip while she was in the process of sending goods into an interior location.The suspect was purportedly sending two tires into the interior for her stepfather,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, via the Ogle Airstrip,Cheap China Jerseys, when she was questioned by ranks of the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) about the package since the type of wheels that she was transporting into the interior could not be used there.Further suspicion arose when the ranks handled the said articles and found that they seemed to have something ¡°rolling around in the inside.¡±? Additional investigation revealed that the tyres had a quantity of leaves,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, seeds and stems concealed on the inside.Attorney ¨CAt-Law Glenn Hanoman made an application for bail. The lawyer noted that the offence is not bailable except when special reason is given.He said that his application was on the grounds that his client is a juvenile who turned 17 just last August. The lawyer, none- the -less was not in possession of his client¡¯s birth certificate as evidence to support his statement.CANU Special Prosecutor,Wholesale China Jerseys, Oswald Messiah,Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap, submitted that according to the Narcotics and Psychotropic Controls Act the lawyer¡¯s application did not satisfy the grounds of special reason for bail.Thus the teen was remanded into police custody. Her case is scheduled to be recalled on November 27, at the Sparendaam Magistrates¡¯ Court.
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Little Abary murder¡­Three men were yesterday remanded to prison by Magistrate Omeanna Hamilton when they appeared before her at the Mahaicony Magistrate¡¯s Court to answer a charge for the capital offence of murder.The men, Satnarine Jaikarran and his two nephews Randy and Neville Crawford, are accused of killing 33-year-old Maxwell Watson at Little Abary last Friday night.Watson was stabbed to death during an attack at his home, following a prolonged family feud.Watson¡¯s reputed wife, 20-year-old Valerie Niles received a stab in the back while trying to protect Watson.The three men were arrested immediately after the incident.Yesterday they were represented by counsel but were not required to plead to the indictable charge.Police recovered three cutlasses from an outhouse, including the suspected murder weapon that was used in the brutal murder.Investigators had returned to the blood spattered scene of the crime on Saturday after receiving information that Watson¡¯s attackers had hidden their weapons in the outhouse.Initially police were looking for a shotgun, which they believe was also used to confront Watson before he was finally cornered and killed.However, apart from the butt of the weapon which was recovered shortly after the killing,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the police were unable to locate the main component.The incident which sent shockwaves throughout the village was not totally unexpected since the family, who occupy three houses in one yard, was always engaged in heated arguments with threats of murdering one another being the order of the day.The police were called upon on several occasions to intervene.The three murder accused will return to court on March 3rd.Meanwhile in Berbice,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Muneshwar Persaud,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, 28, of Belvedere Squatting Area, Corentyne, and 17-year-old Simon Pulingum of 52 Second Street, No.1 Road,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Corentyne,Wholesale Jerseys Paypal, had manslaughter charges read to them.The men appeared before Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo yesterday at the Albion Magistrate¡¯s court,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, in connection with the death of Dhanpaul, 62 of No.1 Road, Corentyne.Dhanpaul was shot and killed during an incident last Friday on a chicken farm.Persaud and Pulingum were remanded to prison until February 09, 2010.
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Residents of the Little Diamond Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara,Wholesale Jerseys From China, are unhappy with a contractor¡¯s approach to carry out repairs to a koker in their village.?The road that the contractor used to mobilise equipment to carry out repairs to the koker,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, has now been rendered impassable. Further, the residents are concerned whether the road will be repaired after the koker¡¯s rehabilitation.Shazam Deen,Wholesale Jerseys From China, a resident, said yesterday that on two previous occasions, works were carried out to repair the said koker which would often result in the road being damaged.Residents,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, who use the road, had on those previous occasions pooled their resources to fix the road which is also maintained by the residents,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Deen said.He added that it was only three weeks ago that the residents had hired a canter to fetch boulders to fill the holes on the road in anticipation of the rainy season.Deen said that it is heart-rending to see the road being damaged once again.While he understands that the koker needs to be fixed, he is irked at the possibility that nothing will be done after the koker works are completed.Other residents registered their concerns, saying that the contractor has been turning a deaf ear to their complaints. Two mini-bus operators have also stated that they cannot get to take their buses out to work because of the road being impassable.When Kaieteur News visited the area yesterday persons, presumably workers attached to the koker rehabilitation crew,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, were seen trying to get a mobile lift out of a rut.
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– Operator claims discriminationA local aircraft operator has claimed discrimination after authorities of Ogle Airport Incorporated (OAI) yesterday order ongoing construction there to cease.However,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, management of OAI yesterday denied the charge and made it clear that the operator, Air Services Limited (ASL), has to get the necessary paperwork right before the green light is given for works to continue.ASL official, Navin Hardowar, said that airport,China NFL Jerseys, which recently received authorization to conduct regional flights and is expanding now, yesterday ordered that preliminary works to build a storage area and car park be halted.The land in question is located at the southernmost part of the Ogle Airport.ASL has reportedly already spent millions to mobilize equipment and clear lands,China NFL Jerseys Cheap, said to have mainly been swamp, over the past few months.Hardowar explained that early this year an application was made for two acres of land. Approval was granted in May. However, ASL realized that the two acres were not enough and in June applied for one more.But the airport failed to grant permission and on Friday, OAI¡¯s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Correia, was written to on the issue, Hardowar said. He disclosed that the airport had been asking for a detailed plan for the construction of a piece of concrete floor.¡°It is not like we are erecting any buildings. It is 100 x 80 feet. But they keep insisting that this must be done.¡±The official stressed that ASL has been a founder of the Ogle Airport, plugging millions into the facility when there was not much there. Additionally, after OAI was established, ASL remained a significant shareholder.The official also pointed out that other works at the airport area are ongoing by CMC, another company operating at the airport.ASL, which currently has a fleet of 13 aircraft,Cheap NFL Jerseys, is the largest of the operating outfits at the airport and is preparing to add another three.Yesterday, spokesperson for OAI,Cheap Jerseys From China, Kit Nascimento, said that there is absolutely no case of discrimination at the airport.Rather, there are established procedures on how things are done.In the case of ASL, it was pointed out that the company made an application for more lands to expand. The airport requires the necessary permits, designs and approval and the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission must complete its work also.According to the spokesman, approval could take between three to eight months. The go-ahead to build is nearly approved and ASL had been called to sign the necessary lease papers. However, the company has failed to do so, Nascimento claimed.In the case of CMC,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2017, that company had applied since last year to do construction and was only granted permission this year.¡°So clearly there are established procedures and ASL will have to adhere to these.¡±
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By Mondale SmithTomorrow, all roads lead to the National Stadium at Providence for the Ministry of Agriculture¡¯s inaugural Agri-Fest, 2009 featuring Soca sensation Rupee in concert. Christopher Chapwanya,NFL Jerseys Online, senior marketing officer at the new Guyana Marketing Corporation, is the coordinator of the mega Agricultural fair.He says while it¡¯s an all-day event,MLB Jerseys China Authentic, Soca fans can head to the venue tomorrow for a healthy serving of entertainment, which will also include Clarity Crossover and Heat Wave bands. Rupee arrives tonight.Chapwanya said ¡°this event is a spin-off from the previously held ¡®Guyana night¡¯ and the ¡®Grow More Food Festival and is aimed at highlighting the happenings in Guyana¡¯s Agriculture sector, especially in light of the ongoing Ministry of Agriculture Agri-diversification programme.Patrons to the event are guaranteed a day of entertainment and education on the sector,NFL Jerseys Supply, as well as the Low Carbon Development programme.Chapwanya assures that there will be quite a bit to be seen as 120 booths will be showcasing every aspect of the agriculture sector at the fair with major focus on research,China NFL Jerseys, production, marketing and transpiration.¡°The atmosphere will be one of education and entertainment where patrons will be given firsthand experiences of how the sector works and in addition they will be furnished with pamphlets and samples of some of the locally produced Agricultural products and bi-products¡±.The event¡¯s major features include a farmers¡¯ market that will be opened from 11:30hrs. Their farmers nationwide will be selling fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. There is no entrance fee.The gates open at 13:00hrs when a mutton curry competition gets underway with ten participants mixing their herbs and spices to see who among them can convince the judges of their cooking skill.From 15:00 a children¡¯s stage show will be held,Cheap Jerseys China, featuring Sponge Bob,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, Dora the Explorer and Diego and friends.At 18:00hrs, the results of the curry competition will be announced and winners will walk away with heads of sheep, trophies and consolation prizes. At 19:00 hrs the event will be officially declared open with messages on Agriculture diversification and modernization where Government and Private sector officials will offer brief remarks.The event will also feature a livestock farm where cattle, pigs and other animals will be on display and there will also be a coconut corner. The latter stems from the marked increase in coconut export from Guyana to several Caribbean countries.For those who will be interested in food, Chapwanya revealed that there is also a massive food court planned but he however advised that from 19:30hrs, the entrance fee would be raised to $500.As part of the attraction, patrons will be treated to a tunnelled entrance where the Low Carbon strategy will be highlighted. ¡°The tunnel measures about 180ft and depicts a rain forest as well as the different aspects of the Low Carbon Development Strategy.¡±This tunnel, Chapwanya said, is aimed at helping the average person understand what the strategy means for Guyana.
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By Leon SuseranYesterday slain U.S. Army Doctor, Max Kungel, was laid to rest at Number 72 Village,Wholesale China Jerseys, Corentyne. But his murderer has not been caught, more than a week after his bullet-riddled body was discovered in a rented vehicle in the Number 71 Village rice field backlands.During an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News, the man¡¯s relatives, including his mother and one sister, have heavily criticized the local police for not getting to the bottom of the gruesome crime so far and they [the relatives] are insisting that law enforcement officials from the United States get involved immediately.Also, there appears to be a family that is divided and family members cannot see eye-to-eye with each other on issues regarding the Army doctor¡¯s last rites. His mother, Gopattie ¡®Lovelyn¡¯ Kungel, speaking to the media for the first time on the issue said that one of her daughters and a grandson were trying to prevent her from gaining access to her son¡¯s body for preparation of last rites.¡°I didn¡¯t have no say¡ªthese people take away my son¡ªpressuring me that they want my son to be burned [cremated]¡ªnow I have to go down on my knees and plead to my daughter Anjie not to burn the dead and I cried and pleaded and talked, and then in the end we agreed¡±.As indicated, they finally agreed that the doctor would be buried in Guyana, but are still having communication problems amongst themselves,Cheap Jerseys USA, and this is apparently impacting the investigations.¡°It¡¯s my personal stuff they[ the police] want to know¡ª they are not questioning me about my son¡ªthey want to know how I am living with my husband, and how much children I have¡ªpersonal things which they should not have asked me. Since my son passed away, I was waiting to hear from the embassy to come in so I can take the body back to New York.¡±A few days after the murder, police arrested 28-year-old Omesh Thakurdin, Kungel¡¯s cousin ,for questioning into the murder. Shockingly,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Thakurdin hanged himself in the Number 51 Police Station lock- ups two Mondays ago. Kungel¡¯s mother believes that he was ¡°the wrong person¡±.The man¡¯s other sister,China NFL Jerseys Cheap, Anita Chunoo, claimed that officials from the U.S Embassy spoke with her and questioned the family about the man¡¯s death. ¡°He said that he [an Embassy official] was mixed up about the entire story¡­and they were investigating.¡±Kungel¡¯s mother is also upset that the police have not yet returned two laptop computers, several cell phones and US$5,000 that were reportedly seized from the home in which Dr. Kungel was staying (Lot 199) during his visit to Guyana a few weeks ago.¡°They seized his U.S. Passport and U.S Army Card and other documents. Unto this day they cannot give us back those things. I think that is very bad. The police don¡¯t want to work with us¡ªthey are asking us our personal life in New York¡ªmy brother get murdered¡ªwork on that! Those questions have no relevance¡ªit¡¯s only left for him to ask me how many times I sleep with my husband,¡± Anita Chunoo lamented.¡°Every day they get us at the station, doing thumbprints,Cheap NFL Jerseys, [and] fingerprints¡ªI think this is the wrong step the police are taking…they are supposed to be very supportive of us,Discount Football Jerseys,¡± she added.Property disputeThe mother stated that the property at Lot 199 Number 72 Village belonged to her husband, who passed away two years ago, and that Dr. Kungel had wanted the property, for which she has all the necessary documents.¡°He and Anjie wanted it¡­.which family doesn¡¯t have any ups and downs¡ªeverybody has ups and downs,¡± she stated. ¡°I found evidence (a phone card) that they went to a lawyer in Corriverton to transfer house and land¡±, she claimed. But that, she stated, would have had no impact of her losing the house and land, since she has legal paperwork showing her ownership.The family believes the entire murder was planned and orchestrated.¡°This was planned for him¡­these persons knew everything. When he came out, where he would have gone, how much money he got, what paperwork was doing? The paperwork that said that he was taking care of the property.¡±Call for overseas help¡°We do need overseas help – we gotta get the Americans involved in that. We don¡¯t trust these cops here¡ªand he is a military member and I want the military to get more involved, because I am not satisfied and the police in Corriverton are not cooperating enough and not doing the work that they supposed to do, so we need the U.S to come in here and assist and we are begging for this. We don¡¯t know what to do, because the police are not working with us.¡±She showed Kaieteur News a signed Will and Testimony from Dr. Kungel, which he prepared in December 2004, requesting that his body be handed over to the School of Medical and Science of Learning Proposal, Drexel University in USA for scientific studies and research, and insurance monies from which he requested be donated to charity.? It therefore pains her that the body would be buried in Guyana.¡°We really need the Americans to come in here and step in and look into this¡ªit¡¯s a murder case¡ªthey can¡¯t just put it like this, they have to be¡ª every day¡­ something [should be] happening¡ªgo out and find the killer!¡±The family also said that they heard that the U.S. military had sent a casket and other funeral material to Guyana, but have not seen any of this thus far.