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What is Fioricet?

Fioricet is a narcotic-like buy fioricet 180 tabs suffering reliever. Fioricet is employed to handle reasonable to serious suffering. Fioricet prolonged-release is employed to take care of average to extreme chronic suffering when treatment is essential all-around the clock. Fioricet might also be utilised for other purposes not listed in this medication information. How need to I just take Fioricet? Consider Fioricet exactly as it was recommended for you. Do not just take it in larger doses or for longer than recommended by your physician. Stick to the instructions fioricet 180 tabs on your prescription label. Do not just take additional than 300 milligrams of Fioricet in one particular day.

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Do not know what category to write my ad. Selling ad here. Cheap fioricet online legally can be a challenge for many patients to find. While it’s possible to find online pharmacies that let patients buy fioricet 120 tabs, some patients may be served better by other medications. Many online pharmacies offer fioricet cheapest prices, and other discount medications too. When buy fioricet online legally no prescription, make sure that you are choosing the medication that’s right for you. Most online pharmacies offer tools to help you diagnose your condition, provide valuable information on drug interactions, and can give helpful information about dosages. Fioricet can be a great tool for temporary pain relief, but it’s essential to make sure that it isn’t being used to cover up a more serious medical condition. Make sure to follow all directions when taking a medication, and don’t mix fioricet with any intoxicants such as alcohol or other drugs. Fioricet can be prescribed by a doctor, or the patient can Buy Fioricet with Credit Card, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Amex or COD no prescription next day delivery.
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An addition has been made to the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) syllabus for Science. This according to National Science Coordinator, Petal Punalall-Jetoo, translates to the inclusion of a project component which requires that students plan and write a proposal on how they can use science to solve problems.The addition is one that is designed to see students incorporating tactics that are similar to the approach embraced by the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge.The Sagicor Visionaries Challenge encourages secondary and high school students to develop effective, innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced in their respective communities.The annual challenge is open to entries from Guyana, Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, St Lucia, the United States and Trinidad and Tobago.It is geared towards boosting institutional capacity in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in secondary and high schools; ignite interest among youth in the Challenge countries for innovation in STEM to help build and integrate sustainable communities and integrate knowledge gained from formal and informal education to enable future leaders to build more sustainable communities.The National Science Coordinator, during a recent interview,Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping, pointed to the Ministry of Educations recent collaboration with Pueblo Science,Cheap NFL Jerseys Online, a science-focused non-profit organization based in Canada, as a means of helping to emphasize the importance of utilizing science based solutions in the school system.With support from Pueblo Science, several teachers were enlightened about ways they could teach STEM subjects in the classroom in a simple and cost effective way.According to Punallal-Jetoo, What we want to do is to find more than one approaches to using these (science based) experimentswe need to use them in the classroom.She therefore noted that with the Sagicor approach, students are expected to bring together different scientific methods complete with planning and designing, observation, data collection and analysis.Students are also required to complete a project report. According to Punalall-Jetoo, What we have found in our schools is that while students do an experiment and they learn how to observe and report, they may do another exercise where they learn to plan.But the National Science Coordinator asserted that sometimes the difficulty is bringing the planning and the observation together.This is what is connecting the dots. What is good about the kinds of sessions (offered by Pueblo Science) that we have is that it shows integration between biology, physics and chemistry which is good for teachers.With the support that has been forthcoming to science development, Punalall-Jetoo is confident that improvements in STEM will be realized as it is expected that the knowledge gained will be effectively utilized. It is beginning to initiate interest, said the Science Coordinator as she made reference to the fact that not many of our students enter the science stream in the secondary schools and I think that is because there is fear that scientists are weird or science is difficult.She however asserted that Science can be learnt by anyone since it is merely a way of thinking. We just want everyone to use that scientific method of analyzing a situation or any problem thats presented to them or even if they want to go and purchase a vehicle.With scientific knowledge, Punalall-Jetoo noted that people can ask vital questions to ascertain if such a purchase would be suitable for their purposes.Would it be suitable for you to buy a small or bigger car?? What kind of gas consumption would it have? And we use these kinds of processes in our everyday life sometimes; we do not make the connection to science and sometimes if we do not use the scientific method,China NFL Jerseys, we can end up making decisions that are detrimental to ourselves,NFL Jerseys Supply, she asserted.Alluding to a Paddy Husk Particle Board Project which allowed Abram Zuil Secondary School to be named the national champion, and subsequently triumphing over seven territories, including the United States, earlier this year, Marlene Chin,Cheap Sports Jerseys, representative of Sagicor spoke of the viability of the winning project.According to her, It is our desire that local businesses could appreciate the commercial viability of this project and adopt it.This is a call out to the Chambers of Commerce, to the Rotary Clubs, to the business community to take a look at this winning project; it is certainly one worth investing in,Wholesale Jerseys From China, said Chin.The Caribbean Science Foundation (CSF), Sagicor Life Inc. (Sagicor) and the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) believe that, through greater community involvement, the citizens of the Caribbean can live more sustainably and build a better future.With this in mind, the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge was designed to promote STEM subjects in the school system, a path that the local Ministry of Education is fully embracing.Already the 2015 leg of the Sagicor Visionaries Challenge has been launched and Chin has already impressed on Guyana the importance of working towards success.
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– Phillips to succeed Rear Admiral Best as Army ChiefNewly appointed Brigadier Mark Phillips has promised the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces,Wholesale China Jerseys, President Donald Ramotar that he will hold, tightly,cheap jerseys from china, on to the principle of professionalism as he gears to move the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) from strength to strength.Phillips has his momentAt the Office of the President yesterday afternoon, former Colonels Phillips and Bruce Lovell were both officially promoted to the rank of Brigadier General.Brigadier Phillips is expected to assume the command and control of the Guyana Defence Force,NFL Jerseys Cheap, following the retirement of Chief of Staff, Rear Admiral Gary Best on September 16.At the simple Badging ceremony, Brigadier Phillips said that he has all intentions to maintain the longstanding professional characteristic of the GDF.Phillips vowed to continue his hard work and thus aid in the maintenance of standards in the army.During his brief speech yesterday, President Ramotar said that Brigadier Phillips is simply reaping the benefits he sowed through hard work and dedication over the years.The Head of State added that based on the fact that the man of the moment is always a hard worker, it is a pleasure to promote him.The President gave his blessings and well wishes to both newly promoted Generals.Brigadier Lovell has 20 months remaining before he proceeds into retirement.As he gave brief remarks just after his new rank was unveiled,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Brigadier Lovell disclosed that when he joined the Guyana Defence Force some 35 years ago, he never anticipated attaining the rank of a General. According to him, he merely wanted to serve.Lovell said that he is thankful that the Government has reposed its confidence in him and has found it fit to promote him to the rank of Brigadier General. Lovell said that in the 20 months he has remaining to serve the GDF in his new capacity,Cheap NFL jerseys China, he intends to maximize his potential and serve at his best.President Ramotar (left) pins the insignia on Brigadier LovellBoth Brigadier Phillips and Brigadier Lovell expressed thanks to their families and the Guyana Defence Force for supporting them over the years.Current Chief of Staff Gary Best was recently promoted to Rear Admiral. He, too,Discount NFL Jerseys, goes into retirement soon.
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–?? ?Paper committal withdrawnThe preliminary inquiry (PI) into the death of 72- year -old Robb Street resident, Clementine Fiedtkou-Parris, is expected to commence on June 28, following the withdrawal of the paper committal previously afforded to lawyers representing the four men accused of murdering the elderly woman.Murdered: Clementine Fiedtkou-ParrisOrin Hinds, 35,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, of Burnham Boulevard, Mocha, East Bank Demerara, Cleon Hinds,Jerseys From China, 34, of 23 Middle Road, Albouystown, Kevin October, 29,Cheap Jerseys Store, of Second Street, Agricola, East Bank Demerara and Roy Jacobs, 34, of Evans Street, Charlestown, made another appearance at the Georgetown Magistrates Court.At present the matter is presently before Magistrate Sueanna Lovell, but since that courts head is on leave, Magistrate Faith Mc Gusty presided yesterday.Previously, a paper committal was granted to lawyers operating on behalf of the accused. Before that notification,NFL Jerseys China, the four accused had been shuttling back and forth to the court during a seven-month incarceration period, without their matter getting underway, since many discrepancies were recognized.Police Prosecutor Neville Jeffers on that occasion, informed the court that the prosecution was ready to start the preliminary inquiry into the matter. He also said that the application for paper committal by the defence could not be processed since investigations into the murder were still ongoing.The main difficulty the prosecution said it faced in the paper committal, was the ongoing investigation that was likely to see others being arrested in connection with the murder.After arguments from Attorney-at-law Basil Williams who was critical of the length of time the men had been incarcerated and the continued delay of the matters commencement, the court ordered the paper committal and the prosecution was supposed to file statements.Yesterday, Inspector Stephen Telford addressed the court on the prosecutions behalf. He said that heeding the directions of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), the matter facing the murder accused should be conducted by way of a preliminary inquiry to determine whether enough evidence exists to get a committal to the Supreme Court.Telford stated that the prosecution was facing difficulties, since the defence lawyers could not agree on the paper committal of the PI. According to Telford,Cheap Jerseys From China, attorney Basil Williams, who is representing Hinds, had opted for the paper committal, while Mishka Puran, who is representing Jacobs, was for the PI.Telford assured that the prosecution was ready to commence the PI. He submitted that the prosecution has 15 witnesses to complete the pre-trial matter and was prepared to produce at least three of those persons on the next occasion.The date for the PIs commencement was subsequently given.The hearing transpired in the absence of Williams. The lawyer had sent a notice to the court informing that he would not be available for the day. Puran was present, while Octobers lawyer was absent. Cleon Hinds is unrepresented.On June 30,Nike Air Max 95 Sale, 2011, armed men stormed the home of the Robb Street woman and riddled her with bullets. She died a short time after. Investigators revealed that Parriss death appeared to be a hit.It is alleged that Parriss attackers were paid to end the elderly womans life.
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Yesterday was a gloomy day for the three co-conspirators who thought that they could have gotten away from law enforcement after aiding the murderers of young British photo enthusiast, Dominic Bernard.Twenty-year-old Krystal Thomas a/k Kathy, a housewife; 39-year old vendor, Sinfine Henry a/k Coreen; and 18-year-old Jahmeil Sinclair a/k Fross? and Bacchus, appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates Court in the early hours of yesterday morning, charged with murder.They were not required to plead to the indictable charge which stated that between January 4 and January 6 at Kildonan, Corentyne,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Berbice, while being known to Aaron Hing had assisted in committing the murder, as well as maintaining and harbouring Hing.Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, remanded the trio and ordered them to make a next court appearance on January 21, next, in the Whim Magistrates Court.According to the prosecution, Thomas is in a common-law relationship with Hing, while Henry is Thomas mother. Sinclair is a friend.A missing person report was filed and consequently led to the investigation which revealedThe two suspects arriving at the Georgetown Magistrates Courts yesterday.that British National, Dominic Bernard,Cheap Arizona Coyotes Hoodies, was murdered by his god-brother Hing, after he arrived at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on October 14, 2015.On the said date,Cheap Jerseys USA, Hing, accompanied by Staymon George, picked up Bernard from CJIA and thereafter committed the murder.Sinclair, along with George then assisted Hing in the disposal of the body and property of the British national.Thomas was contacted and asked to hide the victims property. She was reportedly assisted by her mother, Henry.On January 8, Bernards decomposed body was found in a shallow grave at Nurney, Corentyne, Berbice, by CID ranks from Georgetown and Berbice. They were acting on an anonymous phone call. The victim was found fully clothed and maimed. A Post Mortem revealed that he had sustained a fractured skull, as well as a broken neck.In the ensuing investigations, British law enforcement collaborated with local police and resulted in Thomas, Henry and Sinclair being arrested and the property of the deceased recovered.According to reports,China NFL Jerseys, Bernard had arrived in Guyana on October 14, last, for a three-week vacation with his god brother, Aaron Hing. He was scheduled to fly back to England on November 5, 2015, but failed to do so.It was reported that his father, Andrew Bernard. contacted his godson (Hing) about his sons whereabouts after the latter did not return home. However, Hing reportedly told his godfather that he was unaware that the teen was coming to Guyana. This raised suspicions and the elder Bernard flew to Guyana to locate his eldest child.Attorney-at-law, Ramesh Ramcharran is representing Thomas and Henry while Nigel Hughes is representing Sinclair.The lawyer stated that due to the particulars of the charges which alleged that Thomas, Henry and Sinclair plotted the murder and hid evidence of the crime, they should have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and the obstruction of justice.Hughes indefinitely questioned the reason for all five individuals to be charged for murder.After Sinclair was arrested, he subsequently took police ranks to an area behind the Nurney Village and directed them to the exact location where he hid Bernards camera and its components.Sinclair later disclosed that payment was promised to conceal the belongings of the deceased,Jerseys China Wholesale, the evening of the murder.Also in the wake of the recovery of Bernards cell phone a number of other persons are in custody and investigations are still ongoing.
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Everybody think dem is a magician. Magicians does mek things disappear. Well dem have some people from Windsor Forest who does mek people money disappear. De last one name he place Windsor Estates. He plan to build house but it look like if dem house like de king new suit.One man who come from Windsor Forest did bring an airplane and that disappear already. De man disappear too. People cant see he. He did like things fuh disappear and Bharrat did like de man. That man mek some people money disappear and now Uncle Sam mek he disappear.Another man who come from Windsor Forest does mek drugs fuh de Ministry of Health disappear and when people talk he get vex. This man does disappear too and is only by chance that people actually spot he before he disappear. He was at a rally wheh Bharrat deliver a cuss out speech.Donald look like if he want disappear too. De water disappear from Amaila and is only Robeson trying fuh give some excuse. Dem boys want to know how come Brazzy who been talking so much bout de project disappear too.Fip Motilall come from Windsor Forest. He did de biggest disappearing trick. He tek millions fuh build a road to de same Amaila and then he disappear in Florida. Now how come all de people who come from Windsor Forest know fuh mek people money disappear and then dem does disappear.Suh dem boys come back to Windsor Estates. De drawing fuh dem house look nice but dem boys want to know wheh de real house deh. De Waterfalls boss man did see de drawing and he get ketch. He promise fuh give de Windsor man some publicity but de man dodge and disappear. He mek dem boys wonder why he refuse de free publicity.But then again,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, is only smart man does operate suh.Talk half and keep an eye open fuh anything that come from Windsor Forest.
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Marriott nah even deh in de pipeline yet. Dem nah even get none investor and Brazzy done tek out de money. He suh determine fuh use de people money fuh build de Marriott and casino fuh he and Jagdeo kavakamites that he done tek out de moneyUS$19.5 million from de slush fund.Brazzy is a scamp. Dem boys ask,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Brazzy why yu tek out de money from de fund? He tek out de money and de project aint even ready. How much more yu tek out that de people of de country aint know bout,NFL Jerseys Outlet, and wheh yu got am?Brazzy and Jagdeo treat de people money like if it belong to dem Mooma,China Jerseys Cheap, dem wife and dem sissy,Jerseys NFL Cheap, and dem buddy if dem got. Ah yu wan?Brazzy and Jagdeo learn from dem Chinee. Ah dem corrupt de whole bunch of kavakamites. Dem Chinee teach Jagdeo and Bobby how fuh got nuff company. One recently form name Olive Branch. Dem get that name from somebody close to Uncle Donald.Dem boys know all de rest of company wha dem register and create in all kind of name fuh hide dem hassets and other property.China Harbour teach dem. Jagdeo do a lot of scampish deal wid dem Chinee. All gun come out very soon. Jamaica and Trinidad already skin up all dem Chinee company.De big company got four C. Dem four Cs got a ton of other small Cs. Dem got Chu Chu Chu and Chee Chee Chee just like how we got Ba Ba Bee and Bra Bra Zee,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, and Jag Jag Gee.Dem Chinee main logo pun dem web site seh We are building a connected world. Dem boys seh that fuh get a world like that you got to have connection. And everybody know that connection start from de top.Talk half and connect de other half.
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South Road Nursery School recently received a public address system compliments of the institutions Parent/Teacher Association.The PA system was handed over to Headmistress of the school,Wholesale Jerseys, Ms Shirley Machay by President of the PTA Ms Deborah Forbes.According to Forbes,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, a needs analysis of the school was conducted and it was recognised that the PA system was a priority.As such a take-away lunch was planned by the PTA to offset the system which was acquired at a cost of $115,Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic,000.In expressing gratitude for the gesture Ms Machay also highlight the importance of the equipment at a school which accommodates some 300 pupils.
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as arbitration tribunal presents reportBy Zena Henry Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) workers,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, who went on strike earlier this year,Cheap China Jerseys, yesterday felt vindicated in their claims that the company had not upheld the signed 2001 collective bargaining agreement.Chairman of the designated arbitration tribunal, Justice Prem Persaud, yesterday handed over the related report to Labour Minister Nanda Gopaul, in which it was indicated that increases of 6 percent and 5.5 percent retroactive to January 2012, would be paid to employees in the categories from grade one to eight.Labour Minister Nanda GopaulDisgruntled GPL staffers had taken to the streets countrywide to express their dissatisfaction with earlier developments,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, with the power company at that time having offered a 5 percent increase across the board.The National Association of Agricultural,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, Commercial and Industrial Employees (NAACIE), through strike action, had wanted GPL to honour its 2001 collective bargaining agreement which called for negotiations for increase in salaries, outside of an automatic three percent increment on the salaries of workers annually, and a performance-based incentive of between zero and 10 percent.NAACIE General Secretary Kenneth Joseph said yesterday that the unions contention was not particularly for the workers payment, but was really for the electricity company to honour the agreement.We have been vindicated,Cheap Jerseys USA, the (2001) agreement continues to exist. The company was saying that the agreement ended in 2003, but at the moment that agreement continues to exist, and will exist until it is superseded by another agreement.Minister Gopaul asserted that he was pleased with the expeditious manner in which the matter was dealt with, and hoped that, both sides would take heed of the recommendations made in the report. He also emphasised that the report is binding on both parties.Gopaul however noted that it was very unfortunate that the workers had to resort to industrial action over what seemed to be a situation of distrust.In a collective agreement, not everything can be spelt out, but it is the spirit in which the agreement is entered into, and the interpretation when it was givenif done based on that spiritwe would have not had the strike.The Minister further urged the parties not to resort to strike action, but to use the services of the Labour Ministry. He said that though strikes may at times be inevitable, they must seek to reduce them.Following the handing over of the report,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Joseph thanked those involved in the arbitration process for, helping to bring about a favourable understanding about the process of arbitration. He said that the union was afraid that the process had been eroded.It is never favourable when trade unions have to use large sums of money and workers are losing out on money to fight for their rights.Joseph subsequently suggested that for the days the workers had protested, now that their cause had been justified, they should be paid for the days lost.Justice Prem PersaudHe continued that at present, GPL workers are concerned with what is taking place in Parliament, especially as it relates to cuts made to this years budget, which brings concerns of an attempt by the electricity company to further release unionized staff.Joseph said that the union is looking for a proper relationship with GPL and proper management of the company.? He further called for an investigation into the operations of the company before the budget cuts are returned.They should not just give you and you spend. There must be an investigation because we know we have evidence that not all the money is well spent. Joseph concluded that the union looks forward to instructions for the workers to be paid.GPLs Deputy CEO Aeshwar Deonarine said that the company would be honouring the arbitrations decision.In any ruling, one cannot expect both sides to be very pleased, but the company respects the arbitrations objective and impartial decision, and as always we stand committed to honour any agreement we have.He highlighted the partys current position as being unfortunate, when the evidence could have been evaluated and a similar if not identical resolution could have resulted.In February, GPL workers downed tools over a five percent all-inclusive package. This involved a one percent across the board pay increase that was rejected by the Union, which had demanded an eight percent across the board increase.GPL was however adamant that it could not even afford the five percent package offered, much less the eight percent that was being demanded. The company blamed this inability on high fuel price among other things.After six days of strike action, when the two parties could not resolve their differences, the Labour Minister stepped in. He called on the tribunal comprising Justice Prem Persaud; Dr. Gobind Ganga, Deputy Governor of Bank of Guyana; and Grantley Culbard, former General Secretary of Clerical and Commercial Workers Union to deal with the issue, which resulted in yesterdays report.
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Police ranks who repeatedly absent themselves from court without a valid reason will be interdicted from duty.The warning came from Commissioner of Police Henry Greene,China Jerseys Wholesale, during an address yesterday to ranks at the Forces annual mid-year awards ceremony to mark the organisations 172nd anniversary.Once we realize that you have deliberately stayed away from court, with all sorts of frivolous excuses,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, you will be charged and interdicted from duty. Im warning you now, send the word through, the Commissioner told his ranks.Greene said that there is no doubt that in the area of prosecution there have been difficulties for the Guyana Police Force. He stated that not only police witnesses are absent from time to time, but civilian witnesses are also delinquent in this regard.According to Greene, in some cases the civilian witnesses are compromised.There are lots of other witnesses who get paid offwho dont come because they are paid off,NFL Jerseys China, and they hide, all sorts of schemes. And cases are dismissed,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, not necessarily because of the poor police prosecution,Cheap Jerseys, the Commissioner said.He explained that the Force has been making significant efforts to train its prosecutors.Theyre not lawyers, but theyve had some amount of training, and invariably some police ranks are absent and many times its in the Magistrates judgement that even though we feel that a prima facie case has been made out, the Magistrate feels otherwise and dismisses the case, Greene said.The situation impacts negatively on justice for the victims of criminal activity as well as the accused,Cheap Jerseys Online, who have to spend months on remand as a result of the tardiness of some police ranks.
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Mouth open,Wholesale Jerseys, tory jump out. Is better fuh keep you mouth shut than fuh open it and let people see wha you got inside. De project people open dem mouth yesterday but dem boys had to get a stick fuh force open dem mouth.Dem been plan wid Catty Mees fuh talk piece, piece story in a corner but dem boys get vex and de people had to change whatever style dem had. Dem open dem mouth and tell dem boys how dem buy Fip licence. Is dem announce that. Dem nah decide how much dem gun pay Fip because de project nah finalise yet.But Sam seh how Fip had a right to sell de licence. Dem boys seh that Sam wrang. Dem seh that if is a firearm licence Government can revoke it.De Government does revoke drivers licence when people default in dem agreement fuh use de road.Fip default wid de hydro, why Government didnt revoke de licence? That is wha dem boys want fuh know. De government coulda then tek de same licence and sell it to Sithe Global.A lot of people now talking that dem know nuff cockishness involve. When Fip collect de licence money,Cheap Arizona Diamondbacks Hoodies, about US$50 million,Jerseys NFL Cheap, somebody very high in de wings gun collect he pension just like how Sam collect he memory.He watch he own signature pun a 2006 document and he couldnt remember,Sale NFL Jerseys, but he remember everything wha happen since 1997, nine years prior,Wholesale Jerseys,? wid he and Fip. He remember he and Fip sign a MOU in 1998 but he couldnt remember de one in 2006.Selective Memory is wha dem boys does call that.Talk about cockishness. Dem boys wonder if he remember he buy a GuySuCo house at Farm. Dem boys seh that he must be forget how much he pay,Cheap Jerseys From China, or if he pay.Talk half. Lef half.
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– says money also spent on other projects Regional Executive Officer (REO) of Region Eight,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Ishwar Dass,Cheap Jerseys, yesterday refuted the claim that the toilet which was on the front page of the KN edition dated May 15,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, 2011 and read that the facility was established at a cost of $11.7M,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, stating that the money did not only cater for the toilet but was also spent to execute other projects.Dass told Kaieteur News that the $11.7M catered for the sanitary block which contains four toilets, a water trestle with eight tanks, the guttering of the school building which is 60 feet in length at both sides,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, the wiring of the school building and teachers quarters and also the purchasing and installation of a solar-driven water pump that is expected to bring water from the creek to the facility when there is need for water.He explained that eight tanks had to be sent in to form part of the water trestle, and due to the fact that there were no large boats to transport the tanks all at once to the destination, more money was spent on transportation since the plane could only facilitate two tanks at a time from Mahdia to Kaieteur and then the small boat had space only for one tank for every trip to Chinapau.The REO further explained that when chartering a plane from Mahdia to Kaieteur,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, it costs $80,000 per shuttle with another $25,000 per trip from Kaieteur to Chinapau (and only one tank fits directly in a boat per trip).Dass stated Chinapau is a very far area in terms of Region Eight and of course the toilet is only one component of the project and I explainedthe $11.7M is justifiable with respect to where this project is being done.
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Army ranks have launched a search for four armed pirates who attacked six fishing vessels between Waini and Cozier in the Pomeroon River and Region One on Saturday.Three of the six boats were reportedly small vessels while the remaining three were described as large boats. Four of the boats belonged to fishermen from Meadow Bank, East Bank Demerara,cheap jerseys, while another, named “Anand”, is owned by a Pomeroon fisherman.The two other large vessels that were attacked are called “Honey Prya and Ester”.Devenand Singh,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, a fisherman who said he witnessed the recent attacks and who himself was attacked by pirates on three other occasions, related that sometime on Saturday,Nike Air Max 95 Sale, five boats were attacked by four armed men in the Waini,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, Region One and at Cozier.Singh said the four men who were masked and armed with guns and knives were traveling in a red and white vessel that was powered by a sixty horse power engine.Two of the victims who police said were identified as Shameer Singh,Jerseys China Cheap NFL, of Good-Hope, East Coast Demerara and Ramologan, of Enmore, East Coast of Demerara were rescued by fishermen on Sunday.Singh explained that the pirates stripped the three small boats of their engines,NFL Jerseys Clearance, leaving the fishermen drifting. Kaieteur News understands that the men were still to be rescued.The other large vessels have since continued fishing. Efforts are reportedly being pursued to lend assistance to the stranded fishermen.
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Youth Challenge Guyana (YCG) and Toolsie Persaud Limited have forged ties which have so far allowed residents of Wakenaam, Essequibo Island, to be exposed to crucial information on the impact of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).In fact, the partnership, according to YCG HIV/AIDS Programme Manager Dmitri Nicholson, will serve to bring to residents of the community necessary treatment and assistance to ensure that they could cope should they become plagued with the health afflictions.He recounted that the decision to venture into the Essequibo community was first crystallised by Mr Toolsie Persaud, who was intrigued by an outreach programme YCG had undertaken in Parika earlier this year.So intrigued was Mr Persaud, Nicholson said, that he offered to facilitate the teams travel to Wakenaam to raise awareness of the health issues among the residents. Mr Persauds assistance even extended to transportation,Cheap Jerseys USA, accommodation and the provision of meals for the 10 volunteers who conducted the outreach, Nicholson added.And, according to him, the residents were very receptive to the information they received, even praising the efforts of the non-governmental organisation for taking the time to enlighten them on the very important issues.The venture,Cheap Jerseys From China, Nicholson disclosed, was undertaken in the form of a door-to-door intervention, where YCG volunteers were able to share information on an individual basis. The residents, he noted, demonstrated much eagerness to learn throughout the entire programme, which was conducted during the past week-end.And since this was YCGs first venture into that area, Nicholson said, the focus was mainly on sensitising the residents. He added that a special forum was also held at the Wakenaam Community Centre, where youths of the community were the primary targets. They were exposed to the facts about the various infections, including how these can be contracted and prevented, Nicholson said. The use of the female condom was also among the topics covered.Additionally, it was highlighted that there are some infections that can still be contracted even with the use of condoms, thus the practice of abstinence was emphasised during the youth session.However, Nicholson informed, the sensitisation aspect is only the first step in addressing the problem in the area. He noted that plans are already apace to introduce counselling and testing to the residents with a view to determining if there are persons who require treatment and other assistance.And so, with the continued support of Mr Persaud, Nicholson anticipates that the work in Wakenaam will become a long-term initiative. He added that there were discussions to venture into other areas in the Essequibo area.The recent introduction of the sensitisation, Nicholson said, comes as part of the STI-specific intervention that YCG has unleashed in a number of communities, noting that the Wakenaam initiative marks the fourth such intervention engaged within the past year.Similar programmes,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, he said, were undertaken extensively just last month in more than 10 Region Nine communities, including Achiwid,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Crowdar, Merudi, Surama, Nappi, Parishana, and Hiowa, where voluntary counselling and testing were carried out.According to Nicholson, confidential and reliable YCG counsellors tested and counselled more than 600 individuals for HIV. This information, he said, has been passed on to the Ministry of Healths National AIDS Programme Secretariat, which facilitates the provision of treatment and assistance to those who tested positive for HIV.He said that, as part of an ongoing support programme,Supply Cheap Jerseys, those infected are provided with nutritional supplements which serve to strengthen their immune systems even as they are encouraged to inculcate healthy lifestyles with a view of lengthening their lifespans, though infected.And this support, Nicholson said, remains strictly confidential, unless it is believed that an individual may be at risk. In such an instance, he explained, a patient will have to be sick and require treatment for AIDS, thus causing the need for a family member or some care giver to be alerted,Cheap Jerseys From China, to aid better care.But while there are instances that it becomes necessary to disclosure the status of some individuals, Nicholson assured that confidentiality remains one of the main objectives of the programme.Legislation in place for juvenile detention centreMinister of Human Services Priya Manickchand said the government has passed legislation to have juveniles housed separately from the general prison population.The Minister said this should pave the way for the construction of a detention centre to accommodate young offenders.She emphasised that juveniles should never be kept along with seasoned criminals or amongst the adult prison population.However, Manickchand stated that given Guyanas limited resources it was not economical to have such a facility to keep juveniles.They are supposed to be held separately but given our limitations and constraints, as is the case with every developing nation, we could not afford it, Manickchand said.There has been growing concern about the bundling together of young offenders with adult detainees in the available holding facilities.Although the legislation is in place, there is no clear indication on when the construction of a juvenile centre will begin.Most young inmates are kept at the Ruimveldt Police Station, placing additional burden on police ranks to keep watch over them.Police sources, who visited the detention area, had admitted that the inmates were being housed in what they described as awful, appalling and horrifying conditions.They disclosed that one juvenile was even infected with HIV and had not been isolated. There were others with oozing sores, skin rashes and other communicable infections.In March, police ranks stationed at Ruimveldt foiled a breakout from the location when 13 juveniles set fire to the lockup area.The juvenile prisoners waited close to midnight and using a cigarette lighter set fire to the western wall with the intention of weakening the structure.However, police officials observed the flames and three fire tenders which were summoned to the scene quickly put out the blaze.Police had detained a minibus driver who allegedly slipped the cigarette lighter to the prisoners during a visit to the station.The juvenile prisoners, among them two facing murder charges, had been temporarily transferred to the Golden Grove Police Station.Juveniles have escaped at least five times from the same lockups in the past two years even attacking two sergeants and a female corporal with bottles.
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Students and teachers filled the auditorium of Queens College yesterday to commemorate the annual Remembrance Day observance with a wreath-laying ceremony and service.As the schools tradition would have it,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, two of the youngest students,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, accompanied by the Head Prefect and the Deputy were chosen to hang the wreaths on the walls where the names of fallen soldiers were.Principal Jackie Benn urged those in attendance to always remember the soldiers who died in the two World Wars.At the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh monthThe youngest male and female students were chosen to lay the wreaths the year 1918 all fighting ceased between the Allies and the Germans because an armistice or truce had been signed. Fighting was over,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, the Principal said.She added that during the First World War much of the combating took place in a part of Europe called Flanders.Many of the men were killed there and thousands more were handicapped for life. It was to help these disabled servicemen that Earl Haig fought in the war,China Jerseys Cheap, Benn said.The Principal added that Haig recollected that the fields of Flanders had been covered in a mass of beautiful red poppies,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap, which grew wild.So when the war was over he suggested that some of the men who had been crippled on the battlefield should make artificial poppies to sell each November,Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hoodies, the Principal said.Benn said that all proceeds during the poppy sale would be donated to those who are disabled.
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– training of midwives a priority Although it has remained constant for the past two years, maternal mortality is still a very troubling situationMinister of Health,Dr Bheri Ramsaranfor the Ministry of Health. This is in spite of disclosures by Minister of Health, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, that the health goals in Guyana have more or less been achieved.This therefore translates to Guyana achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Five which speaks to improving maternal health.The Minister, during an interview with this publication, in making reference to the 18 maternal deaths that were recorded for both 2013 and 2014,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, said that sometimes we are in a fragile situation because of the small numbers.He insisted too that maternal mortality has over the few years been dropping significantly but whenever you crunch small numbers you can get a disproportionate shift to the negative. So we are happy that our maternal mortality rates are dropping.At a recent press briefing, Cabinet Secretary,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Dr Roger Luncheon, in commenting on the maternal mortality situation as at last year, said that 10 of the 18 maternal deaths were recorded at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation. The others, he revealed,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, were recorded at other public and private facilities.But while the numbers are not worrying,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the Cabinet Secretary did emphasise the need for reporting compliance of private institutions and went on to point out that Cabinet was concerned that these facilities were not recorded in a timely manner as prescribed by law.And even as private institutions are being urged to be compliant, Minister Ramsaran intimated that certain measures are being taken with a view of helping to further reduce the number of maternal deaths.But the focus, according to him, will not only be on the number of mothers who have unfortunately died in childbirth, but also bettering certain other support services such as the availability of blood as well. Last year a record 11,China Jerseys Free Shipping,000 plus units of blood were garnered by the National Blood Transfusion Service to help cater to this need, according to the Health Minister.But in addition to this, he noted that the Ministry is directing increasing attention on the training of requisite personnel. In fact he disclosed that there is set to be a significant upgrade of in-house training of midwives, for instance.Only two weeks ago we had a meeting with one of our strategic partners to have consorted training of midwives. So you will not just have a nurse dressed as a midwife going to deliver services; they will have to be trained as midwives and each midwife will have to have continuous upgrade which will be obligatory as part of our service obligation, asserted the Health Minister.The intent of putting strategic measures in place, according to the Minister, is to cater to reduce the challenges in the sector which will be complemented by the availability of more diagnostic tools so that we will be able to identify mother in distress and foetuses? in the womb that are in distress long before the delivery period is established.In addition, the Minister said that high risk clinics within the public health system are being upgraded and are likely to be furnished with a number of trained doctors. According to Dr Ramsaran, with the introduction of locally administered post-graduate programmes, a number of doctors drawn from some 500 trained in Cuba,NFL Jerseys China, will be trained to specialise in the area of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and a number of other areas as the efforts are made to expand the services offered.
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Chief Justice Ian Chang has granted a conservatory order compelling the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority Kurshid Sattaur and his agents to refrain from selling, transferring, pledging, mortgaging or otherwise alienating or dispensing of motor vehicle number PJJ 3837 which is now registered as PMM 5467.Chief Justice Ian ChangThe order was granted last Wednesday after businessman Bhola Nauth of nine First Street,Jerseys Authentic Stitched, Cummings lodge, through his attorney Stephen Lewis moved to the court, seeking a declaration that the seizure of the vehicle by the GRA is unconstitutional.The businessman also sought a declaration that Bhola Nauth is entitled to possession of the said vehicle and a declaration that the seizure of the vehicle is a breach of article 142 of the constitution of Guyana.Additionally, the businessman sought from the court an order compelling the Commissioner General to deliver possession of the vehicle to the businessman.The businessman in an affidavit in support of his motion believes that the Guyana Revenue Authority has transferred the vehicle in the name of Guyana Revenue Authority and registered the said Motor Vehicle as PMM 5467 for use by the Enforcement Division.Bhola Nauth in his application to the noted that by Agreement of Sale dated the April 3, 2009, he purchased from Mr. David Burgess a motor vehicle, registration number PJJ 3837 at a price of $2,9M.At the time of the sale, Burgess presented him with a Certificate of Registration bearing the stamp of the Licence Revenue Department and a signature of an officer of the Licence Revenue Department which showed that apart from two previous owners,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, he was the third owner of the vehicle as of August 20, 2007.The information on the face of the Certificate of Registration was duly checked and verified as true and correct at the office of the Licence Revenue Department, Smyth Street, Georgetown.Pursuant to the sale, the ownership of the vehicle was duly transferred to Nauth on April 30, 2009.All receipt with regards to the transfer fees were issued to Nauth as the third owner by the one C. Collymore on behalf of the Accountant General.Nauth was also issued with a road licence, Number 199023 for the said vehicle by Guyana Revenue Authority.However, in November of 2009 Nauth got the shock of his life when he decided to sell the vehicle to secure a smaller one for his son.Upon seeking to transfer ownership of the vehicle to the new purchaser, he was told by an officer of the Licence Revenue Office that no custom duty was paid for the vehicle and that the transfer he was seeking could not be effected.With this information, the businessman contacted the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority Mr. Khurshid Sattaur and repeated to him what he had been told by the officer at the Licence Office, and Sattaur promised to have the matter investigated.On December 9th, 2009, officials from the Guyana Revenue Authority went to nauths home and seized the vehicle and presented him with a letter dated December 7th,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, 2009, signed by Errol Charles, Manager (Ag.) Law Enforcement Division.Commissioner General of GRA Kurshid Sattaur The letter stated,NFL Jerseys From China, The Guyana Revenue Authority responding to you in connection with a voluntary compliance of one (1) 1996 Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep. The Enforcement Division of the Guyana Revenue Authority wishes to inform you that this matter was fully investigated and which revealed that this Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep was imported illegally into Guyana and did not remit any taxes to the Guyana Revenue Authority and was affixed with a false registration plate #PJJ3837.The total taxes (Excise Tax) payable to the Guyana Revenue Authority on this 1996 Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep is six million eight hundred and forty right thousand six hundred dollars ($6,848,600.00).For further information on this matter, please contact Mr. Errol Charles, manager (ag), Law Enforcement Division.”Nauth subsequently contacted the Law Enforcement Division and pleaded with Charles that he was not aware of any illegality.He pointed out that he was a bonafide purchaser without notice, since the documents provided to him were all verified as true and correct by the Licence Officer of the Guyana Revenue Authority at the time of his purchase.Nauth claimed that Charles refused the opportunity to examine the documents which were presented to him.According to the businessman since then he has been seeking an audience with Officers of the Guyana Revenue Authority but no one seemed interested in listening to him or dealing with the matter.He is advised by his attorney Stephen lewis the enforcement division of the Guyana Revenue Authority to seize vehicle No. PJJ 3837 now registered as PMM 5467 and transferring registration of the said vehicle was unlawful, an abuse of process and discretion, unreasonable, in breach of natural Justice and in breach of his constitutional rights contrary to Article 142 of the Constitution.He is also advised that it the actions of the GRA IS in breach of the Customs Act Chapter 82:01.I fear that my rights would continue to be breached and the aforesaid Motor Vehicle may be alienated or otherwise disposed of whilst a constitutional challenge to the aforesaid seizure is pending in the High Court,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, the businessman said in his affidavit.The matter will be placed in bail court where a final order will be made.***************************Fuel shortage in Lethem threatens economic activities.emergency supplies air dashed to power company A severe fuel shortage in Lethem has forced the Lethem Power Company to air-dash fuel from Annai.This newspaper yesterday was informed by residents of Lethem that the shortage in fuel, as a result of the temporary closure of the Linden/Lethem Road has placed tremendous strains on the power company in meeting its maximum output.Residents complained that on Thursday last, they were without electricity for the entire day.According to one resident, while one part of Lethem has electricity, the other part is without. The resident charged that Culvert City and Tabatinga are two of the most affected areas. Efforts were made by this newspaper to contact an official at the company, but this proved futile.However,Authentic Jerseys Wholesale, one resident said that the intermittent power outage is a result of the Power Company interchanging generators.It was further explained, that 18 barrels of gasoline were air-dashed from Annai to the power company, leading to a surplus, presently.An official explained that there were four barrels of fuel that form the reserve stock which will last until tomorrow.The closure of the Linden/Lethem Road to heavy vehicular traffic has forced many residents of Lethem to buy fuel from neighbouring Brazil to keep up the economic vibrancy of the area.The Linden/ Lethem road was closed for the past few weeks to facilitate critical repairs.The road was recently submerged as a result of heavy rains coupled with a severe high spring tide, causing high levels of erosion at many parts, which resulted in the road being impassable at certain sections.The Ministry of Public Works had to effect emergency repairs and recently opened the road to light vehicular traffic.The repairs to the damaged sections of the road are delayed by the persistent high levels of rainfall and despite warnings, several large trucks continue to ply the route, further damaging the road at some sections.While some residents are complaining of supplies running low, some are questioning how fast the situation will come to an end.
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Four juveniles are to appear in court today in connection with a string of burglaries in Grove Housing Scheme and a robbery in the neighbouring Diamond New Scheme.Kaieteur News understands that the youths have been implicated in three robberies and four incidents of break and enter.They were reportedly picked out in identification parades.A fifth suspect was also questioned but was released after the victims failed to identify him.Police believe that the boys,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, who are from two depressed communities, carried out several recent burglaries on the East Bank of Demerara.At least seven homes in Grove New Scheme have been burglarised within the past two weeks. Detectives recovered a number of stolen items,Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap, including a laptop computer,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, electronic items used in barber shops, and two mobile phones from an empty house aback of Diamond New Scheme, after interrogating the suspects.The lads were detained on Monday shortly after a Bishops High School student was robbed by six teens in Diamond New SchemeAccording to reports, the victim,Wholesale Jerseys Online, 16-year-old Joshua Pedro,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys, was near the bridge at the head of the Diamond Housing Scheme access road when six juveniles dragged him into an empty barber shop and relieved him of $6,Cheap Jerseys From China,000. They then fled.One of the youths was dressed in a school uniform consisting of black trousers and a white shirt. Another attacker had a stutter.
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Renowned Kathak dancer Mahua Shankar and Banaras Tumri diva Kamud Diwan will headline the melas to be hosted by the Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) in celebration of the 171st anniversary of the arrival of East Indians to Guyana.The first mela is scheduled for May 3 at the National Park. The second mela will be held at the Albion Sports Complex Ground in Berbice on Tuesday, May 5, while the third and final will be at the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground in Essequibo on Sunday, May 10.This year,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, Mahua Shankar and Kumud Diwan will join the celebrations in Guyana as part of a ten-member team coming to Guyana.The talented Mahua Shankar has performed with Pandit Birju Maharaj in his major productions in many prestigious festivals and has travelled extensively in India and abroad. She has to her credit dance sequences in two major films,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, Gaddar with Sunny Deol and Amisha Patel and Devdas with Shah Rukh Khan, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit.Kumud Diwan combines the best of the Banaras and the Lucknow styles of Tumri singing. She has a rare gifted voice that lends itself to all forms of classical and semi-classical genres.According to the IAC,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, the Indian artistes will be accompanied by leading local artistes drawn from the three counties.In 2004,NFL Jerseys Cheap, 2006, 2007 and 2008, various troupes from India have graced the IAC melas in a collaborative effort between Guyana and India.As an addition,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the IAC in collaboration with the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri, will be mounting an exhibition reflective of Indian Arrival from May 01 to May 07, 2009.Guests arriving during this period will be provided with an opportunity to be more enlightened about Indian arrival and their contributions to the development of Guyana, the IAC stated.In addition, the Committee said an appropriate welcoming ceremony awaits visitors at the launch of the exhibition.The IAC said at this years melas it will continue to honour outstanding Guyanese of Indian origin who have contributed to the countrys development in various fields.To date, some twenty persons have been honoured with the IAC award. Those honoured include Sattaur Gafoor, Shri Prakash Gossai, Dr. Bobby Ramroop, Pat Dyal, Pita Pyaree, Harry Ramsaroop, Imam Shaheed Mohamed, Shafiran Bhajan and the late Ayube Hamid. Posthumously, Satyadeow Sawh, Paul Persaud,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, Gobin Ram and Laxhmie Kallicharran were honoured.This year is the seventh year since the IAC has been promoting events to mark the arrival of East Indians, which is observed on May 5 annually.The first batch of immigrants arrived in Guyana on May 5, 1838.
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Manager of Training at the Training Division at the Department of Public Services, Jean Carol has disclosed that training personnel within the Public service lacks the necessary monitoring or follow Cups to ensure that staff receives the necessary tools they need to adequately function in their individual areas of work.Carol was at the time testifying before the Commission of Inquiry, (COI) before Professor Harold Lutchman and Commissioners Samuel Goolsaran and Sandra Jones, held at the Ministry of Presidency Department of Public Service Building,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Waterloo Street, Georgetown.The Commission? which was established to inquire into, report on and make recommendations on the role,Cheap NFL Jerseys, functions, recruitment process,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, remuneration, conditions and other matters pertaining to the personnel employed in the Guyana Public Service, is slated to take place within the next few months.The exercise is expected to determine measures to improve the efficiency of the public service, to review the methodology used in the classification and recruitment of public servants.The inquiry is also slated to conduct a detailed examination of how the salaries and wages of public servants are determined and allocated; review the age of public servant retirement and make recommendations in this regard.Yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Ms. Carol detailed the properties and responsibilities attached to her department.In response to questions from the panel, the training manager explained that her work entails training staff of the public service domain in matters of adequately interfacing with members of the public, capturing peoples attention, how to effectively communicate with persons.Carol said that her subdivision plans and develops training programmes to assist other government ministries with ensuring their mandate is carried out.The witness noted however, that there are usually no follow -ups to lend support to the training programmes.She explained that the Training Division at the Department of Public Services would on an annual basis facilitate several training sessions for the various government agencies.The exercise will include customer care, communications, supervisory training,Wholesale China Jerseys, human resource development training and general accounting procedure training.The manager noted though that the system lacks sufficient human resources to facilitate process and needs assessment or records management, which is critical to evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each agency.Asked whether the programmes are developed based on the past methods,Jerseys NFL Cheap, the manager essentially stated that the session is conducted based on a prearranged training plan but there should be follow -ups.I would personally follow up to see the impact the training has on the various department and get feedback from the staff? on how they might have benefitted from the training, she said.Meanwhile Senior Personnel Officer Department of Public Service, Carol Sam Moe in detailing the functions and responsibility of her department disclosed that the Public Service Union would usually meet with officials of the Ministry to discuss matters of salary and condition of service within the sector.The Public Service COI is scheduled to continue sessions on Monday.? Then three witnesses will testify.? Among them is Permanent Secretary of the Department Public Services, and PPP candidate Omaf Shareif.