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Created 2017-10-13
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Title tipes to care your Beautyblender
Description Beautyblender now depended on many beauty lovers to apply the foundation to contouring products. Sponge makeup shaped like an egg that was assessed can blend flat, flawless, and natural. Unfortunately the sponge needs to be washed post several times so it is safely applied to the face. If not, makeup, oil, dirt that stick can make a moldy sponge and acne skin. To avoid it, consider the following six cleaning tips:

1. Direct washed
In order not to cause fungus and make pimply face, it is recommended immediately wash the makeup sponge after use. In addition to always clean, this way is important to maintain the quality of Beautyblender remains good. According to makeup artist Kelli J. Barlett, do not let makeup products stick too long because it will make the stain on the sponge difficult to clean and hard to lose.

2. Wash with the Right Soap
When cleaning it of course you need to use soap. If you can, use soap that is devoted to washing Beautyblender or makeup tool. Kelli also suggested that the liquid soap be silenced for a moment to absorb in a sponge. That way, makeup products that stick will be more easily faded. Although the price is quite expensive, special soap Beautyblender will remove stains and makeup more easily.

3. Wear Bar soap
Want to use an affordable way? You can replace a special soap with Beautyblender soap or baby shampoo. Kelli recommends that you try the Dove stem soap or laundry soap from Palmolive that is not too expensive but effective to clean.

4. Cut So 2
When the outside of your makeup sponge is very dirty but there is no time to wash, just use the inside. You can cut Beautyblender in half then use the inside that is still clean. Using a sponge with uneven texture because it is split can also make the foundation look more flawless.

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5. Perform Double Washing
Double cleansing is often done on the face to make the rest of makeup and dirt perfect. Similar techniques can also be done on your sponge. The trick is to use oil-based makeup cleaners first to remove stains and makeup residue. After rinsing, then wipe again with a foam cleanser.

6. Save Well
Lastly save Beautyblender well to keep it away from dust and to last longer. If not put in plastic container. After washing, leave the makeup sponge dry in the open before storing it in a closed place. That way will keep the mushroom from growing.