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Created 2017-11-03
Owner dunigamin
Title Lost sphere games come next year
Description The mystery of the story of Lost Sphear telling Kanata who woke up in this increasingly lost and forgotten world was answered in his new trailer! The story of Lost Sphear is revealed through the latest trailer video that Square Enix just released this week. Previously, this RPG game is quite a mystery to JRPG fans. This game tells the mysterious loss of parts of the world. To prevent that from happening, Kanata together with her friends rebuild the cities and the world through a power called Memory. From this new trailer, the story of Lost Sphear that had previously been a mystery has been somewhat revealed. It is said that only one hero can save the world and man. It seems that Kanata, a swordsman and protector of the world from this monster must keep the memories of everyone! Surely this will make the world created from this month can last forever. The mystery of the loss of this world is called "Lost." As the title suggests, players must restore the pieces of the lost world. From the above video, also shown an incomplete world, white chunks appear, such as dead pixels on the LCD. Kanata herself has the ability to recover something lost from the world with the power of memory. Not only his world will be lost in this Lost Sphear! Even humans will disappear if they have been forgotten by the people they care about. Even important buildings such as lodging, which you can use to rest will be lost! This feature is quite unique, because in an RPG, management of areas that can be explored players determine the game. So to access a new area that is guarded by many more powerful new monsters, players must complete the previous area that is one level with them. For his own battle, still similar to I Am Setsuna, featuring a turn-based fight. Oh yes, this game also features a mecha-suit system called Vulcosuit. This armor is inherited from ancient times. Vulcosuit itself will strengthen the wearer with a special ability called Paradigm Drive. Your characters will gain extraordinary abilities by using this outfit in the battlefield. Each Vulcosuit has different abilities, whether in combat mode or not. try this cheap gaming card The RPG is also done by Tokyo RPG Factory, the studio behind I am Setsuna's success. Interestingly both of these RPGs have similar genres and graphics, though both have no continuous story. For those of you who love the classic Japanese-style RPG, then I make sure Lost Sphear will be the game you should be looking forward to now. The plan, Square Enix will release this game on 23 January 2018 for PC (via Steam), PlayStation 4, and also Nintendo Switch
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