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Created 2017-11-17
Owner bateman
Title thing you might hate in new COD games
Description Call of Duty WWII finally officially launched on 3 November. There are many things that are favored by gamers, but not a few things that are not liked. Especially by hardcore gamers. Anything? If you are a hardcore gamer, the first thing you think about is Call of Duty WWII does not have a pay to win element. But if you play this game, you will realize that weapon variants that provide competitive advantage sooner or later will be present. For example, supply drops in Zombie mode make a big difference for players who buy them. And obviously the players who buy the most supply drops have the opportunity to become an OP rather than those who do not buy it. In theory the introduction of this Division feature is quite unique and cool. However, in practice, only two or three Divisions are eligible. Infantry and Mountain are the two best divisions in terms of perks and weapons used. What about Division Armored, Expeditionary, and Airbone? Well, although the three divisions are unique, but still we think the developers need to do rework to better balance to be able to compete with the top two divisions. visit my blog now It's a pity you can only choose one Perk! Want to select the launcher as a secondary weapon or can run and reloading faster? Well, maybe some people will say that this will make the game more balance. But, what? This will only make the perks or other abilities so useless and the lack of freedom of players to blend the perks according to their playing style. Even if you have purchased Call of Duty WW2 with Season Pas, get a pre-order bonus, or have some loot box, it's not a guarantee you'll be able to avoid connection problems.
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