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Description Three middle-aged Brazilian men who were intercepted at the Guyana-Brazilian border were on Monday brought to a city court to be indicted for a number of gun-related crimes which recently occurred in Lethem.One of the three men was fingered as the suspect behind an armed $10M robbery committed on a Chinese-owned haberdashery store in Lethem last December as well as another attempt to rob the said store a matter of days ago.Paulo Silva was indicted and remanded on account of an attempted robbery charge as well as three counts of robbery under arms when he appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Court.The charge of an attempt to commit a felony laid against him detailed that on February 5, at Pacifico General Store, Barrack Retreat Street, Lethem, he attempted to use a gun to rob Yung Fat Chung.On December 4, 2013, at Pacifico, armed with a handgun, he allegedly robbed Sue Li Sheng of one $80,000 Sony cellular phone and a $160,000 laptop.At the said time, he is said to have robbed the store of R$70,000 (Brazilian currency (Real) which is equivalent to G$7M), US$1,Cheap NFL Jerseys,700 (approximately G$340,000), G$3M in cash, as well as 60 wrist watches which amount to $1.5M, property of Sue Li Cheng, Douglas Chung and De Chute.Silva is accused also of relieving Yung Fat Chung of US$310 (G$62,000), Surinamese $240 (G$16,000) and G$40,000.As it relates to the armed robbery which occurred last December, State Prosecutor Inspector Michael Grant relayed that about 19:30 hours on the day of the incident, the victim was in the general store located at 8 Commercial Zone, Lethem,Pat Tillman Cardinals Throwback Jersey, when Silva along with two others entered.Grant indicated that the accused was armed with a gun and proceeded to tie up Yung Fat Chow before he relieved him of the articles mentioned and escaped.On account of the recent attempted robbery, Grant explained that on February 5, the victim was in the said general store in Lethem when the accused again entered the store and tied up the victims. This time, however, public spirited citizens went to the victim¡¯s rescue and Silva ran away.The Inspector related that Silva managed to flee, but at about 18:00 hours that same day he was intercepted on his way to Brazil and was positively identified by the victims as the person who had robbed them last December and who had attempted to rob them earlier in the day.Subsequent investigations were reportedly conducted which led to Silva being charged for the armed robbery.The Prosecutor objected to bail citing the serious nature, prevalence and gravity of the alleged offence as well as the fact that a firearm was allegedly used to commit these offences.Grant said that Silva¡¯s nationality made it more than likely that the accused is a flight risk who will attempt to flee the jurisdiction, adding that he was arrested at the crossing.However, his objections were met with arguments from Silva¡¯s legal representative, Peter Hugh who inquired when the investigations into the matter will be completed.Hugh said that it is unfair to hold his client until the Prosecution completes its investigation especially since ¡°no identification parade was conducted.¡±He argued: ¡°it is unfair to say that because someone is a foreign national, he will flee as from the time they are granted bail,, they are seriously blacklisted.¡±The lawyer stated that on account of the alleged robbery, he is certain that nothing was found on his client who ¡°was merely crossing the bridge at the time. I am sure that nothing was found or he would have been charged for possession of firearms and ammunition.¡±¡°Prevalence is not relevant in this case madam. There are not many cases of robbery in Lethem; it is a very quiet place, so I do not believe that that is enough to keep him without bail,¡± he stated.Hugh continued his plea, stating that his client can provide an address and is willing to subject himself to conditional bail and report to the police station as ordered.According to the lawyer, his client had been in custody for more than 72 hours.Notwithstanding the arguments put forth in the bail application,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, the Chief Magistrate did not offer Silva bail.POSSESSION OF GUNS, AMMOMeanwhile, Joan Oliveira and Mauro Andrade were jointly charged for a firearm and ammunition possession when they appeared before the Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry and were both granted $300,000 bail for each charge.On February 5, at Lethem they allegedly had a .38 revolver as well as 6 matching rounds of live ammunition when neither of them was a licenced firearm holder.They both pleaded not guilty to the charge and submitted an application for reasonable bail through their lawyer, Peter Hugh.Hugh told the court that Oliveira is a Lethem businessman whose wife works in Bom Fin, an area located ¡°just across the border.¡± He said that he supplies most of the Roraima area with medical supplies. He added that the two men are friends.The lawyer said that Oliveira had gone to refuel the vehicle he had burrowed to conduct business since his had crashed sometime before.¡°My client had already supplied two stores when he was stopped on his way back. Nothing was found on him, but they were ordered to drive to the station¡± he said.According to Hugh, one of his clients was taken to the vehicle¡¯s bonnet,NFL Jerseys Outlet, which a police rank illuminated with a flash light and showed him a gun.¡°They were questioned about what they don¡¯t know about and the police can confirm that they borrowed the car.¡±The Prosecutor told the court that police ranks, acting on information received, ventured to the border where they intercepted the car.He said that they searched the car and in the bonnet of the car the firearm was found. Grant added that he confirmed that the car was borrowed.Hugh, however, continued with his bail application, stating that his clients will remain at Lot 30 Dowding Street, Kitty, if granted bail.While the Prosecutor offered no objection to bail,Cheap Jerseys From China, he asked for conditions to be applied to same. He requested that the court order them to report to Inspector Alexander of ¡®F¡¯ Division.He said too that the men came across using their Identification Cards which are currently in police possession.In response, bail was granted to both men in the sum of $300,000 on each charge with the condition that they report to the inspector at 15:00 hours every Friday, except for days by which they have to report to court.The cases of the three Brazilians were transferred to the Lethem Magistrate¡¯s Court where they will indulge the attention of Magistrate Allan Wilson on March 3.
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