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Created 2017-12-07
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Title Cheap Jerseys Online zh1c3rxa
Description By Ralph Seeram It was a large empty lot, occupied by cow pens and pig pens and covered with overgrown grass. Actually no one would think of even building a house there. But it had one advantage; it was a corner lot, strategically located at the corner of Smythfield and Cow Dam in New Amsterdam,Cheap NFL Jerseys, more known today as Angoy¡¯s Avenue. It would make a good business spot.To make a long story short my parents decided to purchase the lot to build a home with a shop underneath.After some hard work and sacrifices, rearing cows, pigs and making and selling coconut oil, they were able to make down payment and bought the land for a pricy sum (at that time) of $2000; a lot of money for a poor person back in the day. So they built the house and shop and had a decent business going. Everything seemed to be going well until they were informed that the PNC government then, that the government was confiscating the land,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, and will compensate them what the property was valued in 1939.Do you how much money the PNC government compensated my parents for confiscating their house lot? $300.Yes folks, they took away the land we worked so hard to acquire $2000 and PAID my parents $300 as compensation, then turn around and asked them to pay a rent for the house to remain on the land or break it down and remove it. My parents were not the only victims; there would be nearly a hundred people that suffered the same fate.Yes this was at the height the PNC dictatorship, when the PNC party was paramount to the Government. It was the PNC party branch in Angoy¡¯s Avenue that pushed the party to seize the lands. These were people who were renting house lots for a dollar a month and wanted the government to seize the land from the ¡°big land owners¡±Today Angoy¡¯s Avenue (Cow Dam) is the largest squatting area in Guyana, thanks to the PNC. Today murders are committed in the area over land that traces back to that period of seizure. It became a ¡°Wild West¡± with people going and ¡°planting their stake¡± to the land. It¡¯s the PPP today that is tasked with regularizing the area, with water, electricity etc.Does the PNC which reincarnated itself into APNU owe my parents (who by the way are still alive) an apology?APNU-AFC and it supporters have been pushing the idea that we should forgive and forget the past. How convenient. The PNC-led APNU wants to govern the country again, but does not want to discuss its 28 years of dictatorship. We must forget about that period of history. It is my position that the past is very relevant.You want the job of running the country the people, especially the young people need to know your record, unless the PNC opposition is ashamed of its record. In my view it is ashamed of the past. The PPP invokes the name of Dr. Cheddi Jagan; do you hear the PNC led APNU invoke the name of LFS Burnham?As a Christian (my mother would say I am a ¡°salt water¡± Christian) who recites the Lord ¡¯s Prayer that says we should forgive those who trespass against us,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, I have no problem in forgiveness. But my question is how can you forgive a person if they do not admit they did anything wrong? If you can¡¯t admit you were wrong then don¡¯t ask to forgive and forget.The PNC owes this nation an apology for its 28 years of dictatorship.Granger characterized the two ballot box martyrs who were murdered by the military on Election Day in 1973 as criminals. Let me tell you this,Cheap NFL Shop, I was a reporter in Berbice covering that election on the Corentyne. I saw what went on that day. PNC members were going in buses to all polling booth voting. I am not even going to get into people who were deprived of voting. However the facts are those PPP protestors were insisting that their representatives accompany the ballot boxes,Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, just as the opposition is demanding today.The bottom line was the PPP representatives were thrown out; the ballot boxes were seized by the army and whisked away to the GDF compound in Georgetown. Those men were only trying to prevent the ballots boxes from being stolen and they were murdered.Do the David Granger and the PNC owe the families an apology?I stood on the Albion Bridge that election night and saw the police and military throw out the PPP representatives out of the vehicle that was taking the ballot boxes. The hundreds of people there swarmed the vehicle to stop the theft of the ballot boxes; the police and the soldiers drew their guns ready to shoot, I thought there would have been a slaughter, but they allowed the PPP representatives to accompany the boxes to the Albion police station where the police were more secured, then they threw the representatives out the station.Did the PNC ever apologize for rigging elections?I have seen shopkeepers charged and jailed on pretext they were hoarding or selling groceries at ¡°black market prices¡±. This was PNC excuse for shortage of essential foodstuff like oil, rice and sugar. It was the business community¡¯s fault. They used the business communities as scapegoats for the shortage of foods. The truth was they were exporting the stuff to scrape up foreign exchange to pay off debts of the country. Hundreds of people were charged and fined for possession of things like sardines, flour,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, onions and garlic.Will the PNC apologize to those people who were fined for possessing food?Yes today it is not only the PNC asking you to forget the past, but two recent converts Rupert Roopnaraine and Moses Nagamootoo who were harassed by the very PNC.I know this is not going to go down well with the APNU/AFC crowd. Some say I am losing my objectivity, or I have undergone a transformation. Objectivity means one must not distort the truth, or facts it is simple as that.? For the Bulkans of the world, objectivity is only when you criticize the PPP. If you criticize the APNU/AFC bunch, then you have lost objectivity or you have gone through a transformation or you are an Indian racist.Don¡¯t think it¡¯s any different with PPP supporters. If you are critical of the PPP as I have done on very many occasions, you are an opposition supporter.What I challenge those critics is to disprove what I have written, pure and simple. My belief is if the PNC led APNU want the job of running the country, it needs to apologize to the nation for what it did in the 28 years of dictatorship. The electorate needs to compare that record against the PPP and let the people decide.By the way in a bit of irony, years later, the then Guyana National Service needed an office building in New Amsterdam and bought my parents property. Later they asked for the Transport for the land, only to be told they already owned the land they only bought the building. Today it houses the Ministry of Sports in Smythfield.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected] and Facebook.
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