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Created 2017-12-07
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Title Jerseys Cheap Wholesale q32n31nb
Description The People¡¯s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) yesterday said that it remains an unbeatable coalition,China Soccer Jerseys, with rumours spreading of a possible opposition coalition to take on the PPP/C at next year¡¯s general elections.¡°The PPP/C is a strong and matured coalition capable of defeating the opposition in whatever form they may present themselves,Cheap Jerseys,¡± the ruling party declared in a statement.On Friday,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, the leader of the main opposition PNCR,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Robert Corbin,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, said the the PPP/C regime appears to have driven itself into a frenzy over recent events in Trinidad and Tobago and Suriname ¡°to the extent that their paranoia has led to their fright over recent reports that the Opposition parties in Guyana may be contemplating an alliance.¡±The PPP/C yesterday took note of Corbin¡¯s statement, but said the panic really is coming from the opposition camps.¡°Indeed it is clear that the opposition is panicking because of the divisions in their ranks. It is no secret that Mr. Corbin himself was challenged many times for the leadership of his party,¡± the PPP charged. The ruling party also took on the Alliance for Change (AFC), saying that party was ¡°deeply split over leadership issues.¡±¡°Moreover, the level of deception of some of the opposition leaders is now coming to the fore. Only a short while ago AFC Leader Mr. Raphael Trotman swore that he would not have any unity with the PNCR. He had even denied talking with that party.¡°That position was first refuted by Mr. Corbin himself who castigated Mr. Trotman for denying that talks were ongoing between them.¡°Both the PNCR and AFC have a lot of persons who are disillusioned with their leadership and this must be the reason for the panic that is sweeping through the ranks of those parties,NFL Jerseys China,¡± the PPP/C charged.The PPP/C brushed aside the opposition talks of a coalition as ¡°just shuffling of cards.
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