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Created 2017-12-07
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Description – organisation¡¯s reposition on the card Mrs. Beverly Braithwaite-Chan, GRPA¡¯s new Director The Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association yesterday introduced its new Executive Director, Mrs. Beverly Braithwaite-Chan. The press conference, which was held at the Quamina Street head office, was to formally introduce Mrs. Braithwaite-Chan to the public and also to have her detail some plans for the future.She was also allowed to outline the direction she intends to take the Organisation.A trained teacher,Cameron Wake Dolphins Jersey, a professional social worker and development practitioner, certified family life educator and counselor, Mrs Braithwaite-Chan obtained her training from the Government Training College for Teachers, University of Guyana, University of Dalhousie,Cheap NFL jerseys China, Nova Scotia, and Andrews University.She also worked as the Project Officer and Programme Manager for the Canadian Hunger Foundation, Head of the Project Development Unit for the Poverty Alleviation Programme, Programme Manager of the Management Governance Programme.Over a number of years Mrs. Chan worked as the President of the Guyana Responsible Parenthood Association where she received the United Nations Population Fund ¡°Good Will Ambassador Award¡±.Pamela Nauth, President of GRPA, said that the new Director comes to the organization with a wealth of knowledge. She said that the organisation had been searching for a new director since Mr. Fredrick Cox sudden demise last June.Nauth further said that Chan was the person who would take the organization to new heights.The newly appointed director who briefly addressed the press conference said that it was an honor to take up such an appointment.She said that she is fully conscious of all the gaps in the organization and is ready to take them on.Chan said she would be keeping in mind the objectives of the organisation, which include making the lives of men, women and children better.It was critical for the organisation to be repositioned, and it must be able to make shifts even when there is good being done,NFL Jerseys 2018, she said.When asked if more focus would be placed on ¡°parenting¡±, she said that the organisation¡¯s name speaks about what it should be doing. She said that parents need to be more understanding and the GRPA would definitely be looking into that aspect.Ms Nauth said that GRPA receives funding from a number of sources. There is funding which comes from the Ministry of Health; subventions from the Government, donor agencies, the International Planned Parenthood Association, and also from their clinic.GRPA also hosts an annual dinner, which also generates income for the organisation. Nauth further disclosed that funding is still a challenge but the GRPA is still working with the limited resources.She said with more funding it would be possible to render services to out of town locations.Moreover Programmes Officer,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Sheila Yaw,Cheap NFL Jerseys, said that the organisation¡¯s clinic has seen an increase in women accessing their Pap smear (testing for cervical cancer).She said that in terms of disease control the clinic distributed more than 61,Wholesale Jerseys Store,000 male condoms and 2000 female condoms. She also noted that over 2500 person accessed their Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) services.Yaw further said that there has been a reduction in the termination of pregnancies. She noted those women who are in stable relationships, including married women, are the ones who sought the most medical terminations.
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