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Created 2018-01-12
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Title NFL Jerseys China qf4hnsj5
Description A 67-year-old man was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital yesterday afternoon,Sale NFL Jerseys, minutes after he fell from the verandah of his 21 G Goedverwagting,Cheap Jerseys, East Coast Demerara home.Roydon Jaundoo was reportedly under the influence of alcohol when he tried to navigate his way down his stairs and fell over the rail,Cheap Jerseys From China, landing some 12 feet on the concrete below.Dead: Roydon JaundooEyewitnesses said that he lay motionless there for several minutes until a police vehicle was summoned to take him to the hospital. But by then it was too late for doctors to save his life.Devika Ishrilall, the man¡¯s reputed wife told Kaieteur News that she was at work when she received a telephone call from Jaundoo¡¯s downstairs tenant, informing her that ¡°Uncle Roy fall down from the banister.¡±She said that she immediately travelled to the scene and upon arrival there she saw Jaundoo lying in the police vehicle.¡°I tell the officer to drive, while I went in and lock up the house. Then I headed to the hospital,¡± Ishrilall told Kaieteur News.At the hospital she saw several doctors around Jaundoo as he lay motionless on a bed in the Accident and Emergency Unit.It was not until 10 minutes later that she was told that he had died on his way to the hospital.¡°Like he locked up the house and was going out, but he was under the influence of alcohol and like he brace on the rail and unbalance and just fell over.Probably he couldn¡¯t hold back his weight,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply,¡± Ishrilall said, recalling what she was told by the tenants downstairs.The woman believes that had Jaundoo received assistance immediately after his fall,Cheap Jerseys NFL China, his life could have been saved.She explained that from what she learnt, the injured man was lying on the ground for several minutes, after a taxi driver refused take him to the hospital despite the pleas of several onlookers.¡°Like he bleed to death there because the time¡­a taxi was there and if that taxi had rendered him assistance,Wholesale China Jerseys Free Shpping, he would have lived. But the taxi driver drove away,¡± a distraught Ishrilall told Kaieteur News.She said that one of the tenants had to ride on a bicycle about a quarter mile to the Sparendaam Police Station and inform the police, who subsequently came and picked up the badly injured man and took him to the hospital.¡°It¡¯s very sad. My husband would have been alive today if that driver had rendered assistance,¡± the woman said.According to Ishrilall, Jaundoo was the first official driver of Guyana¡¯s first President, the late Arthur Chung.
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