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Description By Dr. NerominiFaguFor most people, having a dental extraction can be a routine procedure with little or no complication.Dr. NerominiFaguAfter extraction,NFL Jerseys China, healing tends to proceed normally as long as the patient follows all the directions given by their dentist.? Others patients, however, may not be as fortunate and sometimes experience complications.? One such common complication is dry socket.Also known by other terms such as alveolar osteitis and alveolitis, dry socket can be quite a painful occurrence after a tooth extraction.? The good news is that the possibility for developing dry socket can be quite low, between two to five percent,Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys, in simple extraction cases.? Wisdom tooth extraction has the highest chance of developing dry socket, increasing to as much as forty five percent, and it tends to happen more often for these extractions in the lower jaw than the upper jaw.When you get a tooth pulled,Wholesale Football Jerseys, the healing process begins with the formation of a blood clot at the extraction site.? This clot is important as it protects the bone and nerves in the socket from air, foods and fluids and also helps in the healing of the area.When this clot is disrupted or lost,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, healing is delayed and the bony walls of the socket become exposed causing pain and sensitivity.? In most instances, after an extraction the level of discomfort begins to lessen after a few days and then finally disappears as the site heals normally.However, in cases of dry socket, the patient will notice that instead of decreasing, the pain begins to increase at about two to four days after the extraction.? This is a very important sign that you may be developing dry socket.The pain is usually described as a dull throb that can be moderate to severe in intensity.? It can be constant or sometimes it just comes and goes.? Over time the pain worsens and tends to travel toward your eye and ear on the same side of your face.? If you look at the extraction site you will probably see a dry looking opening and instead of a dark blood cloth there will just be whitish bone.? Sometimes the area is covered with a yellowish-grey layer of dead tissue.Dry socket can cause bad breath and an unpleasant taste in your mouth.? Your lymph nodes around your jaw and neck may also be swollen.The exact cause of dry socket is still to be determined but several factors have been suggested that increase your risk of developing the condition.?? These include smoking and tobacco use,Cheap Jerseys From China, excessive alcohol use, difficult or traumatic tooth extractions, age and health of the patient, high bone density and poor blood supply of the extraction site, using estrogen products (oral contraceptives) at the time of extraction, tooth or gum infections,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, previous history of dry socket, and patients not following the instructions of what to do after an extraction.Dry socket is a very treatable condition, with treatment geared mainly toward reducing the pain and discomfort and ensuring a proper healing environment of the extraction site.? It is not usually treated with antibiotics so please doní»t go to your corner pharmacy to buy your own drugs.? The main treatment method is with medicated dressings and pastes.Your dentist will flush out the socket to remove any food particles or other debris that is in the socket.? In order to do this your dentist may numb the area with local anesthesia. A medicated dressing is then packed into the socket.? You may have to return to your dentist several times during the course of your treatment to get the dressing changed.If over-the-counter pain medications are not providing you with much relief, your dentist may prescribe a stronger medication.? After treatment you may begin to feel some relief in just five minutes and pain and other symptoms should continue to improve over the next few days. Complete healing usually takes about ten to fourteen days.For more information contact OMNI DENTAL at 295 Quamina Street, Georgetown Tel: 227-0025, Parika Tel: 260-3133 or send emails to [email protected]
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