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Description NEW AMSTERDAM,China NFL Jerseys, BERBICE – On Friday, the Berbice High School (BHS) hosted its Annual Graduation and Prize Giving exercise.The institution entered 146 candidates for the 2009 Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) examinations in 24 subject areas and gained a 96 percent pass rate with five or more subjects in Grades One to Three.Head teacher Jennifer Rollins and four of her top students.An analysis of the 2009 CSEC exam revealed that the institution recorded a 77 percent pass rate with Grades One to Three and 90 percent in Grades One to Four. This represents an improvement from the 2008 figure.Students secured a 100 percent pass rate in 13 of the subjects written. These are Agriculture Science, Physical Education and Sports, Technical Drawing, Chemistry, Integrated Science, Food and Nutrition,Cheap Jerseys, Home Economics Management, Clothing and Textiles, Information Technology, Documentation and Preparation Management,Cheap Jerseys China, Social Studies, Office Administration and Principles of Business.Human and Social Biology recorded 97 percent passes with Grades One to Three, English ¡®A¡¯ – 87 percent, Principles of Accounts ¨C 86 percent, Caribbean History – 66 percent, Physics – 66 percent and Electrical & Electronic Technology – 50 percent.According to Head Teacher, Jennifer Rollins, action plans were prepared and implemented to improve CSEC results in Mathematics, Geography, English B and Spanish.In total, the school recorded a total of 147 Grade One passes including 47 distinctions, 443 Grade Two passes, 314 Grade Three passes and 158 Grade Four passes.Twenty three candidates wrote Physical Education and Sports with each securing Grade One passes, including 17 distinctions. Technical Drawing accounted for Grade One and Two passes only.Surihya Sabsook was the top student. She gained 10 Grade One passes with 5 distinctions, two Grade Two passes and two Grade Three passes. At the prize giving ceremony, she copped the awards for the Best English ¡®B¡¯, Principles of Business, Information Technology, Electronic Documentation and Preparation Management and Integrated Science Student. In addition, the teen got the departmental prize for the Information Technology. Sabsook was also the Best Graduating Student followed by Richard Hereman as the First Runner-Up,Wholesale Jerseys, Basmattie Gangadin the Second Runner-Up and Charlise James the third.Richard Hereman secured the Head Mistress¡¯ Prize and those for the Best Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Human and Social Biology Student along with that for being the Student Role Model.In presenting an account for the 2008/2009 academic year, the Head Teacher announced that despite the obstacles which attempted to retard progress, the institution was still able to achieve a good performance level at the May/June 2009 CSEC exams.“Against all odds we have proven above and beyond any shadow of doubt that Berbice High School is working to achieve excellence as stated in its mission statement.”She said that her dedicated staff stood the test of time when they soared above inadequate resources and facilities and focused on the well-being of their students.Her team, during the period under review ¨C 2008/2009 academic year, comprised nine Graduate, 13 Trained,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, 10 Temporary Qualified and two Temporary Unqualified teachers. During that time, there was no major staff shortage although one Graduate Senior Mistress and one Temporary Qualified Master resigned. In addition, a Graduate Head of Department was transferred.Along with that there are three members of staff on released to pursue studies at the Tain Campus of the University of Guyana and six are attending the Cyril Potter College of Education, Rose Hall Centre.Nevertheless, the situation improved slightly when two Untrained Graduates and one Assistant Mistress joined the staff.Like any other institution,China NFL Jerseys, there is a list of needs¨Cone such is that for a qualified Spanish teacher, a situation which has been in existence for the past eight years.The increasing number of students on roll at Berbice High School created the need for furniture for students and teachers.Basic equipment and improved facilities are needed so as to promote better results at all levels in the Home Economics, Science, Information Technology and the Physical Education and Sports Departments.The Head Teacher is optimistic that with the enhanced accommodation and upgraded facilities students will be afforded ample opportunities to continue to pursue studies at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination Level at Berbice High School.The feature address was delivered by the Region Six Education Officer, Shafiran Bhajan. She spoke of Government¡¯s investment in the education sector and Berbice High School has been receiving its share of the pie.The shortcomings of the physical infrastructure would be addressed, she added. Soon, the institution¡¯s Information Technology programme would be boosted with the donation of 35 computers. These are made possible by a donor agency through NCERD. Within two weeks, the relevant officials are to visit the school to assess the size of the Information Technology Laboratory and what may be needed to accommodate the equipment.Established in 1916, the Berbice High School would attain centennial status in seven years. Bhajan noted that the institution stood with distinction over the years for its performance in academia and other areas. Its colourful history was not reached without challenges but stood the test of time.She cited Head Teachers, both present and past, and their positive attitude of turning adverse situations into constructive ones. Bhajan emphasised that those who overcome obstacles are stronger and perseverance is the hallmark of the Berbice High School.Berbice High School was conferred with a Grade A status based on Criterion Reference. Many in Berbice do believe that the New Amsterdam Secondary School (NAMS) is of a higher level and as such would show preference for the New Amsterdam Secondary, especially at times of placement for the National Grade Six Assessment.The Regional Analysis indicates that both the Berbice High School and New Amsterdam Secondary School attained parallel performance in Grades One to Four in the CSEC examination.To parents, Bhajan said there are those who made different choices for their children based on their values. Some may now be regretting those decisions after realising that it was the children¡¯s future which was affected. Surveys have shown that each child is born with the potential to excel in his own way, be it academically or vocationally.She stressed that the expectation of parents weighs heavily on the child¡¯s motivation and ultimate performance; hence those who do not believe in their children are doing them a great injustice.She challenged the Graduating Class of 2009 to share their knowledge and enter the world with the hunger to advance their scholastic accomplishment.Surihya Sabsook in her farewell oration looked back at her years spent, saying that during the First Form she obeyed every command of the rules. By the Second Form she succeeded in bending the rules but not breaking them. By the third year hormones began racing at the speed of light for some and budding romances took off. By the time they got to the Fourth Form she and her colleagues began to understand the importance of what was being taught and many grabbed the bull by the horns and buckled down.Her years spent at Berbice High School were not all laughter and joy but punctuated with hard work and dedication. The top student called on her fellow graduates to reach higher as they embark on another leg in the journey of life.Former Head Teacher, Marva Baird, in delivering the charge cautioned the graduating class of 2009 to never be satisfied with what they have achieved now and become complacent.She said it is only another rung of the ladder of success they would have climbed, and being better qualified in this competitive world would serve them well. “You can be whatever you want to be just have faith in yourself and your goals.”
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