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Created 2018-01-14
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Title Cheap Anaheim Ducks Hoodies qjnga0uw
Description An allegation against Earl Lambert,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the Chairman of Beterverwagting (BV) Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), is being denied most vehemently. Sherryann Lambert and Reshana Lambert are also named in the accusation.The trio is being accused of fraud by EarlĄ¯s older brother, Layton Lambert and his common law wife Kim Crandon.Sixty-six year old Layton Lambert, bedridden and ailing from prostate cancer and his common law wife Kim Crandon are making damning allegations that Earl is in possession of LaytonĄ¯s pension book and has for the past four months been uplifting LaytonĄ¯s pension without his legal authorization.Earl Lambert is accused of withdrawing LaytonĄ¯s pension from January to March of this year. Crandon also claims that Earl may be after the plot of land that her home is on.But the NDC Chairman refuted all the allegations leveled against him. Earl stated that it is the other way around. LaytonĄ¯s daughter looked after him for two years before she migrated and that Crandon was not a part of his brotherĄ¯s life.After his daughterĄ¯s migration, Layton was left in the care of Reshana and that was when Crandon showed up,NFL Jerseys China, removed him from her custody and took him to the house in Industry.Kim Crandon said that she has been living with Lambert for the past 22 years. But for the last two years (2013-2015) Layton had been back and forth between their home and his daughterĄ¯s (Sherryann).During that period Sherryann is said to have acquired her fatherĄ¯s bank card and other documents. Crandon said that the daughter claimed that she needed the documents to procure a passport and a US Visa for the sick man.She reportedly asked him for his bank cardĄ¯s PIN as she explained that she needed it for transactions at the US Embassy. She reportedly proceeded to withdraw well over $3 million and promptly left the country last December.Before leaving Guyana, Sherryann is said to have left all her fatherĄ¯s documents with her daughter,Supply NFL Jerseys, Reshana Lambert. After his daughterĄ¯s alleged robbery and flight the pensioner moved back to his home with Crandon in Industry,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, East Coast Demerara.Crandon claims that she approached Reshana about LambertĄ¯s documents but she only received his emptied bank card after Earl had lodged it at the Sparendaam Police Station, but his pension book was not included.She is accusing Reshana of withholding LambertĄ¯s old age and NIS pension books unlawfully and withdrawing his pension without any legal authorization.Crandon said that she has made several reports to Sparendaam Police Station but they referred her to the Beterverwagting Police Station and that the police officers have had her on a royal run around.Efforts to urge police into action have been to no avail,Wholesale Jerseys China, she said. She said that the officers at the Sparendaam station said that if they claim they have lost the documents they can do nothing about it.She also made some serious allegations that involved the bribery of Guyana Post Office employees stationed at the BV Post office,Wholesale Jerseys From China, saying that they accept sums of money in return for the favour of handing over LaytonĄ¯s pension.Earl Lambert contends that Crandon is on a wild goose chase and that her motives are unclear. He also said that she even took police officers to ReshanaĄ¯s place of work and caused embarrassment to girl who is a respected teacher.He said that at that point he felt the need to intervene and lodged all of LaytonĄ¯s documents at the Sparendaam Police Station from where Crandon picked them up. He further stated that should Crandon persist in making these ridiculous accusations against him, he will sue her for defamation of character.
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