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Created 2018-01-14
Owner yui3trot2
Title Wholesale Cheap Jerseys x1ordli3
Description A week after two gunmen walked brazenly past him and executed his sister, Fitzroy Fiedtkou is still having flashbacks about that horrible night and his own narrow escape.Two Thursday nights ago, Mr. Fietdkou was sitting on the front step of his sister¡¯s home ¡°waiting to see Oprah¡± on television, when ¡°two very young men in dark clothes¡± came up the steps.He didn¡¯t look too closely at them. He just assumed that they were the sons of the church-members who frequently visited his sister,Cheap Jerseys From China, Clementine Parris.¡°I know a lot of church friends come and send their children. I really thought was church-people…most of them call her ¡®Parro¡¯ or ¡®Auntie Parro.¡¯¡±He was further reassured when the men asked for ¡®Auntie.¡¯The sinister motive behind their visit only sank in when one of the men who was standing by the front door drew a firearm from his waist and emptied it at Fiedtkou¡¯s 72-year-old sister, who had just come from her room.He remembers grabbing the gunman¡¯s arm,NFL Jerseys China, but being struck by the shooter¡¯s accomplice. The killers then fled in a car.The elderly man admits that he wouldn¡¯t be able to identify his sister¡¯s killers if he saw them again.¡°I wouldn¡¯t recognise them…everything happened so quickly. It didn¡¯t take five minutes.¡±And he believes the only reason he¡¯s still alive is because the gunman had already emptied his firearm on Mrs. Parris.¡°When I held the chap,wholesale jerseys, I believe that it (the gun) was empty,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, or he would have shot me.¡±The memory of his helplessness in the situation still haunts him.¡°I¡¯m hardly sleeping,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,¡± he admitted yesterday. ¡°When I sit down alone all I am seeing is the man killing my sister and I can¡¯t do anything.¡±Kaieteur News was told that Mrs. Parris is likely to be laid to rest on Sunday.Relatives here are said to be awaiting the arrival of the slain woman¡¯s son and other family members who live overseas.Mrs. Parris¡¯ body was handed over to family members on Wednesday following a post mortem.Meanwhile, police have reportedly made no headway in identifying the 72-year-old woman¡¯s killers or the getaway car.Police are said to be checking a licence number that was given to them by someone who reportedly saw the men fleeing in a car. Eyewitnesses have described it as a silver-grey vehicle.Police still appear to be focusing on a property dispute as the primary motive.Relatives claim that Mrs. Parris had received numerous threats,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, including one from someone who threatened to burn the house down with Mrs. Parris inside.
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