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Created 2018-02-13
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Description Concerns are heightening among members of the fishing and trawler industry about plans being considered by Government to grant a large number of deep sea fishing permits to the Chinese despite requests being made for locals to reduce fleet numbers.Officials say that the proposals are being considered by authorities to the chagrin and consternation of the local sector. Kaieteur News was told by some concerned maritime operators that a decision is impending on whether some 40 licenses should be granted to the Chinese by the Agriculture Ministry.They argue, however,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, that this is within a period when local sea operators are being urged to reduce fleet numbers because of dwindling stocks and a growing need for more protection in the fishing industry. In 2010, an overhaul of the industry was suggested with the aim to reduce the number of operating trawlers by January 1, 2011.Members of the Guyana Association of Trawler Owners and Seafood Processors (GATOSP) were further considering a proposal that could reduce its fleet of fishing vessels by at least 20 per cent.The fishermen see the move to issue foreign licenses as a slap in the face as they were working with the government to meet their concerns about excess fishing and diminishing resources. One operator said that if the licences are granted that could mean negative impact for local producers.He suggested that,Cheap NFL Jerseys, ˇ°Like in other parts of the world,Jerseys NBA Cheap China, they could set up a mother ship which processes the fish right there on the boat.ˇ± The operator said that the licensed boats would perform the ground task of catching the fish while the mother ship, equipped with workers and the relevance equipment clean and process the fish before shipment.The 20 percent reduction has been in effect for little over two years,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, but Kaieteur News was told that a report from the Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM), which Guyana is part of,China Jerseys Wholesale, is to be presented on the current state of the fishing industry and the concept of depleting resources.Leslie Ramalho,Adam Joseph Duhe Dolphins Jersey, President of GATOSP, said that he is aware of the matter. He said that he will however seek clarification on the issue from the relevant officials.Efforts to contact Agriculture Minister Dr Leslie Ramsammy proved futile.
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