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Created 2018-02-13
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Description Pirate attack blitz¡­– authorities rescue 15A man, claiming to be a fisherman from Mon Repos on the East Coast of Demerara, and who was a victim of the recent spate of pirate attacks off the coast of Guyana was rescued by residents of Jibb, around 15:00 hours yesterday.The man, who residents described as big built in stature, was brought ashore in a semi -conscious state, by a team of fishermen from the Essequibo Coast.Authorities have rescued 15 fishermen who were victims of the attack, government says.At present, the man is being treated at the Oscar Joseph Hospital,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, at Charity.Residents who had converged at the location where the man was brought ashore told this newspaper that the man who could barely speak managed to relate that he and three other men had ventured out into the sea, in an attempt to rescue his brother who he learnt was attacked by pirates on Friday morning.He also told residents that the boat that they were in had capsized and they were carrying an engine with them.The man, who has not disclosed his name,Cheap NFL Jerseys, added that his three other partners were stranded at sea and one of them might have drowned because he cannot swim.The other two men are said to be clinging on to floating debris from their ill-fated boat.Harry Kissoon, the fisherman who saw the man in the water, hollering for help, said that his skin was already falling off.Investigators are now trying to ascertain if the man¡¯s story is true.Sasenarain Ramlogan, one of the fishermen who was badly beaten by two of the six pirates, said he and three other fishermen were attacked by pirates on Friday morning last.The injured man said their boat was traveling about two miles from the Pomeroon Mouth when they noticed a huge boat traveling towards them at a fast rate.Rammed!Ramlogan added the captain of his boat immediately slowed down,cheap nfl jerseys, after which they felt a huge impact as the other vessel rammed theirs.According to Ramlogan, before anyone had realized what had happened, their boat”Sapna” was completely damaged and began to sink.“Our boat the “Sapna” break-up and sink.”Ramgolan said the pirates then ordered them to hand over their fish, after which they all received a severe trashing with cutlasses from the pirates.He related that the pirates also ordered them into their boat, where they sustained further beating from the men who all were adorned in rain coats and masks.One of the boats which was damaged in a pirate attack blitz over the weekend off the Pomeroon River.After they were released into the water, the crew was finally rescued after the owner of the boat sent another boat out at sea to bring them ashore.He said he is not sure if he would go back on the sea after that horrifying incident.Meanwhile, Junior Agriculture Minister, Alli Baksh, along with Region Two Chairman Parmanand Persaud,China NFL Jerseys, who were also at the scene yesterday, said the Region Administration is doing everything to lend assistance to the fishermen. Baksh noted that the Region has since mobilized boats and the Coastguard to render assistance to those who are still stranded at sea.Baksh said two tanks of fuel were also released and assistance will also be provided to the fishermen who are from the East Coast for their safe return home.15 rescuedMeanwhile, a government statement last evening said that the Maritime Search and Rescue Centre has been activated and was continuing its supportive efforts and searches for fisherfolk. The centre reported that 15 more fisherfolk were found during the overnight exercise.Minister of Public Works,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, Robeson Benn, whose Ministry has responsibility for the search and rescue mission, said that it continued its work which led to the successful rescue of a number of the fisherfolk.¡°Follow ups were made of the reconnaisance work that was flown yesterday (Saturday)¡­the police were given the coordinates¡­the police team went towards an area west of the mouth of the Pomeroon River and rescued 15 men,¡± Minister Benn said.The Public Works Minister said that the joint services agencies have been called in and a thorough search of the areas is being made by various search parties with the aim of not only helping others who may still be out there but,Off White Nike Vapormax 2018, also to determine who the perpetrators are.¡°We intend to continue our supportive efforts and searches¡­ we will be meeting with the Minister of Agriculture and fisheries officers¡­the police, coast guard and other parties will continue to work¡­over the next two to three days, members of the Maritime Administration and the Coast Guard will conduct their investigations, visiting strategic locations and making the necessary statements,¡± Minister Benn said.He also urged citizens and anyone with information on the recent pirate activity, or who has suspicions of any illegal activity which may be linked to the latest pirate attack, to contact the nearest police station, the Coast Guard and or the Maritime Administration.Approximately 15 fishing boats with a total number of 19 crew men were attacked between the mornings of February 3 to 4, off the coast of the Pomeroon River.Captain of the Ms Davina, Bharrat Kallicharran and his two crew members were rescued on Saturday when a helicopter mission spotted them in their damaged vessel in the Pomeroon River.
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