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Created 2018-02-13
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Description Nestled in the heart of Georgetown is the Monument Garden now home to a grand edifice, a multi-million-dollar stage, built through generous contributions and hard work and dedication by the Indian Commemoration Trust (ICT).The structure skillfully erected, brightly coloured and well illuminated will be left for future generations to understand the struggles their ancestors endured to provide a beautiful path for them.Monument Gardens grand stageThis symbolism of the stage was related by Dr. Yesu Persaud,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Chairman of ICT during his delivery at the commissioning ceremony yesterday. The programme opened with prayers from the three main religious groups in Guyana– Hindu, Christian and Islam.The structure complements the bronze replica of the Whitby designed by Mr. B. K. Guru and also located in the Monument Garden. Last eveningĄ¯s commissioning preceded the 175th anniversary of Indian arrival on May 5.The first East Indians to arrive in Guyana and in this hemisphere arrived in Highbury, Berbice on May 5, 1838 as indentured immigrants. Subsequently,Supply NFL Jerseys Factory, the second batch of East Indians arrived in Demerara on the Whitby.According to Dr. Persaud, this generation must be grateful for the contributions made by those East Indians and those who toiled to make Guyana a progressive country. As such, the stage is a tribute to East Indian ancestors.The preparatory works for the stage and actual construction of the edifice took some time and a lot of dedication. Continuous contributions would have to be made to upkeep the Monument Garden and its new landscape that is well laid out with two fountains, a guard hut and concrete path ways along the lawns.He acknowledged the dedicated team who helped to make this project a reality. Some of those who were responsible for this work of art that will be enjoyed by coming generations were Messrs Pradeep Samtani, Sasenarine Sankar and Kelly Khalawan, Ms. Nadira Naraine, Mrs. Radica Sankar and Dr. Seeta Shah Roath.In attendance at the ceremony were Georgetown Mayor, Hamilton Green; Town Clerk Carol Saboo, Indian High Commissioner to Guyana,holesale Soccer Jerseys, Puran Mal Meena; Alliance For Change Leader, Khemraj Ramjattan, and Culture Minister, Dr. Frank Anthony.Dr. Frank Anthony congratulated the ICT for accomplishing this grand task. He lauded the stage and by extension a truly cultural place for Guyanese. He reflected on the struggles of East Indians during indentureship. He compared the cruelty meted out to Indenture immigrants to slavery which was endured by Africans and marked with inhumanity.At the Monument Garden a wall for remembering East Indians who made significant contributions was unveiled. The ICT remembered Ayube Hamid Khan, a veteran Broadcaster; and the first East Indian to submit and have a published article in the media, Joseph Rahaman.After a 112-day voyage, 244 immigrants arrived in Guyana on May 5,Wholesale China Jerseys, 1838, marking the official entry of Indians to Guyana,Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap, which was then known as British Guiana.In 1987 earnest efforts were engaged to bring into being a Monument Garden as a commemorative site for the Indians who arrived in Guyana. In 1989, the spot was finally located- Camp Street. It was overgrown with trees,Cheap Jerseys 2018, bushes, brambles and thorns.As part of its commemoration mandate, the ICT, last year commenced intensified efforts to revamp the Monument Garden location as part of preparatory work for the observance of the 175th anniversary of the arrival of East Indians to Guyana this year.
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