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Created 2018-02-13
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Description Guyana through its education sector is gearing to deliver Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQs) by September next year, a move that is being touted as a landmark occasion for technical education here.? But according to Chief Education Officer, Olato Sam, this development will only represent the beginning of a progressive move whereby ¡°our prior learning assessment recognition centres will be giving many of our citizens, who possess various skills but no certification,World Baseball Classic Jerseys 2017, opportunities to train, re-train or upgrade their skills and receive certification at the end of it all.¡±Chief Education Officer,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Olato SamThis,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, according to him, will allow for ¡°our skilled artists, artisans and technicians,Jordan Sneakers For Sale, whose labours are undervalued, to be able to demand fair wages for their toil after acquiring certification.¡±Moreover, Sam said that the Ministry of Education is committed to meeting the requirements of the Caribbean Association of National Training Agency and the Caribbean Examination Council in the shortest possible timeframe which will facilitate the delivery of labour-market relevant CVQs both at the technical institutes and secondary schools.In fact the CEO who was at the time speaking at a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Career/Open Day Fair Thursday, concluded that in order for Guyana to be able to compete effectively within the contemporary global market place, there is need for an ideal blend of academics and technical skills.? He observed that in the past ¡°we have done a poor job of emphasising the technical dimensions of this equation…as a result we have been plagued by a lack of adequate knowledge and widespread misunderstanding and misinformation regarding TVET.¡±According to Sam, TVET has to be the pathway for eradicating poverty from this society and even has the potential to serve as an avenue for reducing unemployment challenges.? As such, he added, that it must be regarded as one of the strategies for re-engaging young males in education while giving girls new non-traditional employment options that will facilitate greater gender parity.And even as Guyana ventures into what Sam described as a ¡°new viable economic sector in the area of mining and the impending oil industry he underscored that ¡°we must produce a vibrant,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, knowledgeable and skilled workforce that is able to exploit the opportunities being created in these industries.¡± But,NFL Jerseys China, according to Sam, this ambitious objective is not likely to occur if ¡°we continue to regard TVET as the alternative pathway…in essence the stepchild of the education system.¡±TVET, according to the CEO, has to be regarded as the primary pathway even as he emphasised that stakeholders of the education system also have a key role to play in correcting the fallacies and debunking of myths about TVET. According to him the nation has a right to know that the overwhelming percentage of new jobs created in Guyana and further afield are in the technical and vocational areas. In fact Sam amplified that since TVET is now a high-skilled, high-waged undertaking it is imperative that teachers, parents and students at all levels gain a deeper appreciation of the well articulated TVET pathway which forges a course all the way to the tertiary level.Moreover, Sam insisted that ¡°we must improve our career guidance services and provide more timely, relevant information for young people through opportunities such as these (Career/Open Day Fairs) making them more aware of the wide ranging employment opportunities and the excellent learning potentials that exist in this area (TVET).¡±TVET, according to him, can in fact be the vehicle for the modernisation and the development of Guyana, a state of affairs that will require ¡°champions of TVET at every level within every sector of this society.¡±As such Sam, on Thursday, threw out the challenge to each representative at the Career/Open Day Fair to internalise the vision of TVET and simultaneously explore the linkages within their respective spheres of influence thereby being the much needed champions of TVET. ¡°Together we will totally erase the barriers of traditional thinking and add much needed support to the national thrust to not only transform our classrooms but this nation we all love and in doing so we will live out the mantra ¡®skill is wealth¡¯,¡± asserted Sam.
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