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Created 2018-02-13
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Title Cheap Huarache Shoes For Men lqvn4fky
Description Six members of the E-Bible Fellowship group.– predicts worldwide earthquakes and hell on earth to followIt was quite a scene on Tuesday along Main Street in New Amsterdam as a message that Judgment Day will be on May 21,wholesale jerseys, was being preached by a group of men and women from the E-Bible Fellowship, based in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, USA.The group of individuals distributed CDs, pamphlets and T-shirts to persons in the three towns in Berbice.According to the group, the members are from all over the world and spent their own resources,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, took their own time and money to come to Guyana to tell persons that there are just over two weeks before the world comes to an end.During an interview with one of the persons in the non-denominational group, E.J. Stephen, the group and the May 21 Judgment Day message they preach, originated from careful analysis and study of the Bible by General Manager and President of Family Radio, Harold Camping.Family Radio is a religious-based radio station which broadcasts to numerous U.S. states. It is based in Oakland, California, USA.Stephen said that on May 21,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, there will be a great worldwide earthquake and this will continue for five months. They also believe that Jesus Christ will return and that He will rapture the entire world after which, according to the group, there would be hell on earth. This prophecy was made four years ago and the group has been preaching the message ever since. However, since the date is just a few days away, efforts have been made by the members to heighten the awareness to communities,Authentic NBA Jerseys Cheap, Guyana included.The members are overseas-based Guyanese and Trinidadians who said that ¡°we felt impelled to warn the people of the land of our birth.¡±They added that Judgment Day is feared by the world and that is the day when God will destroy the world because of the sins of mankind.When asked how the response of Berbicians and New Amsterdamers, in particular, were to the activity on Tuesday, the group said that the people were generally receptive, but some Berbicians reminded them that no one knows the hour when the world will be judged. To that argument,NFL Jerseys Outlet, the religious group said that ¡°we can know¡±.They then gave several quotations from the Bible to back up that argument.According to one of the persons in the group,China Jerseys, God is no longer in the churches. ¡°The horrible truth is that the Lord Himself has abandoned the churches of the world. The Lord has left the churches in spiritual darkness. They cannot see the awful truth that we are now at the very end of the world.¡±The group added that Satan is actually ruling the churches and has taken his seat there. More evangelizing activities to warn the nation of the impending date of the Apocalypse will continue until such date, according to the group.
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