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Created 2017-06-23
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Title Choosing the right snack for the health of body
Description A day sitting and working behind a cubicle office table can be a routine health hazard. Generally, we will more often snacking to remove boredom. Although not really hungry, but it seems the mouth wants to keep chewing. Moreover, coupled with the cold air conditioning office space.

If you are a fan of sweet or fried snacks such as chocolate, crackers, chips and fried foods, be wary. The reason, unhealthy snacking habits will definitely contribute to the weight of your scales. Especially if you belong to the type lazy to move.

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Clothes and trousers feel increasingly crowded every day. Can-can every month you have to shop for new clothes with a larger size. In fact, keeping the appearance is very important for your personal life as well as your career.

Snacks are delicious, usually contain high sugar and fat but minimal nutritional content and vitamins. In addition to the threat of obesity, in the long term we are also prone to diseases such as heart attacks, cholesterol, diabetes, stroke and others. It's not too late to change your snack choices.

Actually we can look for healthier snacks, such as fresh or dried fruits. But maybe the factor of practicality is often the main reason we do not choose fruit as a snack. Well, for that nuts can be a healthy alternative choice of a more practical snack.

No less than fruits and vegetables, the family of beans, especially green beans is a very useful food for health. Green beans have long been known as dietary variants because of its rich protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, low in saturated fat and no cholesterol at all.

According to the Livestrong health website, the body takes longer to digest the fibers, thus contributing to hunger control and weight management. Fiber also lowers cholesterol levels in the blood, reducing your risk of heart disease.

The green beans are like the warehouse of minerals and vitamins. Inside these tiny nuts, contained folate, iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, pantothenic acid, vitamins A, K and B6 in the amount of body needed daily.

To get all the benefits of good green beans, no need to . With , you can enjoy the green bean juice anytime and anywhere. This is the right choice for those who want low-calorie, non-cholesterol, fiber-rich, iron and folate snacks.