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Created 2017-06-24
Owner alenalbert
Title You can lose weight with more effort
Description Long ago Angelina Tan did not have the ideal body posture because her hobbies are overeating. But thanks to hard work for a year more, now he has the ideal body shape because it managed to lose weight as much as 15 kg. If the average woman has a fat percentage of 25-31 percent of body fat, then not for Angelina. It has a greater percentage of fat that reaches 43 percent, and with a height of 1.7 meters he weighs 89 kg. This condition is caused by the habit that is easy to overeat. This bad habit has happened since he was young because he is often the victim of bullying and the number of family problems, so he vent on food. 22-year-old woman will use delivery services to order fast food and he will order a large portion of pizza, chicken wings, lasagna or roast beef. Angelina will sit sweet while enjoying these foods. He feels it is the source of comfort he has, switching to food makes him feel better and better. And this condition can be done several times a week. Over time, Angelina began to feel that his body is getting fatter, he began to arouse the spirit to lose weight to have to look more slender. He does not take slimming pills, buy expensive slimming packages or a strict diet that can torture the body. But set the diet and do sports fitness. This diet includes a reduction in portions of food, especially carbohydrates and fats, and reduce and limit the intake of fast food so that no longer make food as an outlet to feel comfortable. Within 1 year 3 months he managed to lose weight as much as 15 kg, Angelina managed to eliminate excess fat in his body and he became more confident. Besides not only the ideal body shape that is owned, but now he also has managed to have a lover. visit my blog
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