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Created 2017-08-12
Owner alenalbert
Title CAMP training for men
Description C.A.M.P stands for "cycling activates muscle production", a bit forced but hit. The basic idea of ​​this training program is on the concept of priodization that encompasses reps cycles, intensity and exercises to maximize the performance of the exercise without risking plateau who becomes the scourge of any bodybuilder who tries the all-out exercise. The naming of the training program in passing reads like CAMP (The Champion) and indeed the purpose of this program is to print bodybuilders of the caliber of champions Mr. Olympia because the program was created by Dr. MICHAEL CAMP, CSCS, PES, OCS whose program name was derived from its own name, was later refined for the purpose of Mr. Olympia by Kevin English, a professional IFBB bodybuilder known by the nickname Mr. "202" olympia. Of the many latiahan programs out there, the best is the periodization system! This program has been there since the only way that is changed and named in accordance with the creator, but the concept remains the same. Although long ago, the name C.A.M.P was developed using the latest research results from kinesiology, biomechanics, stength and conditioning, exercise physiology and physical therapy. C.A.M.P is also designed to prevent injuries and train body parts anatomically. The reason most of the causes of injury to bodybuilding fitness training is due to muscle imbalance and the way the practice is incorrect. Bodybuilders have been used to train certain muscle parts of their bodies on special days and apart from other muscle day exercises. In C.A.M.P the program split system is more or less as follows: Kevin-english-workout-1024x576 Sunday: chest and shoulders (anterior and side delt and traps) the reason why the two parts are trained on the same day is because both have the same function Monday: DOWN DAY - to prevent injury Tuesday: back and real delts Wednesday: DOWN DAY THURSDAY: biceps and triceps Friday: Quads and Hastrings Saturday: DOWN DAY don't forget to get men's best weight loss program Another term used in C.A.M.P is TARGET EXERCISE, where we select one or two types of microcle squeeze (to be explained later). What is Periodization? In the athletic world, it means making a program that can be full year without plateau, to increase the strength, endurance, and flexibility of the athlete's body to improve performance and minimize injuries.
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