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Created 2017-09-03
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Title why meat is your recommended protein source
Description Meat is one of the protein sources needed during muscle building. But if we process it that way-that's it then we will be bored and lazy to consume it, you may even find the food menu of meat that tastes better but not healthy.

For the following recipe you can try at home as one of the processed meat menu that remains healthy and safe your consumption when you go on a diet. Consider the following recipe:


Cassava stew - Carbo
Meat tenderloin
Ginseng leaves
Oyster mushroom
Big Red chilli
Red onion
Bay leaf
Lime leaves
Citronella leaves
Salt diet
Sugar diet
Shrimp paste
Cow broth
Cooking spray

How to make:

Place the pan on the stove and let a little heat. Then spray cooking spray instead of cooking oil evenly,
Add the garlic and shallots, stir-fry until fragrant,
Enter the leaves of oranges, bay leaves and lemongrass leaves that have been so that the aroma is more fragrant, stir until blended,
Enter the meat tenderloin and stir back,
Enter the ginger and galangal, then pour the beef broth to soften the meat. Stir and let stand until the broth is slightly pervasive,
After the absorptive broth partially inserts dietary salt, dietary sugar, and shrimp paste,
Then enter the cayenne and mushrooms. Stir and let the broth increasingly absorb,
Finally enter the ginseng leaves and stir until the leaves ginseng slightly wilted,
Lift and place the serving plate,
Garnish with big red pepper, The Power Booster ready to serve.