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In the wake of the People¡¯s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) expressing reticence about participating in long awaited Local Government Elections (LGE) should Dr. Steve Surujbally still be Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman, has questioned whether the PPP/C was ever serious about participating in LGE.Co- founder of the AFC and Minister of Governance Raphael TrotmanAccording to Trotman, yesterday, the PPP/C has never made any attempts to hold local government elections since 1994, despite stipulations mandating LGE every four years. While this situation suggested that they never had serious intentions in participating, their most recent statement on LGE confirms their insincerity.Trotman, an Attorney- at- Law and former Speaker of the National Assembly, explained that LGE was a chance for citizens to participate in their local democracy at the grass roots level, without undue political interference from major political parties. According to him, bringing heavy party politics into the equation sours the entire process.¡°The PPP/C¡¯s non-participation is a blessing.¡± Trotman said. ¡°It is a blessing in disguise,Chris Chelios Jersey, because the heavy hand of the party will not factor in.¡±According to Trotman,NFL Jerseys Paypal, a co- founder of the Alliance for Change (AFC), the old days of the 1960s democratic centralism were over and Guyanese should be left breathing space. The Attorney- at- Law also stated that the impending LGE, which are expected to be held in 2016, represented a chance to restore grass root participation in politics.Trotman was also harshly critical of the PPP/C¡¯s repeated calls for Surujbally¡¯s resignation,Cheap Jerseys, asking why was the party suddenly incessant that Surujbally go, when he had presided over three elections (2006,cheap nfl jerseys, 2011 and 2015). It was pointed out that the PPP/C never had a problem with the GECOM chairman then,CHeap Jerseys USA, when they won the elections. According to the Minister, the PPP/C only wanted someone around who would guarantee victory. ¡°So them saying now that they do not want to hold LGE¡¯s with Surujbally? as Chairman is just another excuse.¡±According to Trotman, the PPP/C not only wanted control over the LGE, but also over GECOM and who was in charge of the Commission. ¡°This is grass roots; let the people choose.¡±There have been weeks of intense agitation from the PPP/C calling for Surujbally¡¯s head, after a narrow defeat at the May 11 polls saw the PPP/C losing the presidency for the first time in 23 years. While the elections were widely considered to be free and fair from inconsistencies, the PPP/C has maintained that GECOM, in conjunction with A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) conspired to ¡°rig¡± the elections.The PPP/C has also mounted protests outside of GECOM¡¯s head office in a bid to bring recognition to their cause. These protests were attended by the former President Donald Ramotar, as well as members from his former Cabinet and other senior party officials, except for former President Bharrat Jagdeo whose absence was conspicuous.When the 11th parliament convened, recently, the PPP refused to occupy the opposition seats, leaving APNU+AFC Members of Parliament to be sworn in while the PPP/C mounted further protests outside of GECOM.In addition,Cheap Jerseys League, at the PPP/C¡¯s weekly press conference last Monday, General Secretary of the party, Clement Rohee, reiterated the party¡¯s determination to hold firm to the call for Surujbally¡¯s resignation, stating that the party would not head to the long awaited Local Government Elections with Surujbally still at the head of GECOM at such a time.
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By Ralph SeeramIt is Saturday morning and I am late for this article. I cannot find a topic. It should have been easy; the PPP has elected its Presidential candidate in Donald Ramotar, and it would not have taken much to do a commentary on this latest development in Guyana.As I am contemplating my topic, lying on my legs and partly on my laptop computer is the ¡°love of my life¡± she is snuggling her warm body on me, purring and blocking my keyboard so I cannot type. She wants¡¯ my attention, in fact she demands my attention, yes it¡¯s a love affair that has been going on for some eight years now.She sleeps only on the bed; No floor for her. No one can come and lie next to me on the bed, she will promptly come and stretch herself alongside me,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, forming a barrier. She is the jealous type and she is not afraid to show it.I sleep on a King size bed, but I might as well be sleeping on a cot because I am reduced to sleeping on less than a quarter of the bed. You know who sleeps on the rest. She completely dominates me; she is the queen of the house, and, I her humble servant. Oh yes,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, the love of my life is my cat,Gale Sayers Jersey, Chelsea.Some years ago when I owned a store, one of my customers was Steve. Steve could be described as a typical American cowboy–lanky, lean and sunburnt. He always wears a cowboy hat and a fancy cowboy boots. Sometimes these are leather boots, snake skin or alligator boots. Everyday he buys a twelve pack of Budweiser beer and two packs of Marlborough cigarettes. You could not find a more? authentic cowboy than Steve, a manly man he was.One day Steve came in the store crying. Knowing that his mother was not in the best of health I feared the worst. I assume that his mother had died. I was about to express my sympathy on the death of his mother when he blurted out, ¡°My cat was run over by a car this morning.¡±Mentally I am thinking about his reason for crying over a cat. It is only a cat. ¡°This big manly man was mourning over the loss of his cat.¡± I could not comprehend what the big deal was if a cat died. That was until Chelsea came into my life.Chelsea was a frequent flier; she probably had more frequent flyer miles than most humans. She originally belonged to my daughter who made frequent trips from New York to Florida to visits us. Chelsea always travelled with her, not in the cargo area of the plane, no; Chelsea was right next to her. The airlines charged almost the full fare for her. One Thanksgiving my daughter decided to leave her with us until she returned for Christmas. Christmas turned to spring, and spring turned to summer and Chelsea is still with us.When my daughter moved to Florida and tried to reclaim her Chelsea, I claimed ¡°prescriptive rights¡± over her and never returned her. I got so attached to my flurry love that I could not part with her.I was told by someone that dogs have masters but a cat has ¡°SERVANTS¡±, emphasis mine. This is so true. Chelsea gets a tuna treat every morning, and she never fails to remind me in the morning. She needs it at six in the morning, and if it gets past 6.30 am, she will first knock books or other stuff of the night table.If that doesn¡¯t work she will revert to slamming the Venetian blinds against the windows. At this point she gets my attention and I reluctantly will have to get off my bed to give her a tuna treat.She is the queen of the house; goes and sits anywhere she wants including the ¡°sacred living room¡± where no one goes and sits except Chelsea.At first she attracted the displeasure of the wife,Cheap Jerseys USA, but Chelsea showed who really the queen of the house was. She sits on the living room cushion whenever she wants.Chelsea There is one room that is off limit to her. That is one of the guest rooms that the wife describes as the ¡°burgundy room¡±. It is decorated with burgundy tapestry with matching comforter and pillows. Chelsea has always made attempts to enter that room, but the room is always locked.One day Chelsea was missing; we could not find her, we feared the worst. She must have slipped out the house. Fears of what happened to Steve¡¯s cat crossed my mind and I knew if that happened to my beloved Chelsea, I would be crying worse than Steve.In desperation we decided to search the only room in the house that we did not search– the ¡°burgundy room¡±. On opening the door there she was lying majestically,Cheap Jerseys League, like the queen she is,Cheap Jerseys Tag, in the middle of the bed.She lifted her head to stare at us as if to tell us that we just intruded on her beauty sleep.How did she enter the room? We discovered that she stretched and pulled the door lever with her paws. Fully stretched she can easily reach thirty inches.Like the queen she is, Chelsea is ¡°high maintenance¡±. Her visit to the vet costs more than my visit to my doctor. She gets her check up, her shots, and a dental check up. She knows the routine of every one in the home.She knows I take a shower before I retire to bed. As soon as I am about to approach the bed she promptly lies on the floor across the entrance. This is her saying to me that she needs her brush and petting before she sleeps. I will have to brush her, tickle her belly, and scratch her chin.If I want to watch a T V programme while she wants to sleep, she shows her displeasure by staring at me with the look that says ¡®I want to sleep cut the television off.¡¯As I am concluding this article her majesty has just vomited. Your humble servant has to go clean up. Yes dogs have masters but cats definitely have servants.Ralph Seeram can be reach at email:[email protected]
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By Crystal ConwayGovernment yesterday tabled the Telecommunications Bills in Parliament to create legislation that will effectively make it impossible for any company to monopolise the sector.The Bill is expected to provide for an ¡°open,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, liberalized and competitive communications sector ¡­¡± and it specifically addresses the expansion of telecommunications networks and services into unserved and underserved areas through the institution of a new universal access/universal services programme.The Bill also calls for a number of changes in the policies and operations of the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) and as a result an Amendment to the PUC Act was also tabled yesterday. The legislation creates a level playing field in the sector by crafting a new set of telecommunications regulations based on those found in other countries, including other Caribbean territories.According to the Explanatory Memorandum of the Bill,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey, the new legal framework created is ¡°characterized by transparency and non-discrimination in the issuance and monitoring of licenses and authorizations to use the spectrum, seamless interconnection and access? between and among telecommunications networks and services and price regulation where required to ensure competition and protect consumers.¡±The very first action that the legislation calls for is the creation of a Telecommunications Agency into which the National Frequency Management Unit will be incorporated. This Agency is expected to function under the supervision of the Minister who will serve as the technical regulator of the sector and is responsible for regulating licensing, the spectrum, and other technical matters, and for administering the new universal access/universal services programme.The Agency will be composed of a ¡®Director of Telecommunications¡¯, a ¡®Deputy Director of Telecommunications¡¯ and ¡®such Heads of Divisions as may be designated by the Minister¡¯ and administrative staff. The members, who are all to be appointed by the Minister, are all expected to be full-time employees, who cannot hold office for a period exceeding three years. Members of the Agency are not allowed to hold any other position in the Government while they are in the employ of the Agency.The Bill also addresses the functions of the Minister with reference to the sector. These responsibilities include the development and review of telecommunications and other spectrum-related plans and policies; granting or denying applications for licenses,NFL Jerseys China, exemptions and frequency authorizations. He is also expected to play a part in determining the classifications of the telecommunications networks and services in terms of public, private or other, as well as which network and services may be operated and provided respectively under class licenses.The Bill in its fourth section makes provisions for the establishment of a non-discriminatory licensing regime for the operation and provision of telecommunications networks and services. This section of the Bill also considers the issuance of individual licenses, class licenses,NFL Jerseys Paypal, special licenses (in emergency and short-term situations), and exemptions from the licensing agreement.? The issuance of frequency authorizations for use of the spectrum and the installation and operation of radio-communication equipment by any person was also provided for by this Bill.Part Five of the Bill, subtitled Prices and Dominance adopts the principle that prices will be set by the marketplace and must be fair; reasonable and non-discriminatory. It does,Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey, however, leave the responsibility for regulating prices charged by the service providers who are capable of controlling the market or that engage in anti-competitive conduct, in the hands of the PUC.The rest of the Bill goes on to consider issues such as Interconnection and Access; Universal Access and Services; spectrum management, numbering and domain name management; equipment, testing and technical standards; information , reporting and inspection; breaking up streets, removal of obstructions and access to land; offences and fees and finally a number of general and transitional provisions some.Under Interconnection and Access, providers are obliged to provide interconnection and access, terms of which are mandated by the PUC if the providers cannot come to agreement among themselves within a given time frame. Universal access/universal services speaks to the extension of telecommunications networks and services into unserved and underserved areas and regions.This section of the Bill also calls for all operators and service providers to contribute annually to a Universality Fund, which will be used to subsidize projects in those areas and regions.? The eighth section of the Bill sets out clear, unambiguous powers for the Agency¡¯s regulation of the use of the spectrum and the installation and operation of radio communication equipment.The Bill further empowers the regulators, after the issuance of a warrant, to enter and search premises and seize equipment and other items that are being used illegally. Provisions are also made to govern a telecommunication operator¡¯s breaking up of streets,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, roads and bridges and installation of telecommunications facilities on public and private lands.The Bill was launched into the public view on Tuesday last during a press conference held by the Government.? It is said to be a major ¡®shake-up¡¯ in an industry which over the last two decades has been effectively dominated by the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T). The Bill once passed is expected to break the monopoly of GT&T and open the market up for competition from other companies.According to Government spokesman, Dr. Roger Luncheon, during his weekly post-Cabinet briefing on Tuesday, this legislation when enacted will mean that the current terms and conditions of the agreement signed 20 years ago with the former People¡¯s National Congress administration will no longer exist. The legislation is one of the pledges made to the people of Guyana to open the sector to more competition and the current ¡°terms and conditions (of the GT&T agreement) will no longer be in existence,¡± Luncheon said.GT&T is currently the only company licensed to install and operate landlines. The company also controls the international calling sector since all international calls have to be routed through their switches. There have been complaints over time about sloth of expansion by GT&T into un-served areas, including several new housing schemes. Digicel, a mobile company which has spread its wings in several regional territories, has entered the mobile market gaining significant ground but still has to route its international calls through GT&T.
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By Attorney Gail S. Seeram,CHeap Jerseys USA, [email protected]Many lawful permanent residents (or green card holders) are not aware of their legal rights and responsibilities upon entry into the United States.Also,Cheap Jerseys, they are ignorant to the fact that their legal status in the United States can be terminated for several reasons.Below we identify the Do¡¯s (legal rights and responsibilities) and Don¡¯ts (actions that can lead to losing legal status) for permanent residents:DO¡¯s? File federal, state, and, if applicable, local income tax returns.? Register with the Selective Service,Wholesale Jerseys China, if you are a male between the ages of 18 and 26.? Register at or speak with someone from the Selective Service at 847-688-6888.? Give your new address to Department of Homeland Security by filing Form AR-11.? File to remove conditions on a two-year green card at least 90 days before the card expires.? Obey all federal, state,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, and local laws.? Maintain your immigration status by not traveling outside the U.S. for extended periods.? Carry your permanent resident card (or green card) at all times.? If not, jail or fines apply.? Apply to become a U.S. citizen when you are eligible.? Request visas for your husband or wife and unmarried children to live in the U.S.? Get Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and Medicare benefits, if you are eligible.? If your card is valid for 10 years, it must be renewed before it expires.? Keep copies of all forms you send to U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services and other government offices. When sending documents, do not send originals. Send copies.? Consult with an immigration attorney regarding ALL immigration matters.? Immigration providers such as notaries, travel agencies, accountants and consultants are not qualified to offer legal services or represent you in front of an immigration officer or in court.DON¡¯TS¡¤ Don¡¯t leave the United States for an extended period of time or move to another country to live.¡¤ Don¡¯t engage in the following behaviors that can have serious consequence on your status:1. Lie to get immigration benefits for yourself or someone else.2. Say you are a U.S. citizen if you are not.3. Vote or register to vote in a federal election or in a local election open only to U.S. citizens.4. Become a ¡°habitual drunkard¡±¡ªsomeone who is drunk or someone who uses illegal drugs most of the time.5. Marry more than one person at the same time.6. Fail to support your family or to pay child or spousal support as ordered.7. Are arrested for assaulting or harassing a family member, including violating a protection order. This is called domestic violence.8. Lie to get public benefits.9. Help someone else who is not a U.S. citizen or national to enter the United States illegally even if that person is a close relative and even if you are not paid.¡¤ Don¡¯t engage in the following crimes that can lead to removal/deportation proceedings:1. A crime defined as an ¡°aggravated felony,China Jerseys Authentic,¡± which includes crimes of violence that are felonies with a one-year prison term.2. Murder.3. Terrorist activities.4. Rape.5. Sexual assault on a child.6. Illegal trafficking in drugs, firearms,Cheap NFL Wholesale Jerseys, or people.7. A crime of ¡°moral turpitude,¡± which in general is a crime with an intent to steal or defraud; a crime where physical harm is done or threatened; a crime where serious physical harm is caused by reckless behavior; or a crime of sexual misconduct.
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On Easter Monday, a nominal fee will be charged by the National Parks Commission for vendors and patrons wishing to take their vehicles – buses,Gustav Nyquist Red Wings Jersey, cars, SUVs,NFL Jerseys China, motorcycles – into the Botanical Gardens and the northern sideThe National Parks Commission has announced arrangements for Botanical Gardens, National Park and Joe Vieira Park on Easter Monday.of Joe Vieira Park.? According to a statement yesterday, similarly, fees will be charged at the National Park by a duly authorized franchise holder.¡°These fees will primarily be used to offset the expenses incurred in cleaning the Gardens and Parks of the usual garbage and debris left in the aftermath of kite flying and picnicking at these venues,¡± a statement from the National Parks Commission said yesterday.At the Botanical Gardens and Zoo,Cheap NFL Wholesale Jerseys, the opening of the gardens at the Vlissengen Road entrance to vehicular traffic will be from 06:00hrs until 17:30 hrs (5:30 pm).Vehicles leaving the gardens will have to use the Mandela Avenue gate, the notice said. ¡°The Vlissengen Road gate will be closed at 17:30 hrs (5:30 pm), and all vehicles must exit the Garden via the Mandela Avenue Gate by 18:30 hrs (6:30 pm).¡±The commission also made it clear that entrance to the Botanical Gardens will not be permitted through the Mandela Avenue gate,Carlos Carmona Jersey, which is located at the eastern end.Vehicles will not be permitted to park on or in front of the zoo access road.At the National Park,Wholesale Jerseys China, Thomas Lands, all events on Easter Monday will be managed by an authorized franchise.At the Joe Vieira Park,Cheap Jerseys, West Bank Demerara, the gates will be open to vehicular traffic from 07:30 hrs.The commission said that additional trash receptacles and bags will be made available to the public at these locations.¡°Patrons are asked to dispose of their waste in these receptacles.? Park Volunteers will be present to answer any questions patrons may have and provide garbage bags.¡±
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A way forward on the automatic entry of Guyana¡¯s top law students into the Hugh Wooding Law School (HWLS) in Trinidad, is apparently being hindered by the University of Guyana (UG).Attorney GeneralBasil WilliamsFor years, the top 25 UG law students benefited from automatic entry into the Trinidad law school. However, in more recent times, the automatic entry policy has been fraught with difficulties. In fact,Cheap Jerseys, it was unclear most recently what the position on the matter was.Now, according to Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Basil Williams, the entire process is apparently being stalled by UG.According to Williams, the issue with HWLS had been one of his top priorities. Hence, he set out upon finding out Guyana¡¯s position with the school. However, he said,Wholesale Jerseys China, he could not find a file in the AG¡¯s Chambers that spoke to an updated position on the issue.Instead, he said,Gale Sayers Jersey, he had to write to the Council of Legal Education. He explained that the Council responded and intimated that there had been an agreement in 2013 that the top 25 students would automatically be accepted in 2014. However, there was no mention in the correspondence on the automatic entry of students in 2015.Rather,Cheap NFL Wholesale Jerseys, he said, ¡°What they spoke about is that there is an ongoing negotiation in relation to the collaborative agreement between UWI, UG and the Council of Legal Education. He suggested that a new proposal from the University of Guyana is what is stalling any consensus being reached.¡±Williams said that he attempted to contact UG Vice Chancellor Jacob Opadeyi and the Dean of the Law Faculty to get a position on what exactly the proposals are. However, neither official could be reached.He further said that there was no question on the availability of space. ¡°There¡¯s sufficient space for even 40 of our students.¡± He continued, ¡°So this is something that we have to look into because as I said on previous occasions, it¡¯s not good for you to be in your final year and you¡¯re not sure whether you¡¯ll get to complete your professional applications¡­¡°So we¡¯re seeking to establish some sort of permanency for the situation.¡±Emphasising that the issue was an important one, Williams said that he would have to attend the Council¡¯s upcoming meeting in September, ¡°to really have a greater insight into what the situation is. That¡¯s where I am; I¡¯m trying to get information of the problem.¡±Similarly, President of the Guyana Bar Association,Cheap Jerseys Tag, Christopher Ram, agreed that the matter was a central one and needed to be dealt with expediently. At the time, Ram and other members of the Bar Association were meeting with the AG.He explained that one area that was set to be discussed was the way forward in regard to the HWLS. Opining that the automatic entry policy was an ¡°annual issue¡±, Ram said, ¡°The profession always needs to renew itself and renew membership, so it¡¯s important that we have new members coming out every year. It¡¯s also important that we remove that uncertainty that always seem to characterize the Turkeyen Campus around this time of the year.¡±In regard to the proposed law school here in Guyana, Ram said that the idea was still on the table although it was a ¡°very major step¡±. He admitted that the project would require quite a bit of resources but would be beneficial to Guyana in the long run.¡°It will take some time and some planning but I am very optimistic. I think we can make this into a very lucrative type of operation. We can in fact, become a center for the teaching of law in the Caribbean but it means we have to have lots of pieces into place,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping,¡± Ram stressed. He further said that the Government of Guyana will have an integral role to play in the establishment of any such school by providing resources such as lands, building and human resources.Meanwhile, AG Williams shared that he recently visited first year students of HWLS who expressed some of their problems. He explained that one of the main problems had been the sudden change in the school¡¯s payment policy. Previously, students were allowed to pay a year¡¯s tuition in increments.However, this policy was updated and the students are now required to pay for the entire year upfront. Williams said that this amounted to US$11,000 at one time. He added that this was another issue that would have to be raised with the Council.
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– AFC seeks to prosecute PM, Housing MinisterBy Leonard GildarieThe Opposition Parties walked out of a Parliamentary session yesterday after clashing with government over a $4B additional expenditure for the housing sector. One of the opposition parties has since signaled its intention to write the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) seeking to lay charges for monies being spent illegally.Minister of Housing, Irfaan Ali, speaking to reporters shortly after the walkout by Opposition parties from Parliament yesterday.However,Cheap Jerseys Tag, Minister of Housing and Water, Irfaan Ali, who along with Prime Minister was the subject of the Opposition¡¯s wrath, said that Government was sorely disappointed that the Opposition did not see it fit to vote on a provision that will make more house lots available to the people of Guyana.Yesterday, the National Assembly debated two Financial Papers requesting the National Assembly to approve $8B in additional expense for 2009. The additional sums were approved in the absence of the Opposition parties.The Ministry of Housing had requested a $4B provision for infrastructural development and Minister Ali was being questioned on the provision when the Opposition Parties led by the People¡¯s National Congress Reform (PNCR) walked out.ClashThe parties contended that the Minister was refusing to answer exactly how the monies will be spent.Minister Irfaan Ali, speaking with journalists shortly after the walkout was staged, said that he did not refuse to answer the questions.¡°I said that the money will be used to provide 17,000 house lots for people. That is what I said. The $4B is part of a package to make house lots available in that overarching policy announced by the government for having 17,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey,000 house lots. As I said,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the house lot programme is an ongoing one; it is being implemented and will continue to be implemented.¡±The Minister noted that before house lots are available, there are a number of things that must happen,¡°We have to find the land. For example on the East Bank (Demerara) and on the East Coast (Demerara) there is a huge demand but we don¡¯t have land.¡±According to Ali, the Ministry has started speaking to the Guyana Sugar Corporation to purchase more lands. This is part of that programme, he said.The Minister, fielding questions from the Opposition Parties, had stated several times that the monies would finance part of an ongoing programme in several regions. After repeating himself, he sat down and did not stand again as the Opposition also repeated their questions on how the $4B was being spent.There were catcalls from the Oppositions that the $4B is really to be used for the government¡¯s campaign in the coming Local Government Elections.Chairman of Alliance For Change, Khemraj Ramjattan,NFL Jerseys Paypal, said that his party will be sending a letter to the DPP asking for charges to be made against the Prime Minister and Ali for breaking the laws by using monies that should have been approved by the National Assembly.Prime Minister Hinds has admitted in Parliament that Guyana Power and Light Inc. has received $1B in additional funds from government when the National Assembly never approved it. This is a clear breach of the laws governing how the public¡¯s money is spent, Ramjattan said.Meanwhile, Leader of the PNCR, Robert Corbin, charged that the clear insult that the ruling party has heaped on the Opposition in Parliament was not unexpected.According to Corbin, it is insulting that Minister Ali could not account for $4B being spent and refused to do so when asked.ConcernsThe Opposition Parties heavily grilled the government on the additional expenditure before the walkout.One particular area of concern was for a $353M advance for the installation of fibre optic cables and terminal equipment for the Office of the President.Prime Minister Hinds, responding to questions from PNCR¡¯s Shadow Finance Minister, Winston Murray, said that the suppliers have been paid fully for the orders made in December. The Opposition was puzzled that monies were paid upfront and not in advances to ensure that it is delivered in time. But the PM assured that payment arrangements are secured.However, Hinds was unable to say whether a feasibility study was carried out. Murray was astounded. The PM promised the information by the next meeting of the National Assembly.In response to queries whether the fibre optic system at the Office of the President will be competing with the new submarine cable to the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), Hinds replied that it will provide additional support and redundancy to existing systems in the country.On Saturday, President Bharrat Jagdeo announced that the government has already made a down-payment on another fibre-optic cable which will be routed through Brazil. This will specifically address e-governance, through which the government will use information and communications technologies (ICTs) with the aim of improving information and service delivery, encouraging citizen participation in the decision-making process and making government more accountable,Carlos Carmona Jersey, transparent and effective.Jagdeo also announced that the government is working with China on a major ICT project that would use ICTS to better do business and provide education, among other services.He said that the government is focusing on bridging the digital divide within the country and could possibly offer subsidies to GT&T to provide internet access to poor communities with internet access.Murray questioned whether the fact that government is putting in its own system will violate current telecommunications legislations but according to Hinds, the administration has the right to put in its own systems. He also assured that it will be subjected to the same scrutiny from the regulators as the other telecommunication companies.A $200M additional support for the Transport and Harbours Department of the Ministry of Public Works also raised the eyebrows of the Opposition.According to Works Minister, Robeson Benn,China Jerseys Authentic, this money was paid over in December and part of it was used to pay the National Insurance Scheme being remittance for workers.The Minister explained that the department is facing financial problems following the opening of the Berbice Bridge and this has led to more monies being requested. Vessels that were earning much-needed money from the Berbice crossing have been sent to the Essequibo area as the department attempts to make itself more viable.The Minister acknowledged that the theft of fuel from vessels had proved a problem but several measures have been put into place to counter this.
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Police are investigating a report of an attempt to set afire the residence of NAACIE General Secretary Kenneth Joseph late Tuesday night.Reports reaching this newspaper stated that quick action by the man’s brother,NFL Jerseys Paypal, 51-year old Neil Joseph,Carlos Carmona Jersey, saved the three-storey wooden and concrete building situated at 64 High Street,Cheap Jerseys Tag, Kingston,NFL Jerseys China, from going up in flames.According to the police,China Jerseys Authentic, the union leader claimed that he left the premises with his brother inside at around 16:00 hours on Tuesday. The brother told police that he was on the second floor in the bathroom when he heard a noise coming from a fence on the southern side of the building and upon looking through a window he saw flames on a green plastic table near to a gas cylinder.Neil Joseph further claimed that he saw a man jumping the fence.Joseph subsequently went downstairs and extinguished the fire before any major damage was done. He then reported the incident to the police.A motive for the attempted arson has not yet been established.
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The body of an unidentified woman in her early forties was discovered floating near a koker at Vriesland,Cheap Jerseys League, West Bank Demerara around 15:00 hrs yesterday.Reports revealed that a female resident from Vriesland spotted the body and notified other residents. Thereupon,China Jerseys Authentic, a boat loaded with fishermen immediately ventured out into the river to confirm the report.The body being taken to the funeral homeThe victim was clad in a white tee-shirt and white underwear. Immediately after it was taken out of the water, a bus transported it to the Ezekiel Funeral Home.Junior Garnett, a resident told Kaieteur News that when he heard about the discovery, he went into the river in a fishing boat with police to escort the body to shore.¡°It looks like it was there for long because her knees were kinda reddish and her belly was swollen,¡± Garnett said.According to reports,NFL Jerseys China, the body was earlier in the week spotted at a koker in Grove,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, East Bank Demerara (EBD) but fishermen refused to report the matter to the police.¡°The fishermen them see the body but them na want go to the station because when you report that,Gale Sayers Jersey, you does have to wait long, long at the station like if you kill the person,Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey,¡± a Grove resident said.The victim was still unidentified up to yesterday evening.
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A court matter against five police officers who were accused of robbing three gold miners of 16 pennyweight of gold was yesterday dismissed by Magistrate Brendon Glasford in the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Courts.The five police officers following the dismissal of their matterThe cops, Constable Kosi Arthur, 25, of Linden, Region 10; Constable Raphael Lowenfield, 25, of 486 Section ¡®D¡¯ Block ¡®X¡¯ Diamond, Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara; Lance Corporal Mark Fernandes, 34, of Annandale, Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara; Constable Delroy Duncan of 71 Sisters Village, West Bank Demerara,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, and Constable Akeem Thompson,NFL Jerseys China, 21, of 65 Bel Air Village, GeorgetownMagistrate Glasford stated that of the ten witnesses the prosecution called upon to testify,Cheap Jerseys, only seven showed up,Gustav Nyquist Red Wings Jersey, and in his opinion none of the witnesses added any benefit to the Prosecution¡¯s case.The magistrate further stressed that the main witness,CHeap Jerseys USA, who is the Virtual Complainant, Sherwin Noel, indicated that he cannot read and told the court that he came off a plane from the interior and on July 25, he was placed in a police vehicle with five policemen who took him along with four other individuals, they conducted, a search and found a yellow object appearing to be gold. They told him he had to hand it over.Noel told the court that the police officers stopped the vehicle and asked him what he was going to do, and he handed over his five pennyweight of raw gold to them because he was scared.The Magistrate stated that during the cross examination three things stood out to him: the Virtual Complainant (VC) told the court that the first time he saw the five police officers was on the day that they appeared in court.Secondly, an identification parade was never held, and thirdly the Virtual Complainant is unable to read, so in his opinion when he was giving his statement he was not able to read back his statement, and see if what he told the officers was the exact thing written on the paper that was in front of him.The Magistrate went on to tell the court that everything that came out of the statement is questionable because the VC cannot read.The magistrate concluded by saying ¡°I do believe that something did happen. I do think that he was robbed and due to the fact that an identification parade was not done and there were other irregularities in the case, a prima facie case was not made out and the matter is dismissed¡±.It was alleged that on July 25, at Timehri, East Bank Demerara, the accused robbed Sherwin Noel of five penny weight of raw gold valued $55,000. It was also alleged that on July 25, at the same location,NFL Jerseys Paypal, they robbed Heeralall Girdhari of four penny weight of raw gold valued $44,000. They were also accused of robbing Euri Samuels of six pennyweight of raw gold valued $66,000.
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– as Education Month observances continueThe notion that Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) must have a significant place in the curriculum at all levels was extensively amplified when the Ministry of Education hosted a TVET Career/Open Day Fair yesterday at the Education Sports Complex Ground, Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown.In fact, according to Chief Education Officer (CEO) Olato Sam, who delivered the feature address, the Education Sector, and by extension Guyana,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, has come to the realisation that TVET is of immense importance.¡°It has been a long and arduous road, but we have moved away from a place where technical and vocational education and training was largely regarded as an area of low skills,NFL Jerseys China, low wage pursuits.¡±Sam went on to explain to the gathering of mainly education officials, teachers, students and partners of the Education Ministry that the sector has progressed over the years as it relates to TVET. According to him, although in the past a significant percentage of young people were emerging from the school system equipped to take up meaningful places within the workforce, there were a number who were not so fortunate. He explained that there were many cases where students found themselves with various forms of certification which had no relevance or consistence with the demands of the labour market.¡°We are no longer there; we have moved away from the position where academic learning was seen as superior and conducted oftentimes at the expense of technical education…We have moved a far place away from the backward mindset that TVET pursuits are for the less able among us,¡± Sam asserted.In fact it was such a mindset, he noted, that over the years served to undermine the developmental potential of the nation, even as he elatedly expressed that Guyana has since forged for itself a new position for TVET.Sam emphasised that there is widespread recognition that pupils and teachers¡¯ engagement in the teaching/learning process must move beyond merely content knowledge towards emphasising skills acquisition including problem-solving,Cheap Jerseys USA, decision-making, teamwork and communication which are invaluable not just in the school setting but also in the work environment.Added to this, the CEO spoke of the need for a more learner-centred approach which places a significant premium on the competency of students, a notion that has been adopted within the education system. According to Sam, competency-based education and training has long been adopted as the national approach for technical education and a critical component of the Secondary Competency Certificate Programme (SCCP) in more than half of the schools in Guyana.¡°This flexible learner-centred approach has well articulated standards defining the outcomes being achieved along with rigours assessments and verification processes…As a result, a significant degree of confidence has been restored to the certification process. It is for this reason that employers along the length and breadth of Guyana can rest assured that anyone emerging from a technical institute with a certificate in hand is not just theoretically sound but proficient in all the practical skills there is.¡±Sam said that to facilitate this, a number of technical institutes and training centres have been established in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six and 10. And there are already solidified plans for another such institution in Region Nine, he disclosed.¡°We have forged a strong relationship with industry (sector) through the Council for Technical and Vocational Education,¡± said Sam, even as he recognised the work of the TVET Council. He is of the firm belief that it is time that the body ¡°venture beyond the safety of the insulated technical domains and move TVET into every household so that it becomes a national and well understood concept.¡±Sam noted that in order for an education system to meet its mandate of contributing to sustainable economic prosperity through the creation of a globally competitive workforce,Carlos Carmona Jersey, business and industry must play a key role.¡°We are committing to improving the mechanism for industry to articulate their needs and concerns in order to facilitate the designs and maintenance of programmes that are relevant to the job market needs…We have come a long way in this regard, but given the dynamic nature of contemporary labour environments, we have to ensure that our systems are able to respond to market changes in a timely manner.¡±Moreover, he alluded to a labour market intelligence survey commissioned by the TVET Council, which he said is of vital importance, even as there are continued moves to upgrade technical teachers and insert a number of quality assurance mechanisms in the technical education system.Such moves, according to Sam,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, have allowed for ¡°a cadre of highly qualified assessors and verifiers, and we will continue to equip and improve the quality of the material resources available at all of our institutions.¡±He noted that yesterday¡¯s fair was one intended to sound a clarion call to usher in the new age in education. This ¡°new plus¡± is expected to place Guyana squarely in-line with contemporary practices that obtain in the Region and further afield, thereby catering to the ultimate acceleration of national development.The fair which was touted as the landmark event in the Ministry¡¯s Education Month agenda,saw the attendance of a wide cross-section of the business sector and a number of entities which fall under the purview of the Ministry of Health, which also has booths on display to highlight their work in the society.The event, which was chaired by the Education Ministry¡¯s Chief Planning Officer,NFL Jerseys Paypal, Ms Evelyn Hamilton, embraced the Education Month theme of ¡°Transforming the Classrooms for the 21st Century.¡±In addition to a number of cultural presentations from students, the event also saw Assistant Chief Education Officer (Technical), Patrick Chinedu Onwuzirike, presenting an overview of the TVET Strategic and Action Plan for the period 2013-2020.
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Three men were yesterday committed to stand trial in the High Court for the murder of electrical engineer, Abdool Saleem Aziz.Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry determined that a prima facie case had been made against the trio.The men – Glenroy Griffith, 21,Wholesale Jerseys China, Jarrell Ward, 26 and Julian Mack – allegedly robbed and gunned down the 23-year-old engineer as he was about to enter his Lot 33 Delhi Street, Prashad Nagar home on October 19, last.The matter was prosecuted by Police Corporal,Gustav Nyquist Red Wings Jersey, Bharrat Mangru, who called several witnesses to testify during the Preliminary Inquiry; including the deceased man¡¯s uncle and police officers.According to reports,Gale Sayers Jersey, Aziz, a former employee of Beharry Group of Companies,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, was shot and robbed by gunmen as he was about to enter his premises.The University of Guyana graduate was shot four times. He was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) but succumbed shortly after.A police release had said that Aziz was confronted by three men,Cheap Jerseys League, who apparently attempted to rob him,Cheap Jerseys, as he was about to enter his premises. It also said that two unlicenced .32 pistols with a total of 21 rounds were recovered from the crime scene.
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When Bharrat tun president he tell people how he was Papa Cheddi prot¨¦g¨¦. De people clap. By de time he lef office de people couldn¡¯t mention he name and Papa Cheddi name in de same breath. When Bharrat lef office people start to see Papa Cheddi wid a halo shining round he head; dem see Bharrat wid two horns pun he forehead,Chris Chelios Jersey, cloven hoof and a long tail and dress in a red suit.Moses was he friend and dem two use to walk together. Dem boys seh when Moses talk bout de copyright thiefing he know wha he was talking about. That is how Moses claim that de government telling everybody to thief and dem boys seh that he ain¡¯t wrang.Well is wholesale thiefing these days suh dem boys seh that by Executive Order¡ªthat mean that de President mek de order¡ª everybody can thief. De court got to free anybody who thief because is law that everybody can thief and it start at de nursery school level.That is why dem boys seh that Bharrat set de stage and now everybody thiefing. Dem see that all who thief either get promotion or get transfer to a place wha got more money. Uncle Donald come and de thing get more rampant.Brazzy use to get one million dollar a month fuh wukking wid de Privatisation Unit every day and another million fuh wukking wid NICIL and more money fuh deh pun de GPL Board and things like that,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, getting de same one million dollar every month from de Privatisation Unit fuh wukking three and a half days a week.Is de Privatisation Unit dem boys got dem eyes on. Dem boys seh that Brazzy collecting he pension in de sly because Bharrat ain¡¯t wukking and he getting de same one million dollar every month as he pension.? Brazzy got to wuk fuh three days because Bharrat bigger than he. De chore can¡¯t get more than Ali Baba.Talk half and watch how Guyana get.
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–?? ?Claims dogs are friendlyThe owner of the two pit bull dogs that badly mauled a Kitty,Gale Sayers Jersey, Georgetown pensioner two weeks ago,Owner of the Pit Bullshas refuted claims that he has refused to compensate the victim.Yesterday, Alex Prashad told Kaieteur News that ever since the incident happened, he and his wife have been rendering assistance to the victim.He explained that he acquired the pit bulls in order to protect his home. Prashad operates a barber shop and claims that his shop was broken into many times, causing him to suffer losses amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars.Prashad said that he reared one of the animals for almost two years and he recently received the second one from one of his friends,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, Charles.Charles told this publication that the dogs,Cheap Jerseys, Susie and Bullets,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, are ¡°very friendly¡± and ¡°indoor dogs¡± who never attacked anyone in the area before.Pensioner who was mauled by the pit bullsBut on February 20 last, he said that Prashad¡¯s neighbour on his left rears chickens and the dogs got agitated so they ¡°dug a hole under the neighbour¡¯s mesh fence¡± and killed two chickens.They then attacked a dog before they made their move on 63-year-old Mabarak Ali.On that day, Ali was badly bitten and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.Ever since he has been discharged,Cheap Jerseys, he has been bedridden.His wife, Khairoon Ali, said that the man has no activity in his left hand.She also stated that Prashad had not rendered any assistance.However,Carlos Carmona Jersey, the owner of the dogs yesterday told Kaieteur News that he has been visiting Ali daily and has been taking ¡°stuff¡± for him.He also added that he spoke to the family about compensating them, but ¡°they said that after Ali is fully recovered¡± they will handle the matter.The owner claims that he is ¡°more¡± than ready to assist the family and put an end to the matter. (Romila Boodram)
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Digital Form I-94 Issued Upon Entry into U.S.Attorney Gail SeeramU.S. Customs and Border Protection has made the issuance of arrival records (Form I-94) a digital process in order to streamline passenger processing.? Form I-94 provides international visitors evidence they have been lawfully admitted to the U.S,Gustav Nyquist Red Wings Jersey, which is necessary to verify alien registration, immigration status,NFL Jerseys China, and employment authorization.The automation means that visitors to the U.S. will no longer need to fill out a paper form when arriving to the U.S. by air or sea,Cheap Jerseys, improving procedures and reducing costs. Thereby, visitors will no longer receive a ¡°white card¡± with a stamp of their entry date and the date they must leave the U.S.The current processing time for entering foreign visitors¡¯ travel information into the I-94 database is 30 days or more.? This new automation process will provide immediate upload and access to arrival and departure information for all travelers to the U.S.So, when you enter the U.S. you will no longer be given a white paper (Form I-94) to fill out with your name and it will no longer be stamped with your entry date and required departure date from the U.S.? Instead,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, your passport will be stamped with your entry date and required departure date.If you wish to print a paper copy of your entry and departure for your records or for filing adjustment of status, then the information will be immediately available on-line at In order to access the information, the following security questions will have to be answered: name,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey, passport #, date of admission, departure date and class of admission. Initially, the I-94 automation process will be rolled out to the following airports: Miami, Chicago and Orlando ¨C with all U.S. airports to follow.? The arrival and departure information for all passengers will be available immediately upon arrival into the U.S. but upon depart from the U.S. it will not be accessible.Our office recommends all travelers to review and print the information that will be placed on-line at for accuracy upon their arrival into the U.S.? As with any process that is electronic,Cheap NFL Wholesale Jerseys, there may be errors and you would want to ensure that your arrival and departure records are correct so you have no problems or issues with your next entry into the U.S. and with future adjustment of status.This new process only applies to passengers entering the U.S. with a non-immigrant visa ¨C it does not apply to U.S. citizens or permanent residents (green card holders).
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By Melissa JohnsonNEW AMSTERDAM,NFL Jerseys China, BERBICE – Division ¡®B¡¯ of the Guyana Police Force is short of 40 traffic ranks and this tells a tale. But Commander of Division ¡®B¡¯ of the Guyana Police Force, Assistant Commissioner Steve Merai gave the assurance that despite the situation his team works diligently to ensure that the traffic enforcement campaign breeds success.After last Friday¡¯s tragedy on the Number Nineteen Highway which claimed 12 lives, the focus would be expanded to include trucks as well and they would be pulled in like other categories of vehicles. ¡°We have a few killer trucks out there¡­There are speeding.¡±Yesterday,Carlos Carmona Jersey, Thursday, Mr. Merai summoned a press briefing to deal with the said fatal accident. He called it the most gruesome accident and the worst in the entire country. He extended condolence on behalf of the Commissioner of Police Henry Greene and the administration of the Guyana Police Force.Commander Merai said he knows that the relatives of the victims are in need of justice.On Tuesday, truck driver, 38-year-old Chetram Moonsammy of Joanna,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, Black Bush Polder was remanded to prison until January 2011 after he was refused bail.The man, who allegedly drove GLL 8863,Wholesale Jerseys China, appeared before Magistrate Adele Nagamootoo at the New Amsterdam Magistrates¡¯ Court. He was slapped with 12 counts of causing death by dangerous driving and one count of failing to render assistance in the carnage which occurred on the Number Nineteen Highway last Friday.Dead are 12 of the 17 occupants of the bus including its driver Oudit Narine Babolall. The other victims were Marques Ault, Cindy Jaggernauth, Patricia Asgarally, Janet Baker, Orlando DeMattos, Salima Dilmohammed, Salmaa Razaac, Chetram Ramphal,Cheap Jerseys Tag, Nasradin Mohinudin and Talita Mendonca and her two month old child Josiah Khan.This accident has since pushed road fatality figures in Berbice to 28 to date. In 2009 the corresponding period recorded 20 deaths. The Number Nineteen Highway had no fatal accidents in over one year.The driver of the minibus did not have an unblemished record, according to Mr Merai. Last year he was charged for speeding and placed in the lock-ups. Commander Merai said he is not suggesting the minibus driver was speeding at the time of this particular accident. It is for the court to decide. He said there was visibility for at least half mile down the road, it was raining and the place was cloudy at the time.He called on them not to encourage such a trend, speak out. Mr. Merai appealed to drivers to follow the laws of the road.Mr. Merai said he visited the scene of the accident moments later where he met two young traffic ranks. They informed him that 20 minutes before the fatality, they had stopped the very bus a few miles away at Albion. One of them also counted 14 passengers at that point in journey.Subsequently, a survivor related that more commuters joined along the way. His initial investigation also satisfied him that there were adequate steps taken to ensure no breach in traffic laws.A mobile patrol plying the New Amsterdam/Rose Hall town route had passed the accident scene only ten minutes before the smash up.According to him, Berbice recorded some 400 cases of drunk driving so far this year, followed by Georgetown in Division ¡®A¡¯ with approximately 160.For other related cases some 5,000 charges were made in Division ¡®B¡¯ again ahead of Division ¡®A¡¯ and other parts of the country.Since the shortage of traffic ranks cannot be dealt with overnight, those on duty now work for 12 hours instead of three. It is the policy of the Division for each police rank to function as a traffic rank.Division ¡®B¡¯ has one the most rigid traffic enforcement campaigns in the Guyana Police Force, he said.On the evening of the tragedy, the Commissioner of Police grilled the Commander and he had to answer questions about the traffic enforcement campaign in Division ¡®B¡¯. He then revisited all strategies to stamp out lawlessness on the roadway.One of the things he found was that up until last Friday his Division was boasting a 50 percent decrease in road fatalities when placed alongside the figures of 2009. He and his team went back to the drawing board in search of ways of to ensure safer roads.¡°One accident took up figures up¡­12 persons died.¡±The night after the accident, Saturday, traffic ranks staged a campaign. They pulled in eight drivers who were travelling above the speed limit and tested them as well. Two of them drove trucks. One of the truck drivers had collided with two cars and had attempted to escape the scene. He was said to be under the influence of alcohol. He has been placed before the court.Mr Merai said that there is a culture in Berbice where some persons do not consume alcoholic beverages by ¡®shots¡¯ but many imbibe copious amounts. There are also commuters who remain silent as drivers breach the speed limit and even commit other offences.The Commander expressed gratitude to goodSamaritans who readily assisted in moving the accident victims. He singled out the staff of the New Amsterdam Hospital.On the night of the fatality and the following morning a television channel in New Amsterdam aired the unedited footage of the scene of the accident without any consideration for the relatives and friends of the victims.A notice scrolled constantly as the video was aired informing viewers that the footage was graphic.Commander Merai lashed out at that channel saying it was an unprofessional act. He further added that if he had his way he would have seized the equipment of the television station.Against that backdrop he implored media operatives to be more sensitive when dealing with some situations.Officer-In-Charge of Traffic, Division ¡®B¡¯ of the Guyana Police Force, Deputy Superintendent Kevin Adonis related what their investigation of the accident revealed. He said that there are different types of drivers – some are selfish, some reckless and some considerate but they all must cater for each road user. The theme for November, Road Safety Month,Cheap Jerseys, is ¡®Fast Driving takes Lives: Careful Driving saves Lives.¡¯ The Division planned a number of activities in observance including lectures to schools and rallies.
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Several areas of the city are to be without power for nine hours tomorrow as the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) Inc. work on a major upgrade at the Sophia 69 kV Sub Station, Sophia, Greater Georgetown.According to the company, yesterday, customers powered by Sophia Sub Station are asked to prepare for a disruption of service from 08:00 hours to 17:00 hours.GPL¡¯s sub-station at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara under construction.¡°This is to facilitate the connection of existing and new equipment at the upgraded Sophia substation, where work has been proceeding in a live environment; a planned shutdown of the substation will be required.? This is unavoidable and a necessary requirement to ensure the safety of the construction workers,¡± GPL said yesterday.The areas to be affected will include the East Coast Demerara – between Liliendaal and Bygeval; Bel Air Village, Bel Air Gardens; Bel Air Promenade, Bel Air Springs and Bel Air Park; New Haven; Sophia; Lamaha Springs and Park; Congress Place; Lamaha Gardens; Festival City; North Ruimveldt; South Ruimveldt Park and a section of GuyHoc Park; Vlissengen Road between Lamaha and North Rd; a section of Laluni and Lance Gibbs Streets; Church Street between Vlissengen Road and New Garden Streets; Camp St between Lamaha and New Market Streets; New Market St between Camp and East Streets; part of Thomas Street, North Cummingsburg and Sophia Exhibition Site.According to GPL,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, the exercise is part of the modernization of the Sophia Sub-Station under its Infrastructure Development Programme (IDP) aimed at improving the company¡¯s transmission and distribution network across the country.IDP is a collaborative effort between the Government of Guyana,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, GPL and China through a concessionary loan of US$38.96M from the China Export-Import Bank (Eximbank).This amount is supplemented by US$3.9M from counterpart sources for preparatory works, including route clearing, site preparation and backfilling to above 2005 flood levels.The programme entails the construction of seven new 69/13.8 kV substations, expansion/upgrade of three existing 69/13.8 kV substations, construction of approximately 96 km of 69 kV transmission lines,Gale Sayers Jersey, including a link between the Demerara and Berbice Interconnected Systems, 2.1 km of submarine cable, the construction of a new central control center with SCADA capabilities, and installation of 251 km of fiber optic cable.Already, two new substations at Edinburgh, W.C.D and Vreed-en-Hoop, W.B.D, one expanded substation at Kingston, Georgetown and 14 km of interconnecting transmission lines with fiber optic cable were constructed and commissioned during November/December 2012 and are in service.Work is currently proceeding on the construction of the remaining five new substations at New Sophia, Good Hope, New Georgetown,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, Columbia (Mahaicony) and Golden Grove, E.B.D.,Carlos Carmona Jersey, two expanded/upgraded stations at Sophia and Onverwagt W.C.B,Wholesale Jerseys China, the central control center and 80 km of interconnecting transmission lines and fibre optic cable.? The project is expected to be completed by December 2013.¡°Once again, GPL apologizes for any inconvenience that will be caused by this disruption as it continues to strive to?? provide a consistent supply of electricity to our customers countrywide.¡±
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Two University of Guyana students, found guilty of an $8M armed robbery, two weeks ago, have been given sentences of community service by City Magistrate Judy Latchman after they appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts yesterday.Darion Bess, 20, of Lot 429 Guyhoc Park, Georgetown and Joel De Mendonca, 21, of Lot 17 Providence,Cheap Jerseys, East Bank Demerara, were both found guilty of robbing Golyn and Sons Fashion, on Regent Street, of a quantity of cell phones worth $8,Carlos Carmona Jersey,968,000 on July 25, 2014.The convicts were order to perform six hours of community service for the next twenty-five Mondays.In addition, they were also sentenced to a maximum period of counselling, as deemed fit by a probation officer.Failure to complete the sentences will result in them being imprisoned for 48 months.Magistrate Latchman, before handing her verdict, considered all mitigating factors. She took into consideration the fact that the men had no negative antecedents and that the probation report that was tendered in their favour.De Mendonca was instructed to perform his community service at the National Library, while Bess will be doing his at the Palms.The men were found guilty of the offence last month.Morris Gibson, 22, of Lot 334 East Street,China Jerseys Authentic, South Cummingsburg, had also been charged with the duo. However,Gale Sayers Jersey, the charge was dismissed against him earlier on in the trial.The Magistrate had based her ruling on the sworn testimonies given by the defendants and store clerk, Mohanlall Narine.Police Inspector Vishnu Hunt presented the prosecution’s case.The court had heard that on the day in question, around 09:00hrs, Gibson approached the store clerk, inquiring about the prices of various cellular phones and a fan.Whilst he was doing so,Cheap Soccer Jerseys China, Bess entered the store, approached the store clerk and pointed a gun to his head then ordered him to pack all of the cell phones. The store clerk complied.Bess then left the store and joined a waiting car on King Street and escaped.The matter was reported to the Brickdam Police Station. About an hour after the report, ranks who received information about the robbery,Cheap Jerseys, dashed to Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara, and intercepted Bess and Gibson.At the time Bess was carrying a haversack on his back, which when checked by the ranks revealed a quantity of cellular phones.Both students were arrested and through police interrogation they led ranks to the home of De Mendonca in Providence. When the house was searched, four cellular phones were found.De Mendonca had confessed to being the driver of the motor car, which fled the scene with Bess and Gibson. Even though all the cell phones were not recovered, the ones retrieved were identified by Narine as items belonging to the store.Bess and De Mendonca first appeared before Former Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry and denied the allegation. They were represented by Attorneys Adrian Thompson and Peter Hugh respectively.
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– ‘Captain Sunil’ crew drifted 123 miles in crippled boat,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, drank salt water to survive Exhausted but smiling with relief, the crew of the ¡®Captain Sunil¡¯ yesterday showered praise on the team of Coast Guards whom they said saved them from certain death at sea.But the rescue only came after the three fishermen had spent 14 harrowing days in a 38-foot craft, drifting some 123 nautical miles with little food and drinking salt water to survive.Lochan Teserdeen and his relieved wifeJirgodhan Surujpaul, his brother, Jairam Surujpaul,NFL Jerseys China, and their cousin Lochan Teserdeen, stepped ashore at the Coast Guard¡¯s Ruimveldt harbour at around 16:30 hrs yesterday.They were immediately hugged by smiling relatives, who had waited there since 11:00 hrs yesterday to greet the rescued men.¡°We drink salt water (to survive),¡± Jirgodhan Surujpaul told Kaieteur News.¡°If it wasn¡¯t fuh dem Coast Guard ah we woulda dead.¡±The men appeared to be none the worse for their ordeal, although Lochan Teserdeen¡¯s feet were slightly swollen.The crippled ¡®Captain Sunil¡¯ was also towed back to Georgetown.Briefly recounting their ordeal, Jirgodhan Surujpaul said that they had taken about three day¡¯s ration with them on the ¡®Captain Sunil.¡¯They boarded the vessel on July 31 at Stratspey,Eduardo Vargas Chile Jersey, East Coast Demerara. According to him, the engine failed on the second day and they began to drift in the Atlantic.¡°We had anchor but where we deh was deep and the anchor root out.¡±They were unable to contact the owner of the vessel, Winston Goriah, since the mobile phone he had given them hadn¡¯t been charged.Fortunately, the 38-foot vessel had a small shed which gave them some shelter from the elements.¡°We build a sail and try to come in (to shore).¡± This failed, and the boat continued to drift.Surujpaul recalled that when their food ran out, they managed to get ¡°one-one fine thing to eat¡± from some passing boats, but none of the vessels were able to take them to land.The Captain Sunil and one of the Coast Guard vesselsWhen their drinking water also ran out, Surujpaul said they were forced to quench their thirst with sea-water.The fisherman said that he became ¡®confused¡¯ and could not say how many days they spent drifting. Eventually, they ended up in Calm Water,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, an area in the Waini, North West District, where an eight-member Coast Guard team, using two vessels, managed to locate them at around 12:05 hrs last Friday.The team was headed by Officer Commanding (Acting) of the Maritime Law Enforcement Division Lieutenant Andre Cush.¡°They were very happy (to see us),¡± the officer recalled.¡°One of the guys started to pray right away. He said that he had prayed all the time and saw nothing…when he saw us he was overwhelmed. Two of the other (crew) members had already given up.¡±He agreed that the men¡¯s chances of survival had been slim, had his team not located them.¡°They probably would have died if they were not rescued on time. It took us 66 hours to rescue them.¡°We took them to Kumaka where they could get something to eat,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey, and rest and call their families.¡±Lieutenant Cush explained that the men were fortunate that the crew from another vessel had contacted the owner of the Captain Sunil and given him the crew¡¯s location. This information was passed on to the GDF Coast Guard, which launched their search on Wednesday.¡°They were fortunate that someone gave us those co-ordinates. We were able to depict the area, and we extended the radius of our search. They had strayed away from the original position but we were still able to find them.¡±Lieutenant Cush cautioned the owners of other small fishing vessels to be better equipped so as to enable the Coast Guard to be able to locate them.The crew of the 'Captain Sunil' with the Coast Guard team that rescued them¡°I would advise small fishermen to have at least a hand-held GPS (on board) to coordinate their position.¡°Without that position, it¡¯s difficult for us (to find them). It¡¯s in excess of 177 miles …it¡¯s like looking for a needle in a haystack.¡±The owner of the Captain Sunil also expressed gratitude to the Coast Guards,China Jerseys Authentic, Maritime officials and the media for their assistance in locating his crew.¡°I want to thank each and everyone who stood by me.¡±Goriah said that after the crew failed to turn up, he took another boat and went to search for them, travelling as far as Mahaicony and Parika.After failing to locate his crew, he chartered a plane and searched the Berbice and Pomeroon Rivers, but still failed to find the men. He also failed to contact them on a mobile phone they had in their possession.
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A total of 268 out-of-school youths from Regions Three and Four, yesterday graduated from the National Training Project for Youth Empowerment (NTPYE).However, almost half of the youths who joined the programme from Region Four eventually dropped out. Yesterday, Minister of Labour,Cheap Jerseys, Manzoor Nadir, urged those who graduated to continue encouraging their fellow youths to obtain a skill so they could stand a better chance of gaining employment.At the graduation ceremony held at the National Cultural Centre,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, it was revealed that only 54 percent of those who joined the project from Region Four completed their courses. Region Three enjoyed greater success, with 87 percent.The NTPYE was launched by President Bharrat Jagdeo in June 2005, and had an original goal of training over 5,000 youths in three years. However, Nadir had earlier acknowledged that the project got off to a slow start and only picked up after two years.Those who graduated yesterday were trained in 35 disciplines and were attached to a total of 60 state and private entities.This is the largest group of students to graduate at any one time for the project. Yesterday¡¯s graduation brought the total number of out-of-school youths to graduate from the project for this year to 740.According to Nadir,Baltimore Orioles Jim Palmer Jersey, by the end of September, an estimated 1,Chris Chelios Jersey,200 would have graduated.One student, Indira Persaud,Cheap Jerseys Tag, from Region Three, said she found the training quite useful, and she was happy for the practical instruction received at the Leonora Hospital,Jim Palmer Orioles Jersey, West Coast Demerara. As a result, she said she was able to find employment.Nadir had earlier indicated that an average of 3,000 youths do not complete secondary school every year. At yesterday¡¯s graduation, he laboured on the point that these young people dropped out of school for different reasons and that if given a second chance, they will prove those who say they have ¡°no ambition¡± wrong.He said the overwhelming majority of young people want to do something with their lives.Public Service Minister, Dr Jennifer Westford, told the students that having completed the training at the level of the NTPYE, they can now make themselves available for other training that her ministry provides.She recounted an experience of meeting a group of out-of-school young men gambling at a street corner and invited them to meet with her to discuss options for training. As a result, she said, two of them have now received sufficient technical training to enter the University of Guyana.As a result, she urged the students to dream big and to use the opportunity for training to make themselves ¡°someone¡± in society.