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The Guyana Gold Board has refuted statements by Leader of the Opposition,Jerseys From China, Bharrat Jagdeo,Cheap Jerseys From China, that it has accumulated debts of $17.5B.The statements were reportedly made by the former President during the 2017 budget debate yesterday in the National Assembly.¡°The Guyana Gold Board wishes to note that at the end of 2013 the organisation recorded a loss of $9.9 billion with another $400 million added in 2014,jerseys nfl wholesale,¡± the state-owned entity indicated in a statement.¡°These early losses contributed to the entity¡¯s 2015 overdraft being $12.9 billion. As at November 2016, its overdraft was $14.9 billion.¡±Gold Board insisted that its overdraft never amounted to $17.5 billion as was contended by Jagdeo.¡°The Guyana Gold Board wishes to note that at current prices the value of its stock in hand is $14.3B. The management and Board of Directors of the Guyana Gold Board have been reviewing methods and ways of turning the Board¡¯s fortunes around.¡±The statement said that it has observed that there were significant market policy distortions that have created the losses which the organisation faced.¡°Specifically,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, the Guyana Gold Board buys gold at a selling price and then must in turn sell that gold at the selling price. The Board of Directors has noted that this purchasing method can never be feasible,Cheap NFL Jerseys, especially in a declining price market.¡±Coupled with this issue, Gold Board stressed that it is known that the organisation was holding significant amounts of gold in the 2012-2013 periods when prices were falling.¡°¡­hence it was not able to recoup its basic purchase cost. All of these real and incorrect policy positions have contributed to the deficit. To remedy this,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, the Board of Directors has agreed on a number of policy changes that once implemented would allow the entity to recover its costs.¡± Gold Board noted that it has contributed to the revenues of the country, bringing in US$114.8M in 2015 and US$218.9M in 2016.The Gold Board said it is disappointed that the Leader of the Opposition would be aware of these facts and misconstrue them for cheap political mileage.
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¡­Lindeners vow to remain resolute in struggleRegion Ten, particularly Linden, remained tense all day as small fires erupted across the bauxite town with tyres, lumber and other objects being used as fuel to deter free movement of traffic in the locale.Roads were blocked strategically along the main arteries starting from the Soesdyke/Linden Highway junction.In the mining town last evening the police and soldiers employed the use of a Hymac to clear the roadways.At least one police rank was seen operating a Hymac to clear smoldering debris from the roadway even before reaching into the main township.Two trucks belonging to the Ministry of Public Works were set ablaze as the angry residents continued to protest the shooting to death of the three Lindeners on Wednesday evening.An excavator which was being transported atop one of the trucks was also thrown off as the angry residents continued to vent their frustration.There were reports that the employees that accompanied the trucks were attacked but Lindeners vehemently denied this.¡°Is the police killing people here¡­.Nobody aint do nobody nothing in here¡­Is the police, not the civilians.¡±Nonetheless, solidarity ran high in the mining town,NFL Jerseys China, as the protest action intensified on the eastern bank of the Demerara River, in the Amelia¡¯s Ward as the Mackenzie residents joined in what is now being called a ¡°prolonged struggle.¡±There was the feeling among some that only the persons of Wismar would usually protest matters affecting Linden, but this changed yesterday as the roadway on the Mackenzie section of Linden was blocked.According to reports, Mackenzie residents joined in the struggle en masse and this is expected to continue today.This publication also understands that the planned five-day protest has morphed into one that will intensify until the demands are met.¡°Personally,China NFL Jerseys, I feel that this thing will continue¡­.. we don¡¯t have job opportunities¡­It will continue until the President comes to say something to us about the high rate of electricity they want to put on us¡­.We done suffering in here with the price of food…the price of everything so high. Now when you got to pay higher light bill wha gun happen to we?¡­.a gallon off rice is a $1,000.¡±Kaieteur News was told that the residents are resolute in their decision to protest the electricity hike, economic conditions of the community and the killing of the three Lindeners now? dubbed ¡°Martyrs.¡±Lindeners were particularly upset with Head of State Donald Ramotar for not even visiting the community or making any public pronouncements.¡°At least (Bharrat) Jagdeo used to show he face,Cheap NBA Jerseys China,¡± said another angry resident.Repeated reference was made throughout the day among residents to a protest action in Berbice.That protest action had seen a Police Station being torched and Government responded by dispatching a Ministerial team to pacify the situation.¡°Wha happen to we here in Linden? Why dem got to shoot we when we protest?¡±At 19:00hrs last evening,Wholesale NFL Jerseys USA, Ramotar appeared on the Linden NCN Television Channel.Ramotar, in his address said that the Administration was deeply concerned and warned that it was not only the Region Ten Community that was affected.¡°That man stubborn¡­No way,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap,¡± were some of the lamentations by residents as they listened to the President who said that the discussions will continue only when normalcy is returned to the community.Ramotar was at the time speaking to the fact that some leaders have misinformed the Lindeners into the protest action.The President intimated that the majority of Lindeners want to go out and work rather than engage in protest action. This sentiment was greeted with the shout,China NFL Jerseys, ¡°The vast majority of the people on the road protesting.¡±Up to late last evening police were observed attempting to clear debris from the roadway.
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¡­plugged as lifeline to resuscitate Linden¡¯s bauxite mining By Gary EleazarPrime Minister Samuel Hinds and other key stakeholders yesterday signed another mineral Agreement,Authentic Jerseys Wholesale, this time with First Bauxite Corporation of Canada for the construction and mining of a large-scale state-of-the-art facility at Linden.Hilbert Shields, the company¡¯s Chief Executive Officer,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who signed on behalf of the Canadian company during the ceremony held at the Office of the President, said that all of the feasibility studies and necessary environmental requirements have been met, thus paving the way for the financing to be secured to commence the construction of the mine.Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of First Bauxite Corporation, Hilbert Shields and Prime Minister Samuel Hinds exchange shake hands after signing the Bonasika Mineral AgreementThe company is looking to acquire the money to start construction of the project early next year. It will take about 18 months to build the mine with the intentions to have it commissioned by the end of 2013 and with full production in 2014.In seeking to put the signing into context, Shields noted that the journey was embarked on some four years ago and began with the current Minister of Public Works,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Robeson Benn,China NBA Jerseys, who was at the time working in the industry.Shields said that his company will be focused on Greenfields Bauxite development technology that had a historical resource of 1.6M tonnes¡°$20M and four years later with new technology for drilling, with technical support from the bauxite community in Guyana and with the introduction of expertise from foreign consultants with worldwide experience, we have evolved a world class exploration team,¡± said Shields.He assured that his company is comfortable with the challenges of exploring for bauxite in Guyana and have revised the resource data from 1.6M tonnes in excess of 12M tonnes per year.With the revised resource data,Wholesale Jerseys, Shields said that mine will support a project life of 44 years.He pointed out that the company will be utilizing state-of-the-art technology through the use of vertical shaft kilns thereby eliminating the problem of dust pollution that had plagued the mining town of Linden for years.It was pointed out too that the company will have increased efficiency with new technology making the kilns some 40 percent more effective and will drastically reduce the cost of production.Utilizing the old technology, the energy input accounts for close to 80 percent of the cost of production¡°In terms of operations, we do recognize that in today¡¯s world, the mining practice have to be sustainable and environmentally friendly,¡±Shields assured that the company is in compliance with local and international standards which allow for the international banks to finance the project ¡°While our expertise product and base comes from Guyana,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, it is a Canadian company and the drive comes out of the Canadian capital market,¡± he reminded.Prime Minister Hinds told the stakeholders present at the signing that he is pleased to have formally sign the agreement with First Bauxite Corporation which would mean a renewed development drive for Linden and other surrounding communities.He commended the company for taking up the challenge to develop the areaHe said that the Mineral Agreement is similar to the one executed with the Omai Company but pointed out that the agreements were modified to accommodate the resource being mined.Chairman of the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission, Major General (rtd), Joe Singh, said that the signing of the agreement marks another significant step in the exploration of Guyana¡¯s mineral resources. He pointed to the recent injections of capital in the industry.¡°The landscape is changing when you consider the magnitude of these investments¡­all Guyanese should be proud of the fact that we have gotten to this stage in terms of sensible exploitation of our resources.¡±He urged that the stakeholders? collaborate extensively ¡°to make sure we don¡¯t get bogged down with bureaucracy¡± and ¡°we need to anticipate intelligently the content of these agreements and ensure that we are well positioned to monitor and give effect to the implementation of the agreements.¡±Singh said that he too looks forward to the positive impacts of the various agreements on the mining sector and its continued development of ¡°the country and our people¡±He did caution, however, that, ¡°the impacts of all of these investments we have to take with strides.¡±
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¡­action cripples Rousseff¡¯s fight against impeachmentReuters – Brazil¡¯s largest party announced yesterday was leaving President Dilma Rousseff¡¯s governingDilma Rousseffcoalition and pulling its members from her government,Cheap NHL Jerseys, a departure that cripples her fight against impeachment proceedings in Congress.The Brazilian Democratic Movement Party (PMDB) decided at a leadership meeting that its six remaining ministers in Rousseff¡¯s Cabinet and all other party members with government appointments must resign or face ethics proceedings.Under Brazil¡¯s presidential system,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, Rousseff will continue in office but the break sharply raises the odds she will be impeached by Congress in a matter of months,Wholesale China Jerseys, which would put Vice President Michel Temer,Cheap Jerseys Online, leader of the PMDB,NFL Jerseys China, in the presidential seat.The opposition is pressing to impeach Rousseff for allegedly breaking budget laws. Their efforts gained steam as Brazilians have grown frustrated with the worst recession in decades and a vast corruption scandal reaching the president¡¯s inner circle.Rousseff has denied any wrongdoing and called the impeachment efforts a coup.The loss of Rousseff¡¯s main coalition partner may prompt smaller parties to abandon the government, leaving Brazil¡¯s first female president increasingly isolated as the impeachment process nears its first vote as soon as mid-April.Investors weary of Rousseff¡¯s interventionist economic policies and a deepening recession have cheered the prospect of her ouster,China NFL Jerseys, boosting Brazil¡¯s currency 8 percent this year as the benchmark Bovespa stock index .BVSP rose 19 percent.
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With the Magistrates¡¯ Courts sitting once, twice or every working day per week, one may be surprised to know the number of minor offenders that are being remanded.These offences range from larceny to possession of one or two grams of marijuana to threatening language. The majority of these defendants most time appeared before the court unrepresented and half naked.At the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Court at least two petty lawbreakers are remanded every day. This persistent practice by the Magistrates is putting pressure on the main holding facility, ¡®Camp Street Jail¡¯.At the Georgetown Prison, inmates on remand alone stand at a staggering figure¡ª above 800 and with the penchant of Magistrates to remand persons,Wholesale China Jerseys, it is expected that the situation will continue to overwhelm prison authorities.Just this week Patrick Shepherd,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, of Kwakwani, Berbice River, was denied bail after a small amount of marijuana was allegedly found in his home.Police some time this week, purportedly found two marijuana seedlings planted among some tomato plants in Kenroy Rogers¡¯s backyard. Despite the suspect being represented by an attorney he was however remanded.A point to note is that ¡®two¡¯ marijuana plants were found, the accused is also a first time offender nevertheless the prosecutor objected to bail. On this very case no solid objection was put forward by the prosecution just the usual ¡®my worship I request that the accused be remanded¡¯.Then over at the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrates¡¯ Court, West Demerara, Ivor Banlingy was also remanded after being brought before Magistrate Nyasha Williams-Hatmin.He is accused of pilfering two gold chains from Dahanraj Seelochan on December 21.Banlingy pleaded not guilty and was unrepresented.Another unfortunate suspect was Eon Martin, who was found on January 15,NFL Jerseys Clearance, with two grams of cocaine, he too was sent temporarily to the Camp Street Jail.A man recently visited this publication seeking justice after being remanded wrongfully.The ex-suspect claimed that after being placed in the lockups innocently for three months, during one of court appearance the women who reported that he stole her gold chain showed up and informed the Magistrate that she mistakenly identified him.As a result he was allowed to go home a ¡°free man¡¯¡¯.The man, who only gave his name as Keith,NBA Jerseys China, related that after being released from jail,Wholesale China Jerseys, he is experiencing difficulties regaining his respect in society.Keith questioned who will take responsibility to compensate him for defamation of his character.Asif Mohamed and Marvin Liverpool also came in for an unfair share of injustice. The two were charged with offences ranging from robbery to escaping from lawful custody.But the case took quite a twist when the prisoners alleged that they were brutalised by lawmen at the Kitty Police Station.The police are claiming that on January 10, last, on Sheriff Street, Georgetown, the two along with another of their associate,Discount Football Jerseys, Terry Morgan, choked and robbed Jamal Hearsammy.Mohamed who sported a bandage on his forehead, with tears in his eyes recounted the events leading up to his arrest.The alleged suspect added that he was driven to the Kitty Police Station and beaten with out any notification of the offence he had committed.Despite their pleas they were remanded.At present, the ratio at the main penal institution in the city stands at a massive 26 to one in terms of inmates to prison warders.This ongoing occurrence is putting both the prison officers and detainees at a high risk of disease; it can also intimidate the prisons¡¯ security.In an interview with a senior Magistrate, it was confirmed that the magisterial body has no control over the situation.The Magistrate blamed the incompetence of investigating ranks, who fall short in proving their case at a timely manner.
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After working with the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) for three decades,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, until an accident forced him off the job four years ago, Jagdesh Persaud claims that he is being pushed around in his claims for compensation from the Corporation and benefits from the National Insurance Scheme (NIS).Persaud, of 165 Leonora Parafield, West Coast Demerara, started working with the Corporation in 1976 as an ordinary worker, and until the time of his accident,Wholesale MLB Jerseys 2018, he worked as a tractor operator. On December 31, 2006,Wholesale Jerseys, Persaud was getting off the tractor when he slipped and fell, injuring his back.However, he has not yet received compensation from the Corporation, and he says after paying NIS over those years he should be entitled to benefits as he is now unable to work and take care of his family.On July 4, 2007, Persaud appeared before the Medical Board of the NIS,Cheap China Jerseys, which found that he had a degenerative disease of his entire spinal column and that he is incapable of working because of the industrial accident.However, in two months time, Persaud was called again before another Medical Board of the NIS. This time the ruling was there was no disability arising out of the accident and there was no incapacity to work relative to the accident.The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) protested the second decision of the NIS Medical Board, pointing out the findings of the first Medical Board report that Persaud¡¯s condition was as a result of the industrial accident.The NIS decided to set up another Medical Board and to have Persaud appear before it in January,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, 2008. This time, the Medical Board said ¡°there is incapacity for work as a cane cutter¡± and recommended a Permanent Partial Disability of five percent to take care of the injuries.Persaud said he had received $200,000 from the NIS, but said that he should be receiving regular benefits, having contributed to the Scheme over those long 30 years he worked with the Corporation.The man has received no compensation for the Sugar Corporation,Wholesale Jerseys, which had promised to look into his claim. The man said he is always promised a call whenever he enquires, but nothing has resulted after three years of running around.
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The European Union and the Georgetown Mayor and City Council have signed a contract that will facilitate a study for a Comprehensive Restoration and Sustainable Conservation Management Plan for City Hall.EU and City Hall officials: A $64M study to decide how to refurbish City Hall is set to start shortly.City Hall, one of the more prominent landmarks in downtown Georgetown,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, is in a terrible state.The contract which has been awarded to EURONET Consulting GEIE for Euro 279,Cheap Jerseys Authentic,196 (G$64M) is expected to be concluded by March/April 2017.The team,Cheap NFL Jerseys, according to the Delegation of the European Union to Guyana, Suriname, and for the Dutch Overseas Countries and Territories, will include experts from both Europe and Guyana and the National Trust of Guyana and City Hall will be actively engaged during the period of consultancy.Among other things,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the assessment will involve conducting a condition assessment and evaluation of the physical and structural state of City Hall and the City Engineer¡¯s Building; preparation and presentation of a comprehensive green restoration plan and a sustainable conservation management plan for City Hall and the City Engineer¡¯s Buildings and facilitating training sessions and strengthening capacity within the relevant stakeholder agencies.EU Ambassador Jernej Videti¨¨ said,Jerseys NFL China, ¡®¡¯Georgetown¡¯s iconic City Hall and the City Engineer¡¯s Buildings built in 1889 are unquestionably among the most outstanding architectural, cultural and historically significant buildings in Guyana.¡¯¡¯Ambassador Videti¨¨ added, ¡®¡¯The EU was delighted to help by funding this study, which will hopefully lead to a process that will see City Hall returned to its former glory¡¯¡¯.The City Hall and City Engineer¡¯s Buildings are a part of Guyana¡¯s tangible heritage and are considered important to the Nation¡¯s historic fabric.In a bid to preserve and promote its cultural heritage value internationally,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Guyana became a signatory in 1977 to the Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, the first Caribbean state to do so.
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The Muslim Youth League of Guyana, The Guyana United Sadr Islamic Anjuman and the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex in association with the Embassy of the United States of America in Guyana will this Thursday host a lecture by renowned scholar Professor Dr. Zahid H. Bukhari.The lecture is slated for the Anna Catherina Islamic Complex from 18.00 hrs or after Maghrib Prayers.Dr. Bukhari is the Director and Co-Principal Investigator of the Project ¨C MAPS (Muslims in American Public Square),Wholesale Jerseys China, a three-year Project funded by the Pew Charitable Trust and housed at the Center for Muslim / Christian Understanding,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, at the famous Georgetown University,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Washington D.C. He holds a Masters in Economics from the University of Karachi and a PhD in Political Science from the University of Connecticut.Dr. Bukhari has extensive experience working with Muslim organisations in the USA and further. He was one of the founders of the National Islamic Shura Council,China Adidas Hockey Jerseys, a representative body of the American Muslims consisting of four National Islamic Organisations.He served as Secretary General of the Islamic circle of North America (ICNA) and also served as Chairman of the group¡¯s charitable arm ¨C Helping Hand ¡ª a non-profit relief organisation which operates national and international projects.His visit is made possible by the Embassy of the United States of America,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Georgetown, Guyana,Cheap NFL Jerseys, according to the Muslim organisations.
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¡°If I had followed the law, some roads would not have been built…The people who you pay rates and taxes to are the ones that are really responsible for doing your roads,¡± said Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn, when he responded to the road concerns of a Diamond,Wholesale Football Jerseys, East Bank Demerara,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, resident recently.Minister Robeson Benn in conversation with a Diamond resident The resident was at the time distressing about the deteriorating state of roads in her neighbourhood, even as she revealed to the Minister that there was never a proper road in the area from the inception. But according to Minister Benn, the road was designed for a developing community and not for an already developed area.He revealed that for instance, persons who reside in the city and have concerns about the state of the roads in their neighbourhoods,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, they have to ¡°first off lay your case at City Mayor, Hamilton Green, in the City of Georgetown.¡±However, he noted that if the structure is declared a public road it is in fact the Ministry of Public Works¡¯ responsibility. The Minister revealed though that there have been instances when his Ministry has sought to undertake the rehabilitation of some smaller roads.? ¡°A small road called Kiskadee Drive, I just did it, but it was not because we had to, it was to help the residents. We had a bit of asphalt and money and we said we would do it. I didn¡¯t have to do it if I had followed what the law says, but I did it.¡±However, in the case of Diamond on the East Bank of Demerara, the Minister revealed that it is the responsibility of the Ministry of Housing and Water to undertake such infrastructural works as it is that entity to which residents usually make payments for the housing lots they occupy.However, Benn noted that the problem which frequently arises in the new housing development areas is that materials for construction works are transported in heavy laden trucks, using roads that are not designed to allow access to such weighty deliveries. ¡°If you use the road like this after a while you will have to go and build it back and my understanding is that that will be done, but you (the resident) have to lay your case with Minister Irfaan Ali.¡±However, the resident argued that ¡°if you allocate land to people,NFL Jerseys Supply, common sense will tell you that for houses to be built materials have to go in…Therefore, the roads that are built should be of such a consistency that it would not deteriorate when the construction materials go in…¡± But according to Minister Benn, residents such as those in the Diamond area must come to the realisation that they are being afforded land in a low income housing area thus they would not be eligible for a sturdier road at this time. ¡°If you had to buy land in normal areas you would be paying 10 times the amount of money you are paying there…If people had to wait for sturdy roads to be built first then they would not have been able to build.¡±¡°One mile of public road would cost about US$3M but a road in Diamond would cost just about US$300,000 but if you wait for us to accumulate all the money to build sturdy type of roads you wouldn¡¯t have a land to develop. So the logic is to build a light community road and allow the development to proceed and later a proper road will be built. ¡°According to Benn,Cheap Jeseys NFL, if persons were forced to pay commercial rates for their house lots in developing communities, most people probably would not have been in a position to start constructing their own home. In essence,Nike Air Max 95 White, he noted that persons in developing communities are given an opportunity to build their homes through the Government at the cost of other taxpayers, who are in fact the sponsors of the roads. ¡°If Government uses the money from other taxpayers to build the road people think they want then some people will never be able to build…¡± Benn asserted.
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As calls continue for voluntary donation of blood,Wholesale Jerseys, members and friends of the Lion¡¯s Club of D¡¯Urban Park yesterday facilitated a blood drive as part of their 15th anniversary celebrations.The aim was to have the club,NFL Jerseys Cheap, through its members, donate 15 units to the National Blood Transfusion Service. Several members of the organisation were screened and tested prior to their donation.According to one member, personnel from the Blood Bank had visited the organisation on several occasions to request that they participate in the blood drive.While the target was not met yesterday,Authentic Jerseys Wholesale, because some members were out of the jurisdiction,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, this newspaper was told that,cheap nfl jerseys china, when those persons return,China NFL Jerseys, they will be visiting the institution to donate blood.
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CORRIVERTON, BERBICE – Former President and founder member of the Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce, David Subnauth is appealing to Government to construct only heavy duty bridges at strategic locations between Crabwood Creek and Moleson Creek in order to prevent a recurrence of Thursday¡¯s incident.Just after 16:00 hours on that day, the Jackson Creek Bridge collapsed under the pressure of a Hymac which was towing a low-bed trailer. The vehicles were en route to a farm at Moleson Creek and the Hymac ended up in the creek. Efforts to salvage the vehicle were still ongoing up to yesterday.According to Mr. Subnauth, the steel-plated structure is one of five which may have been constructed by a Surinamese contractor a few years ago when the road to Moleson Creek was upgraded to an asphalted one. The fallen structure was suitable for the flow of traffic at the time it was built but things have changed and it could no longer handle the volume.According to Mr. Subnauth, teams from the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation were on the site on Friday working around the clock. Some material was transported and a temporary structure was erected thus opening the way for the flow of some amount of traffic by Saturday.Subnauth said no significant loss of trade or traffic resulted from the fallen bridge as a result of quick action by Government and more so, the incident occurred after 16:00 hours on Thursday, and Friday was a public holiday. The structure is not only used for direct access to the Guyana/Suriname Ferry Terminal but by farmers as well.Mainly, the farmers would have been somewhat inconvenienced since Moleson Creek is the agricultural hub for the Upper Corentyne. Thousands of acres of land were recently taken by private sugar cane farmers. These farmlands provided the highest sugar cane yields across Guyana. Against that backdrop,Wholesale Authentic NFL Jerseys, several heavy duty vehicles traverse the said bridge and others like it on a daily basis as they transport fuel, farming machinery including tractors, bulldozers,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, draglines,Jerseys From China, fertilizer and the like to the farmlands.Subnauth said,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, should the situation arise when farmers cannot transport their sugar cane via the Link Canal which connects the sugar cane farms from Moleson Creek to the new Skeldon Sugar Modernization Project, then the very roadway and bridges must be used.He is hopeful that Prime Minister Samuel Hinds would make good the promise for a heavy duty replacement of the fallen Jackson Creek Bridge by mid 2010.Meanwhile, Subnauth is once again calling on Government to regularize the ¡®backtrack¡¯ operations at Number Seventy-eight Village on the Corentyne. He said although they are illegal ports of entry/exit, there are benefits that are derived on a daily basis. The backtrack operations at Number Seventy-eight Village cannot only be blamed for the importation of arms and ammunition as well as illicit drugs because there is a porous border between Moleson Creek and the Corentyne Coast including Orealla. According to him, there are trails leading from Orealla to Lethem and these very paths can also be used for unlawful activities too.Using the official port of entry/exit – Moleson Creek Ferry Terminal- is said to be a time consuming exercise and cannot permit business persons to transact their business in one day because of the schedule,Wholesale Jerseys, but with the backtrack operations, a person is in neighbouring Suriname within 20 minutes.¡°You can do your shopping and can come back within half day.¡±A number of persons perished in the Corentyne River en route to Suriname using the very backtrack facilities.¡°It¡¯s a lot of risk¡­too risky yes and not safe,NFL Jerseys Outlet, it¡¯s illegal but it is faster.¡±Subnauth said that what is needed is for the vessels plying the route to have adequate safety measures in place and adhere to all navigation rules. Mr. Subnauth has been making the call for regularized backtrack operations on many occasions dating back to 2003.
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GEORGETOWN,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, Guyana (AP) – FBI agents are in the South American country of Guyana seeking evidence in the case against four men accused of plotting to blow up New York¡¯s John F. Kennedy International Airport, police said yesterday.The agents are looking to interview several people – including an opposition Georgetown city councilman, a businessman and several local Muslims – who allegedly had ties to the plot or had contact with the U.S. government informant whose testimony will be key to the case, said Crime Chief Seelall Persaud.Three of the four suspects indicted in the case are Guyana natives. The fourth is from Trinidad. Jury selection begins in June for the trial, which will be held in New York.Prosecutors say Guyana native Russell Defreitas, who worked as a cargo handler at the airport until 1995, masterminded a plan to blow up a jet-fuel artery that runs through residential neighborhoods and feeds Kennedy airport. Defreitas has pleaded not guilty.In 2008, the three other suspects – Kareem Ibrahim,Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, Abdel Nur and Abdul Kadir – were extradited to New York from Trinidad and pleaded not guilty to a charge of conspiring to ¡°cause death,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, serious bodily injury and extensive destruction.¡±The plot, code-named Chicken Farm,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, never got past the planning stages, authorities said.Prosecutors say they will present evidence that the suspects tried to obtain financial and operational support from Adnan Shukrijumah, an al-Qaida operative from the Caribbean region,China NFL Jerseys, and other terrorist organizations such as Jamaat al Muslimeen,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, a radical Islamic group that attempted a deadly coup in its base country of Trinidad in 1990
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An initiative of volunteers treating and caring for Tuberculosis (TB) patients to reduce deaths in hinterland communities would soon be launched in Region Eight by the National Tuberculosis Programme.It would be rolled out to Region One and other hinterland communities with assistance from Global Fund.This is according to Dr. Jeetendra Mohanlall, Head of the National Tuberculosis Programme, during an interview with this publication yesterday. He enlightened that this project is part of the DOTS (directly observed treatment,Cheap Jerseys Online, short-course) Programme that has been implemented in Guyana for more than 10 years.Dr. Jeetendra MohanlallDr. Mohanlall said that the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) supported the earlier implementation of DOTS in Regions Three, Four,wholesale jerseys, Six and Ten through the public health in Guyana strengthening project.According to Dr. Mohanlall, the implementation of this initiative in the hinterland communities is not related to any increase in persons infected with the TB virus. In fact, Region Four is the highest burden with over 60 percent of the TB cases.He explained that one contributing factor for the high record of TB cases in Region Four is that patients are transferred to Georgetown depending on the severity of their diagnosis and treatment necessary.However, most of the patients residing in the hinterland are diagnosed at their Regional and District Hospitals. In addition, there are 18 sites across the 10 Administrative Regions that are equipped to diagnose and treat patients.According to Dr. Mohanlall, through the new initiative the DOTS model used on the coastland would not be employed in the hinterland. He explained on the coastland trained TB outreach workers,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, called DOTS workers,Cheap China Jerseys, take pills and oversee patients taking those medications daily for at least six months. Sometimes this process could extend beyond six months with a maximum of 12 months depending on the type of TB.¡°We have a big difference in terrain and also the population density so in the hinterland you have small pockets of population. We have to engage more Community Health Workers for the DOTS Programme in the hinterland. We need to see more of them involved with this because we cannot hire a specific person to do DOTS in the hinterland,¡± he noted.Dr. Mohanlall said that one of the many challenges the programme encounters is staff not being able to cope with the additional tasks. As such, the hinterland initiative would be employing the services of retired Community Health Worker, medic or nurse living in various hinterland communities as volunteers.They would be required to oversee patients taking their pills, look out for side effects,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, guide them, help with making clinic appointments and conduct follow-ups.According to Dr. Mohanlall,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, at the end of the six-month period when the TB patients would have been cured the volunteer would receive a hamper worth $6,000 for working with one individual.
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A 20-year-old mining business operator is now a remanded prisoner after he was yesterday brought before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry at the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Court on two charges; unlawful possession of firearms and unlawful possession of ammunition.Ravi Samaroo of 363 Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara pleaded not guilty to the charges which alleged that on November 18, at Port Kaituma; he had in his possession two rounds of .32mm ammunition? and a 1.32mm Taurus Pistol without being the holder of a firearm license.Police Prosecutor Corporal Bharat Mangru stated that Colwyn Johnson,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the owner of the weapon, visited Gold Nugget Run,Nike Air Max 95 Cheap, the business operated by the accused at Trade Line,Wholesale Jerseys Online, Port Kaituma? where he? lodged his gun . The court heard that when Johnson attempted to reclaim his weapon,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, he discovered that it was missing.Mangru said that acting on information received,Wholesale Jerseys From China, the police went into the defendant¡¯s home and found the firearm concealed therein. According to Mangru,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Samaroo? claimed that he was asked to keep the gun.The Prosecution objected to bail on account of the seriousness and prevalence of the offence committed. Mangru also stated that no special reason was given by the defendant for bail.Attorney at Law Sase Gunraj who represented the accused stated that Samaroo has had no brushes with the law and made an application for bail.? Gunraj disputed that his client is a flight risk and opined that the likelihood of a similar offence being committed by Samaroo is negligible.The Chief Magistrate refused bail and transferred the matter to the Matthew¡¯s Ridge Magistrates¡¯ Court where it will be called again on February 3.
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By Ralph Seeram¡°Jamaica is a beautiful country man; but you have to come see yourself¡± my fellow passenger seated next to me was telling the other person at the other end of the phone in typical Jamaican accent. So began my trip to Jamaica last week on Caribbean Airlines.There is nothing more annoying on an airplane then someone chatting away loudly on a cell phone. The plane attendants had already given instruction to turn off cell phones but she kept chatting away on the virtues of Jamaica.When I am flying,Cheap Jerseys Online, the first thing I want to do is get some ¡°shut eye¡± and I was beginning to get the feeling this was not going to happen. Have you ever travelled on a plane trying to sleep next to someone who wants to talk? I was beginning to feel that this was not going to be a pleasant two-hour flight. I made sure our eyes did not meet to give her an opening to start a conversation.Oh and another thing airlines should really charge for two seats, passengers whose rear end, arms and shoulders cannot be confined within their seats.On checking in at Orlando the ticketing clerk made a fuss over my carry-on being overweight by just five pounds, but allowed this woman who was at least 100lbs overweight and occupied my space. Airlines are very fussy about weight. I can see in the future airlines charging passengers by weight instead of per seat. I will have no problem with that, I can see myself paying half the fare of the woman next to me. After all, I am less than 130lbs.Fortunately for me she dozed away for the rest of the flight. In Jamaica I tried to engage people in conversation to get the feel of the country, read the newspapers get an idea of the politics etc. The thing that is occupying the minds of Jamaicans is the IMF imposition of some strict if not drastic conditions in order to rescue the Jamaican economy.Unlike Guyana¡¯s the Jamaican economy is very unhealthy; to put it mildly,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, no way close the healthy economy Guyana enjoys at the moment. As one political figure put it Jamaicans will have to take ¡°bitter medicine¡±.One of my observations was that Jamaicans are very proud of their country despite all its economic problems. Unlike Guyanese who ¡°moan and bitch¡± about everything bad about the country, and sometimes do not appear to be proud of being Guyanese, Jamaicans are the opposite. They take their problems in stride with a sense of reality.Let me cite what may look insignificant but means a lot. I was purchasing some items in Jamaica. The clerk saw the rubber band I had holding some documents burst. He quickly brought some rubber bands for me. They were coloured rubber bands, and then I realized they were the colour of the Jamaican flag. That¡¯s patriotism there.Even the business community displays its support for the Government in tackling the economic situation to confirm with the IMF rules. For instance, the IMF demanded that the Jamaican Government renegotiate its loans, bonds with the private sector.Let me give you an idea of how loyal and cooperative to their Country the private sector in Jamaica is. Three years ago the Jamaican government entered into an agreement with the IMF to reform the economy. Part of the package was that the local bond holders renegotiate their loans and bond with a view to cutting the interest rate returns.The business community cooperated. However the then Jamaican government did not live up to the agreement and the agreement floundered. Fast forward three years, the Jamaican economy is almost bankrupt, and the new Jamaican government has turned to the IMF again.? One of the requirements again was for local investors take in cut in interest rate for the money the government has borrowed. Again the Jamaican private sector has responded, I am talking here of billions of dollars. Some banks pointed out that they just made sacrifices three years ago and are being asked again to make painful sacrifices.Never the less, they responded. At last count over 98 per cent of the banks agreed to take a cut in the interest rate in order to help the Jamaican economy. Can you imagine if the Guyana government,NFL Jerseys From China, as the business community did, was to make such a sacrifice? You would never hear the end of it.But back to my trip,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, some of you Guyanese who think you are badly off should visit Jamaica. If you think the worst you have is a ¡°plastic city¡± you should see the one in Jamaica. But don¡¯t get me wrong,NFL Jerseys Cheap, there are the mansions on the hills.My host who lived below the mountains gave me a tour of the enclaves of the rich and you wonder how can there be such a disparity between the rich and poor. Not that it¡¯s not in Guyana, but I think it is on a much grander scale in Jamaica.My host also has been speaking about the paradise Jamaica is. In my short stay I have not heard one Jamaican ¡°bad talk¡± the country. They may criticize the government,NFL Jerseys Outlet, but are loyal to their country. I come to Guyana and find some people have no sense of patriotism. I must confess that I find the cost of living to be lower than Guyana, especially food items as well as imported products. The business environment is very competitive and major US companies as well as Latin American conglomerates have established themselves there.Oh and by the way, while the Guyana government is embroiled defending the Marriott deal and keeping out the Guyana labor force, I was travelling on one of the roads the Chinese built in Jamaica, which I pointed out to my host, who with a sarcastic smile ¡°what road¡±. He then went on to tell me of the inferior quality of the road. So much for skill of the Chinese.Of course the Skeldon sugar factory is a perfect example of how skilled the Chinese are– three years running and it still needs fixing.I mentioned the fact that the Chinese did not employ any Guyanese at the Marriott construction site; he was amazed that this could happen. Asked if this could have happened in Jamaica he replied, ¡°Nah, no way man. We soon run dem out the country.¡±Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected]
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Rudi Luchmann, UNICEF Deputy Representative to Guyana, has said that Guyanese should be proud of the stride the Guyana Government has made towards putting into place legislations to further protect the children of Guyana.According to Luchmann, the developments are ground breaking. There are fundamental provisions; UNICEF believes that the progress the Government has made proves its commitment to the movement against the abuse, neglect,NFL Jerseys Supply, exploitation and violence against children in Guyana.UNICEF was greatly associated with the development and drafting of the various Bills connected to child care and protection, Luchmann said.These Bills are either before Parliament or a select committee. UNICEF funded legal expertise workshops,China NBA Jerseys, which Luchmann said,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, ultimately led to the draft of the Bill that went to Parliament.According to the Deputy Representative, the next step now lies in the deliverance of the service; namely how the laws, bills and legislation are passed into action.UNICEF is currently working within the 2006- 2010 Country Programme Cycle, which works in accordance with the Rights of the Child, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women and the Millennium Goals to ensure that all Guyanese children and women are able to enjoy greater respect and begin to realize their own human rights to survival, development, participation and protection through improved capabilities and increased opportunities.The five-year programme is a contractual agreement between UNICEF and the Government of Guyana to ensure the delivery of certain goals set by UNICEF.The Country Programme ensures the development of public policies and investments as it relates to the rights and priorities of children,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, the protection of children,Cheap Jerseys China, the improvement of access to quality health and education services,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, and the reduction of the HIV/AIDS threat among the young in the Guyana.Works in the area will result in all children throughout the country being able to complete basic quality education; have a healthy start of life; have opportunities to fully develop their individual capacities; and ensure the rights of both women and children across the nation will be better monitored and protected.
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– confirms cases being dropped because of financial settlementsBy Michael JordanMagistrate Fazil Azeez yesterday confirmed that he and other magistrates have been discontinuing some causing death by dangerous driving cases after financial settlements were made to the victims¡¯ families.But he said that the magistrates do not have unrestricted authority to do so, and he also explained some of the factors behind such decisions.Magistrate Azeez said that in many cases, the attorney, rather than the accused, informs the magistrate that the parties have settled the matter. According to Azeez, he would then attempt to ensure that the victim¡¯s relative has not been forced to take this action.¡°I would put them in the witness box to ensure that they have not been coerced or brow-beaten.¡±He said that if the relative confirms that the settlement was voluntary, he would request the prosecutor to send the matter to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).¡°When a person approaches and says ¡®we settle it, we pay compensation, sometimes…the DPP would say it¡¯s the magistrate¡¯s call¡¯. ¡°When the DPP is non-committal you do the job… when I establish that the family doesn¡¯t want to proceed, then I strike out the matter.¡±According to the magistrate,cheap jerseys, in cases where the parties have settled,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, it would be futile for a magistrate to attempt to continue the matter, since the parties involved would be uncooperative.¡°When someone dies (in an accident), a relative or eyewitness would have to come, when they don¡¯t come it¡¯s an exercise in judicial futility (to attempt to continue the matter).¡±¡°You proceed with the matter, the lawyer (for the accused) ties up the police…eyewitnesses don¡¯t come…some police take bribe to give false measurements. It¡¯s better they pay the family and let the family get something.¡±He also complained that magistrates are remanding some drivers in causing death matters only to see them be granted bail in the High Court.Magistrate Azeez also suggested that some of these cases are thwarted by poor police investigation and corrupt traffic ranks, whom he claimed would sometimes provide false information in favour of the accused.Occasionally, Azeez said, he has had ¡°to destroy police on the stand.¡±¡°I say ¡®you are here to lie.¡¯¡±¡°My gut feeling is that sixty percent of the policemen who are on the job for three, four years have a minibus on the road.¡±¡°The police don¡¯t do their work. Even if the people go to trial, the police are ill prepared.¡±And he also opined that the charge of causing death by dangerous driving should be changed to one of involuntary homicide, and even to murder.¡°I think that they should up the offence to manslaughter…they need to stop charging for causing death by dangerous driving…and (charge) for manslaughter and for involuntary homicide.¡±¡°Another view is that if a motorist knows he should not drink and drive… and drinks and drives…and drives recklessly on the road and hits someone… I am of the view that he must have understood the circumstances of his actions…the man should be charged with murder or at least manslaughter…¡°If you drink till you are to the hilt and you cause the death of someone …then you must suffer the consequences of your actions.¡°Murder is not bailable and they can¡¯t go to the High Court for bail.¡±In its Sunday edition, Kaieteur News had highlighted several cases in which drivers from affluent families had their cases dismissed after compensating the relatives of persons they had killed on the roadways.In the court cases uncovered, six of the victims were children between the ages of seven and 17. A seventh case involved a young mother.All the families, except one, admitted to having accepted money from the families of the errant drivers.The ¡®compensation packages¡¯ ranged from $5M for the death of the young mother, $600,000 for the death of an eight-year-old girl, and $300,000 for a seven-year-old girl killed on a pedestrian crossing.Some of the victims¡¯ relatives said that they opted for compensation after because they had no faith in the judicial system.Aranka gang for court soon Detectives are putting the finishing touches to their investigations into the operations of the five-man Aranka gang, with a view to instituting charges soon.Kaieteur News understands that investigators are in the process of taking statements from several Brazilians who were victims of a robbery spree allegedly committed by the gang.This newspaper was told that all of the males hail from the East Coast Demerara Village of Ann¡¯s Grove, while the lone female¡¯s address is listed as Alexander Village in the city.The reign of terror created by the gang came to an abrupt end with the group¡¯s capture on Saturday.The gang was nabbed when a police riverain patrol intercepted them while they were apparently making their way out of the interior, after creating havoc the previous day.They were not carrying any weapons at the time of their capture.Following their capture, a team of investigators travelled to the area where the gang was believed to be hiding out with a view to recovering the weapons that were used in the robberies. However, except for a shotgun which was located in an abandoned camp,Wholesale Jerseys, they came up empty handed.It is not yet clear if the recovered shotgun was part of the gang¡¯s arsenal.According to a source, one of the gang members related that he had sold his weapon, while another claimed that he had rented a gun to ply his trade.The gang had reportedly committed several brazen armed robberies in the Aranka area, targeting several gold mining camps and shops. While they have not ruled it out, police are still now trying to establish if the gang was responsible for any of the several murders in the interior.According to a source at the Bartica Police Station, three of the suspects have already confessed to the robberies.At least two of the gang members are convicted felons. One of them was only released from prison in May this year.School of the Nations impressive at IGCSE examsA total of 322 examinations, in 21 subjects,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, were written at school at School of the Nations in the Cambridge University IGCSE examinations in May. The overall passes rate was 80%.In Environmental Management,NFL Jerseys Supply, Geography,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Literature, Physical Education, Spanish, and Travel and Tourism the pass rate was 100%. The pass rate was 90% in English Language and 96% in Computer Studies and Biology. More than 32% of all examinations written were given an ¡®A¡¯ or ¡®B¡¯ grade. Amongst the outstanding performers were; Osei McKenzie with 10 subjects including 1 distinction, 4 A¡¯s and 3 B¡¯s; Shefali Holder – 9 subjects including 1 distinction, 2 A¡¯s and 3 B¡¯s; Kathy Mohamed – 7 subjects including 1 distinction, 2 A¡¯s and 4 B¡¯s; Serejej Stammes – 4 distinctions and 1 B; Kester Daniels – 8 subjects including 1 distinction, 2 A¡¯s and 1 B; Ryan Fraser – 9 subjects, including 2 A¡¯s and 2 B¡¯s; Pritipaul Singh – 8 subjects, including 3 A¡¯s and 3 B¡¯s; Raphael St Hill – 6 subjects, including 2 A¡¯s and 2 B¡¯s; Sheik Amir – 6 subjects , including 1 A and 4 B¡¯s and Milton Urquhart – 6 subjects, including 1 distinction and 2 B¡¯s.
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The sale of a truck to the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown (M&CC) was reportedly the basis of a physical altercation between an officer of the City Constabulary and the vendor yesterday.The incident which occurred some time after 13:00 hours,Cheap NFL Jerseys, was characterised by a boxing match which was sparked by an attempt by the officer to escort the private citizen out of the municipal compound.While it is not clear who ordered the eviction of the man from the premises,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, this newspaper witnessed the attempt to have the man removed and the subsequent physical altercation which was appeased following the intervention of other officers. The man was promptly arrested but was expected to be released soon after.According to a senior City Constabulary officer,Cheap NHL Jerseys, while the man may have reacted out of frustration,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, he was directing his concern to the wrong department. ¡°We understand how he feels. Even staffers working here are sometimes frustrated but there are the relevant officers who you need to direct your concerns to…¡±The man had sold a truck to the municipality but has not been in receipt of full payment. It was revealed that the vehicle is valued at several millions of dollars.Reports are that the man has sought audience with various municipal officials on a number of occasions but has still been denied payment.Acting Public Relations Officer,Wholesale China Jerseys, Debra Lewis was unable to comment on the state of affairs yesterday but noted that the matter will have to be dealt with by the relevant officers.
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Guyanese calypsonian Vivian Jordan, popularly known as ¡®Mighty VJ¡¯, died yesterday at the Washington Adventist Hospital in Washington DC.Jordon was hospitalized some eight weeks ago.Vivian Jordan,Cheap Arizona Diamondbacks Hoodies, popularly known as ¡®Mighty VJ¡¯He has been battling cancer in his stomach,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, which had spread to his pancreas.Earlier this week, Jordan¡¯s wife, Faye Jordan,NFL Jerseys China, said that she cannot say how the chemotherapy will help him, as he is in an advanced stage of the disease.Just under a year ago, Jordan and his wife migrated to Maryland, USA.On February 16,Nike NFL Jerseys China, 2003 Jordan retained his crown,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, defeating nine other contestants in the National Finals of the Mash 2003 Calypso Competition at the Anna Regina Community Centre ground,Cheap Jerseys, Essequibo Coast.VJ, from Region One (Barima/Waini), became the first calypsonian to take the crown twice in a row.VJ won the title in 2002 with his song ¡®VJ for President.¡¯
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The dispute between Minister of Public Works, Robeson Benn,Cheap China Jerseys, and Commissioner of Police, Henry Greene, over who has authority to move the UG taxi drivers has been settled.Yesterday,Discount NFL Jerseys, when Kaieteur News visited the disputed area,NFL Jerseys China, the taxi drivers plying the UG access road route, were neatly tucked away on the eastern reserve of the roadway.According to the drivers,NFL Jerseys Cheap, they are quite satisfied with the compromise reached between the Police Commissioner and the Public Works Minister.On Wednesday last, the issue erupted between the two after Minister Benn contended that public interest will override private agendas. He said that the police were acting out of their jurisdiction when they sought to remove hire cars from Government reserve at the University of Guyana access road,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, Turkeyen.He said that he is disappointed to learn that the police, acting on behalf of a private resident, have been moving the drivers of hire cars from the reserve.The Minister had urged that the police desist from such activity.Benn stressed that the road reserve belongs to the government and the government can assign areas along that road for activities in the public interest.Later in the week, Benn,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Greene and Traffic Chief, Neil Semple visited the area to resolve the dispute.The Minister had assured on Sunday that by yesterday the matter would have been resolved. Benn said that the UG students must access their transportation as they take precedence over private interest.Over the past few weeks, the police were removing hire cars from the area since a private resident in the area complained that they were affecting the value of their property.