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Is true wha some people seh; once somebody write down something pun paper it isn¡¯t a secret any more. But Brazzy and de Nadir gyal didn¡¯t think so. Dem sign and sign and people now believe that Jagdeo give Brazzy de Marriott hotel at least till it done build.Dem boys did know that when dem didn¡¯t get de Pegasus Jagdeo and he kavakamites get suh vex that dem vow fuh put Badal out of business. Dem didn¡¯t kay that poor people want things other than a hotel. Dem tek good money fuh build de hotel.Now dem boys find out that Brazzy stoop so low that he kiss de Chinee contractor tail just fuh get de man fuh build de hotel. People believe that he sell he mother,China Jerseys, he sister and dem boys mother just fuh get de deal. Chris Ram believe that he sell he soul this Lenten season.Imagine that he agree to give de contractor,Cheap Jerseys, Shanghai Construction Group de right not to pay any taxes. Guyanese business people got to pay taxes through dem nose. Even poor public servants got to pay. SCG ain¡¯t got to get licence but let a poor man ride a motorbike without one,Nike NFL Jerseys China, is more jail than he age.Then Brazzy agree that SCG can bring in all de people it want fuh wuk in Guyana. Dem boys seh that he can do that because he tail full wid de people money. He ain¡¯t got to wuk. Then de same Chinee contractor tell Brazzy that it don¡¯t want to be involve in any claims and dispute.If he build de hotel and it fall down de next day it ain¡¯t responsible. And that hee haw Brazzy agree.? When dem boys ask he why,Cheap Sports Jerseys, he seh how Jagdeo tell he fuh give de people all dem want.De man sell out everything. If de contractor did tell he fuh tek off he pants and bend down he woulda do that too. He woulda give away he hee haw fuh free. Dem boys want de Nadir gyal husband fuh check and see if she ain¡¯t sign he over to dem Chinee who building SCG.Talk half and check to see wha more Brazzy give way to dem Chinee contractor.
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Six minibus passengers, including a female student of St. Stanislaus College, were rushed to theThe injured Emaane Forrester.Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) Friday night. The minibus in which they were traveling, toppled following a collision with a sports utility vehicle at the junction of Garnett and Middleton Streets,Cheap Jerseys Online, Georgetown.According to the minibus driver, 31-year-old Michael Edghill, the accident occurred around 10:30 hours,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, while he was travelling west on Garnett Street approaching Middleton Street, with 10 passengers in his bus.Edghill, who insisted he had the ¡°right of way¡±,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, claimed that the female driver of a Toyota Rav 4 (PPP 396),NFL Jerseys China, did not decelerate at the junction of the streets as she was required to do by law.The route 48 bus driver alleged that the woman was speeding, when she slammed into the ¡°back wheel¡± of his minibus, as he was crossing over Middleton Street.Edghill said that the impact caused his bus to topple and sent his passengers ¡°flying through the windows¡±.Ranks from the Kitty Police Station responded immediately to the scene and took the injured victims to the GPHC in a police vehicle.All the passengers sustained minor injuries except 14-year-old Emaane Forester, who lost four of her teeth and sustained several abrasions about her body.The student,China Jerseys NFL, of 21 Supply Village, East Bank Demerara (EBD),Supply Authentic NFL Jerseys, was traveling with her mother, Gail Forrester, when the collision occurred.Her mother is demanding compensation from the driver of the Toyota RAV 4 who is currently in policeMini-bus after toppling several times.custody assisting with investigations.
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In the wake of the People¡¯s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) expressing reticence about participating in long awaited Local Government Elections (LGE) should Dr. Steve Surujbally still be Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman,Wholesale Jerseys, has questioned whether the PPP/C was ever serious about participating in LGE.Co- founder of the AFC and Minister of Governance Raphael TrotmanAccording to Trotman, yesterday, the PPP/C has never made any attempts to hold local government elections since 1994, despite stipulations mandating LGE every four years. While this situation suggested that they never had serious intentions in participating, their most recent statement on LGE confirms their insincerity.Trotman, an Attorney- at- Law and former Speaker of the National Assembly,Cheap NFL Jerseys, explained that LGE was a chance for citizens to participate in their local democracy at the grass roots level, without undue political interference from major political parties. According to him,Cheap Football Jerseys, bringing heavy party politics into the equation sours the entire process.¡°The PPP/C¡¯s non-participation is a blessing.¡± Trotman said. ¡°It is a blessing in disguise, because the heavy hand of the party will not factor in.¡±According to Trotman, a co- founder of the Alliance for Change (AFC), the old days of the 1960s democratic centralism were over and Guyanese should be left breathing space. The Attorney- at- Law also stated that the impending LGE, which are expected to be held in 2016, represented a chance to restore grass root participation in politics.Trotman was also harshly critical of the PPP/C¡¯s repeated calls for Surujbally¡¯s resignation, asking why was the party suddenly incessant that Surujbally go, when he had presided over three elections (2006,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 2011 and 2015). It was pointed out that the PPP/C never had a problem with the GECOM chairman then, when they won the elections. According to the Minister, the PPP/C only wanted someone around who would guarantee victory. ¡°So them saying now that they do not want to hold LGE¡¯s with Surujbally? as Chairman is just another excuse.¡±According to Trotman, the PPP/C not only wanted control over the LGE, but also over GECOM and who was in charge of the Commission. ¡°This is grass roots; let the people choose.¡±There have been weeks of intense agitation from the PPP/C calling for Surujbally¡¯s head, after a narrow defeat at the May 11 polls saw the PPP/C losing the presidency for the first time in 23 years. While the elections were widely considered to be free and fair from inconsistencies, the PPP/C has maintained that GECOM, in conjunction with A Partnership for National Unity/ Alliance for Change (APNU+AFC) conspired to ¡°rig¡± the elections.The PPP/C has also mounted protests outside of GECOM¡¯s head office in a bid to bring recognition to their cause. These protests were attended by the former President Donald Ramotar, as well as members from his former Cabinet and other senior party officials, except for former President Bharrat Jagdeo whose absence was conspicuous.When the 11th parliament convened, recently, the PPP refused to occupy the opposition seats, leaving APNU+AFC Members of Parliament to be sworn in while the PPP/C mounted further protests outside of GECOM.In addition, at the PPP/C¡¯s weekly press conference last Monday,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, General Secretary of the party, Clement Rohee, reiterated the party¡¯s determination to hold firm to the call for Surujbally¡¯s resignation,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, stating that the party would not head to the long awaited Local Government Elections with Surujbally still at the head of GECOM at such a time.
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One doctor and two nurses have been sent on administrative leave and other actions are expected to follow, in keeping with the recommendations of the Expert Committee which has been charged with conducting an investigation into the recent maternal death at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).On Tuesday June 4,Cheap China Jerseys, 2013, 28-year-old Luan Rodney died in the maternity section of the hospital. One day earlier she was admitted to the hospital to deliver her second child. Her baby girl, according to reports was delivered stillborn.Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran,Cheap Jerseys, yesterday said that the Committee in keeping with a defined timeline presented its report to Dr. Shanti Singh who is currently acting in the capacity of Chief Medical Officer.Word is that another doctor is likely to also be sent on administrative leave.Administrator of the hospital, Michael Khan,NFL Jerseys China, refused to comment on the state of affairs yesterday.? ¡°I am neutral…by Friday we should be able to give out information.¡±According to Minister Ramsaran he is pleased with the progress of the investigation even as he commended the role played by Dr Singh in the process.¡°She has been doing an outstanding job,¡± noted the Minister. He disclosed that the findings of the Report will eventually be made public as part of a legislative mandate.Meanwhile, the Minister during an interview disclosed that with a view to ensuring that measures are in place to improve maternal health services, the Ministry of Health has put in place a Committee to scrutinise the operation of the GPHC¡¯s maternity ward.Dubbed the Maternity Ward Inspectorate, the Committee was brought into being through an administrative provision put in place by the Minister himself.He said, though,Jerseys NBA Cheap China, that the Committee was established even before a worrying spate of maternal deaths had occurred. ¡°I had noted certain concerns coming from the maternity ward, not only concerns about deaths but other concerns that visitors and other people had been raising ¡ª like cleanliness,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, like conditions of the toilets and so on…¡±The need for an inspectorate was recognised and moves to implement one were soon after engaged, he said. However, the inspectorate, the Minister said, is not one mandated by law to inspect hospitals. Rather it is an administrative committee which is designed to include women¡¯s rights advocates.¡°We have, for example, invited members of the Women and Gender Equality Commission and I am told that that inspectorate, that watch dog committee as it were…already had one visit to the GPHC maternity ward.¡±The Committee, according to the Minister, is separate from the GPHC internal visiting group which is tasks with visiting the maternity ward regularly.? ¡°Those are things that I think should be noted and we hope to involve more and more women groups so that they can join this inspectorate and visit the maternity ward frequently,¡± said the Minister.He disclosed that he had since impressed on the office of the Chief Medical Officer the need to involve more women¡¯s group so that they can join the inspectorate.The Minister said that there are other positive things that the Health Ministry has been doing in order to improve maternal health services. He alluded to continuous training and re-training of medical personnel who execute functions relative to maternal health.Among these are doctors who are expected to work in maternity departments, said the Minister.He disclosed that the Ministry has introduced the Advanced Labour and Risk Management (ALARM) programme, which is a short intense course that is internationally certified. And according to the Minister all of the Cuban-trained doctors are required to undergo this training before they are dispatched to render their services.¡°All the Cuban trained graduates are gathered as a group before they are dispersed to the different locations and they are indoctrinated in the tenets of ALARM,¡± informed the Minister.The move, he noted,NHL Jerseys From China, is important so that doctors charged with overseeing maternity wards are efficient in risk management.
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In de Good Book Jacob thief Esau birthright. In Guyana Jagdeo thief Moses birthright and is Janet who cause that.Ever since then Moses didn¡¯t like him and he hate de best bone in Moses because Moses was de most popular in de party,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, after Papa Cheddi.Jagdeo use Moses then he willfully and wickedly kick out him from de party. Election is around de corner and Moses is on de opposing side,Jerseys NFL Cheap, sitting as de next Prime Minister.Jagdeo more vex. He guh pun de stage at Kitty and seh how Granger put a pacifier in Moses mouth fuh suck. Well Moses tun and ask Jagdeo,NFL Jerseys Cheap, ¡°If as you seh dem put a pacifier in me mouth,Cheap NHL Jerseys, tell this nation wha you-all put in de PPP Prime Ministerial candidate mouth. Fuh sure it ain¡¯t a pacifier.¡±Jagdeo then tell de people that he gun use every ounce of strength in he body to ensure that Donald Dumb is de next president of Guyana.Dem boys seh that he know why he got to do everything. He got a lot to protect and to answer for if Moses get in de office. Wheh Moses planning fuh put him he ain¡¯t gun only such pacifier.He gun got to suck nuff Guysuco cane wha that US$200 million Skeldon factory can¡¯t grind. This is de same man who seh weeks before he lef office that he gun personally go wid he bare hands and fix de factory.De factory ain¡¯t wukking on to now because he hands ain¡¯t meet deh. It was too full grabbing up de nation¡¯s wealth.Saturday,Wholesale Jerseys, when dem boys ask he if he could account fuh he wealth he dodge de question. He tell de press that he wouldn¡¯t tell de Big Market paper and he wouldn¡¯t tell anybody. But he seh he gun tell somebody and dem boys believe that de somebody is Babbie.And talking bout Babbie,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, dem gyal seh? that dem see Babbie at de rally looking very pretty wid a lot of makeup pun he facie-facie and wid some lip gloss.Talk half and now de election season start.
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Police in ¡®G¡¯ Division on the Essequibo Coast,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, are currently conducting investigations into 20 gallons of gasoline that was reportedly stolen on Tuesday.Reports coming out of Region Two state that the gasoline was reportedly booked out of the compound by security and was apparently heading for the Charity district.Regional Chairman Ali Baksh said that the police are continuing their investigations and that two employees from the region are been questioned.
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¡­Parliamentary Oversight to rectify practice-Dr RoopnaraineA Partnership for National Unity¡¯s Prime Ministerial Candidate,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine has taken another swipe at the ruling administration for their failure to levy penalties in the form of liquidated damages on defaulting contractors.Dr Roopnaraine says that this practice by the administration is downright outrageous and what makes it even worse is that the same contractors in default and sometimes even providing shoddy works are rewarded with more contracts,Cheap Jerseys Online, in some cases even more lucrative.Over the years the Auditor General¡¯s Office in its Annual Reports have pointed out instances where contractors have even been overpaid for providing shoddy works but the safeguard provision of levying liquidated damages is non-existent.Dr. Rupert RoopnarineDr Roopnaraine is optimistic this is one of the matters that will be addressed by the requisite Parliamentary bodies with responsibility for activities such as the audits.¡°Parliament is going to take its audit functions very seriously,¡± ?? ?stated Dr. Roopnaraine.One of the prime examples of the administration failing to levy penalty in the form of liquidated damages, involves Synergy Holdings and Makeshwar ¡®Fip¡¯ Motilall who are currently behind schedule with a US$15.4M road contract.Motilall was deemed hopelessly behind schedule ever since April 2011 with the administration threatening to apply liquidated damages,Cheap Jerseys From China, but to date this is yet to be applied.Motilall has missed three subsequent deadlines.The road is to pave the way for the construction of the Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project which has seen estimates increase from US$450M to a staggering US$835M.Dr Luncheon, during a recent post Cabinet press briefing disclosed that the new completion date for the road project is now March or April this year.It has now been agreed by Motilall,China NFL Jerseys, the consultants and the Government of Guyana that sections of the road will have to be sub-contracted out to other companies to speed up the works.As it relates to the percentage of the US$15.4M paid over to Synergy Holdings Inc. for works already completed, the official was unable to pronounce but promised to make that information available.Dr. Luncheon was also unable at the time to say how much of the road has been completed.Motilall had earlier this year promised to take media operatives to the interior to view the progress of the road but that too never materialized.Dr Luncheon had even suggested that Motilall should be very worried because the design of the contract stipulates stringent penalties.¡°The penalties are quite significant and will be enforced for not meeting the drop dead date.¡±The breakdown of the project awarded to Synergy Holdings Inc states that the upgrade of 89km of road will cost US$3.9M; the 110km of virgin roadway, US$7M,Cheap Jerseys Online, the two pontoon crossings or a bridge will be US$1.5M and ¡®T¡¯ line clearing is said to be US$3M.Hand-in-Hand Group of Companies is the company that has backed Synergy Holdings Inc. with the US$3M mobilization and security bonds, which were a prerequisite to securing the recently awarded Amaila Falls Road contract.The Amaila Falls Hydro Electric Project is described as just part of a larger effort to revolutionise Guyana¡¯s power generation infrastructure.The storage dam site would be located near the top of Amaila Falls and would impound the waters of both the Kuribrong and Amaila Rivers.The Amaila site is located on the Kuribrong River, a tributary of the Potaro River in West Central Guyana. The nearest point of access is the airstrip at Kaieteur Falls on the Potaro River,Cheap Jerseys From China, approximately 15 miles to the south.
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… as hospital probes financial discrepancies ?Weeks after the Director of Financial Services and a Clerk of the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) were sent on leave to facilitate a probe into the disappearance of over $4M at the facility, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Michael Khan was yesterday ordered to go on annual leave.CEO Michael KhanKhan said that he received a letter from the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Nirmal Rekha,China Jerseys Cheap, early yesterday,Wholesale Jerseys, instructing him to proceed on his annual leave with immediate effect.He said that he was not told why he was sent on leave but claimed that he has 60 days accumulated annual leave. He said,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, too, that he is not sure when he will be back at the hospital but stated that the Director of Medical Services Dr. Sheik Amir will act as the CEO in his absence.Kaieteur News tried to contact Rekha who is also the Finance Secretary of the Ministry of Finance to no avail.Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, who also serves as a member of the Board, said that he is not aware that Khan was asked to go on leave.Meanwhile, although Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran,Cheap NFL Jerseys, confirmed last evening that Khan was sent on leave based on a directive of the Board, he did not divulge the reason for the action. According to the Minister, the Board is allowed to operate under a certain recommended framework which requires that he, as Minister, have ¡°an arms-length¡± approach to it.¡°I will have to consult with Mr. Rekha¡­he was trying to get me this afternoon (yesterday); he will have to let me know what exactly is the position of the Board. I don¡¯t want to be speculating on the details of it, I have to be briefed further¡­but I have confidence in the Board,¡± he added.The Minister pointed out that, ¡°the decision was not the decision of a single person,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, it was a Board decision; so myself and my Chief Medical Officer, who is also on the Board, will be checking exactly what is the position, and about the sustainability of operations,¡± said the Minister.This publication was however reliably informed that Khan was sent on leave to facilitate a thorough investigation into the recently detected fraud. It was explained that in order for a necessary audit and other scrutinizing processes to be undertaken it was recommended at the level of the Board that Khan be sent on leave to prevent any potential interference.The GPHC, a few months ago, appointed the existing Board of Directors and this publication was told that the Board will ensure that matters affecting the operation of the hospital are thoroughly investigated and necessary action(s) taken.The current Board of Directors comprises six former members, among them Dr. Shamdeo Persaud,NFL Cheap Jerseys, Ms Renata Chuck-A-Sang, Mr. Sheik Amir, Colonel Mark Phillips, Ms. Norma Semple, Brother Kempton Alexander and four new members; Dr. Mahendra Carpen, Dr. Dalgleish Joseph, Ms. Bibi Zaheeda Hack and Mr. Nirmal Rekha.The new Board became operational in July and is expected to serve until June 2014.According to Minister Ramsaran the Ministry is allowing its Boards, including that at the Berbice Regional Health Authority, to operate independently, even as he emphasized that the GPHC Board has the requisite competencies to make certain decisions.
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–?? 30,000 tons paddy, 29,000 tons white rice already shipped As part of Guyana¡¯s contractual obligation to ship paddy and white rice to Venezuela, the sixth shipment of paddy for 2013 is expected to leave shortly. Loading of 6,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping,000 tons of paddy onto the vessel would commence today and conclude on Saturday, once there is favourable weather.This is according to Jagnarine Singh, General Manager of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) who said that five shipments, each containing 6,000 tons of paddy, have already been supplied to the Spanish speaking state. To conclude the contractual arrangement of supplying 80,Cheap NFL Jerseys,000 tons of paddy, Guyana has to make at least 13 more shipments.Jagnarine SinghMeanwhile, Guyana has already shipped 29,000 tons of the 110,Cheap Jerseys For Sale,000 tons of white rice required under the contract. He said that 25 tons of white rice are placed in 20-ft containers and transported to Venezuela.Singh said that for Venezuela to handle one shipment at a time both products are shipped one week apart. How the contract is written,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, the amounts required by Venezuela could either be 10 percent more or 10 percent less for both products.Prior to inking this year¡¯s Guyana-Venezuela rice agreement, trucks filled with tons of paddy waiting in long lines to dry at mills, millers running out of money to purchase additional paddy, and the slow outflow of rice and paddy from mills, faced Guyana. Farmers protested the long lines, prices being offered and even the presence of paddy bugs among crops.However, with Nicolas Maduro elected President of Venezuela, both countries concluded the agreement which is now being materialized with the shipment of paddy and rice.According to Singh, owing to the financial situation,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, farmers and millers encountered while waiting on the Venezuelan market, which is very lucrative,Cheap Jerseys, an arrangement was made to pay advances to millers.He noted that prior to the delay, advertisements for millers to apply to sell their paddy to Venezuela were posted and a database of interested millers created. Owing to expense incurred by millers, Government offered advances, which were used to pay farmers.Millers¡¯ books of farmers and amounts owed were audited by the GRDB and a list of farmers was presented to the bank where the cheques were changed to ensure a fair process.Singh said that GRDB was never involved in the shipping of rice prior to this agreement. As such, GRDB is tasked with additional responsibilities with staff still having to do their original duties.He said that one of the primary responsibilities of GRDB, is to ensure that the quality of rice required by Venezuela in the contract, is met. And, this is one of the most tedious tasks when one Region¡¯s poor quality paddy has to mix with another Region¡¯s.¡°This is something some people would call like a nightmare because there is so much work to do especially when you have the luxury of having bad paddy added to good paddy,¡± Singh said.GRDB and millers were able to secure the services of another vessel. This is reducing the incidence of delays in shipments to Venezuela.The local agent or company uses the United Bulk Carrier vessel that is fairly new. ¡°Working with this new vessel and more closely monitoring in Venezuela all the delays getting to almost minimum to zero,¡± he added.
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The Stabroek Market car park will be under the control of the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) after more than seven years of government management.Deputy Mayor Patricia Chase-Green said that the Ministry of Public Infrastructure has expressed willingness to return the management of the car park to the City Council. Former Minister of Public Works Robeson Benn had taken control of the park in 2008.The Deputy Mayor said that the Ministry has also indicated its willingness to assist the City with repairs to the Stabroek Market wharf.Chase-Green said that there is also a proposal by the Ministry for a board walk on the seawall,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, and when this is completed,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, it will be handed over to the M&CC.To deepen democracy and advance development, the new administration has been embracing the idea that citizens¡¯ satisfaction is best met at the community level by Local Democratic Organs (LDOs) and not central Government.To this end,Cheap Jerseys China, the administration has been breaking the stranglehold,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, domination and usurpation of Local Democratic Organs and their statutory functions,Wholesale Baseball Jerseys, as practiced by the last administration. It has instead been promoting decentralisation of local democratic engagement,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, by supporting and enabling the local organs to discharge their responsibilities.
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Mobile telecommunications provider Digicel, which entered the Guyana market just two years ago,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, has opened its new headquarters in Kingston, Georgetown.The company did not declare the cost of constructing the five-floor edifice, which has been named ¡°Barrack House¡±,cheap jerseys from china, given its location at Barrack and Fort Street in the Kingston ward of the city.Prime Minister Samuel Hinds cut the ribbon to officially open the building, which will meet the needs of the Digicel staff,China Jerseys, its creative team, as well as a 24-hour customer care centre.¡°Guyana matters to Digicel,¡± Gregory Dean,Cheap China Jerseys, Digicel¡¯s Chief Executive Officer,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, said, pointing out that the newPrime Minister Samuel Hinds, flanked by senior staff members of Digicel, cuts the symbolic ribbon to officially open the new Digicel headquarters. headquarters serves as a symbol of the company¡¯s long-term commitment to the Guyana market.Dean hailed the June 1 start of cross-texting between Digicel and the other mobile provider, the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T), and plugged the company¡¯s case for a liberalization of the international telecommunications market.Minister of Labour Manzoor Nadir,Wholesale Jerseys, said he was pleased that there is now cross-texting between GT&T and Digicel, and said an efficient and effective mobile provider is important for security, business operations and for communication between loved ones.He congratulated Digicel on the opening of its new office complex, and also hailed the opening of the company¡¯s 24-hour customer care centre.Nadir said mobile communication is now integral to every aspect of life, and he saw the opening of Digicel¡¯s new building as representing ¡°a dedicated step¡± towards enhancing the sector.
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The One Laptop Per Family Programme (OLPF) slowed significantly in 2012, because it had become a victim of the budget cuts. But other ways were found to procure more computers and accelerate the distribution drive of the computers to the applicants.Minister of Agriculture, Dr Leslie Ramsammy, while distribution of over 60 laptops at the studios of the National Communications Network Inc (NCN) in Berbice on Sunday, said that the programme is being accelerated again.The government has found ways to cross the budget cuts hurdle, he said.Some $18.3B was cut from the 2012 budget by the combined opposition. One of the items on the list was the OLPF Programme.Prior to the disbursement of the LCDS Fund, the GOG had advanced the money for the programme.? ¡°We had bought a set of computers which we distributed last year and we were hoping that once we got back the money from LCDS, we would then procure a larger amount for distribution¡±.He stated that the government had to go and ¡°find ways of doing the programme.¡±¡°As government, we depend for support on the parliament¡­and when they vote against such a thing,cheap nfl jerseys, they vote against good programmes and people getting benefits. But we had said when the budget was cut, that we¡¯d find a way to make it happen, and we did. This programme is back and is being accelerated.¡±¡°You would have noticed that last year we were going fast¡ªvirtually every day we were distributing 100, 50, 100, 150 computers in villages¡­and then we became a little slow for this year¡ª2012 has been slower than 2011¡±.But he stated that the budget cuts did not cripple the OLPF Programme because the government found other ways to procure the computers ¡°which we, today are distributing. In fact, in the 2013 budget, we are hoping that everything goes right and we will have an acceleration.¡±The Minister added that other partners and donors, the Government of China for instance, has come on board and has offered to donate computers towards the project ¡°and other private partners who are contributing to the programme¡±.Dr Ramsammy, when asked about the possibility of the combined opposition slicing more money from the programme in the 2013 budget, stated that ¡°well,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, you never know¡­all these programmes are for the entire country, not for the PPP supporters, rather for every family and there are certain things we should not make apolitical football.¡±He noted that when certain developmental programmes are threatened, ¡°you are threatening the livelihood of everyone, whatever ethnicity, religion and so on and we should not play with the lives of ordinary people.¡±¡°It was wrong to block programmes like the OLPF, and solar panels for hinterland families¡±,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, he noted. He is hoping common sense would prevail ¡°and don¡¯t take our wards to a level where people are affected and if we want to have a war, it is okay but let us find things that don¡¯t hurt people¡±.He stated that the government is trying its utmost to ensure that every nursery, primary and secondary school has computers. He said,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, though, that this process will take time but it will become a reality, ¡°and one day soon, every child will have access to computers in schools.¡±Dr Ramsammy stated that it is also the intention of the government for families to access the computers, ¡°and to bring equity to people whereby not only rich people have access¡±.The PPP/C government, he added, designed the programme for 90,000 persons ¡°and if you take an average of four persons in a home, it means almost 400,000 people would benefit directly from the OLPF programme¡±.Also, he addressed the concerns about the long wait being experienced by some applicants ¡°because we don¡¯t have all of it to give at the same time¡­we have to¡ªit¡¯s hundreds of millions of dollars.¡± Ramsammy also addressed what he termed ¡®rumours¡¯ about persons having to pay for the laptops,NFL Jerseys Cheap, or do laborious work after they would have received the instruments. He debunked those claims.He stated that when the programme was first started, budget funds were used ¡°because we were going to do this programme on the Low Carbon Development Strategy and we are getting some money for a service that Guyana provides¡­for us preserving the forests, we help the world absorb the carbons from the air and we are selling that service so Norway is paying us and one of the sources of the money of this programme comes from LCDS.¡±He thanked Member of Parliament, Faizal M. Jaffarally who is playing a crucial role in the OLPF Programme in the Berbice area.So far in 2012, some 3,000 laptops were distributed to Berbicians. This week, more than 175 instruments will be distributed across various hubs in Berbice,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, Dr Ramsammy revealed. Black Bush, Manchester, Port Mourant, Liverpool, New Amsterdam, and Albion have recently seen laptop distribution.
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The untimely demise of four-year-old Jaden Mars, who died days after being admitted a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation to have his tongue sutured, is currently gaining the attention of an Expert Committee established by the Ministry of Health.This is according to Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, who during an interview with this publication disclosed that under the new Ministry of Health Act, it is mandatory that all deaths of children below the age of five must be reported to the Chief Medical Officer¡¯s office immediately.Dead: Jaden MarsHowever, Dr Persaud disclosed that moves are being made to extend the mandatory reporting for the death of children to as old as 12 years. ¡°The intent is that for all children who die, there must be some sort of review of the reason, and especially if it is a death that occurred within 24 hours of admission to hospital,¡± said the Chief Medical Officer.And so it was to address the cases of child mortality that the Expert Committee was created. The Committee has the Ministry of Health¡¯s Adolescent and Young Adult Coordinator, Dr. Ernestine Hamilton, as its Secretary. She is ably supported by the Ministry¡¯s Director of Maternal and Child Health Unit ,Wholesale Jerseys, Dr. Janice Woolford, Dr. Persaud informed.Other members of the committee include medical experts from both the public and private health sectors with veteran doctor and recent Masters of Medicine in Paediatrics graduate,Cheap Jerseys From China, Dr. Clive Bowman as its Chairman.And according to Dr. Persaud, the recently established Committee has had its first meeting and has in place its terms of reference,China Jerseys Cheap, and a few cases including the death of Mars, are high on its agenda.Already, the Chief Medical Officer has been provided with all necessary reports, records and other documents relating to the death of Mars and according to him, ¡°I am awaiting the outcome of the meeting on this matter.¡± He related that the Committee has disclosed plans to conduct a number of interviews with all parties involved, including the child¡¯s parents. Additionally, he said that the Committee will be tasked with reviewing the procedures that were in place during the child¡¯s stay at the hospital.On December 4 last, Mars was admitted a patient at the hospital after accidentally falling and hitting his chin on a five gallon plastic bucket while at his 45 West Ruimveldt home. The impact resulted in his teeth damaging his tongue thereby causing it to bleed profusely. At the time, the Ascension Nursery child was at home with his grandmother Nancy Gittens who rushed him to the East Ruimveldt Health Centre where his wound was attended to in order to stop the bleeding. The child was however referred to the GPHC to have his wound, which was deemed ¡°not life threatening¡±, sutured.At the GPHC, the child was administered two doses of 25 milligrams of Ketamine intended to sedate him so as to allow the attending doctor to suture his wound.And since the medication administered was rendered ineffective, a decision was made to take the child to the hospital¡¯s theatre to have the wound sutured under controlled medication. However by the time officials had finished attending to Mars he had slipped into a coma. No explanation was readily afforded the child¡¯s mother, Natalie Caseley,China NFL Jerseys, who had remained at the hospital since his arrival on December 4.Mars would remain in an unconscious state in the institution¡¯s Intensive Care Unit until passing away about one week later, leaving his family with more questions than answers and grave concerns about the service offered at the health care facility.Currently, the investigating Committee is not only reviewing the competencies of the professionals who attended to the child but attempts are also being made to ascertain whether there were some systemic weaknesses that need addressing.And according to Dr. Persaud,Authentic Jerseys Wholesale, ¡°I think there are already some conclusions, but the recommended actions would have to come from the Expert Committee. That Committee was specially set up for that purpose so that it doesn¡¯t appear as though I am arbitrarily making a big decision like this…so any decision would be a collective one as to how the necessary actions would be meted out to who might be at fault,¡± the Chief Medical Officer stressed.He disclosed too that as part of efforts to ensure that the parents are kept informed, the hospital was expected to remain in contact with the parents with a view of providing them with as much information as possible as it relates to the ongoing investigation.But although diligent moves are being made to address the case,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, a sombre Dr. Persaud intimated that ¡°the whole situation has been very heartbreaking…I must say I am very saddened by the whole occurrence.¡±
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– GTUC condemns threat on life of former General SecretaryLincoln Lewis (centre) at the press conference with Acting General Secretary of the GTUC, Norris Witter (right) and Vice President Patrick Singh.The Guyana Trade Union Congress has expressed its concern for the safety of its former General Secretary, Lincoln Lewis, following what was described as an attempt on his life between Sunday night and early yesterday morning.But the outspoken veteran trade unionist says that he will not be silenced, even if it means risking his life.Lewis made the comment at a hastily arranged press conference in which he detailed what transpired at his home in Cummingslodge, East Coast Demerara.Lewis told members of the media that his home was visited by unsavoury characters, forcing him to flee for his safety.He claimed that he has not reported the matter to the police as he feels that nothing significant will come out of their investigations,Jerseys NFL Cheap, since according to him,Cheap Arizona Cardinals Hoodies, the police may be acting in consort with the perpetrators.According to a statement delivered by Acting General Secretary of the Guyana Trade Union Congress (GTUC), Norris Witter, on Sunday night, Lewis¡¯s home was visited by persons unknown to him, who were seeking uninvited access.¡°He was forced as a result to leave his home and seek safety elsewhere. He has not gone to the police to report this transgression on his property as in these perilous times he does not know whom he can trust,¡± Witter told the media yesterday.He declared that the GTUC is concerned but not afraid for the likely threat on the life and property of Lincoln Lewis.¡°We are concerned that those who seek to still the voices of dissent in our society are seeking to instill fear in this brother who has been fearless under Burnham,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Hoyte and Cheddi Jagan,¡± Witter added.Lewis, who is attached to the Caribbean Congress of Labour¡¯s Head Office in Barbados, is on a short visit to Guyana.He explained that he had retired to bed in the bottom flat of his two-storey house when he was aroused by loud banging on his doors as well as a window.Upon investigating, he observed three unknown characters trying to gain entry to his house.Since lights were on around the property, Lewis said he observed that two of the men were wearing caps while the other wore a flop hat. They were all dressed in civilian clothes.After their initial attempt to gain entry into the house failed, the men left and Lewis proceeded to turn off the lights.Five minutes later the men returned and again tried to force their way into Lewis¡¯s house. This time, Lewis, realizing that there was no place he could hide if the men did manage to enter his house, decided to flee the premises.He said that he ran all the way to the back of the village, even as the men followed him in a white car they had parked on the road near his house.He was subsequently rescued by a minibus driver who took him to the Stabroek Car Park where he caught a taxi and moved to a safer location.No shots were fired and Lewis said that he could not tell if the men carried firearms.¡°I live alone. I live a life where I feel no need for security,¡± the former GTUC General Secretary said when asked about security at his premises.¡°I believe there are persons who are not comfortable with my stance on certain issues,¡± Lewis stated.?????These issues relate to what Lewis called the murdering of Guyanese by the law enforcement agencies and the high cost of living he attributed to the value added tax implemented by the government.These issues were outlined during a press conference at which Lewis spoke last Friday.He revealed that the office in which the press conference was held was broken into the said Friday night and a computer removed.¡°The phantom is the police and the police are phantoms. I am not going to go to them. What other course of action I will take is something that I will have to determine,¡± he said.Among the courses to be taken are informing local regional and international bodies such as the United Nations, Caricom,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, the various Churches and the International Labour Organization.Lewis said that he also plans to take the matter to the Human Rights Convention in Geneva, Switzerland next year.¡°God ain¡¯t ready yet to carry me to another place. I have unfinished business,¡± Lewis said.He stopped short of accusing anyone but from his intonations, he was definitely referring to the present administration.?According to the GTUC, the present administration has disgraced the memory of Dr. Cheddi Jagan.????????The trade union body stated that in a country with a history of racial encampments, ¡°Lewis as a black man was not afraid to share a platform with the late Indian leader Dr. Cheddi Jagan whom many associate with apaan jhat politics¡±.¡°Brother Lincoln demonstrated that he was above racial politics and stood with those whom at the time he believed shared the same values as he did,¡± the GTUC said.They claimed that the present administration has successfully created a society cloaked in fear.¡°Fear of being accused of sedition, fear of being imprisoned for five years as the judicial process is violated to take away your freedom,NFL Jerseys 2018, fear of the right to association and freedom of expression,Cheap Jerseys From China, fear of state sponsored eavesdropping on your telephone calls¡­fear of state associated phantom murdering squads, fear of being accused of a crime, being placed on a wanted list and then brutally murdered without trial and most recently, fear of elements in the police and Joint Services,¡± the GTUC statement said.??The GTUC said that it is committed to defending the rights of Lincoln Lewis and all other Guyanese who dare to speak out on the transgressions in our society.¡°We condemn the threat against his life and property and we call on the people of Guyana, the media, the state and all law abiding citizens to protect his right to freedom of expression in defence of a society and people he has spent his life struggling for and whom he loves,¡± the GTUC said.Lewis for his part believes that should he go to the police, the matter will end up like many other uninvestigated matters currently in their hands.???He revealed that he has received threats before.¡°They don¡¯t want to hear what I have to say. They want me dead. Why would thieves follow me all the way to the back of Cummingslodge after I ran away?¡± he added.He described the men who came to his house in the wee hours of yesterday morning – two of them being tall while the other was slightly shorter.¡°They can do what they want; they cannot silence me. I was supposed to leave this morning (yesterday) but I am not leaving,¡± Lewis asserted.
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– first batch of sugar due today By Gary EleazarThe Skeldon Sugar Modernisation Project (SSMP),Cheap China Jerseys, more commonly referred to as the new Skeldon Sugar Factory, is nearer to its handing over. The state of the art facility,Cheap Baseball Jerseys, which is fully computer monitored and operated, successfully underwent its second round of testing,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, yesterday.The first test that took place on Wednesday was a 12-hour continuous run and after experiencing no hiccups,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, the contractors, CNTIC,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, under the watchful eye of the Vice President of the Company, Zhang Guodong, went ahead with a 24-hour continuous run.From left Minister Robert Persaud, CNTIC Vice President Zhang Guodong, and GAWU President Komal Chand tour the facility during its test run yesterdayThe testing process will continue progressively until both CNTIC and the Guyana Sugar Corporation are satisfied with the results. This will determine when the facility will be handed over.Minister with responsibility for Agriculture, and President of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers¡¯ Union, Komal Chand, and a plethora of media operatives yesterday toured the facility during the second test run and it was observed that all of the equipment appeared to be functioning efficiently.Guodong said that, during the past week, there were a couple of trial runs but on Wednesday, for the first time, the factory operated for a sustained period of more than 10 hours.He noted that at present the factory,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, which is still not operating at full capacity given that it is still in the trial run phase, consumes in the vicinity of 1,500 tonnes of sugar cane per day.He emphasised, however, that at full capacity the factory will be utilising some 8,400 tonnes of sugar cane per day.Regarding the hiccups over the last few months that had caused concern to the point that GuySuCo contemplated legal options, Guodong said that the problems, though partly technical, had to do with a lot of ¡®mix ups¡¯ in that there were some problems shipping resources– human, technical and otherwise–to Guyana. Weather was also identified as a hurdle.He did note that at the moment, ¡°Everything was ok¡­everything was working well.¡±The CNTIC Vice President emphasized, however, that this was a critical juncture given that local personnel will now have to be adequately trained to operate the factory efficiently, and allow for the transition embedded in the takeover by GuySuCo.¡°We need more local operators to learn how to operate and maintain (the equipment).¡±Minister Persaud did assure Guodong that one shift of workers at the old factory will be committed to the new factory for training.According to Persaud, he was assured by the Chinese that despite the hiccups in the initial stages, the test would be done successfully.He reiterated that the factory would not be accepted until all and sundry could be satisfied that the facility ¡°is at a very functional level.¡±According to Persaud, despite the successful test indicating that there has been significant progress, ¡°we were not yet out of the woods because the tests were not completed,¡± given that there were still several progressive tests on the cards.He did also express his optimism that the weather would ¡®hold up¡¯, given that had there been a more abundant supply of cane for yesterday¡¯s test which could have been more extensive.Persaud did note that should the cane supply become a problem, supplies will have to be sourced from nearby estates.Based on the tests conducted, the first batch of sugar that will be produced by the factory should be churned out today and if all goes well with the tests, the factory will be handed over within a matter of weeks.Persaud did note that he was dissatisfied at the delay but was optimistic that the factory would be fully operational as soon as possible so that it would complement the national production level which is already under scrutiny.¡°I will not be satisfied until we see sugar coming out of the factory for commercial purposes¡­We will be pushing back the formal opening ceremony but we do hope that by the end of this first crop (of sugar) we will be producing sugar to improve our (country¡¯s) performance.¡±
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As an agent of the state, it is inappropriate for the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA) to treat revenue belonging to the state, as its own revenue.Former Auditor General, Anand GoolsarranThis is the contention of former Auditor General, Anand Goolsarran,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, who in his recent writings on accountability, said that while in the GEA Financial Statements the US$350M in fuel transactions is represented as revenue; this is not reflected in the National Estimates (Budget).According to 2012 National Estimates, presented to the Parliament by Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, the revenue for GEA is $40M with its expenditure standing at $99.3M, hence the need for a $58.6M subsidy to meet its shortfall.¡°The estimates therefore did not recognize the US$350M worth of fuel transactions under the PetroCaribe agreement.¡±According to the PetroCaribe Agreement between Guyana and Venezuela,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, GEA has been designated the buyer for the various types of fuel purchased from that country.¡°As a result of this arrangement, GEA has presumably decided to treat the proceeds of the sale of petroleum products to oil companies as its revenue while payments to Venezuela and to the government of Guyana, representing the cost of the products, are shown as office and administrative expenses,¡± said Goolsarran.The former auditor general said, too, that although GEA accounts have been audited up to 2012, the annual reports and audited accounts for the years 2010 to 2012 are yet to be tabled in the National Assembly.¡°It is refreshing to learn that the Prime Minister has acknowledged this tardiness and has given the undertaking that this would be done as soon as possible.¡±It was first reported by financial analyst,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Christopher Ram,NFL Jerseys Cheap, that with poor accounting practices and no word on who sits on its Board of Directors,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the GEA headed by Mahender Sharma, was last year responsible for a whopping US$350M of the nation¡¯s transactions.Ram had also stated that while the GEA came into existence in late 1997 and commenced operations in 1998, it was more than 12 years before any accounts were tabled in the National Assembly.¡°This is no inconsequential oversight,¡± said Ram, who indicated that the GEA by its own calculation is responsible for a sector which in 2011 was the equivalent of 25 per cent of Guyana¡¯s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).Ram pointed out that it is the GEA that has been assigned responsibility for the contractual arrangements with Venezuela to supply Guyana with crude oil, refined oil products and Liquid Propane Gas (LPG).¡°In 2012 the payments for fuel purchased under the arrangements amounted to close to US$350M.¡±According to Ram, the records indicate that audited financial statements and not annual reports were tabled in the National Assembly for years up to 2009.GEA Boss, Mahender SharmaHe said that according to the 2012 activities, the audits for the years 2010 and 2011 have been completed, but these have not been tabled.The analyst said, ¡°The financial statements are a real cause for concern. You would think that an entity that handles such sums will not only have a good accountant but also be subjected to a decent quality audit¡­It appears that both of these are missing.¡±He said,NFL Jerseys China, too, that the accounts bear no signature of any director and for each year from 1998 to 2009, one of the signatories on the balance sheet is Mahender Sharma.
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– Hopes to reassess and re-value propertiesThe service of an independent valuator has been retained by the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown (M&CC) as part of the entity¡¯s effort to reassess and revalue properties within the city. The efforts are likely to commence this week.According to Deputy Mayor Robert Williams, all properties that fall within the boundaries of North Road, D¡¯Urban Street, Water Street and Vlissengen Road that have changed from residences to businesses will be re-valued and re-assessed by the independent valuator.Based on the findings of the valuator, Williams said that assessment notices will be sent out to property owners requesting back-dated payment for such properties.The move came following a survey which was carried out by the municipality in the aforementioned areas. The survey, according to Williams, had discovered that a number of properties have been transformed to commercial operations.According to the Deputy Mayor, in such areas, the municipality should have been collecting some $18M per year but is only in receipt, if it is paid at all, of a mere $5M per year.¡°When you assess on average going back three to four years, it is over $66M we should have garnered for commercial operations in these areas but we are only getting $24M under the base document we have, which is residential,¡± Williams opined.And Williams stressed, this situation has been allowed to worsen as the municipality has not been able to obtain the Valuation Roll under the Urban Development Programme, which he disclosed has been reportedly completed since 2003. The Valuation Roll, Williams said, is a complete assessment of all the properties in Georgetown and done in a scientific way by means of a capital mode as against rental mode, with digitised accommodation of information. Through this valuation, properties are identified both in terms of picture and statistics on what they are for the purpose of assessment, which the municipality has not been able to engage.¡°You may ask the question, ¡®How is it that we are able to survive?¡¯ But we have been able to maximise our collections operation on existing properties in the city. Our collection rate as a result has gone up to 84 percent in the past couple of years which has helped. But how much can we carry on when all the roads still need to be repaired,Stitched NFL Jerseys, canals need to be re-dug, buildings, including City Hall and the Kitty Market need to be repaired? We cannot pursue these things because the revenue has not changed.¡±Williams explained that the municipality has been increasing its rates collection by battling to unearth the millions that have been escaping its grasp over the years. But, in the absence of the new valuation the municipality has commenced physical checks around the city, a process which has revealed that some residence are now schools, private residences and even businesses.¡°Some are recorded and registered as businesses….Some are schools such as the Government Technical Institute and the Richard Ishmael School that are not of a taxable nature, but we are doing some verification with a view to approaching the government to discuss the cost on the occupancy of those properties..¡±At the moment, the estimated value of the outstanding rates and taxes has amounted to a sum surpassing $2.1B.And in order to boost the municipality¡¯s effort,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Williams said that the introduction of the new Valuation Roll was brought up for discussion with Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Kellawan Lall. And this move, the Deputy Mayor had revealed,Cheap China Jerseys, is crucial as even the revenue generated by the municipal markets cannot be utilised to fund the municipal operations.He disclosed that the revenue from the markets have to be utilised in part to finance their maintenance. And this is particularly important for the Stabroek Market, Williams said, which some time ago warranted $240M maintenance work which was sourced through the Inter-American Development Bank Urban Development Programme, thus the need to ensure that enough money is always available to keep it in an acceptable condition.However,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, in the past moneys generated at that very market were diverted to the municipal coffers to carry out municipal works, a practice which cannot be continued,China NFL Jerseys, Williams said. More than $2.1B in rates and taxes is owed to the M&CC and according to the Deputy Mayor, who is also Chairman of the Finance Committee, efforts will be made this year to garner as much outstanding funds as possible. In order to recover the funds, Williams disclosed that the municipality will be looking to have its records reviewed and verified this year. It was the expectation that a new valuation which was proposed by the IDB would have already been in effect.The Deputy Mayor had previously revealed that the municipality is being starved of several millions of dollars which it should have garnered from commercial operations in the city over the past three years. And this state of affairs, he emphasized, is likely to continue until the new valuation is put into place.¡°These properties are recorded in our database as residences but are now being used as businesses; be it auto dealers, restaurants,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, salons, all sorts of things. So they are recorded by us as having to pay 40 percent of their assessed value but are in fact businesses that should be paying 250 percent, and this has been happening over four to five years,¡± Williams divulged.
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¡ªremanded to prison The bandit, who was recently shot in his eye by police ranks, will likely spend the remainder of the holidays behind bars, after he was denied bail by Providence Magistrate Alex Moore.Deon Marks,Authentic Jerseys Wholesale, also known as Dondre Forde, 21, made his first appearance at the Providence Magistrate¡¯s Court. Marks of Lot 156 Kaneville and of Lot 3414 Stevedore Housing Scheme, was charged with five counts of armed robbery.The first charge read that on December 13,Wholesale Jerseys, at Grove Housing Scheme, while in the company of another, and armed with a gun, Marks robbed Cheryl Embarack of an undisclosed quantity of gold jewellery, one cellular phone and one stereo set.He was also charged accused of robbing Colin Semple and his sister of cellular phones to the value of $51,000. This robbery allegedly occurred on December 3,China Jerseys Cheap, at Grove Housing Scheme.Police Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant told the Court that on November 20, in the vicinity of Golden Grove, Marks held Dracaena Melville at gunpoint and relieved her of all her gold jewellery.Marks was also charged for robbing Dracaena¡¯s mother, Jacqueline Melville, of her gold jewellery, her cellular phone and cash valued at $845,000. He was not required to plead to the chargeAdditionally,Cheap NFL Jerseys Supply, the man faced charges for having in his possession an illegal gun with matching ammunition.? It is alleged that on December 3, at Grove Housing Scheme he had a .32 pistol in his possession when he was not the holder of a firearm licence. It was further alleged that Marks had 10 live rounds of .32 ammunition.To these two charges Marks pleaded not guilty.Further, it is also alleged that the father of one,Cheap Jerseys Store, discharged a loaded firearm at Police Rank, Arlington Samuels, with intent to disfigure, maim or cause grievous bodily harm.He was not required to plead to this charge.According to prosecution, Cheryl Embrack was entering her home in the early hours of the morning when she was attacked by two men,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, one of whom was armed with a handgun. The men took her into the house, and relieved her of one stereo set and one cell phone. While the robbery was in progress, Police Ranks responded in a timely manner and stopped the alleged criminals.The police reportedly came under fire and retaliated, injuring Marks¡¯s eye in the process.?? His accomplice got away.? Marks was then taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) for surgery. Ranks recovered an unlicensed pistol and matching rounds from the crime scene.Police Prosecutor, Inspector Michael Grant objected to bail on the grounds of the nature, seriousness and prevalence of these offences. Also he pointed out that a gun was used in the commission of the robberies.Grant expounded that the gun was sent for an analyst and ballistic test and more charges are likely to be laid against Marks soon.Marks has to make another Court appearance on January 25, 2016.
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¡®Suspects still on the run¡¯¡­ ¨C policeBy: Javone Vickerie and Kiana Wilburg ?After being doused in the face with ¡°battery acid¡± on Friday last because of a triangular love affair, a 22-year-old woman is now a patient at the Burn Care Unit of the Georgetown Public Hospital.The injured woman has been identified as Sandy ¡°Sugar Boy¡± Jackman, of lot 64 Sixth Street, Alberttown. She is a mother of a five-year-old son who is unaware of his mother¡¯s condition.Before and after photo of JackmanAccording to a hospital official, Jackman suffered first degree burns to the right side of her face, her left arm and sections of her breast. She is also unable to open her right eye, but it is unclear if the eye was damaged.Family members,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, especially a distraught mother, explained that a report was made at the police outpost at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Jackman¡¯s mother,Cheap Jerseys China, Karen Jackman,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, explained that around 20:20 hours, she was at her workplace when her daughter who was coming from the gym in Thomas Street, North Cummingsburg, came to collect an item and was heading home. ¡°I went back inside the work place when all I hear was Sandy screaming, ¡®Mommy,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Mommy, Mommy¡¯ and when I run out to her, she skin was wet with something that burnt my hand as I held her,¡± explained the emotional mother.She added that while on her way to the hospital, Jackman kept crying, ¡°Mommy why? I don¡¯t trouble anybody. Why would they want to do me this?¡±When Jackman arrived at the hospital,NHL Jerseys Authentic, Karen said that her daughter was immediately taken into the hospital and given a bath by nurses before she was treated for the burns.Friends and family members who were at the hospital that evening,Wholesale Jerseys 2017, were seen pacing in a worried state as others embraced each other as they waited on doctors to provide information on Jackman¡¯s condition.A reliable source told Kaieteur News that on the night of the incident, Jackman was at her front door texting when two young men approached her with a container filled with an orange substance and doused her with it.The source added that a few seconds after the attack, Jackman went screaming for help and called out for her mother as her skin started to change colour. ¡°We tried holding her but her skin began to peel off and she headed straight for her mother who then got hold of a taxi and took her to the hospital. I noticed the two guys that attacked her ride up Alberttown and cut through a street,¡± explained the eyewitness.Another source also disclosed that, ¡°one of the attackers knows Sandy very well. She is known for picking trouble and one of the guys that did it, his girlfriend is in a relationship with Sandy and is long now he telling her to leave his woman alone and he promise to make her pay for taking his woman away.¡±Family members are very distressed over the situation. ¡°She didn¡¯t deserve this. No matter what she did, you can¡¯t do this to someone regardless of their sexual preference. Her life will change forever because of this.¡±An official report has been made to the Alberttown Police Station.
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The Guyana Women Artists¡¯ Association (GWAA) is celebrating yet another year of artistic achievement.Yesterday the Association declared its 22nd annual exhibition officially open with the help of Minister of Culture,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony. The opening was done in a simple ceremony held outside of the National Library¡¯s Gallery.Guests enjoy some of the works on displayBut the organisation¡¯s executive arm also used the opportunity to honour six stalwarts of the arts for their ¡°dedicated service and activism to the GWAA.The six women honoured for their achievements in the arts as well as for their tireless efforts for the well being of the association were O¡¯Donna Allsopp,Wholesale Jerseys, Lucille Cadogan, Edna Cadogan, Daphne Rogers, Sheila King and Waveney Daly.Also mentioned was the late Irene Gonsalves who was a respected and supportive member of the Association.Delivering the feature address to the crowd was Senior Project Officer at the CARICOM Secretariat, Ms. Konyo Addo. She said to the Association members, ¡°In your twenty-three years of existence,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, you have remained committed to practising and sharing your various skills in the visual arts,Wholesale Jerseys From China, and these have ranged from painting in water colour,Cheap Jerseys, oil and acrylic, to working with clay, leather, wood and textiles and the creation of jewellery.¡°Collectively your work has been displayed as far as London and Toronto as well as closer to home,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, in the Caribbean. This is worthy of praise, because we know that times and circumstances of the developing world don¡¯t always favour the nurturing of creativity; yet to your credit, you have prevailed and have been able to celebrate your accomplishments every year.¡±She said that what she felt was worthy of celebration by a group of women artists. It was their resilience, relevance and importance rather than considerations about feminist or womanist artistic expression. Addo spoke of several instances in contemporary art and drama where the ¡°need to identify and even defend and honour the feminine in and through art¡± have surfaced again and again.For the artists of the Association, their ¡°artistic expression is part of the fabric and the story of Guyana as well as ¡­ the current mood and psyche of the country and the times,¡± she said.She closed by encouraging the artists to put ¡®a fresh spin¡¯ on their works and congratulated the Association and its members on achieving yet another landmark.Minister Dr. Frank Anthony told the artists of the Association of the great difficulty that was being experienced in attracting young people, especially women to join the ranks of professional artisans.He called for a collaborative effort between the Ministry and the Association to bring a change to that sad fact and to aid him in his efforts to decentralise Guyanese art. The Minister was of the opinion that there were many good artists who had the natural talent but who were too far away from the city.Instead they were in locations where their talents may never be discovered and would eventually go to waste.The organisation works towards furthering the reach of art produced by women in Guyana and it does not favor any specific media over others. Therefore, it was no surprise that the women receiving the awards were talented in numerous fields and media such as the visual and dramatic arts as well as music and literature.At the library gallery there were numerous displays of art in the form of paintings, drawings, tiles and ceramics, clothing and other fabric pieces. The exhibition will run until November 15 during normal working hours at the National Library¡¯s Gallery.