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By Tusika Martin Outgoing CEO Nick JacksonChief Executive Officer of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), Nick Jackson, and will be? sent packing all the way to Southern Africa as he will be replaced on Valentine’s Day.This move is part of the restructuring that is presently taking place at the sugar company in a move to review and increase production in 2009.Jackson will be taking up a position as Managing Director of the Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation, Swaziland, Southern Africa.During a press conference hosted by Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon and Minister of Agriculture, Robert Persaud, it was revealed that the present CEO will be replaced by Errol Hanoman, who is currently Booker-Tate’s Director for the Caribbean and Latin America.The shake-up comes at a time when reports and an internal audit of the company point to instances of corruption and wrongdoing at different levels, the Agriculture Minister said yesterday.¡°Workers themselves give you the horror tales about what they perceived or what really takes place at different levels within the company and I am quite sure that any board or any entity would want to ensure that it has a grip on issues such as wastage or corruption,¡± he said.Persaud told the media that the current restructuring is about shaping the organisation into the most effective composition to enable management and employees to deliver the best possible results for the corporation in the future.The structure of GuySuCo, he noted, has evolved over many years, often with relatively minor adjustments being made in response to changing circumstances.This structure has developed over time to its current position but, with technological changes, financial and market pressures, all coming to bear on the Corporation, he added. It is now an appropriate time to make changes to the organization’s structure, Persaud said.The changes have started from the senior management level, he noted, in order to prepare the Corporation for the challenges ahead.The key feature of the reshuffle is the grouping of the eight estates into two regions: Demerara and Berbice.The Demerara Region comprises of Enmore, LBI, Uitvlugt and Wales, while the Berbice region includes Albion, Blairmont and Rose Hall.Each region is headed by a Regional Director (RD) who, Persaud said, will be reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO), with the Estate Manager reporting directly to the RDs.In Demerara, the Director will be Rishi Sookram, who was formerly in charge of procurement at the Head Office.Jai Pittam, who was the Human Resources Director at the company, will be in charge of the Berbice estates.The Agriculture and Factory managers, the Minister said, will report to the Estate manager,Wholesale Jerseys China, whilst the Finance and Human Resources Managers report to their respective Head Office functions.Skeldon will continue to operate independently, reporting to the Deputy Chief Executive Officer.As the restructuring continues,Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mens, even Booker-Tate Limited will feel the squeeze of the new move as its role has been reduced.Addressing the future of Booker-Tate’s role at the corporation, Persaud said that there has been an agreement reached with that company to replace the Corporate Management Agreement with a Technical Support Services Agreement.This, he added, will involve required programmed visits by specialists as well as the provision of specific technical personnel to be based in Guyana as required.The visits by the technical specialists will cover all aspects of the business, including finance, human resources, factory and agriculture, and will give specific recommendations for improvement, Persaud said.¡°Booker Tate will also provide, on an ongoing basis, the required key skills that are difficult to attract directly by GuySuCo.¡±The current management arrangement with Booker-Tate will end on March 31, 2009.Persaud added that President Bharrat Jagdeo and the Cabinet had approved an Interim Management Board, which is mandated to develop and present to the shareholder,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, within one-month, a ‘Blueprint for success.’This will have a detailed set of strategies for the next two to three years and will also have a design for the turnaround of the industry.¡°This process will require interactions with the new management and stakeholders, including the unions. Specialized skills will be sourced to carry out this effort.¡±These strategies will be included into the current update of the business plan that the new board will review.Activities related to the development of the ‘Blueprint for Success,’ he added, include reviewing cost-saving initiatives.These proposals include reduction of cost per hectare, improved cane production performance,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, the progress of the Chinese contractor on completing the tests on the new Skeldon sugar factory,China NFL Jerseys, tackling wastage and corruption, relocation of the head office to Albion, effective implementation of the management reorganization, mechanization of operations, and increased production and sale of packaged sugar.Members of the Interim Management Board are Dr. Nanda Kishore Gopaul, who will serve as Chairman; CEO of Clico, Geeta Singh-Knights; Keith Burrowes; Dr. Rajendra Singh; General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party,cheap jerseys from china, Donald Ramotar; Jangbahadur Raghurai, and Errol Hanoman, who will act as an ex-officio member.Since 2004, the sugar industry has seen a steady decline in production, with last year recording production of 226,227 tons.A number of factors have been attributed as the cause for this situation during the past four years.
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–?? ??? NRSC reports during pedestrian safety week observanceBy Rehanna Ramsay ¡°Pedestrians are the most frequent victims of fatal traffic accidents in the world, an average of 5,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,000 pedestrians are killed on the roadways around the globe, each week.¡± This was reported as Guyana concentrated on Pedestrian Safety Week, where more emphasis was placed on the safety of those most vulnerable on the roadways.¡±Nigel Erskine, Chairman of the National Road Safety Council (NRSC) said last Wednesday as he outlined the aim of this week¡¯s campaign,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, ¡°Pedestrian safety should be given priority because throughout the Americas pedestrians account for 23 per cent of all road deaths.¡±Students of Stella Maris Primary during a national school safety patrol exercise.¡°In Guyana 38 persons including five children have been killed so far in the year, due to road accidents.¡±According to the NRSC chairman, it is quite a common practice of Governments and road safety agencies to cater for the protection and guidance of motorists.¡°The roads are designed with safety signs, traffic lights and various demarcations to protect motorists. However, little emphasis is placed on pedestrians. In Guyana there is a lack of sidewalks, appropriate signs and symbols to guide pedestrians.¡±The council will seek to persuade government to place more emphasis on the safety of pedestrians while law enforcement agencies will be asked to insist on the regulations that will guarantee improved safety of pedestrians. The implementation of additional laws that ensure protection of pedestrians will also be encouraged.The NRSC will be collaborating with various agencies including the Pan-American? Health Organisation, the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Guyana Police Force.Several public awareness programmes are scheduled while several existing pedestrian crossings in regions across the country will be repainted.Ramona Doorgen, coordinator of the NRSC reiterated that although pedestrians top the list as the most vulnerable on roadways, in Guyana the motorcyclists have been leading the death toll.¡°We are calling on motorcyclists to take precautions; look out for yourselves,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, wear a helmet¡­ Even the laws of Guyana say this,Wholesale Jerseys From China, don¡¯t wait until something detrimental happens before you do.¡±The NRSC which consists of 19 executive members and 350 volunteers, Doorgen says,Discount Football Jerseys, will continue to lend support in diverse capacities to those affected by mishaps that occur along the roads.Doorgen vowed that NRSC as an advisory body will continually make suitable recommendations to various administrations for valuable execution of policies that will ensure the safeguarding of all pedestrians and road users.Doorgen says that every citizen should take responsibility for their actions, practice caution and be aware of the safe practices that will decrease misfortune on the roads. She added that ¡°the media¡¯s involvement in raising awareness about road safety is important.¡±Eric Benjamin, an executive member of the road safety committee,NFL Jerseys Supply, called on the private sector for their involvement and financial support to council as it reaches out to raise awareness and propel improved road safety practices.
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Over the past six weeks,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, businessmen across the West Coast and West Bank Demerara have been complaining bitterly about the apparent increase in armed robberies in the region.At Vreed-en-Hoop alone,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, approximately 20 robberies were reported over the last few weeks.Yesterday,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, the acting Commissioner of Police,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, David Ramnarine confirmed that ¡®D¡¯ Division reported a nine percent increase in serious crime as compared to the same period last year. However,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, he explained that plans are in place to reduce this.On the other hand,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, ¡®A¡¯ Division recorded a 24 percent decrease in serious crime; ¡®B¡¯ Division recorded a 14 decrease in serious crime; ¡®C¡¯ Division recorded an 11 percent decrease in serious crime; ¡®E¡¯ Division recorded a 27 percent decrease in serious crime; ¡®F¡¯ Division recorded a 51 decrease and ¡®G¡¯ Division recorded a 29 percent in serious crime.As it relates to serious crime countrywide, there has been a 19 percent decrease from January 1 to September 23, last as compared to last year.
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Region Ten Chairman,Wholesale China Jerseys, Sharma Solomon,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, has said that there needs to be a proper assessment of Bai Shan Lin¡¯s entire operations and its impact on Region Ten.Region 10 Chairman, Sharma SolomonSolomon added that the Region had expressed disappointment that the government was more concerned with the accessing of material by Bai Shan Lin to fix the road, than with the actual fixing of the road.Disappointment was also expressed with the way Bai Shan Lin operated after receiving concessionary measures from the region to access laterite, Solomon said. That disappointment was echoed by the Government.¡°As such the Government said that Bai Shan Lin is acting dishonestly and disrespectful, of abusing the situation and of stepping out of line on several issues. More guidance and supervision from central government should be put in place in relation to Bai Shan Lin,¡± Solomon said.The region is also asking for a full review of the operations. It was even suggested by the government that Bai Shan Lin be fined for the irregularities perpetrated,Wholesale Jerseys 2017, which is fully supported by the Region.Solomon added that the Region hopes to see action taken very soon as it relates to ¡®past transgressions ¡®by Bai Shan Lin.Solomon added that the repair of the Moblissa farm road by Bai Shan Lin needs immediate attention, and that the pit from which the company extracted 47,000 tonnes of loam needs an environmental assessment, as the pit is a mere 20ft from the damaged road, and also, there are signs of erosion.As such,Nike NFL Jerseys China, Bai Shan Lin needs to exercise its corporate responsibility and engage in land reclamation, he added.¡°The Region would also like to have information as to where it stands to benefit from this investment,¡± Solomon said in reference to Bai Shan Lin.Concern was also raised that the Minister of Amerindian Affairs was not acting in the best interest of residents of this remote community. Future agreements are to be made between Rusal and the community.¡°As such we¡¯ve asked that before any consideration is made in relation to decision about further investments or further works, that a broader consultation is done to ascertain from residents on their input, into how they would want to see? mutual benefits to both the company and the residents, ¡¯Solomon said.He added that the region is to prepare a report with regard to this issue, and that one will also be prepared by the Government, and the company, which would have full involvement of the community.As regards the Soesdyke/Linden Highway, Solomon said that the Region is seeking to ensure that the highway is safe.To that end, he said that suggestions were made for the installation of lights from Bamia to Linden,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, and from Soesdyke along the East Bank Demerara Highway.Along with the lights there is the need for appropriate signs and markings,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, he added.Solomon posited that the Region is also pushing for the upgrading of about 400 miles of hinterland road, saying that consideration should be given by the Ministry of Public Works for the upgrade of the Linden to Kwakwani, Linden to Mabura and Linden to Coomacka roads.The Mabura road alone would necessitate about 400 loads of material, to be deposited, before works can commence, according to Solomon.
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A fisherman who spent most of his life at sea to make a living for his six children has vowed never to return to sea for fear of his life.Within the last month,Nike NFL Jerseys China, Adydia Chatterpaul and his four other crewmembers were attacked by pirates twice in November while fishing in Suriname waters.Chatterpaul told this newspaper that the first attack occurred on November 13, in Suriname waters. He and his crewmembers were attacked by four gunmen who held them at gunpoint,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, and forced them to rob a total of eight boats.Recounting the incident, Chatterpaul said that around 18:00 hours on the day,wholesale nfl jerseys, a boat which was approaching them fired a shot in the air forcing them to stop their vessel. He added that four men,Wholesale Football Jerseys, all of whom were brandishing guns, then ordered them to do as they were told.¡°Two of them hold me by me hand and another two hold me by me foot and threaten me to throw me overboard, and we tell them that we gon do whatever they want.¡±? He added that for that entire night they were forced to rob a total of eight boats.Chatterpaul said that he and his other crewmembers were forced to relieve those vessels of fish, fish glue and in some cases their engines. He added that it was until day clean the next day they were taken to a location and told to lay face down on their boat and not move as their attackers fled.The fisherman said that their vessel was however only relieved of one bag of fish glue,Wholesale Jerseys, their GPS equipment and their compass.¡°When we get up we find that they left a boat engine wha dem put we fuh thief in we boat.¡±He added that he and his crewmembers then went to the Number 66 Fishing Complex where they reported the matter and even lodged the strange engine left by their attackers with the persons in charge of the Number 66 fishing complex.¡°We contacted the people and give them back their engine,Jerseys NFL Wholesale,¡± Chatterpaul said.After returning home, Chatterpaul said that he and his crewmembers left for sea again on November 18 and once again they were attacked.This time Chatterpaul said they were held at gunpoint and relieved of one barrel of fuel, all their food supplies and their clothing.This incident, Chatterpaul said, occurred in Suriname waters and they were escorted to a location in the Corentyne area where they were told that they can go. Again Chatterpaul said they went to the Number 66 fishing complex and reported the matter.However, the man said he will never return to sea for fear of his life, since other fishermen are accusing him of being the high sea pirate.¡°They tell me is me is de pirate and if I go back at sea they gon kill me,¡± Chatterpaul said.The man is claiming that he has never done any pirate attack on his own but he and his crewmembers were forced to do so.¡°I does only do fishing to look after me, ma wife and six children and me wife pregnant again but I rather stay off de seas and just do me fishing business right in the area,¡± Chatterpaul said.
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A Black Bush Polder rice farmer was shot by bandits at around 02:00 early yesterday morning at around 2:00 hrs at his sister¡¯s No.56 Village, Corentyne home.Krishnadat Pydanna, was wounded in the shoulder and has been admitted to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.Pydanna said he was at a family gathering,Jerseys NFL Cheap, hosted by an overseas-based Guyanese couple, when five masked men armed with guns and cutlasses invaded the premises.The father of four recalled that he was upstairs resting from the merriment when he heard screams and loud banging. Pydanna stated that as he was about to go downstairs to investigate the source of the chaos, he was intercepted by one of the gunmen who shot him.He recalled that the gunmen barged into the house upturning furniture while heading to the room in which the hosts,NFL Jerseys 2018, Andy Ramjit and Rovina Ramjit, kept their belongings.The couple and other family members sustained minor injuries but fortunately, no child was harmed during the ordeal.Police in a statement yesterday said that they are investigating an armed robbery that occurred at about 02:30h. at No. 56 Village,wholesale jerseys, Corentyne, during which an overseas-based Guyanese couple was robbed by five men,Cheap Jerseys, three of whom were armed with firearms and the others with cutlasses.According to the police Andy Ramjit, 28,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, and Rovina Ramjit, 23, were with relatives having a party when the armed men entered and held them up. Pydanna, they said,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, resisted the men and was shot to his left shoulder.The perpetrators then took away a quantity of jewellery from Andy and Rovina Ramjit and escaped. Andy and Rovina Ramjit were treated at the New Amsterdam Hospital and sent away.Relatives of the injured man stated that the bandits escaped with approximately $400,000 in cash and $1.5M worth of jewellery.No one has so far been arrested but investigations are continuing.
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A law enforcement officer found himself on the other side of the fence after being accused of sexually abusing his 12-year-old sister in law.The man who is a member of the Tuschen,Authentic NHL Jerseys, Community Policing Group (CPG) has been in police custody since Saturday afternoon at Leonora Police Station. He has not been placed on bail.Reports reveal that the 12-year-old girl told police that she had sexual intercourse with her brother-in-law on four occasions. Something the man¡¯s wife adamantly refutes.It was further disclosed that the act occurred earlier in the year. However,Cheap Jerseys, one CPG official said that he would not encourage or condone such actions from any member of the Tuschen CPG,Jerseys NFL China, and the police would have to deal will all illegal matters accordingly,Cheap Arizona Diamondbacks Hoodies, whether the person is innocent or guilty.
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A pensioner is calling on the police,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the city¡¯s mayor and other relevant authorities to enforce a judgmentCecil Whitneythat was granted in December last by Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry against squatters who have occupied a building that is to be torn down.The building in question is located at lot 46 Durban Street Wortmanville.According to the owner of the building, Cecil Whitney,NFL Jerseys Outlet, he bought the property in 2002 and would usually travel in and out of the country. However,Cheap Jerseys, in 2008,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, he formally received the transport for the property which he bought with persons living inside.Whitney explained that several attempts to remove the persons from the building proved futile since the occupants were reluctant.Adding that approximately ten persons live in the building,Supply Cheap Jerseys, Whitney said the Mayor and City Council had issues several warnings and notices to him to renovate the building or demolish it, since it proved to be hazardous for the occupants and passersby.¡°The building is in a ruinous state and dangerous to the passerby,Wholesale Jerseys China, and requires demolition within 30 days.¡± One of the recent notices issued by City Engineer Gregory Erskine stated.The man produced several notices that were issued by the City Engineer since 2008.¡°An inspector attached to the Mayor and City Council visited the house and told these people they have to move and they (occupants) just buse up the man and nothing happened¡­.this building will have to come down this monthend andThe house that is to be demolishedGPL and GT&T will have to come and remove their connections to the house. I have already dealt with the insurance for the building,¡± Whitney stated emphatically.He further explained that if the relevant authorities are entrusted with the law to execute their duties and they are reluctant to do so, then he will have to pay private individuals to forcefully demolish whether the occupants willingly remove or not.
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¡­hopes to complete investigation by next week– Crime Chief The Guyana Police Force (GPF) is hoping to complete the investigation into social activist, CourtneyCrime Chief,Wendell BlanhumCrum-Ewing¡¯s killing as early as next week, according to Crime Chief, Wendell Blanhum.The bullet riddled body of the activist was found on the roadway at Diamond New Scheme,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on March 10, 2015.? Five months later, 37-year-old Regan Rodrigues, known as ¡°Grey Boy¡± was charged with the murder.Having received further information, the police arrested four persons last week. The four were alleged to have played a bigger part in the activist¡¯s death.Those arrested were Liaison Officer at the Office of the President (OP) under the PPP government, Kwame McCoy; former OP staff, Jason Abdulla; self confessed hitman, Sean Hinds and Okenny Fraser.They were subsequently released after being charged with another incident. They have to report to the police regularly.On Thursday, the Crime Chief explained that a file was prepared and sent to the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for advice on whether charges should be instituted against the four.¡°Having perused those statements in that file, the DPP would have advised that we conduct further investigation so we are hoping to complete that investigation as early as possible before we return that file to the DPP,¡± Blanhum pointed out.Gunned down: Courtney Crum-EwingKaieteur News was informed that investigators further questioned the suspects last Wednesday.According to the Crime Chief, the arrest of the four suspects was based on some new developments.¡°Because of the complex nature of that investigation, time did not permit us to complete it. Nevertheless,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the individuals were released on their own recognizance and have been reporting to the police to assist us with our investigation.¡±Crum-Ewing,China Jerseys NFL, the ex-Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officer, known for his one-man protests, was shot dead while urging residents to vote against the then ruling party,Cheap Jerseys, the People¡¯s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) at the General election held last May.The 40-year-old man was shot about five times when one of four men came out of a vehicle and fired shots at him.Courtney Crum-Ewing started protesting and attracted media attention in 2014 after an explosive phone conversation between a Kaieteur News reporter and former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall, surfaced.The phone call, in which Nandlall was heard warning the reporter to get out of Kaieteur News, because of a possible attack,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, prompted Crum-Ewing to start several days of protests in front of the Carmichael Street office of the Attorney General.Crum¨CEwing had said that his protests were because Nandlall¡¯s actioThree of the four suspects.ns were shameful.¡°I have three daughters, a mother,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, a sister and many female relatives that I care about¡­ so I feel strongly about this issue,¡± the man said.He was later reportedly charged with breaching the peace after he used the washroom belonging to the offices of the Attorney General.
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The automatic promotion policy which allowed students to advance to a higher grade regardless of their performance has been deemed one of the causative factors that led to a decline in the percentage pass rate at President¡¯s College (PC).PC¡¯s Principal,Carlyn CanterburyThis state of affairs was particularly evident when the results of the 2013 Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examination were unveiled in 2013.This is according to the school¡¯s principal, Ms Carlyn Canterbury, who has headed the East Coast top school for the past four years.According to Canterbury, ¡°We cannot deny that¡­when Automatic Promotion was introduced the first batch of students wrote exams in 2013, and there is a direct correlation between that Automatic Promotion and our 2013 results.¡±¡°We have had children who went through the system not having to repeat (when they failed) and that was evident in our 2013 results which was 86.1 per cent pass,¡± asserted Canterbury.While this year the school produced an 88.8 percent pass rate when the CSEC results were unveiled, the performance in fact reflected a gradual improvement since the decline in 2013.The performance this year, according to Canterbury,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, reflects efforts at improving the school¡¯s matriculation rate, that is, an increased number of students who obtained grades one to three passes in five or more subjects including Mathematics and English.¡°Our matriculation rate this year has improved to 80 something percent. Nationally a 50 percent and over matriculation rate¡­is what is good and acceptable and so ours is high.¡±But based on a five-year analysis (2010- 2014),Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the grades one to three percentage pass rate of the school saw 98.4 percent pass rate in 2010; 97.9 percent in 2011 ; 96.2 percent in 2012 ; 86.1 percent in 2013 and 91 percent in 2014.Canterbury however noted that the school has been working towards increased improved performance. It continues to perform well and the teachers are very hardworking and committed.¡°We do have strong parent support although there is room for improvement.¡±Another factor that has largely affected the performance of the school is the lack of permanent teachers for four subject areas. The Principal pointed out that ¡°we continue to struggle in the areas of French. Spanish, Physics and Chemistry¡­Had it not been for those subjects our percentages pass rate (this year) would have been way up in the 90s. Already we have put systems in place to deal with the French and Spanish.¡±While the school has already secured a graduate from the University of Guyana to cater to the subject area of Chemistry,wholesale jerseys, Canterbury disclosed that ¡°Physics continues to pose a problem.¡±¡°What happens is that most times the Physics and Chemistry teachers are part time teachers and we don¡¯t have much control over them¡­Sometimes they are more committed to UG than President¡¯s College.¡±She however noted that while the four subject areas continue to be a struggle ¡°to get it right¡±, ¡°our students continue to perform well in the areas of Maths and English as well as all of the other subject areas.¡±Among the top performing CSEC students PC produced this year are: Nurendra Gopal (10 grade one passes), Premeshwar Ramnauth (10 grade one passes),Cheap Jerseys, Venise Davids (eight grade one passes and three twos), Kellince Jagdeo (eight ones and two twos), Shukwan Andrews (seven ones, one two and two threes), Ederle Stephans (six ones, five twos and one three),Wholesale Football Jerseys, Nazeem Welcome (six ones, three twos and three threes),Cheap Stitched Jerseys, Mahendra Seepersaud (six ones and three twos) and Hamraj Narine (six ones, two twos and one three).
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The Upper Corentyne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCCI) at its Second Annual Appreciation Dinner last Saturday at the Countryside Restaurant on the Corentyne, hosted the Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname to the Republic of Guyana, Manorma Soeknandan.The ambassador was also the guest speaker at the event.Ambassador Soeknandan commented on the history and the future of the two countries. She encouraged businessmen to diversify and look at opportunities for cooperation with businesses in Nickerie.This, she said, would allow for businesses to grow beyond the limited reach of the very common sole proprietorships which are in abundance in both regions.She also highlighted several issues which need to be rectified in order to move in the right direction. These included closer collaboration between educational institutions so as to remove the language barrier.Another was optimized use of the Canawaima Ferry Service.The dinner was chaired by executive member Ganesh Gangadin. The instrumental versions of both the Guyanese and Surinamese National Anthems were played.President of the UCCCI, Vishnu Doerga highlighted the progress made by the chamber over the past year which included the significant increase in membership, the focus on members¡¯ exposure at foreign trade fairs and the drive in capacity building.¡°At the executive level we are very pleased to have been able to participate last November with 17 businesses in the Entrepreneurial Trade Fair in Boa Vista,China Jerseys, Brazil. Just last month we sent nine members to the Trinidad Trade and Investment Convention.¡°We have already made contact with the Suriname Chamber of Commerce regarding their largest yearly trade fair coming up in November and have started receiving information on this event,Jerseys NBA Cheap China,¡± he noted.Special thanks were reserved for the USAID-Governance Enhancement Project for the support in arranging specialized training in the most pertinent fields.¡°We are awaiting a decision by USAID on several submitted projects which, if approved,Wholesale Jerseys China, will greatly strengthen our operational abilities and create more awareness about pressing issues such as promoting a cleaner beach which by the way is one of our only tourist attractions and the indiscipline in the schools from which we all draw our workforce,NFL Jerseys China,¡± Doerga said.Mr. Doerga also alluded to the importance of improved cross-border relations as it relates to the development of both regions.He assured the ambassador that with the UCCCI being the first point of contact with Suriname that the UCCCI would be a capable and willing partner for progress.¡°We have the largely untapped advantage of being a border town with Suriname and I am sure this goes both ways. We would regularly hear the negative issues regarding the border without workable solutions to these.¡°We have seen from our fellow ARCC member,NFL Cheap Jerseys, the Rupununi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, also located in the border town of Lethem, the possibilities that exist when all the avenues for trade, tourism and industry are optimized,¡± he said.He added that the citizens and business community of both bordering regions are the primary beneficiaries of any positive developments and that the RCCI had a significant input into this progress.Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Ahmad Sultan Rozan for his valuable contributions to the community and Magistrate Krishendat Persaud for his long service to the Chamber.? The Vice President Krishnand Jaichand and executive member Kumar Dudnath respectively elaborated on the many achievements and contributions of the awardees.Executive member Imran Badruddin,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Manager of Demerara Bank Ltd delivered the Vote of Thanks.
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Mahaicony Rice Mills Limited has taken the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB) to court following the suspension of its milling and export licences last week.The group, which has four mills across Guyana,Wholesale Jerseys, is asking for an order or Rule Nisi of Certiorari to be directed at GRDB to show cause why a Writ of Certiorari should not be granted to quash the decisions to suspend the licences on the grounds that they were arbitrary, unreasonable, unlawful, in breach of the principles of natural justices, null,Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mens, void and of no effect.The matter comes up for a hearing on July 14.Last week, the GRDB said that it was suspending the licences of Mahaicony Rice Mills because of continued instances where farmers were being issued ¡°bounced cheques¡±.Under the amended Factories Act, rice millers are not allowed to owe more than five percent of its farmers for paddies taken during the last crop.Farmers were complaining that they were paid with cheques but some of them were not accepted by the bank because there was no money in the account of Mahaicony Rice Mills.According to the court documents filed by attorney Rajendra Poonai, the group will also be asking for an Order or Rule Nisi of Prohibition against GRDB, who has to prove why the decision of June 25 to suspend the licences was not arbitrary,China Jerseys Wholesale, unreasonable, unlawful, in breach of natural justice, null,Wholesale Jerseys Outlet, void and has no effect.Last week, Mahaicony Rice Mills¡¯ officials claimed that they were unable to pay because, among other things, that they are owed $30 million in tax refund.But the Ministry of Agriculture warned the group that it could face prosecution.Last week Wednesday, the same day of the suspension, the group wrote Minister of Agriculture Robert Persaud claiming that the Guyana Revenue Authority owes $30 million in refund for remittances of the Value Added Tax.According to General Manager Brandon Barton, the ¡°non-payment of these monies is greatly affecting our cash flow and does not allow us to meet our financial obligations.¡±Barton urged the minister to use his office to assist Mahaicony Rice to receive the payments from GRA so that farmers can be paid.However, the ministry was not buying the explanation of the group, and wrote them back advising that the matter has been referred to the Ministry of Finance for action.¡°In addition, I would like to advise your company that the withholding of your VAT refund ($30 million) does not relate to the issue of non-payment to rice farmers. Issuing ¡°bounced¡± cheque is a criminal offence and should be prosecuted by the Guyana Police Force,¡± Minister Persaud wrote in a letter to the Mahaicony Rice Limited.Pointing out that the issue is that farmers¡¯ paddy has been brought and should be paid for in accordance with agreement, the minister argued that the group could not defend its illegal action.¡°Also, you need to know that non-payment to rice farmers will lead to a reduction in the acreage cultivated for the next crop, thus affecting our anticipated production target. Further, your company¡¯s action will result in some ¡°lost opportunity¡± for rice farmers and Guyana, at a time when global demand for rice is high.¡±The ministry stressed that the issuing of bounced cheques has painted the company as ¡°not being a good corporate citizen,¡± and he has since directed the Guyana Rice Development Board to take the necessary action for ¡°this illegal and unfair action against our farmers¡±.Persaud demanded that the company immediately send him a schedule of payments to the rice farmers, stating clearly when payments will be paid and the amounts to be paid.According to the affidavit filed in support of the motion, Mahaicony Rice has four mills across Guyana ¡ª in Mahaicony; Johanna South, Black Bush Polder; Blairmont, Berbice; and Vilvoorden, Essequibo.Mahaicony Rice Mills claims it is the largest manufacturing and purchasing entity, and on average purchases 40 per cent of the rice produced in Guyana.On June 25, it received the letter from GRDB suspending its licences.The group said that on occasions it post-dated cheques for rice farmers,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and it is understood and acknowledged in writing that the farmers should make contact with the group before encashing the cheques.Mahaicony Rice Mills further argued that it is understood by farmers issued with these cheques that payments will be made within three months.¡®That it was inadvertence that the applicant¡¯s account at the Demerara Bank had insufficient funds, and in no way whatsoever was the applicant aware that its account had insufficient funds at the material time when the cheques were issued.¡±After two cheques were dishonoured by the bank, two employees of Mahicony Rice Mills were arrested by Police, but were later released without being charged.The group claimed that the affected farmers have since been paid.¡°The Guyana Rice Development Board has not specified what conditions of the licence, if any at all,Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic, have been breached. The Guyana Rice Development Board has not specified what provisions of the Rice Factories Act, no. 8 of 1998, have been breached or the regulations made thereunder, if any at all.¡±According to the affidavit, GRDB took into account the ¡°irrelevant consideration of issuing bounced cheques to suspend¡± their licences to manufacture as well as export rice.Mahaicony Rice Mills claimed that they were not given an opportunity to be heard before the decision was taken to suspend the licences ¡ª a requirement that is spelt out in the law.Mahaicony Rice Mills claimed that it will suffer financial ruination, since it has to meet large export commitments.
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¡­opposition unable to prevent its implementation – Granger? ?The Ministry of Health has clearly devised a mechanism whereas New Guyana Pharmaceutical Corporation (GPC) will be the only supplier of drugs to Government.New GPC owner Dr Ranjisinghi ¡®Bobby¡¯ RamroopThis is according to Leader of the Political Opposition,Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mens Trainers, Brigadier David Granger, who in an invited comment yesterday, said that based on the changes made to the prequalification procedures by the Ministry of Health; it creates a situation where rivals of New GPC will not be able to meet the criteria.Under the revised criteria for the prequalification of suppliers of drugs and medical supplies they must demonstrate a gross turnover of $1B (US$5M) and net assets of $500M (US$2.5M).The Ministry¡¯s criteria said that maximum score will be awarded to applicants which have paid $50M in corporate taxes annually.The company with 50 or more employees, and warehousing capacity of 30,Cheap Jerseys China,000 square feet in the city, will also gain an edge.New GPC is owned by Dr Ranjisinghi ¡®Bobby¡¯ Ramroop, former president, Bharrat Jagdeo¡¯s best friend and is the only supplier,Wholesale Jerseys China, locally, with its own bond of that size.According to the revised prequalification criteria, maximum points will also be awarded in the evaluation process to the applicants who have been supplying Government more than seven years without any negative reports.Brigadier Granger said that what the Ministry has done is to device tailor-made criteria meant to negate other competitors so that New GPC will be used as the sole supplier of drugs.The Opposition Leader conceded that the parliamentary would be unable to prevent the implementation of this strategy,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, given that it is a Ministerial Order.He did say that with the coming into being of the Public Procurement Commission what they might be able to do is address procurement at that time.Granger¡¯s sentiments come on the heels of recent criticism of the prequalification criteria,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, by Alliance for Change (AFC) Leader Khemraj Ramjattan.Ramjattan, in an earlier interview published by Kaieteur News, had said, ¡°Could you imagine the resultant impoverishment of the treasury and corresponding enrichment to New GPC! This is bloody larceny,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, but in the eyes of past and present PPP administrations it is economics. The little boy who picks your pocket for a $2,000 would have to go to jail.¡°But this big company will be extolled as virtuous when over $2B is what it profits in a roughly similar activity.¡±The last pre-qualification period for suppliers of drugs and medical supplies expired on December 31. The Ministry of Health had been looking to select the suppliers for the next three years.A pre-qualified contractor is automatically considered when it is time to order critical or emergency supplies.Former PresidentBharrat JagdeoWith billions of taxpayers¡¯ dollars at stake, independent suppliers and the Opposition have time and again been accusing Government of favouring New GPC, a company whose principal, Bobby Ramroop, shares close ties with former President Jagdeo.The company has been benefiting from billions of dollars annually, controlling supplies of up to 80 per cent of the drugs purchased by the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) and the Ministry of Health.
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… Freedom of Information BillHead of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr Roger Luncheon, says that the drafting of the Freedom of Information legislation along with the Broadcast Bill is taking longer than expected hence the several delays.Dr Luncheon was speaking at his most recent post Cabinet Press briefing where he pointed out that the constitutional responsibility for introducing legislation lies with the elected government.That statement was in light of questions as to whether the Alliance For Change¡¯s Freedom of Information Bill will be used in any way.Dr Luncheon said that he did not see the government sharing the responsibility as it relates to the tabling of legislationThe attention that has been surfacing is of course related to pledges that have been repeatedly raised to introduce Broadcast and Access to Information legislation,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, said Dr LuncheonDr Luncheon said that the administration has been looking at several versions of the legislation but it has to take on board what is felt to be responses to Guyanese reality and its obligations, rights, treaties and conventions that the country has signed on to.He said that Cabinet protocols include continuous review all of which are intended to be tabled and with a version that will represent the will of the Cabinet.That process, namely the protocols to follow, has not yet been concluded for either of the two Bills, said Dr Luncheon. ¡°Cabinet has seen quite a few drafts.¡±With Government failing to keep the many deadlines it set itself for the enactment of long overdue Broadcast and Freedom of Information Legislations, President Bharrat Jagdeo committed to yet another timeline in August this year.¡°As soon as Parliament comes out of recess,Wholesale China Jerseys, the Freedom of Information Act and Broadcast Legislation will be passed,¡± Jagdeo had told reporters at the Guyana International Convention Centre where he had scheduled a meeting with cable operators.Parliament has been out of recess ever since October 10 and the Bill now,Cheap NFL Jerseys, according to Dr Luncheon, will not be tabled in a hurryThe Prime Minister¡¯s Office was tasked with spearheading the crafting of Broadcast Legislation,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, while the Office of the President was dealing with the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act, According to Minister of legal Affairs Charles Ramson.President Jagdeo holds the portfolio of Minister of Information.The Broadcasting Bill is seen as key to the issuance of additional TV and radio licences,NFL Jerseys Clearance, and breaking the monopoly on radio.The government owns and controls the country¡¯s lone radio station,China NFL Jerseys, National Communications Network, under whose operation the government-run TV station falls. With many complaining of difficulties to access information about government contracts and other similar matters, the FOI is a crucial bill that is expected to make it illegal to withhold information.
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Residents in Kaneville,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, East Bank Demerara, are calling on the relevant authorities to look into a situation in their community, where a man in their village is in the process of constructing a house on the main access road in the area.Residents told Kaieteur News that the road has been in the community for the past 30 years, and it is the only road which runs from east to west in the area.They noted that it is totally unfair for the man to ¡°just up and build a house¡±,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, blocking the only access road that they have in the community.Residents told this newspaper that, for the past 30 years, they have been maintaining the road by asking for donations from a number of businesses,Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale, so that children from the day care, nursery and primary schools can use the road to go home.The villagers explained that when they questioned the man as to why he resorted to building a house on the main access road, he told them that he had received permission from the Ministry of Housing.However, when residents contacted that ministry, they learnt that no such permission was granted to the man. The authorities at the ministry then advised the residents to form a delegation and visit the ministry on Monday,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, so that the matter can be resolved.As it is currently, the man has already constructed a ¡®shack¡¯ on the road,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, and residents said that they are trying to stop the man before he constructs a larger structure, which they noted he is planning to do.¡°It is hard on the children. Many of the parents leave them at the school and go to work. The children have to go home by themselves. We cannot tolerate it. Where are these children going to walk?¡±Residents noted that they first started to observe that something was amiss when the man began to remove the boards from the bridge so that he could construct his home.¡°When he gon block up here, where are we going to use? This is the only access road that we have,NFL Jerseys Cheap, and we cannot allow him to do something like this. Someone has to do something about it,¡± the residents said.Residents added that before the national elections were held in Guyana, President Bharrat Jagdeo had visited the community and declared that the road was the main access road.
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Nationally, preparations are being made for Guyana to celebrate its fiftieth anniversary as an independent nation during May, 2016. With the anticipated colossal influx of foreigners to our land to participate in the various events, homeowners too can develop their existing facilities to offer accommodation to them.The implementation of the requirements of the National Standard for Bed and Breakfast facilities can assist local homeowners to benefit from this great business opportunity.The Code of Practice for Bed and Breakfast facilities was approved as a national standard by the National Standards Council in 2010 after it was developed by the Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) Technical Committee ¨C Tourism.This standard, which specifies the minimum requirements for bed and breakfast facilities operating in Guyana, was formulated to improve the quality of services offered by local providers of bed and breakfast facilities. This Code of Practice can be utilized by all stakeholders in the Tourism sector and specifically by local bed and breakfast providers and potential investors in this category, thereby promoting standardization for this particular service.The standard provides minimum requirements for three categories of facilities,Wholesale Jerseys From China, A,China Jerseys NFL, B and C category. For bread and breakfast facilities to be considered as Category A, they must include self-contained double or single bedroom accommodation with an air conditioned unit,Cheap Jerseys, television and other basic amenities including telephone, access to a mini refrigerator and comfortable functioning furniture, in a quiet and attractive setting.In addition,Wholesale China Jerseys, the standard states that private access to rooms is preferable and hot water, hot and cold shower,NFL Jerseys 2018, fresh clean linens and breakfast must be provided. Lunch, dinner or any other meals could be arranged on request at an additional cost.Requirements for facilities falling under Categories B and C are similar to Category A with a few exclusions in descending order.The Code of Practice also addresses minimum requirements for rooms, which include sufficient size for freedom of movement, privacy, requirements for beds and sheet coverings and other furniture requirements. Electrical installation, fire safety, hygiene and pest control are also addressed by the standard.The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) provides guidance and monitoring of facilities endeavouring to meet the requirements outlined in this Code of Practice.? The Authority is working to promote facilities, which are registered and inspected according to the requirements of the Code of Practice.The quest to fulfill the growing need to provide quality service and comfortable accommodation to all categories of tourists and other visitors to our country would be tested during the upcoming national celebrations.Acquiring a copy of this standard and implementing the requirements therein, would certainly aid entrepreneurs and operators in the tourism industry particularly, providers of bed and breakfast facilities to offer a level of services that can satisfy the accommodation needs of visitors.Copies are available upon request from the Technical Standards Information Unit of the GNBS.For further information on this subject,Jerseys NFL China, contact the GNBS on telephone numbers: 219-0065 or 219-0064.
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A man who impersonated the police and made a number of arrests and fleeced a number of persons inAccused of impersonating a traffic police: Ronald BalgobinBerbice,Cheap Jerseys, gave his name as ¡®Detective Sergeant Singh¡¯. He is now facing jail time.Ronald Balgobin, called ¡°Coolie Boy¡± and ¡°Sergeant Singh¡±, 20, of Goed Fortuin,Cheap Jerseys From China, West Bank Demerara and of Lot 35 Reliance,Nike Air Max Cheap Wholesale, East Canje, Berbice,NFL Jerseys Cheap, on Monday, appeared before Magistrate Charlyn Artiga at the Whim Magistrate¡¯s court on two charges.Balgobin was charged with impersonating a cop and collecting money under false pretense. He was not required to plead to the charges. He was subsequently granted bail in the sum of $40,Nike Air Max 95 Sale,000 on each offence.The man told investigators that he once worked at the Demerara Bank as a security agent.The man who recently arrived in Berbice, claimed to be ¡®Sergeant Singh¡¯ and told unsuspecting persons that he was recently transferred from Demerara. He was arrested by alert police officers in Berbice after fleecing a number of persons.According to a source,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, he had stopped a number of drivers for misdemeanors on the Corentyne Coast, and demanded money from the drivers.The impersonator was so bold that he even took some of the errant drivers to the Rose Hall Town Outpost. Ranks in the division became suspicious after it was learnt that there is no ¡®Sergeant Singh¡¯ that has been recently transferred to the division.The culprit even told investigators that his name was Singh and that he hailed from Meadow Brook, Georgetown.He pleaded with the cops for leniency stating that he is not working and in need of a job and was just trying a thing. Balgobin had stopped drivers on the Corentyne and had taken money from them for not wearing seat belts.He had told investigators that he had a wife and a two-month-old daughter to take care of. His next court date is February 2.
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Building on what they have with the customers in mind,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, entrepreneurs Randolph and Rhonda Blair have expanded and remodeled the Stretch D Dollar Supermarket that was in existence at Pitt Street, New Amsterdam.The new state of the art supermarket.The store which is now double its previous size offers customers a wider variety to choose from. According to Rudolph Blair the Supermarket presents an opportunity to customers for ¡®a one stop shop scenario¡¯ with the same products being offered in many different brands and varieties.The Stretch D Dollar chain of supermarkets,NFL Jerseys From China, which boasts three locations across Berbice,Wholesale Jerseys, was initially opened at Coberg Street, Cumberland, East Canje in 2002 and another on Main Street in 2005 (now relocated to Pitt Street,Nike Air Max 95 Cheap, New Amsterdam). One more was opened at Rosignol, West Bank Berbice in 2010.Blair stated that he was inspired to expand on his old business,China Jerseys, because of the tremendous support that he has been receiving from patrons at his various locations throughout Berbice.? At present,NFL Jerseys Supply, the business employs 67 persons.
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– Minimum wage hiked by 20% By Jeanna Pearson Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) yesterday signed a Collective Labour Agreement with the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU),Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the Guyana Labour Union (GLU) and the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union (CCWU), increasing its minimum wage by 20 percent.Chief Labour Officer Charles Ogle and DDL Human Resources Director, Moneeta Singh-Bird, shake hands on the agreement.The minimum wage was increased from $49, 741 to $60,NFL Jerseys Wholesale,000,NFL Jerseys Cheap Authentic, while the company¡¯s piece rate, meal allowances, third shift premium and leave passage assistance will be raised by more than seven percent.The agreement was signed yesterday at the Ministry of Social Protection, Department of Labour, Brickdam, in the presence of Chief Labour Officer Charles Ogle, who approved its duration.General Secretary of the GAWU,Cheap NFL jerseys China, Seepaul Narine acclaimed the agreement as historic, given the industrial relation situation at this time. He stated that while some employers are refusing to engage in collective bargaining, DDL, a private company, has not chosen that route, and has decided to engage the unions.The agreement is set for five years¡ªhowever, they have virtually four years remaining, since this year is already at an end. Nonetheless, at the end of the four years,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, the parties are expected to deliberate again on a new collective agreement.Employees of DDL are expected to receive between five and seven percent increases in each year. Except in 2015, they are likely to benefit in a more significant way, because there were adjustments to the scale of 2015.Narine posited that the increases create a positive attraction for this year. ¡°…that makes it possible for employees to benefit even more than the five, six and seven (percent) we have agreed to, and all these increases are retroactive to January 1, 2015,NFL Jerseys From China,¡± he said, adding that the employees were in a better position than the Chief Labour Officer and his staff, who will only benefit from half year.He indicated that the piece rate will be increased by six percent each year.¡°Those who would not have been receiving (increases) would now be receiving because of this agreement,¡± he added, saying that it is his expectation that the working agreement with the company will continue to be constructive.Human Resources Director of DDL, Moneeta Singh-Bird, said the company continues to lead the way in industrial relations, since it has been signing multi-year agreements, with the three Unions, since 2003.¡°I think this is our fourth multi-year and multi-union agreement,¡± she said, noting that DDL was satisfied with the agreement because of the raised minimum wage.¡°Obviously, jobs that are graded higher than the entry level jobs will receive more than $60,000. Persons who have been employed with the company can also get performance-based increases each year,¡± she announced, stating that DDL considers its employees important, and similarly, stakeholders in the company.¡°We require a lot of our employees and together, as a team, we ensure that the company continues to thrive, even in sometimes difficult national and international environments.¡±Presently, the minimum wage for public servants is $50,000 while the private sector starts at $35,000. The government, just months ago, declared a five percent plus $5000 increase on salaries. In the past, public servants implored the previous administration for a reasonable yearly increase, to no avail.Ogle stated that the ministry has always made recommendations for multi-year agreements, indicating that a one-year agreement doesn¡¯t augur well because of the limited time.He said should there be inflation in Guyana in excess of 10%, the unions and DDL would re-negotiate, and the workers could anticipate or expect a further adjustment in their salaries to offset whatever the inflation would have exposed them to.He said it is his opinion that the minimum wage be disregarded and a ¡°living wage¡± be introduced.? ¡°We want people not to just survive and exist, but we want them to live,¡± he said.He said that with the government increasing the public servants¡¯ minimum wage, private sector employees should also enjoy an increase. At this point, he signalled that the Ministry will be meeting shortly with the private sector to discuss salaries and wages adjustments.¡°It is good to see collective bargaining alive in Guyana,¡± he said, adding that it was good to see that the parties were able to engage without intervention from the ministry.However, he highlighted that he did not see any statement on the conditions of working hours.Head of the Guyana Labour Union Carvil Duncan thanked Ogle for affixing his signature to the agreement. He also applauded the parties for being able to negotiate without a third party.¡°… and that is the spirit of negotiations. Negotiation is not expected to go easily…it¡¯s intended to have some obstacles, and if you can overcome them you can move forward,¡± he said.About the negotiation, Duncan reflected that even though it appeared to be protracted at times, and there were thoughts to seek advice from the Ministry of Social Protection, the parties battled through the meetings without the ministry¡¯s intervention.¡°That¡¯s a clear indication that there is maturity on the side of the management and in the unions. It is my expectation that the maturity demonstrated during the negotiation will continue to be demonstrated throughout the life of the agreement.¡±
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Investigations are still continuing into the shooting incident which left Kaieteur News staffer Shaun Persaud injured on Sunday last. Persaud was shot by bandits in the thigh. The two thieves managed to escape with his motorcycle CF4664 and a pouch containing his driver¡¯s license during a brazen robbery at the corner of Broad and Ketley Streets,jerseys cheap nfl, Charlestown.Persaud told Kaieteur News,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, yesterday,China Jerseys NFL, that doctors have cleanedShaun Persaudout the gunpowder that was inside of the wound. According to Persaud he was told that the bone has received some damage and doctors would have to replace it with steel. He said that no police has visited him to get a statement.Persaud,Nike NFL Jerseys China, 45, of Lot 94 La Penitence Street, Albouystown, remains in a stable condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).Persaud, an Office Assistant with Kaieteur News,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, related that he was on his way home when a friend invited him to take ¡°a drink¡± at a rum shop in Charlestown. Persaud said he wheeled his motorcycle into the shop and was having a ¡°drink¡± when two youths rode into the beer garden on a motorcycle and immediately began assaulting him while demanding the keys for his bike.He estimates that the attackers were both in their teens. The father of two added that while the bandits ¡®braced¡¯ him at a corner, one of them took the motorcycle keys from his pocket. They also relieved the Kaieteur News staffer of a pouch containing his driver¡¯s license.Despite being gun-butted,Cheap China Jerseys, Persaud said that he tried to prevent the robbers from making off with his motorcycle.Persaud said that this angered the robbers and one of them shot him in the left thigh. They then escaped with his motorcycle. Other patrons at the beer garden took the injured man to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.Persaud suspects that the bandits trailed him to the rum shop. He recalled that his attackers went straight to him and demanded his key.