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Butchered woman#If the police had taken appropriate action, 31-year-old Deon Stephens might have been still around to look after her four children.This is the view of her relatives who revealed yesterday that Stephens* reputed husband had threatened to kill her in the presence of ranks at the Vigilance Police Station,Cheap NFL Jerseys, where she had gone earlier this week to report a case of domestic abuse.The woman,? a security guard attached to Neal and Massy Solutions, was mercilessly stabbed to death at about 22:30 hours on Monday by her reputed husband, who is well known as &Muff*, as she was about to take a bath in her mother*s outdoor bathroom at Vigilance South, East Coast Demerara.Dead: Deon StephensThe murder occurred a day after Stephens had packed up her belongings and moved out of the home she shared with her reputed husband to escape an abusive seven-year relationship.Stephens was cornered and stabbed in the chest, neck and right breast.The palm of her right hand was also badly slashed from trying to grab her attacker*s knife.Her brother Samuel told Kaieteur News that although her children and some other family members were around, there was very little anyone could have done to stop the brutal attack.The young man said that Stephens* mother Desiree tried to intervene but was pushed aside by the attacker, resulting in her receiving a cut on her hand.※Deon start hollering,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, &Muff, Muff, this you gon do to me*,§ the dead woman*s brother recalled.Stephens managed to run up the short flight of stairs of her mother*s modest house but her attacker pursued her and inflicted the fatal wounds after dragging her back to the ground.The killer then fled and has not been seen since despite a massive manhunt by the police.Yesterday police received several calls informing them that the killer had committed suicide and his body was in the backlands of Buxton/Friendship. However, checks on at least two of the locations given came up blank.This newspaper visited the scene of the killing yesterday and there was blood spattered on the door,Nike Air Max 95 Womens Sale, evidence of the woman*s desperate attempt to escape the assault. Relatives said that she had cause to report several incidents of abuse to the police, but despite several warnings, nothing significant was done to end the constant beatings.But on Sunday night things took a turn for the worse, when the couple was engaged in a heated argument while at a birthday party for her mother.Stephens* four children, Malcolm, Melana, Miranda and Marissa, are now left in the care of her mother Desiree.Natasha Stephens, the woman*s cousin, told Kaieteur News that they were all at the party when Deon Stephens received a call on her cellular phone.This angered her reputed husband who was playing music for the party at the time.※She tell he &Muff, is me supervisor call* but he seh no, is some man,§ Natasha related.She said that she tried to bring calm to the potentially violent situation, but Stephens* reputed husband paid her no mind and continued to verbally abuse the woman.Natasha said that the angry man began packing up his music equipment, bringing an abrupt end to the birthday party.Sensing that something bad was about to happen, Stephens* relatives advised her not to return to the home she shared with her eventual killer.※He turn to she and seh,Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic, &ah gone kill you, you can*t lef me*,§ Natasha Stephens recounted.The following day, Monday, Stephens went to the Vigilance police station where she reported the matter.Kaieteur News understands that police ranks accompanied her to the home she shared with her reputed husband and watched as she packed her belongings, which she eventually took to her mother*s Vigilance South home.※He tell de police, &Ah gone kill she*. In front de police he say he gone kill she,§ Natasha Stephens recalled.But the police apparently paid no mind to the reported threats and the end result was that the man made good on his evil intentions.Family members yesterday expressed the hope that Stephens* killer would be apprehended by the police soon and made to stand trial for murder,Cheap Jerseys, since there are rumours that he planned to take his own life.The woman leaves to mourn four children, ages nine to 14 years,Sale NFL Jerseys, whom she bore from another relationship.
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–?? ?Board announces revitalising project for 2016Even as the National Communications Network (NCN) continues to run at a major loss, over the last two days the positions of the Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources (H.R.) and ICT Manager, have been voluntarily vacated.NCN CEO Molly HassanThe current situation at NCN however indicates that 150 persons remain within the company*s employ, with the board announcing a major revitalising project for 2016.Via a communiqu谷 issued yesterday, the board announced that advertisements will soon appear for suitably qualified persons to fill various posts within the entity.Chief Executive Officer Molly Hassan has already tendered her resignation to the company*s board giving three months* notice, as stipulated by her contract.Hassan has served in the position for just over a year and a half.Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, who has responsibility for the state media, had wanted Hassan to be transferred to the Marketing Director*s position while a new CEO was being sought. But Hassan has reportedly decided to completely move on.Information from within the NCN is that following a meeting, the staffers were asked to submit their list of duties yesterday. Additionally, the Daren Khan H.R. Manager, who also doubles as the ICT manager,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, was reportedly asked to tender his resignation.Staffers confirmed that he walked out of the NCN compound just after 14:00hrs.Meanwhile, the Board of NCN via a statement extended its gratitude for the service of those moving on and wished them well in their future endeavours.The statement noted that the newly appointed Board,Cheap NFL Jerseys, having reviewed the strategic direction,NBA Jerseys China, operations and conditions at the state entity, has upon the onset of the new year embarked on a &four pillars revitalization project*.In Pillar 1, the company is focused with identifying a clear strategic direction based on national imperatives. This includes the production of a comprehensive document by the board which provides the basis for the second, third and fourth pillars of the project.Management restructuring to meet the new strategic direction is part of Pillar two.The strategic direction now set has necessitated several changes which include changes at the administrative level of the organization based on revised terms of reference and competencies for the new structure.? Several positions including those of CEO, Human Resources, ICT, Engineering and Programming have been rationalized.There is also to be re-branding and vitalizing of the programming on NCN*s radio and television stations following an intense and ongoing review of both the current programmes, systems, staff and technical facilities.In addition to internal work being done on re-branding, re-programming, training and creating a new content culture,NHL Jerseys Authentic, a nationwide call is currently out for announcers, producers and fresh programme ideas.Further, there is a vitalizing plant and infrastructure 每 following months of extensive tours to NCNs national substations,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, as well as equipment audits and technical consultations with local and international experts, several urgent needs in the area of physical space,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, telecommunications infrastructure, training, management and equipment have been identified.The new board for NCN was appointed and installed in September of 2015.
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The Granger administration is unable to locate any documentation supporting the spending of some $100M from the Rural Development Fund on certain projects by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.This was communicated to the media yesterday by Minister of State, Joseph Harmon during his post Cabinet press conference held at the Ministry of the Presidency.Harmon said that Cabinet was briefed by the Minister of Business, Dominic Gaskin on some of the projects that were ongoing under the previous administration.The Minister of State said that these projects were under the Rural Development Fund that was managed by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce into which $1B had been placed. The Fund was approved during the 2014 budget.Harmon said that this Fund was meant to create employment in rural communities.The Business Minister subsequently reviewed the status of the projects in Wakenaam,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Leguan, Tuschen and Enmore on the East Coast and found that they were not completed.The projects at Wakenaam and Leguan have to do with the establishment of a plantain chip factory and a call centre.Harmon said however,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, as at June 30, 2015,Wholesale China Jerseys, over $20M had been spent on the building at Wakenaam and that there was a further $33.6M still to be spent on it. He said, too,Cheap Jerseys Store, that some $24.7 was expended ※but what was most important is that the Minister of Business, looking for proposals and documents to support the projects,Supply Cheap Jerseys, could find none.§As such, Harmon said that Cabinet agreed for Gaskin to be assisted by various agencies such as the Guyana Marketing Corporation,Cheap Jerseys China, the Ministry of Agriculture and other entities to conduct a very serious review of the monies spent under the project.He said that some $100M had been spent and therefore they have to now do a review as to the balance of the money in the Rural Development Fund and determine the way in which the monies were spent.The Business Minister will also receive support from Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo and Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan.
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Darwin Harding, 26, was yesterday denied his pre-trial liberty when he made his court appearance before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton.It is alleged that, on November 5,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, he robbed Yvonne Ryan of one gold chain valued at $90,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000. He was not required to plead to the indictable offence.It is also alleged that,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, on November 5,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, he allegedly had in his possession a .32 revolver without having a license. He pleaded not guilty.According to the prosecution,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Ryan is a Trinidadian citizen who would be leaving the country on November 28.The prosecution, therefore,Authentic MLB Jerseys Online, asked for a speedy trial. Harding was remanded, and is expected to make his next court appearance on November 11.
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Natasha Adolphus,Hockey Jerseys 2018 Cheap, the mother of the missing Richmond Housing Scheme six-year-old, harbours hopeDaniel Adolphusthat one day,Cheap China Jerseys, someone would return her son to her but Daniel has been missing for almost one month, two weeks and two days to date.Daniel and his four-year-old sister were left in their father,Cheap NHL Jerseys, Junior Adolphus*s care. The children*s mother was out of the Region when the child went missing. She returned immediately after she heard about her eldest child*s disappearance. It has not been easy for her ever since.One of Daniel*s cousins described him as a jovial child. She said that no other family member can impose any pressure on the police except the missing child*s parents who have not.Little Daniel Adolphus mysteriously disappeared from his Richmond Housing Scheme home between December 2 and December 3, last. The child*s father has insisted that he went into his bed and left Daniel viewing television.H said that around midnight he awoke and took his medications and discovered his son missing. The older Adolphus suffers from a mental condition.After the child*s disappearance, the elder Adolphus said that he called his sisters to inform them. A search for the missing child eventually proceeded. All, however, were unsuccessful. Family members said that they have exhausted their search in the back dam, in areas around the seawalls,NBA Jerseys From China, in nearby trenches, the burial ground and around the child*s home.The police were also a part of some of those searches.Early last year, the child*s father attempted to slit his throat. The police were notified and Adolphus was arrested and charged. The case was however dropped after the Magistrate requested a mental evaluation to be done on Adolphus.The father has since been administered medication to allow him to function normal.It*s however alarming to fathom the mysterious disappearance of a child especially in a quiet county of Essequibo. Essequibo,Wholesale NBA Jerseys, (Pomeroon/Supenaam) has over the decades had its share of murders, accidents,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, incidents of rapes but the mysterious disappearance of a six-year-old without any trace, is most stunning. (Yannason Duncan)
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# mined out areas can cost up $1M per hectare to fix-GGDMAA mined out area outside of Mahdia has been earmarked to become a model reclamation site following a deal between the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners* Association (GGDMA) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF).The $5M agreement was signed at the WWF Queenstown Office yesterday and will become a source of much information for miners and others who wants to learn more how to revegetate mined area.Yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys, WWF handed over $2.8 million as a first tranche.WWF*s pollution expert, Rickford Vieira,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, said that it was the second major collaboration of this nature with miners following the completion of project on tailings management in April.The project area, four miles outside of Mahdia,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, a key interior mining community,Sale NFL Jerseys, will help build the capacity of GGDMA and its members to better understand the process on how to reclaim the land after mining would have been exhausted.Vieira noted that miners sometimes are not all to be blamed for the condition of some mining areas since many of them simply do not know.The model will provide insights into cost effective ways which mining areas can be reclaimed.Not only will miners be able to visit, but there will be nurseries of trees and plants set up, the monitoring of plant species, possible planting of fruit trees and soil sampling.GGDMA*s Executive Director, Edward Shields, lauding the work of WWF in assisting, explained that several other initiatives have been funded by that body. Miners were even taken to French Guiana to examine mining practices there.While the Guyana Geology and Mines Commission (GGMC) should really be spearheading the move, the reality is that the regulatory body is lacking heavily in resources with many quilifed people leaving the country.GGDMA*s Vice President, Charles Da Silva, noted that last year*s gold production proved that it was one-third of the country*s revenues. If mining is banned,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, everybody will lose, he said.The officials yesterday estimated that the cost to reclaim mined out areas can go up to $1M per hectare depending on location.Under new mining laws, miners are expected to provide a plan on how to revegetate the affected areas.Overtime, however, miners who have to put down a $100,Nike Air Max 95 Cheap,000 bond before being issued permits for possibilities of damage to the land, have preferred to leave the bond and not collect it after tying up operations since it was cheaper than spending thousands to fix the problems.But many are known to treat the bond as a tax and refuse to undertake reforestation efforts. However some have been banned after being warned and cited for previous violations.The miners* association supported this action and now wants all miners to heed the environmental regulations.
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※Nursing is a noble profession that brings with it varied experiences of laughter and tears, blood, gore and sometimes fears, but it is most satisfying to help gravely ill people recover and walk out of the hospital with smiling faces, healthy and happy.Many have left for varying reasons in search of greener pastures but there is one nurse, days after retiring, who is ready to do it all over again in Guyana. Nurse Ramkumari KanhaiBy Mondale SmithSixty-year-old mother of one, Ramkumari Kanhai, a registered nurse/midwife,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, is now enjoying bittersweet retirement after 38 years in the profession at the St Joseph Mercy Hospital.During her tenure she has delivered hundreds of babies,Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale, given medical care to thousands of patients from every stratum of society, and vows she would do it all over again if given the opportunity. The second time around she insists she would like to qualify herself even more. Nonetheless, Nurse Kanhai is satisfied that she has done her bit ※to make thousands of people healthier§.She was born and grew up in humble surroundings in the Hope West Squatting Area on the East Coast of Demerara and recalled walking long distances to get to the train station to get to work when there were no roads. ※It was plenty mud# then I moved to Kitty in 1975 with my husband but we moved back to Enmore at the family house in 1994 for personal reasons.§ She now resides in her own home at Track &A* Coldingen, also on the East Coast.As a school girl at St Marks Anglican which has since been renamed Paradise Government School, she recalled her fascination at watching the health visitors helping people and that fuelled her interest in becoming a nurse.This special person*s rewarding journey actually began in October 1967, as a student nurse – in the days when, she opined, the profession was a highly respected one.But it was a decade later that the impact of her choice of career took full effect. In what she describes as her ※most memorable experience§ she helped deliver her first baby in 1977. As she recalled, midwives in training had to observe 25 cases before they were given the okay to perform a delivery. ※I was nervous and anxious. Words can*t explain my joy when the baby, a boy, came out and started to cry. His voice was refreshingly strong#.I distinctly remember he was five pounds six ounces.§There were, after that, hundreds of deliveries to follow over her almost four decades as a nurse/midwife. Nurse Kanhai also served as counsellor for most of the patients and reflected that ※every birth was different§ She recounted that youngest mother was 15. To her delight, many of the babies she has delivered have returned as adults to say ※thank you§ and she notes proudly that some have ascended to high office in Guyana, the Caribbean and around the world.Like most individuals who have demanding jobs, she also had her times when she wanted to ease herself away from being consumed, but admits that her husband Baldeo and later her daughter Sharon kept her sufficiently encouraged to stay the course. She also credits her love for life and seeing people healthy for making her stay on the job.Her duties did not only entail delivering babies. ※I remember when a man came in with his wife. She was unconscious and he was hysterical. The doctor told him she needed three units of blood to undergo surgery. The hospital provided one unit and two more were needed. He (the husband) was not concerned about that, he was infuriated. He wanted her to have the surgery and as I tried to explain to him the risks involved, he started to break windows and I was afraid, but I tried to counsel him.§But the man would not hear of anything that the nurse was saying and the nursing administrator had to come out in support as the man threatened to kill her.She said ※He grabbed a bedside locker and ran at me with it and I had to hide behind the administrator. But she too was afraid and shouted, &run Nurse Kanhai* and I bolted down the corridor.§The security had to get involved. The patient unfortunately died.Nurse Kanhai related many other stories of challenging experiences that would have acted as deterrents, but she stressed ※Something in me always pulled at my heart strings saying, you have a job to do and people need you.§※You have to be observant, diligent and committed, but above all you have to be honest and do the right thing because you have graciously been chosen to preserve life.§A Hindu by religion, she says there are times when all you can do is pray after applying all the medical know-how. ※As a nurse I have learnt that prayer changes things#to me,Cheap Jerseys Store, faith can move mountains, but you have to believe that it can. The medical training taught me a lot and at this age I*m still learning about technology.§During her tenure, opportunities and offers came in abundance but while she travelled to Canada, USA, Suriname and Trinidad & Tobago she admits always missing home and her extended family; the patients.※Guyana is in my heart, no matter what, and I believe I was born to help people and I can*t ever complain of any lasting, bad experience at Mercy Hospital and even when times were tough for families my commitment remained.§A few days into retirement she says, ※even now while I*ve retired because of the age factor I*m actually hoping that I will be back on the job in any capacity,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, because I believe that I still have the best years ahead and I*m confident that I can still make a difference.Summing up her 38 years in the nursing profession she said ※It was the best and worst of times but after moving through the ranks from a student to being a registered nurse to becoming a Nurse/midwife and eventually the Director of Nursing Services at the St Mercy Hospital, I have absolutely no regrets about making the choice and if I could I*d do it all over again.§The retiree said too that ※in nursing there is no race,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, culture or creed, there are only human beings needing your help, and despite your religious, cultural or other persuasions your job is to make people healthy and unite families.§To aspiring nurses she said ※You need to see nursing not as a job but as a vacation where you get to be the nice person serving and saving lives.§Nurse Kanhai believes that many persons who have chosen the career are committed but there are some who are not focused on the tenets of nursing, mostly entering the profession as a springboard to travel overseas. ※You have to love and be committed to the job,§ she said.She expressed the belief that there should be an attractive financial plan in place to motivate nurses and make up for their sacrifices so they would stop migrating. She opined that the authorities should, above all, put arrangements in place for nurses, after a number of years of commitment, to be able to afford house lots and at least, some mode of transportation.※You don*t make much money from being a nurse but the satisfaction money can*t buy when you see people at death*s door and nurse them back to health#those experiences words cannot describe#hearing thank you is more than any money can buy.§※Nursing is a noble profession that brings with it varied experiences of laughter and tears, blood, gore and sometimes fears, but it is most satisfying to help gravely ill people recover and walk out of the hospital with smiling faces, healthy and happy.Many have left for varying reasons in search of greener pastures but there is one nurse,China Jerseys, days after retiring, who is ready to do it all over again in Guyana.§
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Prison authorities have instituted an indefinite ban on the wife of murder accused Jarvis Small from visiting him in prison.The ban was imposed on Marceline Small on Monday after she was reportedly caught trying to smuggle a cellular phone into the prison.But although, the woman was detained by prison officials and later handed over to the police, another woman, Anastacia Melville, was charged with the offence. Marceline Small has denied that she knowingly tried to smuggle the prohibited item into the prison.According to police correspondence, around? 09:00 hours on Monday, Assistant Superintendent? Pilgrim, the Operation Officer at the Camp Street Prison, reported to the police that a woman was caught with a cellular phone at the Prison.Detective Constable Gouveia was sent to investigate,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, the correspondence indicated.※During the investigation Woman Prison Officer Graham reported that she was the Supervisor at the number 34 desk,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, when Marceline Small went to take self support for her husband, Jarvis Small.§She was asked to display the items she had brought and according to the Prison Officer, Small took out two loaves of bread.She immediately stated, ※Don’t worry with one of the bread,NFL Jerseys Supply,§ and she put back one of the bread into her bag.However, the Prison Officer became suspicious and took possession of the bread that Small had put back into her bag. A check of the bread revealed an E 71 camera phone.According to the police,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Small was told that she is under arrest and it was at this stage that she told prison officials that a woman had given her the items to be given to a prisoner.Small was escorted to the Alberttown Police Station,Wholesale Jerseys Cheap, where police contacted one Anastasia Melville.Melville admitted that she had indeed given Small a loaf of bread containing a cellular phone to deliver to her husband, Jarvis Small,Wholesale Stitched NFL Jerseys, who in turn was to hand it over to another prisoner, whose name was given as Rawle. Melville was cautioned and arrested and subsequently charged.She pleaded guilty and was fined $25,000.But Small is concerned about the negative publicity reports of the incident have given her. She claimed that the reports are jeopardizing her job.※I was the person who helped the police to find the woman who gave me the item. I don’t know why I’m being labeled as the one who was knowingly committing a crime,§ Small told this newspaper. Small said that she is devastated by the ban, claiming that she will support her husband to the very end.※I have spoken to the Mr. Small (Officer-in-Charge of the Georgetown Prison) and the Director of Prison. They will permit the food to go in to my husband but I cannot see him,§ Small told this newspaper.She added that she made attempts to meet with Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee but was unsuccessful.
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Seven women who were arrested and charged for allegedly carrying on an illegal demonstration at the home of now deceased former police commissioner, Henry Greene, were set free,Cheap China Jerseys, after Magistrate Sueanna Lovell upheld a no case submission made by the defendants* lawyer.The matter which started at the Georgetown Magistrates* Court last year concluded on Tuesday last,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, subsequent to Attorney-at-law Basil Williams submitting to the court that his clients Vanessa Belle, Melissa Leacock, Andrea Marks,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Evelyn (Eslyn) Jackson, Shondel Hope,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Ann Adams and Natasha Ferguson, had no case to answer.Williams argued about the inefficiencies of the police in presenting their case and the absence of evidence.Apart from that,Wholesale Jerseys China, police witnesses scheduled to testify in the matter had not been attending court as they were supposed to. It was noted that the prosecution failed to present those witnesses and the court alluded to the case*s dismissal for want of the prosecution.The women were charged on December 21, 2011. They were accused of engaging in an illegal demonstration outside the former Commissioner*s home. The police said the women had no permission for the activity they were conducting.Police Constables Dwayne Towler and Clemroy August had testified that the women,Cheap World Cup Jerseys 2018, around 03:04hrs, at Lamaha Springs, Georgetown, were seen by police ranks in front of the home of the former Commissioner carrying on a procession.They claimed to have made checks as to ascertain whether the women were granted permission to ※carry on as they were§.Those checks, they said, proved that the women did not have permission, thus they were arrested.In their defense, the women said that they were religious people going to pray for the soul of Henry Greene. They said they had not even commenced any acts when they were approached by the police.At the time, the former police Commissioner who died in a vehicular accident in early September was implicated in a rape allegation. The embattled police head was accused by a young woman of forcibly having intercourse with her.A police source said it was believed that the women gathered outside of the former top cop*s home to protest the issue.
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The National Centre for Education Resource Development (NCERD) is aiming to train at least 1500 teachers this year to use the computer as a teaching and learning tool.According to Senior Subject Specialist and Information Technology Coordinator within the Ministry of Education, Marcia Thomas, to date an estimated 150 teachers have completed basic IT training.Apart from NCERD, the training programme has been extended to Regions Two, Six,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, Ten and Georgetown.Thomas,Wholesale Jerseys China, who is also the Caribbean Examination Council*s Chief Examiner for IT, pointed out that since the Basic IT programme for teachers started in 2009, close to 3000 of them have been trained.It is now believed that the target for this year can be achieved once the finance is available.In addition to training teachers, NCERD has implemented the Success Maker in 29 primary schools and continues to convene regular staff development sessions for teachers on how to use the Jolly Phonics, a low cost literacy and numeracy software designed to supplement work in the classroom.The Success Maker software is used to reinforce literacy and numeracy concepts and is licensed, marketed and sold by Pearson.?It was piloted in 2000 in four schools under the Primary Education Improvement Project and implemented in 14 schools under the BEAMS programme.As a result of the success achieved, authorities are now hoping to implement it in 50 primary schools by the end of April.According to an NCERD report, the programme which is used between Grades One and Three, has been having a positive impact on students.※The report has noted that the programme has been able to generate a 50 per cent reading improvement in pupils enrolled on the systems after 25 sessions on the computer and 75 per cent improvement in Mathematics in the same number of sessions,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys China,§ the Ministry of Education said in a statement yesterday.The report also noted that the innovation has created positive behavioral patterns in pupils who were found to be more focused, have developed more fluency in reading and have a more disciplined attitude towards learning.The Ministry of Education, in its 2008-2013 Education Strategic Plan, aims to equip all secondary schools and 50 per cent of primary schools with computer laboratories by 2012.※At the primary level,Nike NFL Jerseys China, emphasis is being placed on teacher training, curriculum development and the creation of interactive materials for use in the schools and for distance education. Aside from the Success Maker and Jolly Phonics, the Connecting Classroom program has been implemented,§ the Ministry said.This initiative is a web-based learning and social network that enables students in the hinterland to enjoy the same teaching and learning opportunities as the children on the coastland.In an effort to ensure that teachers are adequately prepared to use computers for teaching and learning,NFL Jerseys Cheap, the Ministry of Education has developed an ICT competency framework for teachers.※This plan provides a roadmap for teachers* professional development in ICT and makes available the training opportunities for teachers to develop appropriate skills. Support for this undertaking has been provided by the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Commonwealth of Learning, and Microsoft Corporation,§ the Ministry disclosed yesterday.Education Minister, Shaik Baksh, had disclosed too that under the new teacher education and training reform agenda, the Cyril Potter College of Education (CPCE) and the Faculty of Education and Humanities, at the University of Education (UG),Wholesale Jerseys USA, will be equipped with a state-of-the-art computer laboratories for teachers pursuing the education programmes.The Minister said that the primary objective is to ensure that every teacher who graduates from the college is computer literate and can use the computer as a teaching and learning tool.
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by Neil Marks in ArgentinaRepresentatives of 160 countries meeting in Buenos Aires for the World Forestry Congress have called on negotiators of a new global climate change deal to include a mechanism to reward countries that keep standing forests.The call from the Congress came as countries which face the greatest loss of forest 每 Brazil and Indonesia 每 once more highlighted their plight and underscored the important role of forests.? Top representatives of the two countries say forests are not only important to prevent further climate change, but also the livelihoods of the people of the forests, as well as the plant and animal life that depend on the forest.At the Congress, Norway pledged to continue making large contributions to help countries prepare to benefit from a mechanism to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, or what is called REDD.This message was delivered to the Congress by Trond Gabrielsem, a representative of the Norwegian Government.A REDD mechanism is likely to be decided upon in Copenhagen when the Conference of Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC, meet from December 7 to December 12, 2009. Under REDD, rich countries,Cheap Jerseys From China, whose industries are blamed for emitting harmful greenhouse gases that destroy the environment, agree to pay poor countries which have kept their forests intact and therefore store harmful gases, such as carbon dioxide. The money can be paid over through bilateral schemes between governments or through a carbon trading system.In a statement,Cheap China Jerseys, the Congress said that it supports a REDD mechanism, including enhanced incentives for conservation, sustainable management of forests and enhancement of carbon stocks in developing countries.Forests are more than carbon,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, the Congress noted. Rather, they harbour two-thirds of all land based biodiversity and generate critical ecosystem goods and services such as water, food and more than 5,000 commercial forest products.Tiina Vahenen, a senior officer at the United Nations REDD Secretariat, pointed out that the earth?s four billion hectares of forest store 633 billion gigatons of carbon. This means that forests store more carbon than the amount of carbon in the atmosphere. Forests absorb carbon dioxide, one of the harmful greenhouse gases that cause global climate change.However,Cheap Jerseys From China, if they are cut down, then that carbon goes into the atmosphere, creating further problems for the environment.Vahenen said that 13 million hectares of forests are lost every year, sending an estimated 17.4 percent of all greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Putting that into perspective, she said that is the total amount of carbon that is released by the United States or China, or still yet, the total amount of carbon emitted by the transport sector. She said a REDD mechanism would recognise the role of forests in preventing further climate change,Cheap NBA Jerseys Authentic, and called on countries to make their voices heard at Copenhagen.Can REDD work? Vahenen says &yes*.“REDD is a big economic development and environment opportunity and we cannot afford to lose the opportunity, “she told the Forestry Congress.Vahenen quoted research which shows that carbon trading moved from US$11 billion in 2005 to a whopping $125 billion in 2008.Thais Linhares Jevanal, the director of the Brazilian Forest Agency indicated that if a REDD mechanism comes in place the money will have to come good.She said the opportunity costs of saving the rainforest are high and therefore any REDD scheme will have to adequately make up. Even so, Brazil is in a desperate race against time to save the Amazon rainforest, which has been prone to illegal logging and heavy deforestation.Therefore, a REDD mechanism is needed on both fronts.The only thing that can make the forest sustainable is giving forests the value forests have, she said.Indonesia faces a similar crisis. Forty percent of the forests existing in 1950 were cleared in the following 50 years. In round numbers, forest cover fell from 162 million hectares to 98 million hectares, according to Global Forest Watch.Retno Maryano of Indonesia?s Centre for Social and Economic Research on Forest Management said that the potential for financial input under REDD is huge, and said whatever funds come under REDD will have to compensate for the money that will be forgone in protecting the forests.
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–? say friend of murder victim tipped them off about valuables??? ? Some of the suspects in Monday*s movie-style shootout have reportedly confessed to being involved in the robbery at Meten-Meer-Zorg in which Zulfikar Namdar was slain, as well as the recent attack at a Wakenaam businessman*s house.But a source said that none of the men admitted to shooting Namdar,China NFL Jerseys, and pinned his demise on gang member Kirk Bacchus,Wholesale Jerseys, who was slain during Monday*s confrontation with police.Up to late yesterday,Cheap Jerseys From China, some eight suspects were in custody. They include a Meten-Meer-Zorg man who is a friend of the Namdar family.He is said to have tipped off the gang that the victims kept large sums of money, including cash for an orphanage, on their premises. The informant was at the grocery when the bandits attacked, and his alleged associates had reportedly even placed him to lie on the ground with other customers.Police sources said that some of the suspects are likely to be charged with murder and armed robbery this week.Also in custody is a speedboat operator from Zeelugt,China Soccer Jerseys, East Bank Essequibo, whose vessel was reportedly used by the gang when they struck at the island of Wakenaam. The man*s wife told Kaieteur News that armed police ranks detained them on Monday afternoon at their Zeelugt home. She said they had just come from the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrate*s Court in connection with a traffic offence.According to the woman, the ranks informed them that they were investigating an armed robbery at Meten-Meer-Zorg and took them to the Leonora Police Station.She said that several policemen later took her husband back home and searched their premises. She alleged that the ranks eventually said that they had found a small handgun under some boards in their yard. According to the woman, her husband denied having any knowledge about the firearm.The woman,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, who was subsequently released, said that the police also questioned him about the Wakenaam robbery, and subsequently detained the boat captain and another seaman. She alleged that a group of men had hired her husband*s boat for a Parika to Supenaam journey on the same day of the Wakenaam robbery,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, and that the captain and a crew member alone took them on the trip.Police are said to be hunting for at least three other men and have sent out a bulletin for one suspect, who is said to be wanted in connection with Zulficar Namdar*s murder.Police were able to dismantle the gang on Monday after receiving word that they were planning a robbery on the West Coast of Demerara.They were also informed that the gang had holed up in a house at Meten-Meer-Zorg. This newspaper was told that the gunmen sought refuge in a two-storey concrete house in Kastev Housing Scheme. The building was still under construction. From the state of an un-flushed toilet in the building, it is believed that the men might have been hiding in the house as early as last SaturdayActing on this information, police staked out the area some hours before dawn on Monday. But Kaieteur News understands that the ranks mistakenly staked out another house close to the hideout.At around 10:00 hrs on Monday, four of the gunmen arrived at the house in two rented cars. They spotted the policemen and immediately opened fire. The gunmen then fled.One of the bandits, later identified as Kirk Bacchus, of Paradise, East Coast Demerara, fled on foot, while another accomplice managed to steal a bicycle.Two plainclothes ranks commandeered a passing taxi and trailed the two suspects, and Bacchus reportedly began firing at the vehicle. He was eventually killed in another section of Meten-Meer-Zorg known as Tarla Dam.Police allegedly recovered a 9mm pistol from the slain man and said that ballistic tests revealed that Namdar was shot with the same firearm.
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Four of five-drug accused were freed by Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo at the New Amsterdam Magistrate*s Court after she upheld no case submission by their attorneys.The lawyers had argued that no case had been made out against them.The quintet, Antonio Adams,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, 22; Radish Gildhari, 20; Germain Sardasan, 17, all of Angoy*s Avenue; Seeram Ganesh,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, 23, of Vryheid Village, West Canje, and a 15-year-old were charged on Sunday April 4, last,Wholesale China Jerseys, at Angoy*s Avenue. They were alleged to have been in possession of nearly two kilograms of marijuana.Antonio Adams will however have to lead a defence, after the magistrate rejected the no case submission put forward on his behalf. ?The five, who were in the house at the time, were arrested, placed before the court and charged with possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.However, after strenuous arguments by defence lawyers,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Charrandass Persaud who appeared for the four adults and legal aid representative Attorney at law Norma Lewis representing the juvenile,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the magistrate upheld submissions that the men were mere visitors to Adams*s house, and that they did not know about any bag in the house and about the contents of the bag.The facts as presented by Prosecutor Satrohan Dayaram was that on the day in question the police descended on the?premises?and met the five men in the house. A search was subsequently conducted and a black plastic bag was found in the hallway?of the house. The bag was opened and three other plastic bags were found inside. They were opened and leaves, seeds and stems of what was suspected to be marijuana plants was found inside.The men were arrested, cautioned and taken in custody and subsequently charged. ?The items were tested and weighed and came up to 1kg,wholesale nfl jerseys, 900grams of marijuana. The four men were remanded to prison while the juvenile was place in the custody of the police.
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The Guyana Association of Women Lawyers (GAWL) has taken objection to some comments by Attorney General,Cheap China Jerseys, Mr. Mohabir Anil Nandlall. Those comments were contained in the Guyana Chronicle of September 16,Cheap NFL Jerseys, 2013,Jerseys China Cheap NFL, and captioned ※Recent upsurge in crime a consequence of rejection of Firearms Bill in the National Assembly.§※It is not within the mandate of GAWL to comment publicly on issues which is not perceived to concern them but we make an exception in this case since a direct challenge was issued to the Association.※The GAWL condemns the assertion of the Honourable Attorney General that we support criminals and will contend that any lawyer worth his salt would not propagate as a general rule that silence equals consent.§In a statement issued over the weekend,Cheap NFL jerseys China, the association said that it finds it very disappointing that the leader of the Bar who ought to be a conspicuously apolitical figure is making comments on an ongoing legal matter that is yet to be finally decided by the Courts.※We feel that Mr. Hughes is well capable of defending himself should he see it fit and urge the Honourable Attorney General to vent his concerns at a more appropriate forum.※If indeed,Cheap Jerseys 2018, as the Honourable Attorney General asserts, Mr. Hughes is a criminal then a report should be made to the Police or to the Legal Practitioners Committee.§The association insisted that if Mr. Nandlall has evidence in support of the accusations made against Mr. Hughes then he should ※seek an audience with the Courts without delay.§The Attorney General should use his position to provide sound, mature leadership rather than being abusive and disrespectful to Civil Society Organizations, GAWL said.※We look forward to reading articles of similar prominence where the Honourable Attorney General comprehensively addresses issues such as violence in society especially domestic and sexual violence and trafficking in persons.※The GAWL would be happy to engage publicly in such instances in fulfillment of its mandate with respect to the support of justice and equality,NFL Jerseys China, especially for women and children.§
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The People*s National Congress Reform (PNCR) has condemned yesterday*s session in the National Assembly to debate the Visiting Forces Bill and the Status of Visiting Police Forces Bill as a farce.The Bills were tabled successfully in the legislative organ by Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee, who expressed surprise at the opposition response to the passage of the Bills. He contended that they were harmonized legislation given that they were already implemented for Cricket World Cup 2007.The main opposition party,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, however, stated that it was intended for just Cricket World Cup 〞 CWC 每 and for it to be permanently implemented, there was need for some review.Following a refusal to have the Visiting Forces Bill taken to a Parliamentary Select Committee, where it could be reviewed and amended where necessary, the party condemned the session as a farce.※We are engaging in an exercise of futility#The PNCR is not prepared to take part in farce,§ said Deborah Backer.According to Leader of the PNCR,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, Robert Corbin, his party had followed Parliamentary procedures through a formal request in the stipulated time, and this was refused.This was in response to statements by Member of Parliament Gail Texeira, who said that the party did not utilise the procedures.Corbin told the House that it was common practice for Bills that posed a problem to be sent to a select committee, so that differing views could be adequately ventilated and amendments made where necessary.※It*s not automatic for Bills to go to select committee#.If the shoe was on the other foot, we would have heard the same thing.§The Visiting Forces Bill, which attracted several views from both sides of the House, sets out to put a legal framework to accommodate foreign military forces in Guyana under the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).There was staunch opposition to the fact that the only mention of specific armed forces permitted to operate in Guyana was at the discretion of the Defence Board, unlike the Bill for Police Forces that clearly spelt out which forces could be invited.On this topic, even the Government benches were divided, in that Member of Parliament Anil Nandlall told the House that the fact that there was no specific list was a plus, given that countries of the Caribbean Community were incompetent as it related to fighting crime. Guyana could turn to international countries to request assistance,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, he added.However, Rohee, who presented the Bill, told the House that, given the genesis of the Bill, namely CARICOM,cheap nfl jerseys, it was only logical that it was from those states that assistance would be requested.According to Rohee, it was recognized as necessary by the Heads of Government of CARICOM, who had said that the CWC legacy should be implemented.This drew a different reaction from PNCR MP Aubrey Norton, who said that the Heads made no specific mention of the visiting forces legislation.Basil Williams of the PNCR condemned the Bill as barebones, stating that vital details such as what would trigger a request were not in place and, as such, the party could not support the Bill as is.※What hidden purpose is there for visiting forces in Guyana?…The intent is non-existent.§Rohee is however adamant that the legislation, which to date Guyana alone has passed, is aimed at protecting the sovereignty of the Caribbean Community. The member states have to come together and pool their resources to tackle the scourge of crime in the region.Nandlall, in defence of the Bill, said that conventional methods of tackling crime in the region have failed miserably,Nike NFL Jerseys China, hence the Meeting of CARICOM Head to strategise on a way forward.He also questioned why the opposition would oppose a Bill seeking international assistance when this very Government is chastised when it does not.AFC Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan supported the Bill but did question why the specific states were not identified in the Bill, as is the case with the Status of Visiting Police Forces Bill.Teixeira told the House that globalisation of crime merited the legislation, and that the legislation set out regulations for visiting forces that may be called upon to assist in Guyana.Norton, one of the Members of Parliament who also appealed for the Bill to be placed in a select committee to be further developed, said that it was good to be first, but it needed to be done the right way.The Visiting Forces Bill and the Status of Visiting Police Officers Bill were laid in Parliament on June 26, and now that is has been passed, when assented to, it will be firmly entrenched in the local laws.According to the explanatory memorandum accompanying the Bills, they were enacted as Sunset Legislation on June 30 last year.※The provisions (within the legislation) have been found to be very useful, and the Thirteenth Special Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government, held at Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago last April, also favoured such a measure#※It is, therefore,jerseys cheap nfl, proposed to reenact the legislation so as to provide an enabling law for the presence, activities, privileges and immunities to the members of the forces of designated foreign countries visiting on duty in Guyana, and their dependants on any occasion in the future.The Status of Visiting Police Officers Bill is to provide for the presence, activities, privileges and immunities of members of foreign Police Forces and civilian personnel during their stay.The Bill is expected to be enacted before Carifesta X to enable regional security forces to take part in security arrangements in Guyana.
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A Police Constable based at the Wismar Police Station in Linden was yesterday arraigned before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry for allegedly robbing Green Ice Taxi Service of a hefty sum of cash.At the Georgetown Magistrates* Court yesterday, Constable Colin Harris, 19,Soccer World Cup Jerseys, and Kelvin Pollard, also 19, were charged for Robbery under Arms. The police claim that they were armed with a gun when they relieved Rosita Kalchow of $620,000 and US$50; monies belonging to Vibert Pooran who heads the taxi service.The robbery allegedly occurred at the taxi service base at 99 Sugar Cane Street, South Ruimveldt Gardens. Georgetown on December 7.Kalchow 每 who police say is the office assistant of Green Ice 每 was reportedly sitting at her desk when she was approached by the Constable, who armed with a gun snatched the cash which was sitting on her desk.According to the Prosecution, who was at this court hearing represented by Corporal Bharat Mangru,Cheap Jerseys, Constable Harris then dashed towards his accomplice who was waiting on a motorcycle. They then fled the scene on the cycle.However,Wholesale Jerseys, Mangru said that immediately after the theft,Cheap NFL jerseys China, the office assistant alerted all the Green Ice taxis and the drivers soon dispersed to pursue the duo. Following the chase, the accused were reportedly apprehended on Mandela Avenue.Attorney Melvin Duke rose to defend the accused, said that his client is an upstanding young man who serves as a rank in the Guyana Police Force.? Contrary to the prosecution*s case,? Duke said that on the day in question, his client went to the police station to file a report that his motorcycle was stolen but was however pointed out as one of the accused in an armed robbery.The lawyer said that nothing was found on his client. He noted that the man who committed the act was said to have been wearing a red helmet whilst according to him, his client presented himself at the station wearing a black helmet.Attorney-at-Law Winston Moore represented Pollard. He told the court that his client who is self-employed lives with his parents. He petitioned for his client to be granted pre-trial liberty since according to him, Pollard was at no point in time singled out in the identification parade.Despite the lawyer*s submission for bail,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, Corporal Mangru maintained that the seriousness and prevalence are grounds by which the duo should be held as remanded prisoners. He opined that if granted bail,China Jerseys Wholesale, they would not return to court to face the charges. Mangru emphasised too that Constable Harris was identified during an ID Parade.In response, the Chief Magistrate upheld the objections of the prosecution and the Constable and civilian were remanded to prison where they will await their next court appearance which is scheduled for January 10, 2014.
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The Joint Services have come in for high praise from residents of Bartica in the wake of the slaying of three bandits on Saturday last.In an invited comment,Stitched NFL Jerseys, Regional Executive Officer, Peter Ramotar, said it is very heartening to see that the Joint Services have reaped success in such a short period of time.※It is indeed sad that lives were taken,China Jerseys Cheap, but I guess that is what happens to persons who choose that path of life,Wholesale China Jerseys,§ Ramotar said.He opined that the recent incident in which the three bandits met their demise shows that the law enforcement agencies still are capable of dealing with crime.He added that what occurred also goes to show the level of intelligence gathering on the part of the Joint Services. He further lauded the efforts of the Joint Services, more so given the fact that they are putting the helicopter to use.In addition, Ramotar said that he is sure that the incident has brought some amount of ease to the minds of Barticans.※Residents have expressed their satisfaction but are a little saddened that it was their fellow Barticans who were involved,§ Ramotar explained.However Ramotar said he is worried over the fact that these persons who were killed were all before the court for similar crimes and were all out on bail.※I am not lashing out at the judicial system but I think something more needs to be done as it relates to gun crimes.§He said more often than not when bandits are caught, one would find that these persons are not first offenders but instead they have a history.In recent times, Barticans had expressed their?concern over a sudden upsurge in criminal activities. In responding to the situation the Guyana Police Force had sent additional ranks to the area. Also several ranks from the Guyana Defence Force were deployed to the area to carry out groundwork.The joint effort was duly rewarded on Saturday when three members of a gang that is believed to have been responsible for robberies in Bartica and outlying communities were shot dead during a pre-dawn gunfight with Joint Services ranks at Arimu Backdam,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Cuyuni.Police said that 25-year-old Dwayne Marks called ※Bully§ of Bartica; Antwan Smith, 35,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, called ※Deportee§ of Linden ; and Gavin Gray,NFL Jerseys Authentic China, 27, called ※Sweet Eyes§ of Bartica, were slain at around 02:30 hrs Saturday after opening fire on the ranks who had tracked them down.
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A man charged with break and enter and larceny was yesterday ordered to spend six months in jail after he pleaded guilty. On November 1,Wholesale Jerseys, he broke into the business place of Shondel Wilson at Sandy Babb Street Kitty around 21:00 hours.Sean Wilson,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, 29,Cheap Jerseys, appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine- Beharry where he admitted to breaking into a shop belonging to Shondel Wilson,China NFL Jerseys, taking food items.The gathering heard that on November 1,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, Shondel Wilson secured her business place after concluding service for the day. The woman then retired to bed. She was awakened the following day around 02:30 hours by someone who told her that her shop was open.The woman subsequently made checks to her establishment and found food items missing.? Shondel Wilson reported to the police station. According to the prosecutor,Cheap NFL Jerseys, after investigations were carried out the accused was detained and charged.
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The human resource capacity of the public health sector will be significantly boosted in the very near future with the addition of 69 new doctors.According to Minister within the Health Ministry, Dr Bheri Ramsaran, by next week 69 final year Guyanese medical students who are completing rotations here and are accredited by the University in Havana, Cuba, will graduate.And their graduation,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, the Minister noted, will see a large infusion into the health system, even as he noted that the graduates will also have the opportunity to benefit from post-graduate training in areas that have been defined as being necessary.Among these areas,Nike NFL Jerseys China, Dr Ramsaran highlighted emergency obstetric care which is intended to aid the Ministry*s plan to reduce maternal death.※We have already started to plan the lives of the 69 doctors. They are the property of the people of Guyana; they have contractual obligations so after they would have graduated (July 15) they will have a little holiday for about a month, after which their deployment will start,§ Minister Ramsaran disclosed.And the deployment,Cheap Jerseys USA, he noted, will not only be to the Georgetown Public Hospital or to the coast,Cheap Jerseys From China, but also to the difficult areas and vulnerable communities where there is need for safe motherhood practices.He said that based on a review of certain situations in some birthing centres, it was revealed that there was need to address some deficiencies which according to him are being adequately remedied with support from United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) through its Maternal Health Thematic Fund.UNFPA and the Ministry have been collaborating to address the public health problem of maternal and infant mortality and on Thursday signed an agreement which will see the Ministry reaping further benefits in this regard.※We did certain personnel rearrangements and we decided that we needed serious, focus, quality training. I am happy to see that on this occasion there is a strong component of training for human resource development.※We could have the best hospitals, equip them in the best fashion, but if we do not have personnel trained in up-to-date contemporary methods we will not be delivering the services and not be delivering safe motherhood.§Dr Ramsaran added that in keeping with the Ministry of Health*s goal to achieve safe motherhood,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, two of the country*s diagnostic centres, Suddie and Mahaicony, have been provided with two operating theatres respectively.And according to the Minister, a single theatre at both facilities will be dedicated solely to safe motherhood. He noted that the other theatre will be for general purposes.The efforts of the Ministry, he said, come as part of Government*s commitment, pointing out that the efforts are not only directed to fully equipping the facilities, but also to continue training of the &brain power*.According to him the Ministry will continue to train its personnel,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, adding that there has and will continue to be a significant increase of the amount of doctors and nurses being trained, as the improvement of the health sector moves apace.
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One of Guyana*s oldest timber giants, Toolsie Persaud Limited, has been suspended from logging activities, and the matter has been forwarded to President Bharrat Jagdeo for review.Confirming a Kaieteur News report of the suspension on Monday, the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday said that a detailed report of the breaches has been compiled and submitted to the President for his consideration.In November 2007,Cheap Air Max Shoes With Free Shipping, a routine post-harvest audit was carried out on a Timber Sales Agreement (TSA) leased to Toolsie Persaud Limited (TPL).This audit established that TPL had breached specific procedures of the Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC); conformity with these procedures was essential to promote and encourage sustainable management and harvesting of the nation*s forest resources.TPL, according to the ministry, admitted to breaching these procedures which had been directly communicated to the company since 2005.※It is further emphasized that these procedures were also publicised extensively in the public media since 2005, and companies were constantly reminded of their responsibility to ensure compliance with these.§On April 23, 2008, following numerous but ※futile discussions§ with senior management of TPL to amicably resolve the verified and admitted breaches in accordance with the Forestry legislation, GFC closed the harvesting operations of TPL.According to the ministry*s statement, TPL subsequently applied to the court for an Order of Mandamus on April 28 last. The court granted an Order Nisi.※GFC then pointed out all of the procedural, evidential and legal defects in the application of TPL,Wholesale China Jerseys, after which an oral request was made by TPL for their application to include Certiorari and Prohibition.This was granted, and the court ruled in TPL*s favour on 30th June 2008.§ However, this order had several defects, rendering it un-enforceable, the ministry said.※TPL then approached the court ex-parte, and again amended the order even after the GFC had filed an appeal and sought a stay of execution. The GFC then received a second order, dated July 8, quashing the GFC decision of April 23.On July 23,Cheap China Jerseys, 2008,Supply NFL Jerseys Factory, in accordance with the Forestry legislation, Minister of Agriculture with responsibility for Forestry, Robert Persaud,Cheap Jerseys From China, formally issued a letter to TPL, suspending the forest concession issued to the company.※This suspension was with immediate effect and prevented the company from carrying out any forest-related activities in the specified concession, until such time that His Excellency,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, The President, makes a final pronouncement upon the matter,§ the statement explained.According to the ministry, Guyana*s forest resources are the patrimony of all Guyanese, and also provide immeasurable benefits to the global community.※Utilisation of these resources must therefore always be in compliance with the collaboratively established standards for responsible stewardship. Any effort to do otherwise will be met with the full force of the law.§