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Attorney-at-law Gaumattie Singh and her husband along with their taxi driver, Seenauth Ramroop were early yesterday robbed at gunpoint by two men in Prashad Nagar.Singh said that the attack occurred shortly after she and her husband had left Cheddi Jagan International Airport.She said that they were about to enter their yard at around 03:05 at Lot 43 Chandra Nagar Street, Prashad Nagar, when the robbers pounced.Singh said as the taxi pulled up in the driveway her husband, Krishna Persaud exited the car to open the gate.¡°He was having some difficulty opening the gate so our daughter who was on the verandah threw her bunch of keys but by then the taxi driver went to assist my husband.¡±Singh added that as both men continued in their attempts to open the lock on the gate she decided to assist them.¡°As soon as I exited the car I saw two men coming towards us. One held me at gunpoint and the other man went to my husband and the taxi driver.¡± Singh said the bandits then ordered them to hand over all their valuables.¡°They took away my three cell phones,Supply Cheap Jerseys, a blackberry and I-phone and an LG smart phone,Wholesale China Jerseys, the driver¡¯s cell phone, my husband¡¯s phone,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, $5000 US, $200 Canadian and $125 TT, and all of our document, passports,cheap jerseys from china, luggage,NFL Jerseys Supply,¡±.The men also took a quantity of gold and diamond jewellery.Singh said the bandits fled east into Eastern Highway.¡°After they started running, our taxi driver jump back in his car and started his car; then we saw a dark colour 212 car reversing towards the two men and they jumped? in the vehicle.¡±According to Singh, her driver gave chase but lost them somewhere in Sophia.The matter was reported to the Prashad Nagar Police Outpost, who dispatched a patrol but came up empty handed. She added that she has already notified the United States Embassy about their visas as well at the Central Immigration Office about the stolen passports.¡°I¡¯m pleading with members of the public,China Jerseys Cheap, if anyone comes across two passports? bearing the names? Gaumattie Singh, R0123107, and Krishna Persaud, R0113272 to contact us as we are willing to offer a reward.¡±Singh added that she is hopeful that at least the documents would be returned since she is scheduled to travel in April for eye surgery.
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The mystery surrounding the whereabouts of the file on the alleged beating death of fisherman Asif Rahim Khartoon has finally been solved.An official from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) yesterday acknowledged that the DPP is in possession of the controversial report. Kaieteur News was told that the document was sent to the Kingston office on January 7. However,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, this newspaper was unable to ascertain whether the DPP¡¯s examination of the document is near completion.The Office for Professional Responsibility (OPR) had reportedly handed the file to Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority Justice Cecil Kennard on Tuesday, December 2. Mr. Kennard had told Kaieteur News that he handed over the Asif Khartoon report to Crime Chief Leslie James on December 23,Wholesale China Jerseys, and the Crime Chief also confirmed yesterday that the file is with the DPP.Kartoon¡¯s relatives have mounted numerous protests in their quest for justice,NFL Jerseys From China, while also expressing concern at the length of time that it was taking for the investigation to be completed.Two police ranks were initially placed under close arrest.There was further controversy after an official from the OPR claimed that Khartoon¡¯s wife,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Soorsattie Chandrapaul, was refusing to attend an identification parade to pick out the police rank who she claimed beat her husband while he was being taken into custody. However,NFL Jerseys Outlet, the widow had explained that the arrest occurred at nightfall, and this prevented her from clearly seeing the policeman who struck her husband while he was in a vehicle.Khartoon, 38, of Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara, died on November 27, 2014, from injuries he sustained while in custody at the Leonora Police Station. A post mortem examination revealed that he died from multiple injuries to his head, face, chest and other parts of the body. While police suggested that the prisoner sustained his injuries at the hand of a fellow inmate, the dead man¡¯s relatives claimed that police ranks inflicted the injuries.Police had stated that Khartoon was arrested shortly after midnight November 22,Wholesale Jerseys, 2014, following investigations into a report that he had assaulted his reputed wife, Sursattie Chandrapaul.¡°During efforts to arrest him, Asif Rahim Khartoon resisted, but was eventually subdued and taken to the Leonora Police Station.¡±¡°At the station he made no complaints against the arresting ranks. At the Leonora Station, Asif was kept on the bench handcuffed to another man in custody whom he later reported had allegedly assaulted him,¡± the release stated.¡°Asif was subsequently taken to the Parika Police Station that Saturday where he was kept in the lockups. He was charged with assault and brought to the Leonora Police Station on Monday November 24, 2014, to attend the Magistrate¡¯s Court.¡±Police stated that while at Leonora, the prisoner¡¯s reputed wife reported that he was beaten by the police and as a consequence, he was taken to the Leonora Cottage Hospital which then referred him to the West Demerara Hospital. He was later released and was scheduled to appear in Court on November 26, 2014.¡±Khartoon¡¯s wife alleged that on the day of his arrest, five ¡°black clothes¡± ranks had handcuffed her husband and placed him to lie in the back of the police van.The woman claimed when her husband attempted to sit, one of the ranks ¡°tek one of the long gun and stomp he on he back¡±. She denied that her husband had resisted arrest.Chandrapaul said that when she visited her husband at the station the following day, she found him in a battered state, with his face badly swollen.After inquiring from the police about her husband¡¯s condition, they told her that he had been beaten by other prisoners.However, Chandrapaul said her husband insisted that police ranks had inflicted the injuries. After being admitted to two West Coast Demerara hospitals and the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, Khartoon took his own discharge, then succumbed.
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Rice farmers on the East Coast of Berbice,Cheap NHL Adidas Jerseys, along the No. 19 road,Cheap NFL Jerseys, are appealing for help as they are on the verge of losing millions of dollars in their rice crop after GuySuCo cut off a water supply.The rice fields which are at varying stages of growth badly need water and some plants have begun to wither.The main reason for the farmers¡¯ plight is the action taken by the GuySuCo, Rose Hall Estate.The sugar estate used hymacs to block a waterway that allows water to flow into the rice fields. The estate also depends on this source of water for the sugar crops.The move has left the farmers who had already planted their rice,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, in a dilemma.They allege that no one from GuySuCo informed them of this move.The GuySuCo waterway that is just a few yards away from the farmers¡¯ rice fieldsThe farmers say they have contacted GuySuCo and were told that nothing could be done by the Sugar Corporation. They contacted the Regional Administration and were told that they have no say in what was happening.The farmers said that they subsequently contacted Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Gobin Harbajan who sent then back to GuySuCo and subsequently told them that there was not much he could do.Meanwhile,Cheap Jerseys, thousands of acres have been abandoned since the farmers cannot cultivate the land due to a lack of water.However, some had already ploughed their fields and had incurred thousands of dollars in losses. To prepare an acre of rice land including,Cheap China Jerseys, plowing, sowing and fertilizing reportedly cost between $50,000 to $80,Cheap Jerseys China,000.Bags of fertilizers have been bought and stocked.This ploughed field is left abandoned because of the lack of water
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Under the Ministry of Public Works, two bids were tendered by Brazilian companies for the rehabilitation of the Sheriff Street ¨C Mandela Avenue roadway. The bids were opened yesterday at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB),Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Main and Urquhart Streets.BidderAmount Indepar Construction of BrazilUS$32.5MEcman of BrazilUS$29.9MEngineer¡¯s Estimate US$33M?Still within the sector,cheap jerseys, bids were opened for the rehabilitation of miscellaneous roads in region three and four. The bids were divided into 10 lots.BidderAmount Associated Construction ServiceLot AA $11.1MLot BB $18.2MLot CC $12.2MLot DD $12.5MLot EE $14.4MLot FF $18.6MLot GG $15.2MLot HH $14.4MLot II $13MLot JJ $17MR&B Investment Inc.Lot AA $9.7MLot BB $26MLot CC $13.8MLot DD$13MLot EE $14.7MLot FF $16.9MLot GG $15.8MLot HH $14.8MLot II $13.1MLot JJ $17.3MColin Talbot Contracting ServiceLot BB $18.9MLot CC $12.9MLot DD $12.9MLot EE $16.2MLot FF $17.2MSYMS General Contractor Inc.Lot AA $8.8MLot FF $15.7MLot GG $12.8MLot HH $12.5MLot II $11.3MLot JJ $14.2MPuran Bros. Disposal Inc.Lot AA $11MLot FF ?$17.4MHandel Garnett Construction FirmLot AA $10.2MLot BB $15.8MLot CC $12.5MLot DD $12.1MLot HH $14.4MLot II $13MLot JJ $16.3MEngineer¡¯s Estimate Lot AA $9.5MLot BB $14.9MLot CC $10.8MLot DD $11.4MLot EE $14.9MLot FF $14.9MLot GG $14.4MLot HH $13.9MLot II $12.6MLot JJ $14.9MIn addition, the Public Works Ministry received bids for the upgrading of Sea Defences at Henrietta, Leguan Island,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Region three.BidderAmount Roopchand Maraj$13.7MM&B Construction$18MKhans Construction and Transportation Service Inc$13.6MB.K International Inc.$14.4MEngineer¡¯s Estimate $14.7MBids were opened under the aforementioned Ministry for the upgrading of Sea Defences at Zeelandia, (Rubble Walk),Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Wakenaam Island, region three.BidderAmount M&B Construction$19.4MB.K International$14.9MEngineer¡¯s Estimate $14.8MMeanwhile,nfl jerseys china, the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport received bids for phase one of the rewiring of the National Cultural Centre.Bidder Amount Cummings Electrical Co. Ltd$14.2MBalgobin Electrical Contractor and Supplies$14.7MEngineer¡¯s Estimate $15.5MThe Tourism,Cheap MLB Jerseys, Industry and Commerce Ministry received bids for the procurement of a consulting firm to conduct a diagnostic study and implementation of a Single Window Automated Processing System (SWAPS) for issuing construction permits in Guyana.BidderAmount United Nations Conference on Trade and Development of SwitzerlandPrice Proposal SubmittedS&K Construction Firm of GuyanaPrice Proposal SubmittedCentre for Policy analysis of GuyanaPrice Proposal SubmittedDigital TechnologyPrice Proposal SubmittedOne World Industries Specialist Inc of CanadaPrice Proposal SubmittedThe Commerce Ministry also received two bids for the procurement of a High Density Filing System for the Deeds Registry.BidderAmount Starcom Furniture$129.4MDigital Technology$87.1M
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Police on East Bank Demerara are looking for three bandits who robbed a Chinese restaurant on Friday night and a goldsmith shop yesterday morning.Kaieteur News understands that the three are part of gang that is attacking business places on East Bank Demerara.Businessman Munesh Naraine who owns the goldsmith shop at 142 Grove,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, East Bank Demerara,China NFL Jerseys Cheap, yesterday related to Kaieteur News that three bandits who were armed with handguns stormed into his business place some time around 10:00hrs.The drawers which contained the jewellery Naraine explained that the bandits,Cheap NHL Jerseys Online, who were posing as customers,Cheap Jerseys 2018, told his workers to lie on the floor.They complied and the bandits began emptying all the drawers and cleaning off the counters,Wholesale Jerseys China, which were filled with jewellery.The three gunmen even took the jewellery which Naraine and his three employees were wearing.Naraine said that the entire ordeal lasted for about ten minutes.Darshanan Parshad who works at the shop said that the police must be commended since they responded quickly.Neighbours at the scene yesterday remembered seeing a gold-coloured AT 192 car parked at the corner.The police have since tied the same vehicle to the restaurant robbery on Friday night. Up to press time the police had made no arrests.Investigations are still continuing.
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ImmigrationINFO Immigration News For Our CommunityBy Attorney Gail S. SeeramDeath can come at any moment in time.? Unfortunately, when a petitioner of a family-based visa petition dies,Wholesale Jerseys China, so does the pending visa petition.? Under the immigration laws,Cheap Jerseys From China, the approved visa petition is revoked upon the death of the petitioner unless the Attorney General determines that, for humanitarian reasons,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, revocation would be inappropriate. See 8 CFR ¡ì 205.1(a)(3)(i)(C).? So, at the time the visa is issued at the U.S. Embassy, the petitioner must be alive or the visa petition will be revoked or denied.The Family Sponsor Immigration Act of 2002 remedies the situation of an alien whose petitioner has died by amending INA sections ¡ì 212(a)(4)(C)(ii) and ¡ì 213A(f)(5). The amended ¡ì 213A(f)(5) creates a way in which a person other than the visa petitioner can sponsor an alien.Now, certain family members can become ¡°substitute sponsors¡± if a visa petitioner dies following approval of the visa petition, but before the alien obtains permanent residence.The visa petition must be approved prior to the death of the petitioner in order for the beneficiary to be eligible for permanent residence.? U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has no authority to approve a visa petition following the petitioner¡¯s death. Dodig v. INS, 9 F.3d 1418 (9th Cir. 1993).If, however,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, the visa petition was approved prior to the death of the petitioner, DHS may, in its discretion, reinstate the petition for humanitarian reasons.DHS is not required in any given case to reinstate approval of a visa petition. Reinstatement continues to be a matter of discretion, to be exercised in light of the facts of each individual case, particularly those cases in which failure to reinstate would lead to a harsh result, contrary to the goal of family reunification.If DHS reinstates a petition following the death of the visa petitioner, the use of a ¡°substitute¡± sponsor is allowed to sign the affidavit of support and, if the substitute sponsor meets the income requirements, allow the alien to obtain permanent residence.A substitute sponsor may only replace the visa petitioner if the visa petitioner is dead and if DHS reinstates the original petition for humanitarian reasons. Also, substitute sponsors must be related to the sponsored alien in one of the following ways: as a spouse, parent, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sibling, child (if at least 18 years of age), son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law,Cheap China Jerseys, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, grandparent, or grandchild or legal guardian.Our law office has handled many reinstatement requests after a petitioner¡¯s death.? The process can take from nine months to one year.? The process should not be taken lightly,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, as DHS requires substantial amount of evidence to prove that reinstatement is required based on humanitarian ground and for family reunification.While the request in pending to substitute the sponsor and reinstate the visa petition, the beneficiaries remain in their country of citizenship.? If the substitute sponsor and reinstatement of the visa petition is approved, the file is transferred to the U.S. Embassy and the visa is issued.
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Last Friday afternoon, there were two government programmes aimed simultaneously on television and cable. The first programme was a Budget programme, moderated by a PR person attached to the Ministry of Finance, and featuring the Ministers of Communities and Public Infrastructure. The second programme,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, aired on NCN, was a weekly feature with the President of Guyana. The programme is called The Public Interest.That programme makes the President appear like a defence attorney rather than a politician. He is always being pushed on the back foot,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, even by the handpicked interviewers,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, to defend the actions of his government and Ministers.The timing of those programmes was also wrong. Neither was being aired in prime time. They were being aired at a time when most people were rushing home from work. This is what happens when there is no effective coordination of PR work and when the responsibilities for PR are scattered amongst many agencies.This simultaneous airing of programmes shows the crisis in public relations faced by the government. It is an example of the dysfunctional and disjointed nature of the government¡¯s public relations. The airing of both programmes at the same time essentially forced viewers to make a choice as whether to watch the President give his assessment of the Budget or watch two ministers do the same thing on another programme.The government¡¯s public relations is a confusing arrangement. There are too many cooks. The broth is being contaminated. The messages that are being sent out are uncoordinated,Soccer World Cup Jerseys, the media used are limited,Jerseys China, and the public is left in a state of mystification.The problem is that the information portfolio is being split up into too many agencies. If there is a Minister of Information, then all public relations work should be undertaken by this Minister.Instead what we have are a number of ministries having their own PR units or PR personnel. The Ministry of Finance has its own PR person. The Presidency has retained the outfit run by Kwame Mc Coy. Luncheon¡¯s weekly Cabinet briefing has been continued. It means that the Ministry of the Presidency has a major stranglehold on the PR of the government, even though the Prime Minister is supposed to be responsible for information.The Prime Minister has a Department of Information, which has done a fantastic job in terms of highlighting the Budget. But this department is being weakened by the fact that it does not have command of the entire information portfolio, which is split among a number of ministries,China NFL Jerseys, with some doing their own PR work. This breaking up of the information portfolio is the cause of the confusion and ineffectiveness of the government¡¯s public relations.The point has been made that it requires more than PR to help the government. It is said that if the government does not have anything good to sell, then no PR can sell it. In other words, the government needs good policies to look good.This is only partly true. A good PR can sell even the worst of policies. This is why there is need for the government to streamline its information flow.There are too many information units. The APNU+AFC coalition should have gotten rid of GINA. This unit is duplicating the work of the Department of Public Information. The government should reduce the size of NCN and instead assimilate all those PR officers into the various ministries.It should aim at a smaller compact unit staffed by highly experienced professionals whose feet have been wet in the political trenches, and who understand the art of making a government look good, even when the government itself is rotten.
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Up to press time yesterday police and residents of? Barakawu,NFL Jerseys China, North West District (NWD) were looking for a man who they believe is responsible for his father¡¯s death.According to the police,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, the body of Gilbert Adams, 66,cheap nfl jerseys, of Barakawu,Wholesale China Jerseys, NWD,2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey, was found at his residence at about 08:00 hours on Wednesday. The police said Adams¡¯ body bore marks of violence.Further,Undefeated Air Max 97 For Sale, this publication was told that prior to the discovery of the man¡¯s battered body he was involved in a heated argument which led to an altercation with his son.A source close to the investigation revealed that the man¡¯s son was in the process of burying his father on an empty plot of land when residents noticed what was going on. The police were immediately informed and Adams¡¯ body was taken to the Santa Rosa Hospital mortuary. A post mortem examination is expected to be carried out shortly.
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Two cousins were yesterday remanded to prison in relation to nearly a 100-pound marijuana find at their Turkeyen,NBA Jerseys China, East Coast Demerara (ECD) home on Friday, last.The compressed marijuana found at the Turkeyen home. (Guyana Police Force photo)Tomica and Travis Pilgrim ages 36 and 29, respectively,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, were arraigned before Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul in the Sparendaam Magistrate¡¯s Court, where they pleaded not guilty to having 43.936kg of cannabis sativa (marijuana) in their possession for the purpose of trafficking.Police in a release stated that acting on information, they went to the Second Street,NFL Jerseys China, Turkeyen apartment on November 11, and conducted a search,China NFL Jerseys, during which 26 taped parcels in a bag were unearthed in a plastic barrel in a room.The parcels were probed and the compressed marijuana was discovered.They were both represented by Attorney Adrian Thompson,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who told the court that there are several houses in Tomica Pilgrim¡¯s yard at Lot 9 Turkeyen, ECD.According to Thompson, police arrested the woman after finding the drugs at a house next door to her home.However,China Jerseys, Police Prosecutor Hattie Anthony said that both defendants were in the house stated in the prosecution¡¯s facts, when police found the drug.
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Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority,NFL Jerseys Supply, Justice Cecil Kennard,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, has said that while he has the file of the teen Nicholas Kissoon who claims that he was sodomized by police ranks, he has not been able to read it since he received it on Friday.The mere fact that Kissoon was unable to identify the alleged culprits, could signal the end of the case.The lad who is described by family and close relatives as one who would make false allegations, sparked off an investigation after alleging that three police ranks sodomised him at the Stabroek Market Police Outpost at around 21:00 hours on January 19, last.According to a police official,Cheap Jerseys, the ¡®victim¡¯ claimed that one of the perpetrators has a gold tooth and was dressed in uniform at the time,Jerseys NFL China, while the other ranks were in plainclothes.However Police and Welfare officials had said that despite two identification parades, the lad failed to pick out the alleged culprits who he claimed sexually assaulted him. A police official told Kaieteur News that investigators had been trying to locate the teen so he could try to identify the accused ranks but were unsuccessful.They got a break when the lad staged a protest on the roof top of the Police Co-operative Society building in Robb Street and later on the roof of Stabroek News, threatening to take his life while repeatedly shouting that he was sodomised by police officers.He said that he was afraid to go back into police custody,NFL Jerseys Outlet, and was fed up with his lifestyle.? He was subsequently apprehended.Kaieteur News understands that it has been recommended that the teen undergo psychiatric evaluation. During the incident that occurred on the roof tops Kissoon, also called ¡®Beyonce,¡¯ ¡®Nikki¡¯ and ¡®Sweet Back¡¯ was pacing back and forth and speaking to himself, the lad repeatedly said ¡°I can¡¯t go back. Why these people just don¡¯t leave me alone. I wan dead. I wan dead.¡±Social workers are familiar with the teen, who has a long history of delinquency and is also a commercial sex worker.Close relatives of the alleged victim have repeatedly expressed skepticism about his story. At least two relatives claimed that the lad has a habit of making false accusations. They said that the ¡®victim¡¯ has been wandering the streets from an early age and was involved in acts of prostitution.His mother is said to be ill while his father is serving a life sentence for murder. Kaieteur News was told that the boy was staying with an elderly female relative, but began wandering the streets and soliciting sex,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, after the relative died.He was incarcerated at the New Opportunity Corps but was released a few months ago.One relative described the ¡®victim¡¯ as someone who ¡°would bring police and say you do him something.¡±
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Development of Guyana¡¯s fledgling tourism industry was the centre of discussions today when President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) Paul Stephenson met President Donald Ramotar at his office.Stephenson,Air Max 97 Undefeated Black, who visited for a formal introduction to Guyana¡¯s new Head of State,China Soccer Jerseys, left the meeting satisfied after finding common ground with Mr. Ramotar on the way forward for the sector.President of the Tourism and Hospitality Association of Guyana (THAG) Paul Stephenson greets President Donald Ramotar¡°Listening to the man,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, (His Excellency) he understands the sector. I think he understands where it needs to go and I am looking forward for a bright future after the meeting,Cheap Authentic Jerseys,¡± Stephenson told the Government Information Agency (GINA) in an invited comment.THAG launched the latest edition of the Explore Guyana Magazine ¡®The Call of the Wild¡¯ in December 2011 which Stephenson described as one of the main marketing tools for Guyana on the international scene.Published by the Advertising and Marketing Services (AMS) the magazine showcases a number of optional tourist activities and destinations that one can be involved in throughout the length and breadth of Guyana.At the launch,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, Stephenson had proposed that the contributions that the tourism sector has made over the years be examined with a view of having the sector recognized as a major budgetary item.He also made a pitch for tourism marketing specialists to be brought into the country to assist Guyana in building its technical capacity as it relates to marketing the sector.Stephenson who is also proprietor of the Cara Suites Hotel and Conference Centre is pleased with the success of the magazine in reaching the targeted audience and expressed the hope that the investment has a reciprocal benefit of influencing the readership to visit Guyana. (GINA)
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¡­locked up after challenging police to fightEmbattled Skeldon Estate Manager,Supply Cheap Jerseys, Dave Kumar,Wholesale Jerseys For Sale, who in recent times has been involved in a number of drunken scenarios, was at it again. This time he was arrested and locked up after he openly abused and challenged,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, chucked and threatened the police officers who had intervened.According to reports, around 21:30 hrs on Friday the police were conducting patrols in the Corriverton area and Kumar, who was reportedly in a drunken state,Cheap NFL Jerseys, was being driven in a Guysuco vehicle when it was stopped by ranks on patrol.? The Manager immediately became abusive.Kumar, a police source said, was cautioned about his behaviour,Wholesale China Jerseys, but he continued using expletives.The driver was asked to turn on the interior lights and Kumar reportedly launched into a series of expletives at the police.Kumar was again warned of his behaviour, but refused to desist.?? The police decided that it was time to have Kumar step out of the vehicle. The Manager declined and reported issued a challenge to the police.The driver was then asked to drive into the compound,Cheap Jerseys USA, a request with which he complied.Kumar was eventually removed from the vehicle and taken into the station, but not without some resistance.He reportedly even challenged the officers to a fight, eventually chucking a few of them. He was eventually booked and placed in the lockup.According to the source the Manager who is a regular guest at the Gill and other night clubs is no stranger to altercations. A few Saturdays ago he was involving in another fiasco at the said Night Spot. He was also beaten in a fight at one of the night clubs after one of his drunken escapades.Charges are likely for this latest episode.
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People¡¯s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) Member of Parliament and Attorney -at- Law Anil Nandlall is expressing concerns over reports that the APNU-AFC administration is moving ahead with the selection of persons to head a number of Neighbourhood Democratic Councils despite a court order restraining them from doing so.Following the recently held Local Government Elections,nfl jerseys authentic china, PPP/C¡¯s Commissioners revealed that voters from six Local Authority Areas (LAA) are likely to return to the polls following equality (ties) of votes for the election of Chairman.Representatives of the PPP/C have contended that the law is clear on this issue: in the event of a tie for the two or more candidates, another election is held in that particular Local Authority Area.If a tie should again occur, the Minister with the responsibility of that department will name a Chairman of his choice.But there have been reports that Mayors,NFL Jerseys From China, Deputy Mayors, Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons are being appointed in the six tied LAAs by the Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan.The PPP/C, in a statement,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, said that it is outraged by the ¡°illegal, unaccountable,cheap nfl jerseys, non-transparent actions of the Minister.Last week,? the PPP/C through their lawyer,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Anil Nandlall, secured a High Court ruling which quashed the Minister of Communities ¡®selection of Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Mabaruma and appointments of Chairmen and Vice Chairmen for the Woodlands-Bel Air,Air Max 97 Undefeated For Sale, Malgre Tout-Meer Zorgen, Gibraltar-Fyrish, Industry-Plaisance and Woodlands-Farm ?Neighbourhood Democractic Councils.Attorney-at-Law Anil NandlallMinister of Communities, Ronald BulkanAdditionally, the Court also sent out an Order or Rule Nisi of Prohibition, restraining persons from acting as or performing the functions of Chair Persons or Deputy Chair Persons in respect of the said NDCS.The legal effect of these Orders of Court is that the selection of these officials has been put on hold and these persons are restrained from acting in those capacities.However, Nandlall noted that recently, his attention was drawn to notices sent to the Overseers of three of the NDCs who are the subject of the recently filed court proceedings.The notices, he said, purport to invite Councillors to attend meetings of the NDCS at Malgre Tout / Meer zorgen, Industry / Plaisance, and Gibraltar / Fyrish.Nandlall describes the scenario as a travesty of the law.¡°An Order or Rule Nisi of Certiorari has been issued quashing the decision of the Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan to select Chair Persons and Vice Chair Persons of these NDCS. These persons have also been restrained by an Order or Rule Nisi of Prohibition, from acting as or performing the functions of Chair Persons or Deputy Chair Persons in respect of the said NDCs, ¡°Nandlall said in a statement.¡°If these officers attempt to function as office holders, they would be violating the letter and spirit of the Orders of Court. I hope they are receiving legal advice on these issues.¡±The lawyer said too that the explanation proffered by the Attorney General, Basil Williams and the Minister of Communities, to justify the course of action which has been taken is ¡°simply absurd.¡±¡°Their interpretation of the relevant sections of the Municipal and District Council Act Chapter 28:01 is simply absurd. Section 13 (6) of the Act is expressed in clear language which is incapable of an ambiguous or equivocal interpretation.¡±According to Nandlall, the law provides that, ¡°If there is no election on account of an equality of votes the Town Clerk shall appoint a date not later than the 28th December in the same year for the election of Mayor from among such candidates by the voters whose name appear on the Register of Voters for the time being in force for the city.¡±He asserted that section 39 of the said Act applies section 13 and related sections if the necessary changes are not made to NDCs.Inexplicably, Nandlall said that the Attorney General and the Minister of Communities are both interpreting the election referred to in 13 (6) as an election done among the elected Councillors when the clear language of the section says it is an ¡®election¡¯ by the voters whose names appear on the Register of Voters for the time being in force for the city ¡°¡°Such an interpretation is manifestly and patently incomprehensible. Moreover, they have failed abysmally to respond to the fact that in 1994, the identical position obtained at Gibraltar /Fyrish, NDC and fresh elections were held where registered voters in that Local Authority area voted to break the tie and elected a Chairman.¡±¡°Kenneth Joseph, the General Secretary of NAACIE was elected Chairman at that election. That aspect of the law did not change. Mr Joseph is still around and can speak on this issue,¡± Nandlall said.
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¡­agri, mining, forestry, oil exploration fields targettedThe Board of Industrial Training (BIT) which offers programmes to empower disadvantaged youths is reviewing its courses to ensure students receive adequate and appropriate skills for a developing Guyana.This is according to Dr. Dale Bisnauth, Head of BIT, during a recent interview with this publication.He stated that a committee, comprising board members, was created with the guidance of Labour Minister, Dr. Nanda Gopaul,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, to review courses being offered under the National Training Programme for Youth Empowerment (NTPYE) to make them more appropriate to national development.Bisnauth explained that the Board is repositioning its focus on areas such as mining, forestry, agriculture, and oil exploration since they are critical to Guyana¡¯s development.While this would provide labourers for these expanding and new industries,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, the Board may be forced to cut back on certain courses owing to financial reasons.The programme was created five years ago by former President Bharrat Jagdeo, targeting school dropouts. Since its commencement,NHL Jerseys Authentic, over 6,000 youths between the ages of 16 and 30 have benefited.The idea was to give youngsters a second and third opportunity in becoming employable. The Board has been keeping track of the youths and to date 60 percent of them are gainfully employed.While there are some areas which allow easy employment such as heavy duty operators and cosmetology, other areas are finding it difficult. He explained that the private sector especially the mining sector utilizes the heavy duty operators while the cosmetologists are oftentimes self-employed.Dr. Bisnauth assured that with the introduction of the new courses when the trainees are churned out into the world of work, there would be appropriate jobs available. This would eliminate the competition of 200 youths chasing after a particular field of work that has opening for 20 persons.He related that currently BIT offers training in 94 skill areas in five broad fields. They are Engineering, Building and Construction,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, Home Economics/ Hospitality,Wholesale China Jerseys, Clerical, and Medical. The training is done in two six-month phases across the country, except in Regions Eight and Nine.Besides offering specialized training, the youths receive Life Skills Education, where they are taught Mathematics,Wholesale Jerseys From China, English Sexual and Reproductive Health and Micro Enterprise Training.
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Belgrave shooting death¡­Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority Cecil Kennard is still perusinga report concerning the death of 21-year-old Dameon Belgrave, who was accidentally killed by police on October 5.But Mr. Kennard told Kaieteur News yesterday that he may have to send the file back to police for clarity on certain aspects of the case.¡°If I am not satisfied¡­I would have the police conduct further investigations into the matter¡­if there is anything misunderstood,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, the file would have to be sent back to the police for clarity, and in this case I think the file would have to go back to the police for clarity on certain issues,Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap,¡± Kennard said.Dead : Dameon BelgraveHe added that if all is clear, he will have the file sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) who would decide whether charges will be recommended for the Police Officers responsible for Belgrave¡¯s death.He however explained that he is seeking to conclude checking of the file as fast as possible, but expressed caution in dealing with such a delicate matter.The Police Complaints Chairman added that he only received the post mortem report last week and was getting around to viewing its contents.Meanwhile,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Belgrave¡¯s mother,Wholesale NFL Jerseys 2018, Donna Sulker, said that ever since a visit to her home by Police Commissioner Leroy Brummel,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, who had made certain promises to her,China Jerseys Wholesale, she has heard nothing more about the matter.¡°Certain promises were made and I don¡¯t know what is happening. No one has contacted me or told me anything since the police came to my home.¡±Sulker said she too has made no contact with the police since the Commissioner had spoken to her and ensured a thorough investigation into the matter. The woman said she is trying to cope with the passing of her son, but would like to know what is happening with her son¡¯s case.Belgrave was slain one day short of his 22nd birthday when police opened fire on a car they were chasing in the vicinity of the White Castle Fish Shop in Hadfield Street.At the time, the young man was celebrating with friends near the popular hangout spot.The car that the police were pursuing was being driven by a 15-year-old boy who had taken the vehicle without the owner or his father¡¯s knowledge.
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For those of you who like a fun and explosive war strategy game, Super Senso from GungHo Entertainment is perfect for you to play! So far, there has not been a cool shooting style strategy game for mobile games. But Super Senso's appearance from GungHo Entertainment, answered that. Super Senso is a strategy game featuring collaboration of machine technology, mythical creatures, and other fantasy creatures. This game itself shows the battle between players in real time, allowing players to compete with other players. The main purpose of this game is to destroy the enemy's Senso Gate team. But to reach Senso Gate, players must set up their troops. Each unit of troops has their own specialization. Some of them have long range attacks, some have a short distance, some are special units. In total there will be 9 special units called Senso, two super abilities, and 30 kinds of normal units. Each unit you can get by opening the crate, like the features featured by Clash Royale. Each unit also has different levels of scarcity ranging from COMMON, RARE, and EPIC. The more units you get, the faster you increase the level of the unit. Each unit also has different attack capabilities. get the best cheap graphics card in gamingworldblogme & build your monster pc right now From the trailer above, there are several units shown. First is the Senso named Starshot, its main ability is to have a blaster weapon. It has the advantage of being able to shoot the Senso Gate or enemy unit from afar. In addition there are also meteors, namely the ability of super (or Spell) is capable of providing high damage area. Meteor is perfect for killing enemy forces gathered too close. Some units that have more strategic skills are Mastermind. When attacking enemy targets, he is able to swap his position with the target. This makes it easier for players to finish off the enemy's strongest unit first. Though after moving, the Mastermind is unlikely to survive, The game itself features Global Lightning Challange Leaderboard, allowing players to rank as high as possible to get prizes! Super Senso itself is presented in high quality HD graphics, so pamper the eyes of players. For you lovers of strategy game, you must play this one game! Super Senso can be downloaded for free, either through Google Play or iTunes. Some items in the game you can buy also use the IAP feature. Because it has HD graphics, you must provide a size memory that is large enough to play this game.
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Dawid Malan Jersey close to tears Reflecting on Chris Froome’s adverse analytical finding for salbutamol, I’m surprised but not shocked. I’m surprised because I did not think the team would make that kind of mistake, but not shocked because of the year that Sky have just had. It comes on the back of the whole thing with the Jiffy bag, the Fancy Bears hack, Dr Freeman’s problems, Shane Sutton saying that they were looking for percentages by going into grey areas. There have been so many issues. It all just adds to the misery that Froome’s squad have been going through. Jaguars Official Jersey Eight years ago when that team was being formed, I wouldn’t have expected the story to end up here. Dave Brailsford launched the team with the aim of being ethical, cleaner, brighter and more transparent than everyone else but as it’s gone on it has all got greyer and darker. I think that’s why there is widespread disappointment. Coming from the context of the way cycling damaged itself with the Festina affair and then Lance Armstrong everyone was looking for something different, but Brailsford’s notion that Sky would be cleaner and openly transparent hasn’t really happened in the way we all hoped it would. The zero tolerance policy of not employing anyone tainted by the past was one of their core statements and yet here we are questioning their practices. Again. Back in 2014 when the Cycling Independent Reform Commission inquiry was happening – it was the body the UCI set up to act as a kind of truth and reconciliation Coty Sensabaugh Authentic Jersey forum that would hopefully help to resolve the doping problem – I sent in my statement and would have made myself available to give further evidence if required, although in the end they didn’t ask me which is fair enough. I wanted the commission to learn there had been a long culture of cheating, and that wasn’t a good place for cycling, and it certainly wasn’t good for the athletes. I gave my statement not because I’m an evangelist but rather so that there would be an Russell Shepard Jersey understanding of the morals and ethics of those influencing how riders were expected to be competitive, of how certain practices weren’t seen as abnormal. Nowadays expectations are higher. If this was a Russian team that had been through all this, people would say: “Well, they just do anything to achieve success; it makes sense.” Authentic Claude Giroux Jersey But this is a British sporting story and people don’t expect this. The British like to think of themselves as being cleaner and more idealistic, but the most successful British rider and team may have messed up and it’s very hard for everyone to take.The most disappointing thing about this affair is that the decision made for Froome to take more of this medication wouldn’t have been his alone.
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Whilst contending that the electorate will judge the party based on its positive track record and will look to the development such as the building of roads,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, schools and hospitals among others,NFL Jerseys Outlet, People¡¯s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) General Secretary,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, Donald Ramotar,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, says that he will seek to put measures in place to ensure that tax payer¡¯s dollars are not wasted.Ramotar was at the time responding to criticism that the government builds roads that deteriorate three months later,Cheap Jerseys, and to the several complaints in the Auditor General Reports over the years.He said that the issues can be dealt with at an Administrative level. ¡°Things can be put in place to remedy the situation.¡±He said that measures can be put in place to address the concerns and,China Jerseys, ¡°be tougher on the issue.¡±Ramotar did stress that many of the roads were not designed for the heavy vehicles that traverse the roads.He said that on many occasions they have urged villages to establish barriers at the entrance to the roads to prevent the passage of heavy duty vehicles which can damage the roads.The Presidential Candidate added that there needs to be tougher positions on some issues to ensure value for money
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Police on Tuesday night,NFL Jerseys Outlet, acting on information, ambushed and shot dead wanted man, 40-year-old David Mc Pherson, called Colonel.Mc Pherson was killed after he was cornered in a bushy area of a yard behind a shop in his home village of Betsy Ground, East Canje.Police in a press release stated that upon arrival the ranks saw McPherson in the yard armed with a cutlass.¡°As the ranks approached to arrest him, McPherson attacked one of them with a cutlass causing the rank to resort to the use of force and he was shot to his abdomen. He was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was pronounced DOA,¡± the police press release stated.The wanted man had escaped capture earlier this week when police raided his hideout.Kaieteur News understands that the police received information that the man who was wanted for a number of armed robberies, had returned to the area and was hiding out in a bushy area behind a shop.The cops organised themselves and two jeep loads and a car of policemen quickly descended on the area at around 21:00 hrs.Moving under the cover of darkness with some of the cops dressed in civilian clothes,Nike Air Max 97 Australia, they parked their vehicles some distance away and walked to the area. They surrounded the vicinity and moved in on their target. Shortly after shots were fired.One eyewitness said that neighbours quickly turned off their lights as gunshots started to reverberate in the neighbourhood.Mc Pherson, it is said, was hit during this period.According to the eyewitness the cops simultaneously raided a few other abandoned houses but came up empty handed as they searched for the other men who are reportedly part of McPherson¡¯s gang.Kaieteur News understands that another man wanted in connection with a robbery committed in Betsy Ground on Monday called ¡®Duck¡¯ was in the vicinity and manage to elude the police dragnet.According to reports, McPherson,Cheap Jerseys, who was released from prison last December,Hockey Jerseys 2018 Cheap, was wanted by the authorities after an arrest warrant had been issued for him after he was sentenced to five years imprisonment in his absence.He had encountered the police on Monday who were chasing two men who had committed a daring daylight robbery around 07:30 hrs on Betsy Ground businessman, Maurice ¡®Bayee¡¯ Sookraj,Sookraj was robbed of cash as well as a quantity of articles including jewellery, a cell phone and other electronic equipment.Police are convinced that McPherson had managed to elude police then, but the Police believe that he was injured.During the raid on his hideout earlier this week the police had recovered an improvised 12 gauge shotgun, 18 live 12-gauge cartridges, two black masks,cheap jerseys, one wig, one crow bar, one torch light and a kitchen knife and a quantity of clothing.They also found a part of a computer taken from Sookraj during the robbery as well as a bag with three pounds of marijuana.It is understood that Mc Pherson was being encourage to surrender by relatives and friends and he had promised to do so soon.Police had continued their search for McPherson and the two who were said to have robbed the businessman on Monday.According to the police McPherson¡¯s fact sheet reads like one of a seasoned criminal.Apart from being sentenced to five years¡¯ imprisonment in his absence, McPherson was fingered in two robberies in the Canje, during one of which a man was shot in the ankle.He was also wanted in connection with an armed robbery last week in which another victim had his finger shot off.¡°He led a gang that was operating in the Canje/Black Bush area,¡± a police source told this newspaper.The source also informed that a man, Bhojnarine Ramkissoon,Discount NFL Jerseys, called ¡®Duck¡¯, 27, of Betsy ground, who is suspected to be a member of McPherson¡¯s gang turned himself in yesterday around 13:00 hours in the company of his attorney Charrandass Persaud, to the Reliance Police Station.Meanwhile, the five persons who were in custody following the robbery and were being held for harboring criminal elements were released.McPherson¡¯s relatives were tight lipped, but said that they are prepared to take over the body for burial.
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With a deep American accent,NFL Jerseys Cheap, 24-year-old Shatese Athena Valentine,Jerseys Cheap, of 308 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn,Wholesale China Jerseys, New York, pleaded with Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Beharry for mercy, but despite her efforts, she was yesterday found guilty of trafficking in narcotics and jailed for five years.Valentine, who was unrepresented, had earlier pleaded not guilty to the charge.Shatese Athena Valentine During yesterday’s hearing at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court, Ashley Williams, an officer of the Custom Anti Narcotics Unit (CANU) attached to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri, gave evidence in chief.CANU Prosecutor Oswald Massiah sought the magistrate’s permission to have the two brown envelopes, a brown suitcase and two Fernleaf milk tins which contained the illegal substance, tendered as evidence.After Williams was finished testifying, he was cross examined by the accused.Valentine, moreover, was given the opportunity to call any witness/witnesses to testify on her behalf. The suspect requested to call Mohanram Persaud, Williams’ supervisor. He was also cross examined by Valentine.Nevertheless, she failed in her bid to prove her innocence, hence the magistrate queried from her whether she wished to say anything before being sentenced.A tearful Valentine,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, in a shaky voice said, ¡°My worship I beg of this court to have mercy and pity on me. I came to Guyana with no intention of malice¡­if you check my passport you will see that I am a regular visitor to several Caribbean countries. I’ve never had brushes with the law. Please, I have a sick mother and younger siblings at home who need me. Give me the chance to properly look into their wellbeing to prevent them from being put on the streets.¡±Magistrate Beharry subsequently handed down the penalty of a $30,000 fine and ordered that Valentine spend the next five years in the women’s penitentiary at New Amsterdam.On October 28,Nike NFL Jerseys China, last, acting on information received, CANU ranks at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, intercepted Valentine with seven kilogrammes of cocaine stashed in the lining of her suitcase and in two Fernleaf milk tins. At the time she was an outgoing passenger, travelling to New York.The accused first appeared in court on October 28.