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Residents of the Little Diamond Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara,Wholesale Jerseys From China, are unhappy with a contractor¡¯s approach to carry out repairs to a koker in their village.?The road that the contractor used to mobilise equipment to carry out repairs to the koker,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, has now been rendered impassable. Further, the residents are concerned whether the road will be repaired after the koker¡¯s rehabilitation.Shazam Deen,Wholesale Jerseys From China, a resident, said yesterday that on two previous occasions, works were carried out to repair the said koker which would often result in the road being damaged.Residents,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, who use the road, had on those previous occasions pooled their resources to fix the road which is also maintained by the residents,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Deen said.He added that it was only three weeks ago that the residents had hired a canter to fetch boulders to fill the holes on the road in anticipation of the rainy season.Deen said that it is heart-rending to see the road being damaged once again.While he understands that the koker needs to be fixed, he is irked at the possibility that nothing will be done after the koker works are completed.Other residents registered their concerns, saying that the contractor has been turning a deaf ear to their complaints. Two mini-bus operators have also stated that they cannot get to take their buses out to work because of the road being impassable.When Kaieteur News visited the area yesterday persons, presumably workers attached to the koker rehabilitation crew,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, were seen trying to get a mobile lift out of a rut.
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– Operator claims discriminationA local aircraft operator has claimed discrimination after authorities of Ogle Airport Incorporated (OAI) yesterday order ongoing construction there to cease.However,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, management of OAI yesterday denied the charge and made it clear that the operator, Air Services Limited (ASL), has to get the necessary paperwork right before the green light is given for works to continue.ASL official, Navin Hardowar, said that airport,China NFL Jerseys, which recently received authorization to conduct regional flights and is expanding now, yesterday ordered that preliminary works to build a storage area and car park be halted.The land in question is located at the southernmost part of the Ogle Airport.ASL has reportedly already spent millions to mobilize equipment and clear lands,China NFL Jerseys Cheap, said to have mainly been swamp, over the past few months.Hardowar explained that early this year an application was made for two acres of land. Approval was granted in May. However, ASL realized that the two acres were not enough and in June applied for one more.But the airport failed to grant permission and on Friday, OAI¡¯s Chief Executive Officer, Michael Correia, was written to on the issue, Hardowar said. He disclosed that the airport had been asking for a detailed plan for the construction of a piece of concrete floor.¡°It is not like we are erecting any buildings. It is 100 x 80 feet. But they keep insisting that this must be done.¡±The official stressed that ASL has been a founder of the Ogle Airport, plugging millions into the facility when there was not much there. Additionally, after OAI was established, ASL remained a significant shareholder.The official also pointed out that other works at the airport area are ongoing by CMC, another company operating at the airport.ASL, which currently has a fleet of 13 aircraft,Cheap NFL Jerseys, is the largest of the operating outfits at the airport and is preparing to add another three.Yesterday, spokesperson for OAI,Cheap Jerseys From China, Kit Nascimento, said that there is absolutely no case of discrimination at the airport.Rather, there are established procedures on how things are done.In the case of ASL, it was pointed out that the company made an application for more lands to expand. The airport requires the necessary permits, designs and approval and the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission must complete its work also.According to the spokesman, approval could take between three to eight months. The go-ahead to build is nearly approved and ASL had been called to sign the necessary lease papers. However, the company has failed to do so, Nascimento claimed.In the case of CMC,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2017, that company had applied since last year to do construction and was only granted permission this year.¡°So clearly there are established procedures and ASL will have to adhere to these.¡±
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By Mondale SmithTomorrow, all roads lead to the National Stadium at Providence for the Ministry of Agriculture¡¯s inaugural Agri-Fest, 2009 featuring Soca sensation Rupee in concert. Christopher Chapwanya,NFL Jerseys Online, senior marketing officer at the new Guyana Marketing Corporation, is the coordinator of the mega Agricultural fair.He says while it¡¯s an all-day event,MLB Jerseys China Authentic, Soca fans can head to the venue tomorrow for a healthy serving of entertainment, which will also include Clarity Crossover and Heat Wave bands. Rupee arrives tonight.Chapwanya said ¡°this event is a spin-off from the previously held ¡®Guyana night¡¯ and the ¡®Grow More Food Festival and is aimed at highlighting the happenings in Guyana¡¯s Agriculture sector, especially in light of the ongoing Ministry of Agriculture Agri-diversification programme.Patrons to the event are guaranteed a day of entertainment and education on the sector,NFL Jerseys Supply, as well as the Low Carbon Development programme.Chapwanya assures that there will be quite a bit to be seen as 120 booths will be showcasing every aspect of the agriculture sector at the fair with major focus on research,China NFL Jerseys, production, marketing and transpiration.¡°The atmosphere will be one of education and entertainment where patrons will be given firsthand experiences of how the sector works and in addition they will be furnished with pamphlets and samples of some of the locally produced Agricultural products and bi-products¡±.The event¡¯s major features include a farmers¡¯ market that will be opened from 11:30hrs. Their farmers nationwide will be selling fresh fruits and vegetables at affordable prices. There is no entrance fee.The gates open at 13:00hrs when a mutton curry competition gets underway with ten participants mixing their herbs and spices to see who among them can convince the judges of their cooking skill.From 15:00 a children¡¯s stage show will be held,Cheap Jerseys China, featuring Sponge Bob,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, Dora the Explorer and Diego and friends.At 18:00hrs, the results of the curry competition will be announced and winners will walk away with heads of sheep, trophies and consolation prizes. At 19:00 hrs the event will be officially declared open with messages on Agriculture diversification and modernization where Government and Private sector officials will offer brief remarks.The event will also feature a livestock farm where cattle, pigs and other animals will be on display and there will also be a coconut corner. The latter stems from the marked increase in coconut export from Guyana to several Caribbean countries.For those who will be interested in food, Chapwanya revealed that there is also a massive food court planned but he however advised that from 19:30hrs, the entrance fee would be raised to $500.As part of the attraction, patrons will be treated to a tunnelled entrance where the Low Carbon strategy will be highlighted. ¡°The tunnel measures about 180ft and depicts a rain forest as well as the different aspects of the Low Carbon Development Strategy.¡±This tunnel, Chapwanya said, is aimed at helping the average person understand what the strategy means for Guyana.
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By Leon SuseranYesterday slain U.S. Army Doctor, Max Kungel, was laid to rest at Number 72 Village,Wholesale China Jerseys, Corentyne. But his murderer has not been caught, more than a week after his bullet-riddled body was discovered in a rented vehicle in the Number 71 Village rice field backlands.During an exclusive interview with Kaieteur News, the man¡¯s relatives, including his mother and one sister, have heavily criticized the local police for not getting to the bottom of the gruesome crime so far and they [the relatives] are insisting that law enforcement officials from the United States get involved immediately.Also, there appears to be a family that is divided and family members cannot see eye-to-eye with each other on issues regarding the Army doctor¡¯s last rites. His mother, Gopattie ¡®Lovelyn¡¯ Kungel, speaking to the media for the first time on the issue said that one of her daughters and a grandson were trying to prevent her from gaining access to her son¡¯s body for preparation of last rites.¡°I didn¡¯t have no say¡ªthese people take away my son¡ªpressuring me that they want my son to be burned [cremated]¡ªnow I have to go down on my knees and plead to my daughter Anjie not to burn the dead and I cried and pleaded and talked, and then in the end we agreed¡±.As indicated, they finally agreed that the doctor would be buried in Guyana, but are still having communication problems amongst themselves,Cheap Jerseys USA, and this is apparently impacting the investigations.¡°It¡¯s my personal stuff they[ the police] want to know¡ª they are not questioning me about my son¡ªthey want to know how I am living with my husband, and how much children I have¡ªpersonal things which they should not have asked me. Since my son passed away, I was waiting to hear from the embassy to come in so I can take the body back to New York.¡±A few days after the murder, police arrested 28-year-old Omesh Thakurdin, Kungel¡¯s cousin ,for questioning into the murder. Shockingly,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Thakurdin hanged himself in the Number 51 Police Station lock- ups two Mondays ago. Kungel¡¯s mother believes that he was ¡°the wrong person¡±.The man¡¯s other sister,China NFL Jerseys Cheap, Anita Chunoo, claimed that officials from the U.S Embassy spoke with her and questioned the family about the man¡¯s death. ¡°He said that he [an Embassy official] was mixed up about the entire story¡­and they were investigating.¡±Kungel¡¯s mother is also upset that the police have not yet returned two laptop computers, several cell phones and US$5,000 that were reportedly seized from the home in which Dr. Kungel was staying (Lot 199) during his visit to Guyana a few weeks ago.¡°They seized his U.S. Passport and U.S Army Card and other documents. Unto this day they cannot give us back those things. I think that is very bad. The police don¡¯t want to work with us¡ªthey are asking us our personal life in New York¡ªmy brother get murdered¡ªwork on that! Those questions have no relevance¡ªit¡¯s only left for him to ask me how many times I sleep with my husband,¡± Anita Chunoo lamented.¡°Every day they get us at the station, doing thumbprints,Cheap NFL Jerseys, [and] fingerprints¡ªI think this is the wrong step the police are taking…they are supposed to be very supportive of us,Discount Football Jerseys,¡± she added.Property disputeThe mother stated that the property at Lot 199 Number 72 Village belonged to her husband, who passed away two years ago, and that Dr. Kungel had wanted the property, for which she has all the necessary documents.¡°He and Anjie wanted it¡­.which family doesn¡¯t have any ups and downs¡ªeverybody has ups and downs,¡± she stated. ¡°I found evidence (a phone card) that they went to a lawyer in Corriverton to transfer house and land¡±, she claimed. But that, she stated, would have had no impact of her losing the house and land, since she has legal paperwork showing her ownership.The family believes the entire murder was planned and orchestrated.¡°This was planned for him¡­these persons knew everything. When he came out, where he would have gone, how much money he got, what paperwork was doing? The paperwork that said that he was taking care of the property.¡±Call for overseas help¡°We do need overseas help – we gotta get the Americans involved in that. We don¡¯t trust these cops here¡ªand he is a military member and I want the military to get more involved, because I am not satisfied and the police in Corriverton are not cooperating enough and not doing the work that they supposed to do, so we need the U.S to come in here and assist and we are begging for this. We don¡¯t know what to do, because the police are not working with us.¡±She showed Kaieteur News a signed Will and Testimony from Dr. Kungel, which he prepared in December 2004, requesting that his body be handed over to the School of Medical and Science of Learning Proposal, Drexel University in USA for scientific studies and research, and insurance monies from which he requested be donated to charity.? It therefore pains her that the body would be buried in Guyana.¡°We really need the Americans to come in here and step in and look into this¡ªit¡¯s a murder case¡ªthey can¡¯t just put it like this, they have to be¡ª every day¡­ something [should be] happening¡ªgo out and find the killer!¡±The family also said that they heard that the U.S. military had sent a casket and other funeral material to Guyana, but have not seen any of this thus far.
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This has been the slowest Christmas I have ever seen on Liberty Avenue, Queens,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, the hub of shopping for Christmas-related food items among the large Guyanese population in the New York metro region.As I walked the avenue, people are not seen in their usual numbers and business is way down, the worst in many years.? Merchants complain of slow sales and shoppers said they are careful about how they spend their money because of the slowing economy in America.Businesses are not hosting the lavish parties of yesteryear and homeowners are not as extravagant with their decorations.? Even gifting and charitable contributions are down.? It is just not a fantastic X-Mas for the Guyanese masses this year.There has been a lot of belt tightening in America because of the depressed economy and it has affected the holiday spending among the Guyanese population.? The anemic American economy has put a damper on their holiday spirits with people not in their strong party mood of previous seasons and not giving as much as they normally do. Nevertheless,Nike Air Max 97 Australia, in visits to neighbourhoods where they are settled, Guyanese communities are geared up for the holidays celebrating the holiday in almost the same way they do back home. The brightly coloured lights, trimmings and other decorations in NY harp back to memories of a Guyana Christmas.The holiday season among NY Guyanese is one of expectancy and there is an aura of X-Mas celebration in the air on Liberty Avenue as they shop for West Indian-related food items. But shopkeepers complain business has not been the same as last year.? People are shopping for smaller gifts although they purchase regular food items they consume during the holidays.The stores and restaurants are teeming with people of different ethnic background but not as crowded as last year.? They come from as far away as the Carolinas and upstate NY to acquire all the items that will give the holiday a feeling almost as the same as back home.Liberty Avenue itself and many of the stores are well decorated,Wholesale MLB Jerseys 2018, fitting for the yuletide season. Multi-coloured lights and other paraphernalia are on display in front of and inside the stores.? Christmas music emanate from some of the stores.? The aroma of delicious dishes wafts in the air near restaurants tempting even filled stomachs to go on for a bite.Also,Cheap Jerseys From China, the ¡°village¡± of Richmond Hill and other areas where our people are settled are appropriately dressed up to welcome the holidays. Going around the neighborhoods where Guyanese cluster,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, one can see flickering multi-colored lights with a variety of designs which line the windows and entrance to the homes and even on trees outside on the lawn.Outside the homes,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, lights flicker next to Hindu Jhandis to signal the secular nature of the season. But one just does not see the massive number of homes or paraphernalia that normally go with the season ¨C a result of people losing income in recent months.(Vishnu Bishram)
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During his annual review of state agencies, Auditor General,Wholesale Jerseys USA, Deodat Sharma has found a case where a city, automobile dealer has violated the regulations governing the operation of private warehouses.Auditor General, Deodat SharmaThe popular importer has also landed himself in a case of tax evasion due to the infringement of the said regulations.Sharma in his latest report said there were 34 private warehouses in operation during the period under review, 2015.He said that an examination of the warehouse registers and physical inspections of 17 warehouses conducted in April and July 2016 revealed a number of things.He said that in one case,Wholesale Jerseys China, 36 pieces of equipment and 17 vehicles valued at a $370.859M were not found in five warehouses operated by an importer who is a popular automobile dealer.In addition, Sharma said that there was no evidence that duties and taxes totaling approximately $89.691M were paid.Sharma said it should be noted that Section 100 of the Customs Act,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Chapter 82:01 prohibits a warehouse owner or keeper or any person in his employ from opening or gaining access to a warehouse except in the presence or with the knowledge and consent of an officer of the Administration.The Auditor General also found that 44 pieces of equipment valued at $312.006M and with estimated taxes payable totaling $49.921M were removed from four warehouses in which they were deposited and transferred to others without the permission of the Commissioner-General of the Guyana Revenue Authority.He said that the removal of warehoused goods from one warehouse to another without the permission or knowledge of the Commissioner-General represents a breach of Section 115 of the Customs Act 82:01.Sharma also noted in his report that 10 pieces of equipment and five vehicles physically verified in three warehouses were not traced to the warehouse registers maintained by the Administration. ¡®Sharma said that efforts to ascertain the value of those equipment and vehicles proved futile since it could not be determined the year the items were warehoused and the Cost,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, Insurance and Freight (CIF) of each piece of equipment and vehicle.Sharma said that the Customs Regulations prohibit a warehouse-keeper from making any alteration or addition to a warehouse without first obtaining the written permission of the Commissioner-General.In response to the situation, the Customs and Trade Administration said that it has taken note of the findings of the Auditor General.It noted that the said warehouse owner operates five warehouses: two in Berbice, two in Georgetown and one at Eccles.The administration said that an audit of these warehouses by the WarehouseSection commenced in January 2016. Prior to this intervention, it said that these were ¡®open¡¯ warehouses – the warehouse keeper had the keys.The officials assured that all these warehouses are now secured with locks under the control of the Warehouse Section of the Administration (CTA).The officials said that notices to produce stock not located during the audit by the Warehouse Section were served on the warehouse operator in March 2016,Wholesale Soccer Jerseys Authentic, prior to the commencement of activities by the State Auditors.They said that the warehouse operator was served several ¡®Notices to Produce¡¯ and upon default,Wholesale China Jerseys, demands for the outstanding duties and taxes were served. The matter has since been deferred to the Legal Division for attention.
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When it comes to the education system and the integration of sports, a certain level has been provided by the government of Guyana over the years. Indeed, in-school youths who are interested in sports have benefits awarded to them.However,Cheap NFL Jerseys, once these very youths are out of school things change; the attention is much less and previous support systems that were available have also decreased.But Junior Education Minister Nicolette Henry believes that this phenomenon must change. According to the Minister,China Jerseys NFL, out of school youths need just as much attention as those in the school system.Henry,NFL Jerseys Cheap, who has responsibilities for Culture, Youth and Sport recently said that sports in the nation, should be seen as a development issue.She explained that a month into her post she has already begun going through an orientation phase. This phase saw her meeting with registered sporting organisations and bodies in Guyana. Furthermore, she said, the orientation phase is expected to continue so as to foster teamwork and create an agenda to move sport forward. She added that she plans to spend her first two months in office conducting these meetings.Henry added that she would like to see out of school youths involved in the process ¡°to move us forward as a nation¡±.¡°As a Guyanese, I want to produce sportspersons that are competitive on an international level. I also want to see us recognise our sportspersons in a much bigger way,¡± Henry said.She said too that sport must become the space where youths who have the aptitude for it are able to hone and develop their skills and in turn, their lives.However, she said though she has plans underway for tackling the issue of sport in Guyana, an entire process must be undertaken to find the best way to implement these.Meanwhile,Wholesale Jerseys From China, Henry revealed that civil society and local organisations will play a big role in bettering sports in Guyana. She explained that she intends to have broad consultations that will involve key stakeholders.¡°I¡¯m not only speaking about government but I believe in a public-private partnership and I intend to maximize those partnerships,¡± she said.She added that partnerships that have already been established, such as the Ministry¡¯s partnership with Digicel,China NFL Jerseys Cheap, would continue and be strengthened.During a recent press conference,NFL Jerseys China Wholesale, Henry had indicated that the integration of sport into the education system was ¡°on the front burner¡± for the ministry. She had also said that her department will be reviewing the former administration¡¯s programmes to determine whether to keep, improve or reject them.It is expected that this same approach will be taken in dealing with the out of school athletes.
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Being visually impaired does not deter retired certified French teacher Roy Maynard from continuing his drive towards academic stardom for all Guyana.Soon to be opened in the East Coast Demerara village of Paradise is the Sholomo College of Excellence, which, according to Maynard, will assist greatly in lifting the bar of academic achievements on the East Coast and other outlying areas.Sholomo College of Excellence is the brainchild of Maynard, who took his idea to several others persons and, soon after, formed a five-man board of directors to make the school a reality.On the committee are Maynard, in the position of Secretary; Devon Dublin, as Chairman; and Jermaine Richmond, Kalbrey Barker, and Rawle Franklyn as committee members.The almost completed school, which is situated close to the East Coast Railway Embankment on the outskirts of Paradise Village,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, will cater for the normal CXC curriculum as well as CAPE and GCE A Levels subjects.The school will cater for students from forms one to six, and will also feature an adult education programme geared towards assisting persons with aspirations of attending the University of Guyana.While the initial staff capacity is expected to be approximately fifteen, Maynard is, however, optimistic that this figure will increase, since the student body will grow.During an interview with Kaieteur News, Maynard related that, after teaching French at the Saint Stanislaus College for nine years, he retired two years ago from the position of Head of the Department of Modern Foreign Languages.He believes that being an active member of this new school will help him to utilize his reservoir of skills,Wholesale China Jerseys, while at the same time contribute to the academic society.Maynard also teaches History, Sociology,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, and English Literature, and is determined to put his abilities to the test in theses subject areas.The school,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, according to Maynard, is situated in close proximity to the villages of Bare Root, Enterprise, Bachelor’s Adventure, Foulis and Enmore, and will go a far way in improving the academic status of persons in those communities.It is the hope of the school’s board of directors that the institution will greatly benefit the youths of those areas as well as of other outlying areas along the East Coast.Maynard is of the strong view that improved educational opportunities can lift entire communities out of poverty.While it is expected that the new school will be officially opened in time for the new school year, Maynard indicated that the board of directors intends to start several summer classes for children along the East Coast and other areas.He noted that, while a profit is not the foremost interest of the entity, cash charged for registration and other fees will be used to facilitate academic upliftment in society. He added that the school’s slogan of ‘Not Business, Community Service’ reflects that fact.The adult education programme is expected to commence at the beginning of August, and will cater for the subject areas of Law, International Relations, Sociology, Communication Studies, English Literature, Mathematics and Information Technology.These subjects will be offered at the CAPE Level also, according to Maynard.He said that, in providing these subjects to school leavers and young adults, the facility is striving to have them renew their pursuit at academics.Fees will vary based on the subject areas chosen, and persons will be advised as to their choice of studies and urged to pursue areas that will most benefit them, depending on the professions they seek.The school will also be offering ‘Enrichment Subjects’ in the form of Art and Craft,Cheap Football Jerseys, Physical Education and Music, since Maynard feels most of theses areas, especially Music, have fallen down in the school system.Food and Nutrition will also be added to the school’s curriculum.Maynard also disclosed plans of starting a ‘Scouts Troupe,’ which will not be confined to students,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, but will inculcate members of various communities.Maynard said the school’s board of directors intends for the facility to become a focal point for community activities and, as such, will encourage the participation of several villagers that are not enrolled on the school’s academic programme.
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Even as the monetary cost of preparing sections of the country for Carifesta is being addressed, plans are moving apace to ensure that all is ready for Guyana¡¯s hosting of the festival of arts in August.This notion was emphasised yesterday at the weekly Carifesta press briefing at the Carifesta Middle Street Secretariat.At the forum which was addressed by Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Dr Frank Anthony, and Minister of Transport and Hydraulics,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Mr Robeson Benn, it was divulged that although there may be some additional cost factors due to the pressure of the current rainy season which increases weeds growth rate, arrangements are being put in place.Addressing ongoing infrastructural development works, Minister Benn related that works with respect to the National Park and the Sophia Exhibition Site are in progress.At the National Park, he said, the Transport Ministry is working with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, even as he noted that repairs on several stands have already commenced.Minister Benn disclosed, too, that currently filling works are ongoing at the Sophia site with respect the Amerindian village which has been constructed there.As part of the planned works a new access way is being built at the site, Minister Benn said,Cheap China Jerseys, adding that beyond such works there will be reliance on routine maintenance and other infrastructural works.And since the hosting of Carifesta will have a wider geographic spread in terms of activities when compared to Cricket World Cup,NFL Jerseys China, Minister Benn said that parking areas as well as unrestricted vending will have to be addressed.He said that a committee including officials from the Local Government Ministry, City Hall and the Police Force will be formulated to foster rapid improvement.It was noted though that the while the works are geared at Carifesta the improvement is intended to be long term,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, which is seen as necessary in the city and other parts of the country.The Minister said that there has been collaboration with the Local Government Ministry in several areas to bring order to markets. Efforts were recently made to put the Mon Repos Market in order by placing the vendors in a tarmac setting.Other markets to be addressed, he said, are those at Plaisance, Rosignol and Vreed-en-Hoop with the hope of standardising stalls and having them cleared after trading.This move is imperative, the Minister said, since there are issues such as vendors selling certain products such as meat without the requisite permits and at many facilities there is the absence of proper sanitary facilities.But even as the issue of money and costing is being worked out in order to bring back general order, the Minister anticipates that there will be some problems.According to him, there are some people who are more desirous of continuing the practice of lawless behaviour rather than encouraging order.The Minister further noted that some sections of the media have not been helpful with such matters since they are often portrayed in an adversarial way, failing to obligate to the commitment towards promoting good order and decency.Minister Anthony related that to date 25 countries have confirmed participation but noted that all have not yet indicated the size of their contingent or who will be doing what.They, however, have June 15 as the deadline to make such arrangements, the Minister asserted.He shared that with regards to accommodation a survey of the different hotels in the city and its environs has been conducted. Some may need to be upgraded.And according to him, already 11 of the expected countries have booked accommodation in some of the facilities,Cheap Authentic Jerseys, noting that they have taken up more than 331 rooms in facilities that have the capacity of holding 819 persons.According to the Minister,Wholesale Jerseys, he is very pleased that at such an early stage rooms have been booked for the delegations, adding that every day the hotels are getting calls for bookings.He also noted that the although there are some 25 bed and breakfast properties with 78 rooms that can accommodate 156 persons other offers of such accommodations can be brought to the attention of the Tourism Authority which is responsible for coordinating this aspect of the accommodations.The Minister disclosed that there is still a need for additional transportation to help with the transporting of artistes during the hosting of the event. He urged that more volunteers come on board, especially people who are versed in speaking more than one language.
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Following a visit to the People¡¯s Progressive Party/Civic¡¯s (PPP/C) Freedom House, Robb Street,NFL Jerseys China, headquarters, the American,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, British and Canadian (ABC) diplomats in Guyana called for political parties to respect the results of Monday¡¯s General and Regional election polls.Speaking to members of the media outside Freedom House,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, yesterday,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Charge d¡¯Affaires of the US Embassy, Bryan Hunt, accompanied by British High Commissioner, Gregory Quinn and Canadian High Commissioner, Dr. Nicole Giles,Cheap Jerseys, reiterated the ABC diplomats¡¯ wishes for political stakeholders to respect the provisions under Guyana¡¯s election laws.¡°The talking point we have been using with all the political parties is that we hope that they respect the results and respect the judicial process that exists for contesting them if they have issues with the campaign,¡± said Charge d¡¯Affaires Hunt.According to the envoys, the visit to Freedom House was a routine call to receive the party¡¯s perception on how things were going with the electoral process.Hunt clarified that the envoys had visited all the parties to gather their impressions on the elections as they finalise their recommendations.¡°It is very important to get ideas in real time as to what all the political parties believe could have been potential issues or concerns during the polls. So we¡¯re giving everyone the opportunity to comment to us as to what their perspective is,¡± said Hunt.British High Commissioner, Quinn, affirmed the envoys¡¯ purpose for visiting the PPP/C,NBA Jerseys China, as they have done so with other political parties.Commissioner Giles emphasised the importance for the parties to continue communicating with each other.¡°I think it¡¯s really important at this point that all the parties keep talking and keep communicating and that the provisions under elections law are followed,¡± said Dr Giles.She further related that stakeholders continue to work together, so that Guyanese get ¡°legally certified¡± results as quickly as possible.
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By Gary EleazarMorawhanna is a small fishing/farming community in the Barima River in Region One,Wholesale Jerseys Online, close to the Venezuelan border. Its residents are currently of the view that they have been abandoned.The fishing complex and wharf One reason is the fact that the fishing complex that provided the several fishermen from neighbouring communities with a facility to preserve their catch so that they can be transported to far-flung areas such as Port Kaituma, is no longer operational and the promise of new Trinidadian ownership now seems elusive. The complex has been closed for several months now and no change is in sight,Cheap NFL Jerseys, according to one of the residents.When contacted,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, Agriculture Minister, Robert Persaud, said that there has been no formal agreement concluded with the Trinidadian investor but he has started to use the Morawhanna facility for fuel-related activities.According to Persaud, the plan is to make that point a key Caribbean agriculture export port and food processing facility.He did point out,Cheap Jerseys From China, however, that discussions are taking place to also maximise the use of the facility.“Getting this facility up and running is part of the strategic plan for agriculture development in Region One,Wholesale Jerseys From China,” according to Persaud.Recently, when this publication, visited the locale, one resident had said that “it is as if Morawhanna is the village that the administration forgot.The complex had provided desperately-needed employment for several in the village plus the spin-off benefit of persons mooring at the complex to conduct business at the few shops that exist.“Ever since that place closed,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, business just get very slow.”The Guyana Oil Company (GUYOIL) has also shut shop in that community and has abandoned a depot that it had in place to provide fuel for fishermen and others in the community.
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by Michael JordanDisabled seaman, Russell Cornelius,NFL Jerseys For Sale, has flatly rejected a reported $1M that Noble House Seafoods has offered him as compensation for the loss of his legs.Cornelius¡¯s father-in-law, Basil Kedar, told Kaieteur News that an attorney representing Cornelius informed him yesterday morning of the fishing company¡¯s offer.According to Kedar, he was told Noble House is still insisting on giving his son-in-law a wheelchair,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, although he already has two.In addition,China Jerseys Wholesale, the company was offering Cornelius ¡°$65,000 a month (as salary) and $1M as a lump sum.¡±Kedar said that the family¡¯s attorney rejected the $1M offer and the family was doing the same.¡°Seabob is worth millions; a fisherman¡¯s legs are worth nothing,¡± Cornelius¡¯s father-in-law said of the offer.Russell Cornelius reacted with similar disappointment to what he and relatives viewed as a paltry offer by Noble House.¡°I don¡¯t even want the feet that they say that they will give me,Wholesale China Jerseys,¡± the disabled man told Kaieteur News.¡°After how they treat me, this is what they will offer me?¡°A million dollars is nothing. How long will that last? I have four children. Look at my condition.¡±The dispute had appeared to be ending amicably following a Friday meeting in which Noble House officials had disclosed that they would negotiate with Cornelius for a financial settlement.The officials also offered to provide Cornelius with artificial limbs, while providing him with employment.In addition,NFL Jerseys China, Noble House has given assurance that Cornelius¡¯s National Insurance Scheme (NIS) contributions are in order and he will receive financial assistance from the NIS for his injuries.The injured seaman has four children, including a one-year-old son, and the victim and his relatives have expressed concern about their future.Cornelius, 43,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, of Grove, East Bank Demerara had his legs severed at the knees on January 18 when his limbs got entangled in a winch on the World Friend 307, a trawler that is owned by Noble House Seafoods.
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Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the disappearance of the Air Services Limited (ASL) Britten Norman Islander aircraft, along with the Pilot and Cargo Handler.The plane bearing registration number 8R-GHE,Cheap Wholesale NFL Jerseys, was piloted by 27-year-old pilot, Nicky Persaud and 51-year-old David Bisnauth, disappeared on a routine shuttle operation from Mahdia to Karisparu on December 28, last year.In an effort to locate the men,Cheap Jerseys Store, teams from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC), as well as villagers joined in an extensive search and rescue mission.This was brought to an end on January 19.Family members ¡°bucket brigade’s¡± began a private search in February after the resources provided by the ASL and the government were exhausted.Spearheading the operation was Persaud’s father-in-law,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, Frank Singh, after he had gotten word from a miner claiming to have seen the aircraft in an area called ¡°Whitewater¡±.However, all efforts so far to locate the men and the aircraft have remain futile.Yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys China Free Shipping, Singh said that a church service was done by his daughter and grandchild in New York.Singh further stated that the family remains optimistic and that a search will continue in the future as soon as funds are made available.¡°¡­Was a normal ceremony, just prayed and well you know,Cheap NFL Jerseys, they (bodies) haven’t been found,Cheap NFL Jerseys, so by law, they’re still alive¡­We plan on continuing searching but right now we (funds) low¡­¡± Singh said.
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Leslie Watson,Wholesale Football Jerseys, an 18-year-old porter was yesterday remanded to prison after he provided the court with conflicting information as it relates to his address.Watson is accused of stealing a component of a truck wheel worth over $100,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000 and which belonged to Sukdeo Persaud. The incident allegedly occurred between August 23 and 24 at Ice House Road,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Timehri,Wholesale Jerseys China, East Bank Demerara.The simple larceny charge against Watson was indictable and as such he did not enter a plea when he appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton yesterday.? The teenager consequently made a bail request and gave his address as Lot 63 Kuru Kuru College,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, Linden/Soesdyke Highway. However the prosecution opposed the bail application and stated that the address the accused provided to the court differed from the one listed in the police file.The prosecution said that Watson had initially given the police his address as Soesdyke Junction on the day he was arrested and charged with the crime.In addition the police file also had another address in Bartica affixed to it. After the prosecution submitted a justifiable reason for opposing Watson¡¯s bail application,Cheap NFL Jerseys Free Shipping, the court ruled that the accused is a flight risk and he will remain incarcerated until October 3.
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David Persaud,Wholesale China NFL Jerseys, 54,Wholesale China Jerseys, of First Street Grove Housing Scheme on the East Bank of Demerara died last night after crashing his car in the vicinity of the South Dakota Circuit in Timehri.Persaud¡¯s relatives related that the man had gone to his farm located aback of the Cheddi Jagan International Airport,NFL Jerseys For Sale, and was driving in his car, PCC 2084,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, when misfortune struck.¡°He left at around two O¡¯ clock today and went to look after his farm¡­he does plant garden and look after ducks and so. We ain¡¯t too sure what happen exactly,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, but he was on his way home when he died.¡±It is unclear as to what exactly caused the accident,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, but investigations are ongoing.
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– Public Works By the end of this month 19 traffic signals in and around Georgetown will be powered by solar energy. Energy from the Guyana Power and Light Company will be retained as back-up power.Personnel of the Public Works Ministry are currently making the necessary modifications to 18 traffic signals. There is already a prototype that is being used at the junction of Church Street and Vlissengen Road.This is according to Terence O’Brien,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, Electrical Engineer of the Public Works Ministry on Friday.In addition, personnel of the Traffic Signal Unit of the Ministry have built a new version of power supply system for the signals. This is a direct result of the unavailability of spares for the systems. CMS Traffic Systems Limited of India that supplied the signals was slothful in responding to the Ministry when contacted about spares.As such, the Ministry has since designed its own 24-volt power system and the components are ready for installation.It is the intention of the Ministry to power all traffic signals via solar energy to reduce a high utility bill per annum. When solar energy becomes the primary source of power for the signals, the utility bill is expected to be reduced by one-third of its current amount which is $5M. In fact, traffic signals being installed now will be powered primarily by solar.For instance,Wholesale Jerseys, the traffic signal system being installed at the junction of the Demerara Harbour Bridge and Peter¡¯s Hall,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, East Bank Demerara will be solar powered. This system is expected to become operational this week and will help to reduce traffic congestion,China Cheap Jerseys, O¡¯Brien added.O¡¯Brien said that engineers have been preparing a plan for the timely discharge of traffic. Tests were done on Thursday to ascertain the time traffic takes to flow during peak and off peak hours.It is proposed that between 08:00 hrs and 16:30 hrs- off peak hours- the traffic signals will take 115 seconds. And,Cheap Jerseys From China, during the peak hours from 07:00 hrs to 08:00 hrs and from 16:30 hrs to 18:00 hrs the signals will take roughly 220 seconds.? That is because of the high density of vehicles flowing along that stretch.He said, ¡°From observation the time used by the signals allowed vehicles to discharge very quickly. In fact,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, the timings were taken from what the traffic rank was utilizing. Persons driving by hailed up the use of the signals and asked when they were coming on stream¡±.¡°It is the opinion of the Ministry that the road way will be safer. When you discharge, every intersection has its own time to discharge,¡± he added.
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Children in the New Amsterdam Hospital were not forgotten as they received early Christmas cheer.The children,Wholesale Jerseys China, their parents, guardians,Soccer Jerseys Cheap, Santa and other helpers having funThe hospital,Jerseys NFL China, on Friday,Wholesale Jerseys, brought smiles to the faces of the little ones in their care. And their parents were among the special invitees.The New Amsterdam Hospital led by Medical Superintendent Dr. Vishalya Sharma treated the children with food and drinks,Wholesale Jerseys China, snacks,Cheap NFL Jerseys, gifts and other goodies. Santa Claus was also on hand as he made sure that the kids had a joyous time.
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As part of its 10th anniversary, the Management and Staff of Sol Guyana yesterday painted the environs of the Manatee Holding Pond at the Botanical Gardens.(Fifth from left back row) General Manager,Cheap NFL Jerseys, (GM) of Sol Guyana, Orlando Boxhill with staff who participated in the painting project.General Manager (GM) of Sol Guyana, Orlando Boxhill, noted that the company has grown tremendously over the past decade.He explained that as part of the company¡¯s social responsibility,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the painting of the manatee pond has become an annual event.¡°We are not only about supporting the commercial aspects of the business but there are social projects that we do and these promote the wellbeing of the environment¡­We receive thousands of requests and we see which ones are more relevant such as education and the environment.¡±Sol has awarded 51 Scholarships to Caribbean students, including Guyanese,Jerseys From China, who are pursuing studies in the faculties of engineering,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Social Sciences and Science and Technologies across UWI campuses.SOL Guyana owns a number of fuel stations,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys 2018, across the country. The Company which has its headquarters in Barbados has pledged to continue fulfilling its corporate responsibilities by supporting activities and projects that positively impact the lives of Guyanese.Sol, a premier supplier of petroleum products to the Caribbean,Wholesale Jerseys Store, and a company that specializes in providing customized energy solutions to its customers, is also celebrating ten years since its establishment.Sol supplies fuels, lubricants and Liquified Propane Gas (LPG) through an extensive service station network and supplies petroleum-based products to commercial customers who are involved in shipping, luxury boating, aviation, mining, trucking and fleet operations.The petroleum marketing company is the largest in the Caribbean basin, with operations spanning 23 countries.
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In keeping with a tradition that spans some 30 years,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, CLICO (Guyana) hosted its Annual Children¡¯s Party, yesterday at its Camp Street Head Office, much to the enjoyment of the kids and parents attending.The invited institutions included the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre, David Rose School for Handicapped Children,Jerseys NFL Cheap, and youths of the St. Ann¡¯s Orphanage.Addressing the gathering,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, CLICO¡¯s CEO, Mrs. Geeta Singh-Knight, said that by hosting the annual event,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, the entity was again bringing smiles to the faces of the children,Wholesale Jerseys USA, and at the same time serving its customers and adding value to the communities in which these people work and live.She added that the event was meant to fulfill the mandate of customers and community focus, which are among the foremost priorities of the insurance company.The invited children were treated to several hours of festive activities planned by the company. They also received gifts of clothing, toys and food items.¡°CLICO¡¯s Annual Children¡¯s Party¡± bookmarks a stellar year of community service for the long-serving insurance company, which included the launch of its ¡°Going Beyond for YOU¡± Campaign, with donations to several charitable institutions, including the Dharm Shala and the Blind Institute.Recently, the company successfully hosted the ¡°CLICO Health Booth¡± at the City Mall, in which more than 200 persons were tested for diabetes and high blood pressure.The CLICO Santa sure seem to be having fun with the jubilant young invitees.¡°From the Carifesta fireworks to the Health Booth, CLICO is quite proud of its community-based achievements in 2008¡±, said the CEO, who concluded her speech by nothing that hearing the laughter and seeing the smiles on the faces of? its young guests is a poignant indicator that the entity has achieved much for its clients,NFL Jerseys China, community and the nation.¡±
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A collaborative way to tackle the Zika virus,Wholesale Jerseys, which has been causing much concern both nationally and internationally, was the subject of a meeting convened by the Ministry of Public Health yesterday.In attendance were the Ministers of Public Health, Dr. George Norton (Senior Minister), and Dr. Karen Cummings (Minister within the Ministry); along with officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who deliberated with regional and international stakeholders.The stakeholders included United Nations Children¡¯s Fund (UNICEF) Representative to Guyana and Suriname, Ms. Marianne Flach; Director General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Audrey Jardine-Waddell; Deputy Head of Mission of the Brazilian Embassy, Sabinie Popoff; and Programme Manager of Health Sector Development at CARICOM, Dr. Rudolph Cummings.The meeting was held following the World Health Organisation¡¯s declaration of the Zika Virus as a Public Health Emergency of international concern.The Regional and International representatives gave assurances of their support to Guyana. Thus far there has only been one confirmed case of the Zika virus.Minister Norton at the meeting stressed that it was in recognition of the importance of all relevant stakeholders in charting the way forward that the Ministry has embraced collaboration with key stakeholders in the form of regional and international representatives.The Ministry of Public Health, through the Vector Control Services Department currently has a schedule of fogging exercises for eight of Guyana¡¯s 10 administrative regions. There are however plans to include the remaining regions shortly.As part of the preventative measures the Ministry has incorporated house to house activities and the distribution of treated mosquito nets.Dr. Horace Cox,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who currently has responsibility for the Vector Control Services Unit said that very soon there will be intensified surveillance at ports of entry and the availability of more public education materials.He stressed the importance of community participation and urged persons to prevent mosquito bites, as far as possible,Cheap Jerseys Supply, even as efforts are made to eliminate possible breeding sites of mosquitoes.The Zika virus is transmitted by the Aedes aegypti and Aedes polynesiensis mosquitoes. Persons could try to avoid being bitten,Cheap Wholesale Jerseys, by wearing light coloured clothing which covers their body, arms and legs. Applying insect repellent to exposed parts of the body and using household insecticide sprays, coils and candles can also be useful.Controlling possible breeding sites around the home could include covering black tanks properly, ensuring that water is not lodged in tyres, plant containers and other vessels which harbour relative clean water.The Zika virus is considered a self-limiting disease,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, with symptoms lasting four to seven days. It appears as a very moderate disease, with fever, headache, joint and muscle pain, rash and sometimes swelling of the limbs. Some persons may also experience vomiting,wholesale jerseys china, diarrhea and abdominal pain. A very distinct symptom too is that of conjunctivitis (red eyes).Pregnant women, in particular, are urged to sleep under mosquito net, since the Zika virus is believed to have been the cause of some abnormalities in developing fetuses.