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President of the Guyana Postal and Telecommunication Workers¡¯ Union (GPTWU), Harold Shepherd, is calling on the Ministry of Labour to use its mandate to be proactive in resolving several outstanding industrial relations matters affecting membership at the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC). This was disclosed at a press conference yesterday at the Union headquarters in East Street.From left General Secretary of GPTWU,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, Eslyn Harris, and President of GPTWU Harold Shepherd. According to the GPTWU president,Cheap NFL Jerseys 2016, these issues are the summary dismissal of the former postmaster of Port Kaituma Post Office, Ms. Christine Fraser; the termination of the services of Ms. Chandrawattie Sukdeo, former postmaster of the Rose Hall-Town Post Office; surcharging of postmasters whom it is alleged paid fictitious money orders originating from Port Kaituma, Post Office; and Management¡¯s ¡®snail pace¡¯ approach to the issue of wages and salaries and other allowances negotiations for the membership at the GPOC for the period January 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009, and January 1, 2010.He said that the Union¡¯s proposal for those increases was submitted since November 2009, but to date the usual excuse by Management is that the corporation is in deficit.¡°The GPTWU is on record as engaging the subject Minister on issues that are affecting the future viability of the Corporation and its impact on the morale of our membership. We have also written Head of the Presidential Secretariat outlining these issues,¡± Shepherd said.Shepherd explained that Minister of Labour, Manzoor Nadir, was written to and directed to the action of the Management of GPOC, the blatant disregard for the Ministry of Labour and by extension the Union. He cited the failure of the corporation to attend conciliatory meetings as scheduled, or in some cases finding excuses at the last moment, not to attend.¡°We have had enough of this nonsense and our membership is on stand-by to take whatever action that is necessary to alleviate their suffering under the hands of a callous,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, dictatorial and shameless Massa that manages and controls the GPOC.¡± Shepherd declared.However, Shepherd noted, that the Union has since notified the Minister of Labour about its intention to pursue Industrial Action, if the outstanding issues are not resolved with some level of urgency.General Secretary of GPTWU, Eslyn Harris, said that the management of the GPOC shows gross disrespect and disregard for the membership, the union and by extension the Ministry of Labour.She disclosed that the dates and timelines are given and agreed on by the management of the post office which never honours the meeting dates. ¡°They ask for time to submit the relevant documents, those timelines were given and they are never able to submit these documents or they are submitted in a haphazard manner. And these are the things that are slowing the process at the conciliatory level. ¡°The union president said that the GPTWU has commenced negotiations with the management of GT&T for the period October 1, 2010 to September,Cheap Jerseys Store, 30, 2011and October, 1,Cheap Jerseys From China, 2011 to September,Cheap Jeseys NFL, 30, 2012. ¡°The employees of GT&T are looking forward for at least an increase that will enable them to withstand the present economic conditions in the country, and they are prepared to accept nothing less.¡±
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By Fareeza Haniff?While Guyana is fortunate to have among the most advanced occupational health and safety laws, many workplaces including the private and public health sectors are not in compliance.This was noted by Minister of Health, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy during his address to participants at the occupational health and safety workshop organized by his ministry and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) at the Ocean View International Hotel on Thursday last.The Health Minister was pellucid that at present, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) is in total compliance with the health and safety laws, as the Health Service Agreement with the regions now makes demands on the administration to ensure occupational the related measures are in place.Additionally, Minister Ramsammy pointed out that the Health Ministry¡¯s standard and technical department – which is responsible for licensing hospitals – has now included occupational health and safety in the inspection process of hospitals.In this regard, Dr. Ramsammy noted that the private hospitals will have no choice but to comply with the laws in order to get their licences.“So when the team goes out to do inspections over the next couple of weeks for the purposes of the 2010 licence, the private hospitals will have to demonstrate that occupational health and safety issues will be addressed,” the Health Minister noted.He explained that licences will be contingent on these institutions meeting the requirements, while the same methods will be applied to all public health facilities.Meanwhile,NHL Jerseys Authentic, the workshop focused on matters relating to the safety of health care workers with special focus on their risks of respiratory infections,Cheap NFL Jerseys, particularly in the context of H1N1.Minister Ramsammy expressed disappointment with the way Guyanese utilize public facilities,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, as he urged for citizens to be educated on how to maintain a clean environment.“The use of facilities by the public sometimes leaves much to be desired. The sanitary awareness of our people, whether they are health workers, teachers and ordinary citizens in Guyana, leaves much to be desired.”Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) Country Dr. Kathleen Israel told the health workers that the recent emerging respiratory events which have alarmed the world and galvanized governments into taking action to safeguard the health of the population at large, also brings them face to face with the reality that the same risks confronting the public also confront the health care providers in a much more significant way.They were reminded that they are on the front line of the battle to promote health,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, prevent illness and treat diseases.Dr. Israel explained that influenza is usually a community-acquired infection to which both health care workers and the community at large are susceptible.“Health care workers are frequently exposed to this viral condition through close contact with patients and their relatives who are carriers of the virus, and may themselves become infected. In Guyana,Sale NFL Jerseys, acute respiratory infections (ARIs) are also of significant public health concern and expose and predispose health care workers to a higher than normal risk of infection,” Dr. Israel said.She underscored the point that the responsibility for the safety of health care workers is a joint one as the employer has responsibility to provide the health worker with the necessary knowledge, skills and protective mechanisms to keep them safe.But at the same time,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Dr. Israel noted that the health worker has a responsibility for making the best use of the knowledge and skills gained, as well as the appropriate use of the protective gear provided, in order to reduce the risk to infection.
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In his capacity as Minister of Health,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, and President of the World Health Assembly, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy, has joined other health professionals around the world in urging the Government of Iran to release two Iranian physicians and public health professionals,Adidas Hockey Jerseys Cheap, Arash and Kamiar Alaei.They have been imprisoned for trying to overthrow the government of Iran.The physicians, who are brothers, were apparently arrested at the end of June last year and their current whereabouts are unknown. The doctors are experts on HIV/AIDS and have worked for many years on HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment activities in Iran and internationally.Minister Ramsammy noted that whatever the perceived missteps of the Alaei brothers,Wholesale Jerseys US, they have suffered enough.The two imprisoned brothers, Dr. Arash and Dr. Kamiar Alaei¡°I pray and hope the Government of Iran would intervene to ensure the freedom of two public health professionals so that they can continue their work in public health in Iran.The present issue is not about attribution. It is about making it possible for two talented and dedicated public health professionals to contribute to the achievement of the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) and better health for all people, particularly Iranians.¡±The Health Minister noted that the brothers¡¯ commitment to the prevention and control of HIV in Iran and around the world brought them in close collaboration with a global team working to ensure HIV is brought under control.He explained that this kind of collaboration has resulted in significant inroads against HIV.¡°The future of the world depends on continued inroads against HIV. No one is served, none benefits when anyone of us is taken away from the fight,¡± Minister Ramsammy noted.According to Minister Ramsammy,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, the possibility of better health for all is one that attracted the Alaei brothers to the public health arena,NFL Jerseys Authentic Cheap, since the quest for better health is a common goal of all of human kind.¡°I am certain that the Iranian Government and the people of Iran share the same values of justice and mercy and the global quest for health and long lives for all of our peoples. I have followed the struggles of the Iranian people and their Government over decades to ensure that the Iranian people are able to live a decent and dignified life.¡±He added that a mistake has been made and if the Alaei brothers have contributed to the mistake, he is hoping that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would ensure that two of his Iranian brothers are given the opportunity to contribute further to the successful confrontation against HIV in Iran and globally.The Alaei brothers had been carrying out HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention programmes,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, particularly focused on harm reduction for injecting drug users. In addition to their work in Iran, the Alaei brothers have held training courses for Afghan and Tajik medical workers.Rights groups have expressed outrage over their arrest and have called on Iranian authorities to release them.
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Relatives of the five Guyanese women who have alleged to Barbados officials that they were ¡°trafficked¡± are convinced that the young ladies are lying about what really happened. Kaieteur News yesterday managed to contact the relatives of the young women.Graclyn Reid, whose 19-year-old niece is involved in the matter, says that she is convinced that the young girl is lying. According to Reid,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, her niece made similar allegations last year against another aunt.The woman told Kaieteur News that her niece has implicated three persons who have no knowledge about ¡°trafficking her¡±.Reid further told Kaieteur News that her niece was in Barbados for over six months.The woman said that her niece would call, text and send money to her from Barbados. ¡°She used to call her family,Wholesale China Jerseys, send money and everything¡­She never one day said nobody was keeping her against her will,¡± Reid told Kaieteur News.The woman further told Kaieteur News that it was no secret that her niece would go into Guyana’s interior and work. Reid further said that if something was wrong her niece would have said so from the inception. The woman said that she is convinced that her niece is probably the person who concocted the ¡°trafficking¡± in person’s allegation.¡°I know my niece…she’s a corrupt person. I know it got to be she who is making the rest of the girls say that they were kidnapped,Cheap Jerseys,¡± the aunt said. The woman said that she could not comprehend why her niece would be lying on innocent people.The mother of the 17-year-old girl said that she was unaware that her daughter was doing anything of that nature. The woman told Kaieteur News that she had sent her daughter to her mother who resides in Barbados. ¡°I sent her to Barbados on vacation¡­I didn’t know she got caught up in that.¡± the mother stated.The woman told Kaieteur News that she would speak to her daughter regularly and she never mentioned being kept against her will. She further stated that her mother was arrested following the incident. According to the woman, her mother who is 76 years old woman has been charged in connection with the suspected trafficking of the five Guyanese women.According to the Barbados Nation Newspaper the police confirmed last night that Joan Fernandez,NFL Jerseys China, of Eagle Hall, St Michael, was charged Friday and was scheduled to appear before the District ‘A’ Magistrates’ Court Saturday morning.This is the latest development after Amelia Joseph and Keenon Chase appeared in court onMonday and Tuesday facing 30 charges of suspected involvement with the trafficking of five Guyanese women here, aged between 17 and 21 years old. Chase has been remanded to HMP Dodds while Joseph, who is pregnant, was granted bail.The five women were held wearing bathing suits after a raid on a Nelson Street bar last Thursday led by the police’s new Sex Crimes and Trafficking Unit.This newspaper was told by the relatives that no one in Guyana has received any threats from anyone. Relatives also noted that they have tried contacting the women through a lawyer, but were told that they were prosecution witnesses. They said,NFL Jerseys 2018, too, that an attempt was made to contact the Guyana Consulate in Barbados,2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey, but are yet to receive any word from them.
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By Leon SuseranOver 1,300 Berbicians were caught by the Guyana Power & Light Inc. (GPL) stealing electricity last year.Mr. Phyalyanjee NandkumarMost of them were placed before the courts, said Loss Reduction Manager, Mr. Phyalyanjee Nandkumar, at the company¡¯s Berbice office.Tampering with meters; bypassing the network and illegal diversions were just a few methods that Berbicians used to steal electricity. Over 350 cases alone dealt with tampering of meters, he added. Once you are caught stealing electricity, you are arrested.The majority of the cases had persons receiving a non-custodial sentence; some were given a suspended sentence. However, if they commit any other crime in the future, they would head straight to prison for one year.Numerous large companies, too, were caught stealing electricity in Berbice last year. Nandkumar said that these companies were prosecuted and back- billed. ¡°If they don¡¯t pay, no power, and the penalty now is high for electricity theft.¡±Currently, the penalty for stealing electricity is one year imprisonment and a minimum of $500,000 fine. Nandkumar also said that the company won a lot of the cases that were brought before the courts. Many others were dismissed due to perpetrators not attending court. ¡°They leave the location….so those cases (were) lost.¡±The official noted that arrest warrants have been issued for several persons caught stealing electricity and who seem to be eluding the law. ¡°They can be picked up anytime; never mind the case is struck out…The arrest warrant is still valid, because you didn¡¯t attend court.¡±He did state, though, that the court process is a bit slow. It is not dealing with the defaulters in the expeditious manner it should. ¡°But we hope to improve it in 2015.¡±The Loss Reduction Manager also said that customers are inventing newer methods of stealing electricity. They are also coming up with ways to steal electricity from the pre- paid metering system and GPL is working to improve that situation, he added.The company is looking carefully at customers who have not purchased credit for electricity meters for the past two months. ¡°And we are picking up a lot of straight connections¡ª Probably the crew did it and it¡¯s not in the system. But we would back-bill (the user) and charge them.¡±¡°Probably, customers run out of credit; they get somebody to give them a straight connection, so the system picks it up that this customer did not buy credit for two or three months….so we remove the meter and back-bill them because it¡¯s a bypass.¡±Nandkumar is urging pre- paid customers to not let credit run out, because they are saving themselves money as well as inconvenience. If a pre- paid customer runs out of credit, the meter will shut down and a fee of $12,000 would be charged to re-activate the meter. ¡°When the credit finishes, it (the meter) shuts down¡ª there¡¯s a process to link the meter back,¡± he stated.If tenants wish to move out of buildings, he urged landlords to not let tenants leave with the meter. ¡°The meter can¡¯t work,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, because there is not another keypad to synchronize …the landlord and tenant should sort it out¡ª the keypad can remain on the building in case someone else wants to rent the building.¡±He noted, too, that if a meter is found to be tampered with, an instrument is used to test the meter for accuracy. If over 90 per cent of accuracy is found on the meter, the customer will not be prosecuted, ¡°but the ones below 90 per cent (accuracy), we arrest, back bill and prosecute.¡±As long as customers are found with a bypass, they are automatically arrested and prosecuted.Nationally, the losses from stealing electricity from the power grid he said, is 31 per cent. The company, he said,Authentic MLB Jerseys Online, loses over $2B in electricity theft on an annual basis.Nandkumar described 2014 as a ¡°very good year¡± for loss reduction in East and West Berbice. The widespread campaign to unearth illegal connections helped the company to reduce its losses, he stated.Angoy¡¯s Avenue, one of Guyana¡¯s largest squatter settlements,NFL Jerseys Outlet, with over 4,000 residents,NFL Jerseys From China, had the largest amount of electricity theft in Berbice, with over 99 per cent of customers stealing current. However,Wholesale NBA Jerseys China, this amount has been reduced to 90 per cent, with the ongoing electrification drive in that housing scheme. The figure will reduce further, he noted.Those illegal connections were removed by the company¡¯s loss reduction teams which were accompanied by police officers. ¡°As we find our illegal connections, the police work with us and we do our prosecutions and arrests,¡± he revealed.¡°My staff is working and they are supportive,¡± he mentioned. He cautioned customers to not allow any sort of corruption, in terms of bribing GPL crew members into establishing illegal connections on their premises. ¡°Nandkumar therefore urged customers in Berbice and Guyana as a whole, to stop stealing electricity and also report these cases promptly.¡°Now when your neighbour is stealing electricity,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, it¡¯s like you are paying for them; because a lot of people are complaining that their neighbours are stealing (electricity) while their bills are high.¡±¡°We are working furiously and we want to reduce these losses to zero. If it happens, it will be excellent for Guyana and GPL, because at the end of the day, when customers steal, the State loses and taxpayers lose too,¡± he added.While the electricity theft crew needs a bit more resources, the official said that the company is doing the best it could to eradicate electricity theft in Berbice.¡°We know fuel prices are down, but the costs are still high because we buy fuel at high prices…so stop stealing and probably one day, your bills will go down¡ª support our drive to stop electricity theft. If you know your neighbour is stealing, please report to us and it would be confidential.¡±
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Yesterday, it was reported that General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation (DHBC), Rawlston Adams, submitted a proposal to the Infrastructure Ministry seeking an increase in rates forFrom Left: Claudette Rogers; Chairman of the Board, Shabir Hussein; Mandy Sukhdeo; Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson; Minister within the Ministry,Wholesale China Jerseys, Annette Ferguson; Joseph Holder; Rafeza Hussein and Ex-Officio Member,Supply NFL Jerseys Factory, Rawlston Adams.vehicular traffic.Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, has now indicated that the document is currently with Cabinet awaiting approval.Once the approval is given, she said, there will be a decline in requests coming for the sums for capital expenditure from the DHBC.Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, said that the increase would have nothing to do with the budget, since it is a proposal. The comment came during the announcement of the new Board of Directors.Ferguson urged Board members to be innovators during their term. The Board of Directors comprises Chairman, Shabir Hussein; Vice Chairman, Joseph Holder; Rafeza Hussein; Claudette Rogers; Mandy Sukhdeo; and Ex-Officio Member, Rawlston Adams.? A representative from the GPSU is yet to be nominated.During her charge,Cheap Soccer Jerseys For Sale, Ferguson urged the members to be forward thinking and advised them to come up with new ideas to better the operations of the Demerara Harbour Bridge. She also extended this advice to the Asphalt Plant,Cheap Jerseys 2018, which falls under DHBC.She shared that, at the end of 2015, both DHBC and the Asphalt Plant performed well and she expressed hope that this performance will only grow under the new board.She noted the need for improved traffic control and added that this was an area that must be looked into by the board. The goal must be to provide better service to the travelling public, she said.Minister Ferguson said that the Ministry will be working closely with the Board in the future on a number of projects,NFL Jerseys China, including the new Demerara Harbour Bridge for which a schedule of maintenance work is now in place.Minister Patterson thanked the members for accepting their appointments and reminded them of their social obligations to the Guyanese public.In response, the Chairman,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, Shabir Hussein, thanked the Ministers for the confidence placed in him as the chairman and promised the Board¡¯s full cooperation.Overall, all of the Board members were urged to keep their employees satisfied and in mind.¡°Our workers and employees are our most valued assets; we hope that whatever plans you undertake that the employees are with you,¡± Minister Patterson said. ¡°Whatever you do, don¡¯t forget them,¡± Minister Ferguson added.
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Days after she had celebrated her 100th birth anniversary, Ursula Philoemeena Lowe died after losing her vision and battling with various ailments for more than three years.The centenarian died last Friday at Port Kaituma, Region One, 11 days after celebrating her birthday with her nine children, Winifred Prince, Jean Matthews, Sheila Lowe, Vera Doris, Leslie Lowe,Cheap Jerseys NFL, Lester Lowe, Francis Lowe, Juliet Daniels and Una King.She was blessed with 60 grandchildren, 166 great grandchildren and 30 great-great grandchildren.Mrs. Lowe was not the only one in her family who was blessed with longevity. One of her sisters made it to 103. Sadly, she passed away a few years ago.Life was not always a bed of roses for Mrs. Lowe as she suffered major childhood losses and was also robbed of quality primary education due to the death of her parents.Ursula Lowe and one of her grandsonsShe was born on 17th August, 1917 at Aruka, Region One, and briefly attended the Hososoro Primary School.After the passing of her parents, she was raised by her older siblings.Ursula,NFL Jerseys Wholesale From China, then 19,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, tied the knot with Mr. Lowe, who was the Toshao for Oronoque, Port Kaituma at that time. The couple farmed while raising their nine children.But Mr. Lowe died at the age of 79, leaving his wife in the care of their children. The couple¡¯s daughter, Sheila Lowe,NFL Jerseys China, said that three years ago her mother lost her vision and had been suffering from various ailments, including asthma and arthritis.Despite her age, relatives were still shocked at her death, especially days after attaining such a rich milestone.Her great great grandson,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, Devon Lowe,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, said that he was blessed having had the privilege of spending time with Ursula. He explained that she not only displayed a caring nature to her family but also to others.¡°She was a very caring and jovial person,¡± Devon stated.Mrs. Ursula Lowe was laid to rest yesterday in Port Kaituma.
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For the past 15 years,Jerseys Cheap, Mohammed Jamat popularly known as ¡®Billygoat¡¯ has been operating his snackette in Meten¨CMeer¨CZorg, only to have it broken down by the Region Three authorities as part of the government¡¯s plan to remove persons vending on the reserves.The man noted that a few years ago he was told by the authorities that he needs to move his stall off from the roadway a little,China Jerseys Wholesale, since it was affecting the free flow of traffic, and he complied.However,NFL Jerseys Cheap Wholesale, approximately one month ago he was informed by the Region Three authorities that he needs to remove his snackette completely from the government reserve.The man said that,cheap nfl jerseys online, while he is not against the authorities doing their job, he urged for them to do it the correct way,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, by also removing other persons in the area who are also on the administration¡¯s reserve. He explained that his family¡¯s income depends on the income generated from the stall, and he is now left to wonder what would come next,Jerseys NFL Cheap, as he is a very sickly man.He is calling on the authorities to look into the situation with some urgency since his life depends on it.
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The eGovernment Agency¡¯s Centre of Excellence in Information Technology (CEIT) is expected to be officially opened in February.Yesterday, representatives from the agency,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the High Commission of India, theThe CEIT building located at the NDMA on the University of Guyana, Turkeyen Campus.Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance, Public Telecommunications and board members of the National Data Management Authority (NDMA) visited the construction site where the CEIT is to be housed.Located on the Turkeyen Campus of the University of Guyana,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, CEIT is occupying the NDMA building. Renovations began in August and were expected to be completed in December,Cheap Football Jerseys, but setbacks have seen the completion date pushed to January 15, 2017.The CEIT is a collaborative initiative between the Government of India and the eGovernment Agency.Second Secretary of the High Commission of India,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, S.M. Joshi represented the Indian High Commissioner on the site visit.CEIT¡¯s Project Manager and Director of Policy and Training at eGoverment Agency Malcolm Williams told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that the delays in completing the works were many ¡°but those issues we¡¯ve overcome them now so we expect that there won¡¯t be any further delays.¡±The building had to be renovated to accommodate classrooms and other facilities for the teaching of ICT courses. The eGovernment Agency will furnish the CEIT while the Indian government will provide the ICT equipment.Second Secretary of the High Commission of India S.M.Joshi,Wholesale Jerseys, CEO of eGovernment Agency Floyd Levi, Permanent Secretary of Public Telecommunications Derrick Cummings,NFL Jerseys China, CEIT Project Manager Malcolm Williams, and Director of the Department of International Cooperation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Vanessa Dickenson, examine one of the classrooms.The CEIT will offer advanced ICT in the areas of networking, cyber security, software development, IT project management among others, Williams said.The eGovernment Agency will be the administrator of the facility.The Indian Government will also conduct training sessions for staff of the CEIT, Williams told GINA. ¡°Initially the Indian G overnment they¡¯ve promised to train up to 20 trainers so they will bring their trainers from India to prepare the set of trainers who will then become the permanent staff for the CEIT,¡± Williams explained.The training is expected to begin by early March 2017. There will also be training of eGovernment Agency ICT professionals. The CEIT is looking to begin training of ICT professionals by 2018.
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– suspect calling relatives, still at largeRelatives of Eureka Garraway are pleading with the police to step up their efforts to arrest the man who allegedly inflicted a hammer beating on the 38-year-old woman.A relative said yesterday that Garraway¡¯s condition has improved and she now recognizes visitors and is speaking with them. However, she is reportedly still to give police a statement.This is an improvement from last week when Garraway was complaining of severe pains and was not recognizing her relatives.A sister-in-law who visited Garraway in hospital yesterday said that the 38-year-old failed to recognize her and appeared disoriented. Garraway was also complaining of severe pains and underwent another CAT scan to ascertain if her head injuries were more serious than initially believed.Garraway sustained cuts to her head which required more than 100 stitches. The brutal attack also reportedly left her with two broken fingers.Meanwhile, the sister-in-law said that the suspect has spoken to some of Garraway¡¯s relatives.The man,Wholesale Basketball Jerseys, who Kaieteur News contacted by phone, has promised to turn himself in once his lover is fit enough to be discharged. He had explained that he wanted to ensure that Garraway does not die.Asked to explain the reason for the attack, the suspect said that he ¡®flipped¡¯ and that he now regrets every moment.Police reportedly have numerous complaints of assault against the suspect, but Kaieteur News understands that Garraway herself may have often come to her abuser¡¯s defence, stating that ¡°he¡¯s a diabetic and that he¡¯s sickly.¡±A niece also alleged that the suspect has a relative in the Force and the rank would intervene on the suspect¡¯s behalf.Garraway¡¯s lover is well known for dressing up in outrageous outfits, including baby¡¯s diapers,NFL Jerseys Clearance, at cricket matches.Two Wednesdays ago, Garraway was found unconscious and bleeding profusely from the head in a relative¡¯s Non Pareil,Wholesale China Jerseys, East Coast Demerara residence. She had reportedly been slashed as well as beaten with a hammer.A niece claimed that Garraway¡¯s attacker contacted relatives by telephone shortly after and threatened to harm them.However, in the interview with Kaieteur News, the man denied threatening anyone. He said that he did call one family member to enquire about Garraway¡¯s welfare.According to the niece,Cheap Jerseys USA, Garraway was visiting a sister-in-law at Non Pareil last week Wednesday when her lover arrived. It is alleged that the sister-in-law and the others eventually went out, leaving Garraway and her lover at the residence.Eureka GarrawayKaieteur News was told that before departing, the sister-in-law,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who was aware of the suspect¡¯s history of physical abuse,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, expressed concern about Garraway being left alone with the man. Garraway reportedly reassured her that she would be ¡°alright.¡±It is alleged that at around 15:00 hrs, neighbours heard screams emanating from the house where Garraway was staying. According to the niece, around 18:00 hrs Garraway¡¯s brother received a phone call from the woman¡¯s lover.? The suspect reportedly told the brother ¡°I leave your sister in a pool of blood; go home (and check).¡±The brother relayed the information to his wife, who went home and discovered the unconscious and battered Garraway on a bed. They rushed her to St. Joseph Mercy Hospital.The sister-in-law said that the matter was reported to the Vigilance Police Station
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A Brazilian man appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Court yesterday to answer the indictable charge of murder.Raimundo Santos Freitas Barbosa appeared before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry charged with murder. The 51-year-old man is accused of killing his wife,Cheap China Jerseys, Barbara Delgato.The prosecution told the court that the couple were both Brazilian nationals. They shared a husband and wife relationship. The court heard that on October 5,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, Barbosa went to the mining camp at Piari Puruni Backdam where his now deceased wife was.For reasons so far unknown ,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, the accused picked up a piece of wood and gave the deceased several lashes about the body causing injuries to the woman and thereafter,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, her death.The man then made good his escape,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, explained the prosecutor. Barbosa was subsequently apprehended in Georgetown where the allegations were put to him. He was further charged for the death of Delgato.It was revealed that he had allegedly come to Guyana via Suriname.The court transferred the matter to the Bartica Magistrate¡¯s Court where the man will appear on October 20.
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–? Land Registry to occupyGovernment has signaled its intention to relocate the Land Registry, situated on the ground floor of the High Court building, to the former New Building Society (NBS) Head Office, Avenue of Republic, which it acquired.Claiming to be unaware of the actual cost paid to the New Building Society for the facility,Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys, Head of the Presidential Secretariat,NFL Jerseys China, Dr. Roger Luncheon, said that the Land Registry provided the cost of theThe Land Registry is to move to the former NBS Head Office on Avenue of the RepublicSales Agreement, which is more than $100M.He made that announcement yesterday at his weekly post-Cabinet press briefing held at the Office of the President.The need for full utilization of resources and better functioning were cited as the main reasons for the removal of the Land Registry from its current location, which it shares with the Deeds Registry.According to Dr. Luncheon, in October 2012,2014 Olympic Team USA #44 Brooks Orpik White Stitched NHL Jersey, Cabinet commissioned an audit of the Land Registry and a comprehensive report was submitted earlier this month. He added that Cabinet endorsed the findings and disclosures of the audit conducted by an Attorney.Dr. Luncheon enlightened that Cabinet approved the preparation of an implementation camp and the establishment of a unit to see the realization of recommendations in the report.The audit found the Land Registry to be under-resourced and there was weakness in its functioning, particularly in process management, which has a great deal to do with transactions. Several recommendations were made, of which Dr. Luncheon shared three with the media.The intent to relocate the Land Registry is the move towards satisfying one of the recommendations. Funds available through the Competitive Programme will be used to enhance the facility to offer better services,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, he added.The report also recommends the implementation of Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) applications – essentially e-government,Wholesale China Jerseys, websites,Nike Air Max 97 Ireland, and electronic communication – to the functioning of the Land Registry.Dr. Luncheon related that the Land Registry did not benefit from ICT application upgrades when the Deeds Registry was upgraded, because the two entities got separated. It is hoped that with this upgrade there will be preservation of records, communication with users of the entity, and access, storage and retrieval of land titles.To bring the operations and functioning of the Land Registry to the level of contemporary norms, legislative reform would need to occur.¡°I think Cabinet is not unmindful of what has and is taking place with the reforms with the Deed and Commercial Registry and saw some parallels that could develop with regards to the land registry,¡± he added.
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After raiding a sports complex in Linden and finding marijuana on the roof, police ranks arrested and charged six persons for narcotics trafficking.From L: Neville Bastiani, Ronald Reid and Wesley HerculesYesterday, the alleged traffickers were arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates¡¯ Courts.Wesley Hercules, 54, of 119 Wismar Housing Scheme, Linden; Willitta Bess, 36, of Lot 798 One Mile Wismar, Linden; Trevor Elcock,jerseys nfl wholesale, 30, of Linden; Ronald Reid, 35, of Lot 3 Constabulary Compound, Linden; Neville Bastiani, 39,NFL Jerseys China, of Lot 656 Block 22 Wismar Linden and Shemrock Peters, 24, also of One Mile, Linden,Jerseys NFL Cheap, all denied having 58 grams of cannabis sativa (marijuana) in their possession for the purpose of trafficking.The court heard that they were busted with the illicit drug on December 5, at Wismar Housing Scheme, Linden. Bail was granted in the tune of $20,000 for each defendant.Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones told the court that the narcotics were found on the roof of the sports complex. The defendants, he said, were in the building at the time it was searched by the police. Jones stated that as a result, they were all arrested and charged.Attorney Clyde Forde made a bail application on behalf of Reid. The lawyer requested that his client be released on reasonable bail because the drug was not found in his possession. Forde explained that on the day in question, the defendants were playing dominoes at the sports complex, when the police arrived and searched the edifice.Forde stated that at the time of the raid there were several other people in the building. He related that police ranks climbed onto the roof and found the alleged narcotic. According to the lawyer, the lawmen were unable to ascertain who owned the drug and arrested everyone.The Prosecutor informed the court they were no antecedents listed for the defendants. Hercules, a taxi driver; Bess, a vendor; Elcock,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, a labourer; Reid a porkknocker; Bastiani,Cheap Jerseys For Sale, a hire car driver and Peters,NFL Jerseys Discount, a sawmill operator will return to court on December 30, at the Linden Magistrate¡¯s Court.
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–?? ?Banks urged to change negative attitude to lendingGovernment officials rallied for greater support on behalf of local small businesses even as financial institutions at home and abroad assure that their approaches to lending have been more cautious than negative.At the launch of the Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) project at the International Convention Centre on Monday, Minister of Tourism,NFL Jerseys Discount, Industry and Commerce (ag) Irfaan Ali argued against perceptions of small entrepreneurs that determine whether or not they can access loans, while Minister of Finance Dr Ashni Singh called on banks to ¡°push the boundary¡± for new lending opportunities.The MSE project will be initiated with a US$10M funding through the Guyana/Norway forest carbon partnership agreement. An initial tranche of US$5M will be released during the first two years. It is expected that an approximate 2,200 jobs will be sustained.President Donald Ramotar greets IDB Chief of Division,China Jerseys Free Shipping, Capital Markets and Finance Juan Antonio Ketterer at the launch of the Micro and Small Enterprise (MSE) project. At left is Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry¡¯s CEO, John TraceyAt the launching there was an acknowledgement by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry, John Tracey, that small entrepreneurs encounter numerous constraints,Cheap Jerseys China, particularly access to credit, but defended his bank¡¯s policy regarding loans.¡°It has been said that our financial institution has a negative attitude to lending¡­ I presume this would come from the small business sector. If this is so,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, it may be a necessary protective measure. Why? Because we in the banking sector¡­ we know and measure risks much better than the individual borrower who sometimes comes to us as the eternal optimist, positive that his business plan is bound to succeed,¡± Tracey explained.But as Minister Ali shared his own experiences as a young aspiring entrepreneur who was seeking a loan, stakeholders in attendance saw the borrower¡¯s side of the story.He related occurrences as a teenager where he was denied access to a loan having a bicycle as his only mode of transportation and another period where he was given approval for the same request after proving that he was the owner of a car.¡°I qualified for the loan because there was a misconception and there was a culture in the environment that gave that loan that sought to make a differentiation whether falsely or rightfully,¡± Minister Ali said.Access to finance is a challenge not limited to Guyana, but a worldwide issue, common in the Latin American and Caribbean Region Inter American Development Bank (IDB) Chief of Division, Capital Markets and Finance Juan Antonio Ketterer explained.He said that although the IDB has been working with countries on improving access to loans,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, the task has been endless although many countries have made much progress.Ketterer reported that Guyana has been ranked 167 out of 183 economies in the IDB¡¯s Access to Credit department, but said the news may not be all bad.¡°This is not reason to be discouraged, but a reason to be engaged and motivated to improve.¡±¡°The Guyana Government has been hailed for its work, through legislation and other initiatives, to strengthen the financial sector and provide the leeway for it to take risks without violating any prudential norms,¡± Finance Minister Dr. Ashni Singh asserted.¡°I do urge the banks to actively seek out good lending opportunities including working with entrepreneurs where some nurturing and mentorship is required,Cheap Jerseys China,¡± he added.The IDB is a main partner with the Government in the MSE project and maintains the philosophy that access to financing is one of the key pillars of improving the business climate and promoting the economic activities of small and medium enterprises in particular.It is on this premise that the IDB has been actively involved in the financial sector locally for several years and has supported a Guyana Government policy to enhance policies and improve access to credit.The focus areas included improvements in financial sector oversight and strengthening regulations to maintain financial sustainability.The MSE project has made access to financing through an interest subsidy and support for a portion of the collateral required for loans at GBTI, Republic Bank and the Institute for Private Enterprise Development (IPED).It adds to numerous collaborative initiatives between the Government and commercial banks that have made the task of accessing loans easy and more affordable. Among them is the Women of Worth (WOW) credit scheme for single-parent households launched in 2010.
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Krishnadat Chintamanee,Cheap Nike NFL Jerseys, a 36-year-old cattle farmer of 17B New Road,NFL Jerseys China, Vreed-en-Hoop,NFL Jerseys From China, was discovered floating in a trench near a backdam in his area around midday on Wednesday last.His sister,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Rohini,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, told this newspaper that he left home about 09:00hrs on Tuesday, as customary to milk cows. He did not return that afternoon and it was assumed that he had gone with his friends as he sometimes did. It was established that this was not the case, and a group of his friends subsequently went in search of him. About midday, they found his bucket and clothes. His body was later found in a trench not far away.According to a relative, Chintamanee had been tending cows since he was a schoolboy.A post mortem examination yesterday revealed that there was water in the lungs, indicating that he died from drowning. There were no marks of violence on his body.Krishnadat Chintamanee was never married and leaves to mourn his mother,Soccer World Cup Jerseys, sister and brother-in-law.
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– Stumped at treatment by PoliceA West Coast Demerara businessman lost $140,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, 000 when thieves broke into his car,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, but it was the treatment meted out to him by the Police that has left him even more confused.Sugbeer Deonarine said he parked his car on North Road in the vicinity of Bourda Market in Georgetown, and proceeded into the market to do some light shopping? about 11:30 hrs.He said he had locked the car,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, with the alarm on.Deonarine said that he returned 20 minutes later to find a scratch near the lock on the door of the car and realised that something was amiss.When he got into the car,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, he discovered that the money, which was inside the storage compartment between the seats in front,China Jerseys For Sale, was missing.The businessman said that he decided to make a report to the Alberttown Police Station and it was then that the story became bizarre.Deonarine said the Police rank taking his report suggested to him that he was lying about the incident, since those who steal from cars don¡¯t usually pick locks, but would smash one of the rear windows.The businessman said he could not believe this and when he insisted he was not making the story up,NFL Jerseys China, the policeman took the report, but went off telling him that if he told ¡°any¡± other police ranks his story they would not believe him since that is not the way cars are usually broken into.Deonarine said that it was his visit to the Police station, rather than the actually robbery that caused him more shock.The businessman said he wanted to make the public aware of what happened to him so that they are more careful when engaging in business in the area and as a result not suffer the same fate he did.
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An intense search has been launched for a 63-year-old hire car driver who disappeared off the DemeraraMissing: Mohan SinghHarbour Bridge on Tuesday night.Mohan Singh, of 26 Da Silva Street, Meadow Bank,NFL Jerseys Cheap, was returning from a funeral on West Coast Demerara and exited the car he was travelling in to relieve himself during a traffic build up on the bridge.Except for a few reported sightings by travelers on the bridge,China NFL Jerseys, that was the last time he was accounted for.His son, Rajkumar Singh, told Kaieteur News last night that the hire car driver had a few drinks after the funeral and had hitched a ride home in a friend¡¯s car.The younger Singh said that his father has a weak bladder and would normally encounter difficulty whenever nature calls.On Tuesday night he encountered such a situation and emerged from the car which was stuck in the traffic build up to rectify it.But he moved off at the first sign of an ease in the traffic,NFL Jerseys China, without the elderly hire car driver.¡°The driver of the car said that my father jump out the car unknown to him and he could not wait for him because he did not want to hold up the traffic,¡± Rajkumar Singh told this newspaper.He said that when his father did not return home that night he launched a search for him the whole of yesterday.He checked with the personnel at the Demerara Harbour Bridge and learnt that persons had reported seeing an intoxicated man walking east along the bridge.¡°But the bridge people say that he did not walk off the East Bank Demerara side or the West Bank side,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,¡± Singh explained.He is desperately hoping that his father did not fall off the bridge.According to Singh,Cheap NFL Jerseys, checks were made at all the hospitals as well as police stations,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, but there has been no trace of the taxi driver who operates the short drop route in the La Penitence area.¡°The only hospital I did not check was the Davis Memorial Hospital. I just hope that someone picked him up (from the bridge) and he is safe.¡±Singh said that there are plans to check the surveillance cameras at the Demerara Harbour Bridge with the hope of obtaining some clue to what happened to? Mohan Singh.
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– nine homeless,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, over $20 M in losses Nine persons were left homeless and an electronic store was destroyed following a fire of unknown origin at Lot 111, De Willem,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, West Coast Demerara yesterday morning.Businessman Shawn Nabiyahbi Kaieteur News was told that the fire started shortly after 09:30 hrs yesterday and quickly gutted the building which houses a welding shop, and cell phone and a computer stores.Nageshwar Sitaram,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, who is now homeless, said that his family, who lived upstairs, had left their home sometime around 07:30hrs. They were participating in a religious ceremony at the seawall when they received a message saying that their house was on fire.Sitram said that they immediately rushed home, but by that time the entire house was in flames, making it impossible to save anything.¡°We only have the clothes on our backs¡­and we have nowhere to go,Authentic Jerseys Cheap,¡± Sitaram told reporters yesterday.This newspaper was told that a cousin known as ¡°Joey¡± was asleep in the building when the fire started.Sitaram said that the cousin barely managed to escape from the building.He estimated their loses at over $15M because the family had a well furnished home and a welding shop downstairs.He explained that three high-powered generators were lost,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, along with a number of computers and countless other electronic appliances.In addition, $3M cash was consumed in the flames.Meanwhile,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, businessman Shawn Nabiyahbi said that the only thing he can do is start over.Nabiyahbi operates the SD Computers and Cell phone store which is located below the Sitaram¡¯s house.? He was renting the space for the past two years.The young businessman was out when a close friend contacted him by phone to inform him about the fire.Nabiyahbi said he immediately rushed to the store and saw the entire building engulfed in flames. He estimates his losses in the millions and had no insurance.Neighbours who were present yesterday speculated that since there was no blackout in the area the fire was probably started by a lighted diya that was accidental left in the house.Nageshwar Sitaram, one of the victimsThe Burnt out building A neighbour recounted that someone saw smoke emanating from the building. An alarm was raised and the fire service was summoned.They arrived promptly but reportedly ran out of water. The fire service is still continuing their investigations.
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By Latoya Giles The much anticipated launch of the survey report ¡°Attitudes toward Homosexuals in Guyana¡± was held yesterday at the Moray House, where several panelists including Peter Wickham, the Director of CADRES made presentations.Senior lecturer in the Department of Social Studies,cheap nfl jerseys, of the University of Guyana, Dr. Mellissa Ifill, was one of the presenters. Her presentation was dubbed evaluating the Situation of LBGTI Individuals in Guyana.According to Dr. Ifill, the survey and consequential report ¡°Attitudes towards Homosexuals in Guyana 2013¡± fills an important vacuum in the examination of the situation of the Lesbian, Bisexual, and Gay, Transgender and Intersex (LBGTI) individuals in Guyana.? She said that it exposes the attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that justify and excuse discrimination and maltreatment of citizens with differing sexual orientations and in fact, reinforces many of findings of the more focused, less extensive qualitative studies conducted in Guyana.Dr. Mellissa IfillShe explained that prior to this survey which was done by CADRES/SASOD, the studies conducted to date have several limitations, including small sample size. Ifill told the gathering that they are largely qualitative in scope and have been concentrated on men who have sex with men (MSM) and male/transgender sex workers within the donor driven context of HIV/AIDS research.As a result, Dr. Ifill said that analyses which address other groups with the LBGTI continuum and those that examine societal attitudes to LBGTI individuals are missing. She said that the report therefore fills an important gap in the literature and will be useful for activists and policy makers as they attempt to enhance the security of LBGTI individuals in Guyana.Although limited,Wholesale Jerseys China, and not of a statistical/quantitative nature, Ifill said that there is sufficient available evidence to broadly assert that there are LBGTI individuals who experience discrimination, marginalization and abuse because of their sexual orientation and gender identity in Guyana.She noted that LGBTI persons have very little state protection and acknowledgement of rights,Cheap NFL Jerseys, which renders this group particularly vulnerable to abuse.She said that it was the UNDP¡¯s 2011 Human Development Report on Citizen Security in the Caribbean which identified the LGBTI community as one of the vulnerable groups to discrimination, crime and violence in the Caribbean (along with woman and children).The report also sought to ascertain why they are targeted, where and why there is social approval for certain forms of violence and why certain communities are relatively unprotected.The report noted that while violence against vulnerable groups in Guyana is not a recent phenomenon, it appears to be intensifying as the society overall seems to have become more violent in the wake of the emergence and growth of a market economy and a changed social structure that was accompanied by growing crime.One pressing dilemma, she said, is for policymakers. Civil society has been slow to prevent discrimination, violence and crime. It has also been slow to legally protect vulnerable groups and, foster harmony and peace overall within the society.According to Dr Ifill, the dilemma becomes greater when resistance to protection of these groups is premised on deep religious and cultural bases.Dr Ifill opined that the study further disclosed that levels of tolerance were connected to a number of factors including geography, area size and wealth/social class with urban and wealthy residents displaying more social tolerance, while smaller sized communities are less tolerant of LBGTI individuals and their lifestyles.The lecturer explained that a 2010 UNDP sponsored study on sexual and gender minorities supports the notion that there are different levels of tolerance to LGBTI individuals in Guyana although according to this study from an ethnic and cultural standpoint.She noted that in focus group discussions, MSM reported low levels of tolerance in predominantly Afro Guyanese communities where they are physically attacked and taunted while there are some perceptibly higher levels of tolerance in Indo Guyanese communities. Consequently MSM reported feeling more comfortable living in the latter neighbourhoods.Discrimination and lack of social tolerance of gender and sexual identity minorities in Guyana are premised upon cultural tradition, religious opposition and the law, Ifill said. The most vociferous opposition to extending full rights constitutionally and prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation emanates from the religious community in Guyana, and especially from sections of the Christian and Muslim faiths.She said that the fact, sustained protest from the latter two groups was believed to be largely responsible for the President¡¯s not assenting to the Constitutional Amendment No. 5 Bill No. 18, 2000 which parliament passed by a vote of 55-0 and submitted for his assent. Ifill said that these religious groups fought to have sexual orientation bases taken out of the fundamental rights section of the constitution, and argued that while they supported banning discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, they were not in agreement that the ban should be enshrined as a constitutional right (Stabroek News January 26, 2001 ¡°Sexual Orientation Bill Going back to Parliament¡±.)Ultimately the Government dropped the constitutional amendment prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (Wills 2010).Consequently in Guyana,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, there are still serious legal consequences for male homosexuality by law while female homosexuality continues to be largely ignored. Although there have been no recorded convictions of individuals involved in private, consensual male homosexual acts, legally and constitutionally, there is no accommodation of MSM.Also illegal under the laws of Guyana is cross-dressing.?? She noted that while the law banning homosexual intercourse is specifically directed towards men and ignores homosexual contact between women, the laws against cross dressing apply equally to men and women although, women wearing male garb have not been prosecuted while men wearing female garb have been placed before the courts and subjected to ridicule, intolerance or abuse from members of the public and even members of the judiciary.Although male sexual intercourse is legally prohibited, abuse against LBGTI individuals is not tolerated at several legal levels. Any individual, who is violated or abused physically,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, including members of sexual and gender minorities, has recourse to the law and the perpetrator is liable to be punished.LBGTI rights advocates argue that there is some incompatibility between international conventions and laws and Guyana¡¯s domestic laws. These rights advocates note that Guyana is a signatory to the UN Declaration of Human Rights that guarantee and protect human rights of every individual, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity,Cheap Soccer Jerseys, age or wealth and therefore it is obligated to ensure that the constitution and domestic laws explicitly offer protection to all citizens rather than criminalizing them.They have therefore insisted that there be a repeal of the laws outlawing homosexuality and cross dressing.
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The People¡¯s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) has stuck with embattled former Minister of Public Service Jennifer Westford on its list of parliamentarians,Nike NFL Jerseys China, declaring that she is ¡°innocent until proven guilty.¡±The ex-Minister has been jointly charged alongside her former subordinate Margaret Cummings with four counts of attempted larceny involving eight state vehicles between July 17, 2014 and June 2015.Westford has also been questioned by the police,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, who have launched a probe into the disappearance of millions of dollars from her ministry. The money was allegedly withdrawn prior to the General and Regional Elections.During the party¡¯s weekly press conference, General Secretary of the PPP/C Clement Rohee stated that the party still stood firmly behind Westford, as well as former President Bharrat Jagdeo,Cheap NFL Jerseys Store, who himself is before the courts on criminal charges for statements deemed racist, and reportedly made on the General and Regional elections campaign trail,Wholesale Jerseys China, but has remained the party¡¯s choice for leader of the Opposition.There is a stipulation that a prospective Member of Parliament cannot enter parliament if convicted of the offence of making racially charged statements.¡°We maintain that a person is innocent until proven guilty. We don¡¯t want to act prematurely.¡± Rohee declared,Jerseys NFL Cheap, also confirming that Westford¡¯s removal from the list or any possible replacement has not even been discussed within the party.Westford and Jagdeo are not the only PPP/C parliamentarians facing criminal charges, as former Health Minister under the PPP/C, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran has already been arraigned in the Whim Magistrates court before Magistrate Charlene Artiga for using threatening language against political activist Sherlina Nageer.Rohee did not hesitate to declare that former President Bharrat Jagdeo was ¡°fit as a fiddle¡± to serve as the leader of the Opposition,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, which is a constitutional office. The decision, Rohee said, was a collective one taken by the party¡¯s executive and he ¡°gave way¡± in favour of Jagdeo.Rohee¡¯s own name was touted in some circles as a possible leader of the opposition, in addition to the expectations that Ramotar might take up to the post. However Jagdeo, who emerged out of seclusion from public life to take a central role in campaigning for the PPP/C in the elections season, was subsequently floated as the opposition leader and both stalwarts immediately threw their support behind the ex-president.Meanwhile, Rohee refused to confirm if or when the PPP/C would appear in parliament and indeed, when the APNU+AFC administration made its budget presentation yesterday, it was before empty opposition benches.