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To address the issue of illegal dumping in Region Three, Essequibo Islands/WestA team removing roadside garbage pile in Zeelugt, WCD.Demerara,Deion Jones Falcons Jersey, the Regional Democratic Council has taken stringent measures to counteract the crisis of illegal dumping across the Region.This includes prosecuting persons who are caught dumping at road corners and in and along drainage systems.According to Regional Chairman, Julius Faerber,China Jerseys Cheap, there are lots of illegal garbage piles around the Region which are ¡°very unsightly¡±. Faerber stated that recently, through an intervention by the Regional Office, three persons were charged and placed before the court for dumping along the Crane Embankment Road.The number of a motor lorry which would habitually dump refuse in the area was recorded and taken to the Vreed-en-Hoop Police Station. The lorry was tracked and subsequently,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the culprits were arrested and placed before the court where they were required to pay a fine.Faerber said that communities are monitored on a daily basis by Environmental Health Officers (EHO) and/or by Environmental Health Assistants (EHA). ¡°Should anyone be found littering, the EHO has the mandate to take that person to court on behalf of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC),¡± the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development said yesterday.Meanwhile, this week, the Clean-up My Country Regional Community Bulk Waste Removal Programme,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, conducted a community clean-up exercise with all fourteen Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) of Region Three,Air Max 1 Atmos, to remove illegal garbage piles and bulk waste from residents in the communities.During the clean-up exercise, several parapets along the West Coast of Demerara were found littered with garbage. On Zeelugt Public Road, a team of Community Workers under the national clean-up programme,Air Max 2018 Shoes, took close to two hours to remove a pile of garbage which some residents said was created by persons from within the area.
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The relatives of a 65-year-old man are seeking explanations regarding his sudden death, especially after he was last seen in the custody of the police.Rupert Stephens called ¡®Hafar¡¯The nude body of Rupert Stephens, called ¡®Hafar¡¯, was discovered on Brickdam just opposite the Police Station around 09:00hrs on Monday.While officials at the funeral parlour where the body was taken have indicated that it bore no visible marks of violence,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, relatives are still suspicious about the way the matter was handled.In fact Stephens¡¯s brother, Vinsley Greene, only learnt about Rupert¡¯s death yesterday.Greene told this newspaper that his brother would sometimes suffer a mental breakdown. He said that after learning about his death,nfl jerseys china, he decided to carry out his own investigations.Greene learnt that his brother,Nike Men Air Max 97 For Sale, who is a frequent visitor to the Brickdam Cathedral, was seen at the place of worship late last week.According to Greene, an official at the Cathedral said that Stephens was behaving in an erratic manner and someone called the police. Within minutes ranks arrived and took Stephens away.¡°That was the last time they saw him alive,¡± Greene told this newspaper.He said that the church official told him that he was surprised when he learnt that the body found opposite the station was that of Stephens.What is more baffling is the fact that the police did not issue any statement regarding the discovery of the body, especially since they did not readily identify the person.There is no indication that the dead man¡¯s clothes were found near his body.¡°The parlour said that there are no marks of violence, but it¡¯s as if they (police) were covering up something,¡± Greene stated,Cheap NFL Jerseys, adding that he is not casting blame on anyone.When this newspaper contacted a senior official at the Brickdam Police Station yesterday, he said that he was aware of the discovery of the body,Jose Calderon Jersey, but he appeared to have little knowledge that Stephens was in the custody of the police,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, even though it might have been for a brief period.He promised to investigate the matter.A post mortem examination is expected to be performed on Stephens¡¯ body tomorrow.
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– one pilot at a time By Rabindra Rooplall Starting with a small aircraft operation in 1957, Air Services Limited (ASL) is Guyana oldest and largest domestic flight provider, since; Air Service has expanded to a fleet of 12 aircraft.Air Services Limited has been dedicated to training pilots from all over the world for 15 years. At the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) approved school, customised professional flight training programmes are available to suit passionate persons that are aspiring to be pilots within an affordable and realistic budget.One such young man is 18-year-old Akeem Stoll,Jerseys NFL Cheap, whose dreams from childhood motivated him to join Air Services to fulfill his dreams and goal of becoming a pilot.Akeem Stoll said that he is set to graduate next month and is eager to persevere to complete two other courses, being Instrument Rating and the Commercial Pilot Certificate, which would eventually enable him to be paid for his piloting.¡°Since I was a little child I always loved airplanes and talked about becoming a pilot.¡±He revealed that he had done several solo practices around various ports across Guyana, however, certain aspects of the training might be challenging but amazing and rewarding.Stoll revealed the qualifications for such a course are Geography, Mathematics, English and physics and above all a love and determination to become a pilot.? Getting started with such a course includes ground school training with dual and solo flight times.At present he is completing his Private Pilot Certificate,Cheap Jerseys USA, which entails ground school training with dual and solo flight times, while the Guyana Aviation Requirement (GAR) has minimum requirements for this certificate:? 40 hours of total flight time, 20 hours with a flight instructor, 10 hours of solo,China NFL Jerseys, Must be at least 16 ? years of age, Must be able to read,Cheap Hockey Jerseys, write and comprehend English, Must pass an aviation physical exam, and Must pass an GAR written and oral exam and check-ride.General requirements include being at least 18 years of age; hold a valid Private Pilot Certificate with a Class II Medical Certificate and have a minimum of 200 hours flight time.Nineteen-year-old? Colin Constantine is another student who has been fascinated with being a pilot. He revealed there is something astonishing about being able to navigate yourself geographically in an airplane while piloting it.He describes the course as being ¡°thrilling from the beginning and will be that way until the end.¡±According to representative of Air Services Limited, Marcia Akeung, Ogle International Airport Extremely serious about the services that are provided, which are safe, efficient and reliable delivering domestic schedule and charter service to all of Guyana’s interior destinations, while overseas charters to the Caribbean and South America are done.She said that the flight school which is the only one in the country was initially set up to supply the company with a cadre of well trained pilots and this has expanded to a commercial flight school with some of its graduates expanding their horizons in the Caribbean.Marcia Akeung disclosed ASL provides a fully equipped maintenance department, with a high quality service to smaller domestic operators and regional commercial airlines.Captain Nigel Ramsahai who has served as a pilot for eighteen years,Pat Tillman Cardinals Jersey, eight of those as a flight instructor said, the second batch of pilot are set to receive their license within the next two months,NCAA Football Jerseys,? while Guyana will have its own pool of pilots and would not have to source any outside pilots.Air Services Limited operates mainly charters to almost all the airstrips in Guyana. They also operate regular flights three to four times per week to Region Eight and twice weekly to Region Seven, and special tour packages to Kaieteur and Orinduik.
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A senior Rubis Guyana Inc. employee was shot dead at around 22.30 hrs on Wednesday in his Lot 262 Jamoon Drive, Meadowbrook home, allegedly by a lone gunman who fled with his victim¡¯s jewellery and licenced firearm.Cort and his fianc¨¦e, Shauna GarrawayJason Cort, a 27-year-old account executive, was shot in the chest shortly after arriving home with his fianc¨¦e, Shauna Garraway. He died subsequently at the Balwant Singh Hospital.Police recovered a 9mm casing from the scene.Information suggests that Cort confronted the gunman near the kitchen area,NFL Jerseys From China, apparently after leaving the southern door open. Police suspect that the accountant was trying to draw his firearm when the intruder shot him.The slain executive¡¯s holster was found on the floor.Kaieteur News understands that the couple, who have a two-year-old son, had just come from a Kingston location, and were reportedly preparing to head to another venue on the East Bank of Demerara.Cort¡¯s fianc¨¦e, Shauna Garraway,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, told Kaieteur News that after they had arrived home, she went to the top flat, while Cort remained in the bottom flat.¡°I was about to come downstairs when I heard a gunshot. I then heard Jason cry out,NFL Jerseys Cheap, and someone (else) said ¡®where the money? Give me the money.¡±Garraway said that she hid under a bed, while frantically trying to contact the police,Air Max 97 Wholesale,The slain executive¡¯s home.relatives and friends. She said she eventually contacted her mother, who summoned the police. She also contacted one of her fianc¨¦¡¯s friends, but remained in hiding,, since she was still hearing the intruder¡¯s footsteps.The friend eventually arrived and found Cort lying in the house, near the southern doorway in the bottom flat. The wounded man was rushed to the Balwant Singh Hospital,Off White Nike Vapormax Release Date, where he succumbed.Garraway said that the killer (s) made off with her fianc¨¦¡¯s licenced firearm, his gold band, chain and ring, and an Xbox console.She believes that Cort may have left the southern door open when they arrived home. She could not recall hearing any vehicle leaving the area after her fianc¨¦ was shot.Cort had worked for about four years at Rubis Guyana Inc.Kaieteur News understands that police have received several recent reports about robberies and burglaries in the section of Meadowbrook Gardens where the slain man resided.With Wednesday night¡¯s brazen killing, the number of homicides for the year has now risen to 76. Guns were used in at least 26 slayings, with at least eleven of these deaths being execution-style killings.The Guyana Police Force recently stated that 66 murders were recorded at the end of May 2015, in comparison to 59 murders at the end of May 2014.
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The operators of short drop cars that ply the Stabroek to Ramp-Road route have reportedly increased the fare by $20.This is as a result of the fuel price which has been fluctuating between ($985 and $998 per gallon) above the $800 promised by Government. But this increase is effective although the government has slashed the excise tax on fuel thus lowering the gas price.Speaking to this newspaper,Soccer World Cup Jerseys, one of the operators said that he along with several of his colleagues raised the cost in the fare starting from today.He said that until the relevant authority can subsidise the alarming price for fuel, the fare would be $80. ¡°It makes no sense we come out here to earn a daily bread and at the end of the day we can¡¯t carry home enough money to buy a pound of flour¡±.Several other routs have already demanded from commuters an additional $20 or $40 in the fare since the starting of this year. One said route is the #32 minibus operators.According to passengers, this occurrence takes place during the peak hours.As it was,Air Max 97 Wholesale, passengers were required to pay $140 from Georgetown to New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop but that has changed. The #32 minibus conductors are taking an additional $60, taking the fare to $200.As persons travel further down the West Coast Demerara the fare will increase by $20 and $40.A commuter mentioned that she believes the operators are taking advantage of the commuters.Far in one corner of the said park was a woman with her four children whom she had just collected from school. With tears in her eyes she added that since 16:30 hours she was on the park trying to board a bus to take her children home.The visibly upset mother said that her four children are tired and hungry but she is braced with the decision of paying the extra fare just to take them home.Several minibus drivers said that some of the gas stations have raised their fuel prices and as a result the operators were left with no other choice but to hike the fares.When asked if all the drivers of the buses that ply the West Coast Demerara to Georgetown route are making this demand, one driver confirmed that the hike in the fare is practised by most route #32 bus operators.The most recent public transportation union to signal this move was the United Minibus Union.President of the Union, Eon Andrews, indicated that the raise in fares for all routes under its remit by $20. This move will apply to routes 31, 32, 41, 43,Nike Air Max Shoes For Men, 44,NFL Jerseys Cheap, 45 and 46. The operators were earlier asking for a $20 increase across the board with the exception of minibus running the East Coast Demerara routes.Operators heading beyond Enterprise were asking for a $40 and $60 increase. Drivers were asking for the $40 and $60 increases on the cost for travel from Georgetown to Mahaica,NFL Jerseys From China, the end of route 44.The United Minibus Union is a duly registered minibus Union since 2008 and according to Andrews, ¡°contrary to the Minister of Commerce, we had several meetings with him and the Minister of Transport over the past two years to discuss minibus matters.¡±According to Andrews,Wholesale MLB Jerseys, the cost of vehicle maintenance has sky rocketed, hence the cost of operating a minibus has grown to a point where all buses are operating at a loss.¡°If the buses are to make a small surplus, the drivers and conductors have to work extra long hours per day, and speed to make more trips. This is dangerous since a driver working extra long hours will be tired and his reflexes and judgment will become poor, thus a danger to the passengers, and the public as a whole.¡±
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Anxious police ranks are on an indefinite wait for the release of the Force¡¯s annual list of promotions.The promotions were to have taken effect from January 1st,Cheap China Jerseys, but have been put on hold, despite the many vacancies that exist both at the junior and senior levels.No official reason was given for the delay, but according to Police Commissioner Henry Greene,Wholesale Football Jerseys, the non-swearing in of the members of the Police Service Commission (PSC),Wholesale China Jerseys, is one of the main factors influencing the release of the promotions list.The Police Service Commission is the body responsible for the promotion of officers from the rank of Inspectors, while the Commissioner can promote force members up to the rank of Sergeant.This newspaper was informed that although the members of the PSC have been identified,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, there appears to be some disagreement with regards to the appointment of the chairman.However,China Cheap Jerseys, it was pointed out that this situation had existed before and it did not affect the promotion of the junior ranks,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, which is the responsibility of the Commissioner of Police.Kaieteur News understands that there are vacancies in the Force for about 50 Corporals and 40 Sergeants. It is not too clear when the situation will be rectified, with some suggesting that promotions will not be effected until the Force¡¯s anniversary in July.
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-husband detained By Leon SuseranPolice have detained an elderly rice farmer in connection with the murder of his 39-year-old reputed wife,NFL Jerseys From China, whose body was found in her Number 48 Village, Corentyne home on Friday.The victim¡¯s reputed husband, who is in his late 70s, reportedly made the discovery after returning from the back dam.Hansranee Sewdat,Cheap NFL Jerseys, also called ¡®Sharda¡¯, was found dead in her home just after noon. Police said that the body bore a wound to the throat.The discovery was made by her reputed husband, popular rice farmer, Roy Persaud, and his eight-year-old daughter from a previous relationship. According to reports, the body was lying near a sliding door at the entrance of the house. Kaieteur News understands that there was hardly any blood near the corpse and that the house was not ransacked.Dead: Hansranee SewdatPolice also reportedly removed a chopper, an X- Rated magazine and a piece of cloth in a plastic bag from the scene.It is alleged that Persaud and his daughter had last seen Sewdatt alive earlier that day before leaving to go to sell paddy.¡°Them leff and go sell paddy and then mommy told them to go buy soap powder and bleach. When them come back, they said they forgot. They said when they go back they will buy it,Wholesale Jerseys,¡± a relative told Kaieteur News.According to the woman¡¯s sister, Basmattie ¡°Golo¡± Sagadawyan,Cheap Nike Air Max Plus, she received a phone call from her son, Devin, shortly after 17:00 hrs on Friday. The son told her to call Sharda¡¯s residence since ¡°there were a lot of policemen there.¡±But when Sagadawyan called her sister¡¯s home, no one answered at first. She said that Persaud, the reputed husband, eventually answered. ¡°When he answered the phone, he take long to talk.¡±She alleged that the reputed husband told her ¡°You can¡¯t talk to her now; you will talk to her later¡±. She said the phone ¡°cut off¡±. Other attempts to reach the woman failed.Kaieteur News learned that police were already at the residence when this happened.Sagadawyan then sent her son to the residence and the son was informed that his aunt was ¡°dead upstairs¡±.According to the sister, there was ¡°hardly any blood around¡± where the body was found. ¡°None wall ain¡¯t get no blood, no floor ain¡¯t get no blood¡±, her sister said.The body was then taken to the Skeldon Hospital Mortuary. The slain woman¡¯s husband, with whom she lived for 12 years, was then arrested and taken to the Number 51 Police Station.He was taken back to the home yesterday and questioned by several CID officers. ¡°Them lock the gate and them get he in there. Them get he in the house. Me ain¡¯t know what them doing so long¡±,China Jerseys, the victim¡¯s sister said.The woman said she was allowed to speak with Persaud and enquired from him as to what to do with the body and if the family in Black Bush should hold a wake.The sister alleged that her sister was often ¡°ill-treated,¡± and that she had stopped talking with the entire family shortly after she started to live with Persaud.¡°She doesn¡¯t want to talk she story¡­but when she a call me on the phone,Authentic Buffalo Bills Jersey, she does tell me plenty thing. Me tell she, ¡®Gyal you buy that, you have to wear it.¡¯ I does encourage her. You¡¯re not the first, you¡¯re not the last.¡¯¡±¡°She does call me from phone many days and tell me she does meet ill treatment but she said she don¡¯t want to leff. Me ain¡¯t know if them a beat ¡®matty¡¯ or fight matty¡­I left her to live her life¡±.She wants the police to find the killer. Her sister, she said, was a peaceful woman who regularly attended mandirs and ¡°didn¡¯t live bad with anybody¡±.One person who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that a suspect in the matter ¡°like to break up people¡¯s home and like deh with young girls¡±.
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– wounds sisterEnraged at repeated refusals to let him marry his lover, a 22-year-old minibus conductor hacked his prospective mother-in-law to death at around 22:30 hrs yesterday.Basmattie Ramlakhan, 17Rajpattie Jagroop, 49, was found dead in her hallway of her Zeeburg, West Coast Demerara home; the victim of at least seven cutlass wounds to the head,Cheap China Jerseys, neck, back and side.Her daughter, 17-year-old Basmattie Ramlakhan, was chopped in the head, right-hand and back. She was rushed to the Leonora Hospital and was still receiving treatmnet for her injuries at around 01:00 hrs today.The suspect¡¯s 19-year-old lover,Cheap Jerseys USA, Parbattie Ramlakhan,Air Max 97 Womens, was not at home when the brutal attack occurred.Kaieteur News understands that the suspect was subsequently detained today at Ruimzeight,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, West Coast Demerara. Indications are that the killer gained entry to Jagroop¡¯s home after smashing a window.Parbattie Ramlakhan told Kaieteur News that her boyfriend had assaulted her and her mother last week Wednesday, after her mother refused his offers to marry the 19-year-old daughter. According to the teen, the boyfriend also threatened to kill her and mother.“He say that if mommy don¡¯t let him marry me, he would kill we.” According to the teen, her mother disliked the suspect because he was a heavy drinker and also ¡®smoked.¡¯Parbattie¡¯s injured sister told Kaieteur News that she and her mother had retired to bed at around 19:00 hrs yesterday. She said that some hours later,NFL Jerseys China Cheap, she was aroused by her mother¡¯s screams.“When I get up,NFL Jerseys Wholesale, I get a lash in my head, but I didn¡¯t see nobody,” she said.After she had recovered, she came out of her bedroom and saw her mother lying in a pool of blood in the hallway.Her screams alerted neighbours, who took the injured teen to the Leonora Cottage Hospital.The slain woman was subsequently taken to the same location.(Michael Jordan)
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United States Ambassador to Guyana, John Melvin Jones, paid a courtesy call on the Leader of the PNCR and Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Robert H. O. Corbin,Cheap Jerseys From China, at his Party Office, Congress Place,Discount Football Jerseys, Sophia, yesterday.Mr. Corbin was accompanied by Mr. Oscar Clarke,Cheap NBA Store, General Secretary of the Party and Member of Parliament,Cheap NFL Jerseys, Africo Selman.Ambassador Jones was accompanied by Mr. Rolf Olson, Political and Public Affairs Officer in the United States Embassy.Mr. Corbin extended a warm welcome to the Ambassador and wished him well during his period of accreditation to Guyana.During the visit,Cheap Nike Air Max 90 Mens Trainers, discussions centered on the political,NFL Jerseys 2018, as well as the global and domestic challenges confronting every nation at this time.
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Reviewer: Dr Glenville AshbyKinetic art is unique. It does not cling haplessly on walls or stand like cold, emotional sentinels. It engages you, eliciting a response, as it literally comes alive, thanks to unseen motion sensors. And the man behind the magic is Guy Beckles, the only celebrated kinetic artist in the Caribbean. In New York, the kinetic artist is a rare species and expectedly, the city was clearly wowed by Beckles.Beckles¡¯ work is subtle, neither realism nor abstract. It¡¯s kaleidoscopic, with an unmistakable joie de vivre that captivated patrons at ¡°Imagenation¡± in Harlem.Kinetic artist Guy Beckles with one of his creations… ¡®In a Blind World The One Eye Man is King¡¯It conjures images of ace designer, Peter Minshall, but on a more personal level. It leaves the viewer with an indelible imprint lodged in the crevice of the brain. Beckles covers his bases, leaving little to the imagination. He plays the part of an illusionist, but is undeniably a social constructivist.? He probes the viewer who is moved to interpret, to critique. His is the artistic path of the ¡°middle-way,¡± – a m¨¦lange of literalism, surrealism and the abstract. It¡¯s an opus of work that moves the aficionado and mesmerises the uninitiated.It¡¯s a reflection of arduous patience – long hours of working and reworking – of visiting and revisiting ¨C of assembling and dissembling. It can take hundreds of hours – months to get it right. This is the sin qua non of kinetic art. Its exactitude demands a peculiar personality and insight. It¡¯s an oeuvre that blends the rigours of science with the imagination of a philosopher. The artist loses himself in his project, enveloped by inspiration – by a muse, as if dwelling in an ineffable zone. And therein, Beckles excels. The zone is his second home. He calls the experience, ¡°a leap of consciousness, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.¡±Yet, he remains humble. ¡°I will be foolish to take credit for my work.¡±Beckles is a diminutive, bespectacled sixty-year-old man with a sharp, appealing countenance. But art it seems has reversed the wheels of time and presents a man that scrambles the mind when he reveals his age. He admits that much: ¡°I realise that artists have a young spirit that reflects in their physical appearance.¡±He is Barbadian by birth but was raised in Trinidad. He is articulate, soft spoken with an intensity that is hardly unsettling. He describes his early years and the conundrum in charting his professional future. ¡°I was indecisive, unsure of my direction.¡±A colleague at Dartmouth College suggested art. He attended a few classes where the genre of kinetic art was discussed. Providence had spoken. He is inspired by ¡°simple things,¡± he says.? ¡°It could be a movement,Jerseys Cheap NFL, a conversation, or people.¡±The former teacher is now a full-time artist with some forty-eight pieces in his growing collection. Each piece has become an extension of himself from which it¡¯s almost impossible to part. The monetary offers have been inviting,NFL Jerseys 2018, though. But his work has assumed a sentimental and existential value.¡°The pieces cannot be replicated because the parts may not be available.¡±This is ¡°Tao¡± of the authentic artist, one whose self-worth and actualisation are tied to his creation. He asks rhetorically, ¡°How can monetary value be placed on one¡¯s being?¡±His book,NHL Ice Hockey Jerseys, Guynetics,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, includes a DVD that showcases this hypnotic art-work. It defines and details each piece, leaving the door to Beckles¡¯ world slightly ajar, allowing glimpses into a paradoxical mind of simplicity and complexity. The viewer is slowly drawn into a carapace of illusion wherein reality is embedded.Guynetics also include commentaries from the finest designers and artists, including Peter Minshall who states: ¡°When the work so clearly reflects the spirit of the maker of the work, we are witnessing truth. The artist revealing himself. He is telling his inherent truth¡­¡±Dr Pat Bishop goes a step further: ¡®To walk into the room full of spinning, whirring,China NFL Jerseys, dancing and experience Guy Beckles¡¯ mobile sculptor, is to return to the long forgotten magic of fairground of childhood fantasy¡­¡±And Canadian art collector,Air Max 97 Gold, Diane Bosworth surely encapsulates Beckles¡¯ ingenious display in the foreword of Guynetics: ¡°His art defies definition and tantalizes your senses visually, intellectually and emotionally. It transcends us to another lace and time. In his Kinetic Art, Guy Beckles produces vivid, intricately constructed moving images that a painting can never capture¡­¡±Need I say more?Feedback: [email protected] or follow him on [email protected]Guynetics: Selected works from 1976-2012 by Guy BecklesPublisher: National Museum and Art GalleryISBN: 978-976-8210-63-0For more information:[email protected]/
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What started out as a brief ¡®drink¡¯ at a North Rupununi market day ended with the death of a 25-year-old farmer and serious injury to one of his friends.Orilly Lally, of Aranaputa Valley, died on the spot, at about 21:00 hours on Monday,Jerseys NFL China, after receiving a chop that almost severed his neck. A man with whom he had an altercation earlier in the day is accused of delivering the fatal blow.His friend and drinking buddy, Sylvan Joseph, who had intervened, was chopped on the left upper shoulder, and is being treated at the Lethem Hospital while arrangements are reportedly being made for him to receive further treatment in neighbouring Brazil.Police, in a press release,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, stated that Lally and four other men were consuming alcohol when an argument developed between him and one of the men.The argument later developed into an altercation, during which it is alleged that Lally was chopped to his neck with a cutlass,Cheap World Cup Jerseys 2018, and died.According to the police,wholesale nfl jerseys, the suspect has been arrested and is in police custody.The cutlass believed to have been used in the incident has been recovered by the police.An eyewitness told this newspaper that, following the earlier altercation, during which the suspect was reportedly wounded on his forehead, he left the scene and uplifted the suspected murder weapon.According to the eyewitness, after the suspect left, Lally, sensing that something terrible was about to happen,Jordan Shoes For Sale Cheap, advised his drinking friends to leave the venue.However, they went in the same direction as the victim.Another confrontation ensued, and it was then that Lally received the fatal chop.Kaieteur News understands that the suspect subsequently turned himself over to a policeman at Annai.Sources in the Rupununi have reported that the suspect is a deportee from Suriname,China NFL Jerseys, who arrived in the community about six months ago.
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¡°So let¡¯s say you get US$150 as an official but you went to Barbados and you got a room by the beach for US$100 then you have to bring the bill for the US$100 and give back the US$50. If you didn¡¯t bring the bill you will be worse off because you then have to pay 60 percent of US$150. So things are getting tighter.¡±By Kiana Wilburg Improving accountability and eliminating the wastage of taxpayers¡¯ monies by public officials seem to be priority for Finance Minister, Winston Jordan as he has implemented some new guidelines for the allowances government ministers and other officials are entitled to when they travel abroad for State business.Finance Minister, Winston JordanThe Minister made his position on the matter pellucid during a press conference held at the Ministry of Finance on Friday.The Finance Minister explained that when the People¡¯s Progressive Party entered office in 1992,Cheap NFL Jerseys, it changed the allowance rates to suit the expenses of travel to various places. He explained, for example, that the cost to travel to Europe is more than the airfare for a Caribbean territory.He then shared with the media,Wholesale NHL Jerseys, a document which showed the rates existing as of May 18, 1993.? It showed that when a Minister who was considered a Category A person, was travelling to the Caribbean or North America, he or she would receive a travel allowance of US$200 per night for hotel accommodation while the allowance for travel to Europe was US$250.Officials, who fell into the Category B status such as Permanent Secretaries and a similar level,cheap nfl jerseys online, received US$150 if they were travelling to North America and US$200 if they were going to Europe.The Finance Minister continued, ¡°Other things you would get would be the US$25 out-of-pocket allowance. Both categories also received US$100 for meals. So a Minister going to North America was given US$200 plus US$100 for meals plus the US$25 out-of-pocket allowance which gives a total of US$325. An official going the same way receives a total of US$275.¡±Considering the challenges he is now facing because of weak systems that existed before to ensure accountability for travel allowances, the Minister said that some adjustments were made.He said that Government has taken the decision to discontinue the practice of signing on a statement in lieu of presentation of bills. He explained that in the past, officials could have simply affixed their signature on a statement saying that the money was spent and the advance would have been cleared without having to produce a bill. Jordan said that this has ceased.¡°If you do not bring the bills or part of the bills to substantiate your expenditure, you will be required to repay up to 60 percent of the advance¡­contrary to what people believe that we are raiding the Treasury, we are actually tightening up,¡± Minister Jordan said.He explained that the allowance rates for travel for ministers and officials have been adjusted in some regard.Jordan said that officials such as Vice Presidents and the Speaker of the National Assembly would be given a travel allowance of US$275 if they are going to a Caribbean Territory. If they are going to Europe, they would be given US$350 per night.? He noted that the out of pocket allowance and the allocation for meals remain the same.He said that for officials who fall into Category C such as Permanent Secretaries will receive US$175 if they are going to the Caribbean and US$250 if they are travelling to Europe or Asia.The Finance Minister said, ¡°I can tell you how mean we got so far. We broke the US$100 into three parts; US$25 for breakfast, US$35 for lunch, US$40 for dinner. The practice used to be that some people would claim the entire US$100 for the day even while they are flying in the air. If you are flying from USA to China,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, it is about 16 hours or so nonstop and by the time you reach there the day has gone and so some used to claim meals for that. So we have now tightened up.¡±Jordan continued, ¡°Lots of people were saying we were being mean by not giving them money to travel in country so what we were saying is that for transportation in the host country you can get US$25 to go and come from meetings and you get departure tax out of Guyana in the sum of $4000¡­¡±The Finance Minister said that these changes were made due to the fact that his ministry has considerable problems trying to recover advances for travel in the past.¡°So to avoid this in future about clearing, we have done two things,Jerseys Authentic Stitched, the first being that we have discontinued the practice of signing on a statement in lieu of presentation of bills. Secondly if you don¡¯t bring bills or part of this to substantiate your expenditure you will be required to repay 60 percent of the advance. These have been put in place since June 16,NFL Jerseys 2018,¡± he said.The Finance Minister concluded, ¡°So let¡¯s say you get US$150 as an official but you went to Barbados and you got a room by the beach for US$100 then you have to bring the bill for the US$100 and give back the US$50. If you didn¡¯t bring the bill you will be worse off because you then have to pay 60 percent of US$150 .So things are getting tighter.¡±
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Four persons,NFL Jerseys From China, including three minors,NCAA Baseball Jerseys, died in an early morning fire that gutted their Lot 2 Drysdale Street, Charlestown home.The dead persons are 23-year-old Abiola Taylor and her son,Nike Air Max 1 Mens Trainers, four-year-old Justin Taylor. Also killed were one-year-old Akisha Curdis and Kalesha Solomon,Wholesale Jerseys China, 3.A distraught Ulander Cort,Air Max 98 Gundam Release Date, mother of Akisha and Kalesha was also injured in the blaze and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.Residents said that by the time they realized the house was on fire,Cheap Jerseys China, flames had already engulfed the front part of the house. They said it was difficult to access the home due to the safety grills.
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– CorbinLeader of the People’s National Congress Reform Robert Corbin says that the Guyana Defence Force Board must explain to the nation just how it is that Commodore Gary Best could have a fleet of five vehicles all bearing the same number plate.According to Corbin, what has been exposed warrants a full-fledged investigation immediately.This newspaper has observed that five vehicles that are assigned to the Commodore, bear the licence plate, DFB 1.One of the vehicles bearing the number plate,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, DFB1The official vehicle of the Chief of Staff carries a special licence number plate,Authentic Jerseys Cheap, an arrangement similar to that of a diplomat.This newspaper understands that currently the office of the Chief-of-Staff has six vehicles designated to him. Two bear civilian plates and are used to do the Chief of Staff¡¯s personal and administrative errands.The third is a Toyota Land Cruiser inherited from the previous Chief-of-Staff, Brigadier General Edward Collins.This vehicle is only about five years old, but according to reports,cheap jerseys from china, Commodore Best requested a new staff vehicle. The vehicle that was assigned to Collins still bears the licence plate DFB1.A senior official at the Guyana Revenue Authority told this newspaper that every single vehicle is authorised to have one registration (licence) number since the information related to each registration is unique.The official said that for the Chief of Staff to have two vehicles bearing the same licence plate is illegal and the situation should be rectified immediately.According to the GRA official,Cheap Jerseys China, the same situation applies to diplomats.¡°Should a new ambassador be appointed and should he or she require a new vehicle from the one that was used by the predecessor,Wholesale Jerseys, the new vehicle will bear the number assigned to the serving ambassador and the discarded vehicle will be given another,¡± the GRA official told this newspaper.In addition to the three vehicles mentioned,Wholesale Jerseys, a fourth vehicle was procured for the chief of Staff¡¯s office at a reported cost of in excess of $24M.It did not end there; the office secured another vehicle at a significant price and still another vehicle, a double-cab camouflage pick up for field uses was procured.
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Where in the world is Justin Jones? Is he still alive and well? Was he abducted and killed? Does the PoliceThe still grieving Evelyn EstwickForce have the answer? These are just a few of the many questions that have been circulating in the mind of Evelyn Estwick since the disappearance of her nephew almost two decades ago.With each passing year hope dwindles, but somewhere in her heart of hearts there remains optimism – although she has exhausted every possible avenue to find her nephew – that one day they will be reunited.But the hurt and lack of support on the part of the authorities still lingers and could be heard in her every utterance as she recalled the last day she saw Justin, who according to her grew up in her Buxton,Off White Nike Vapormax 2018, East Coast Demerara home after his mother died.Recalling the overwhelming dilemma at a recent International Women¡¯s Day forum at the Regency Suites/Hotel, Estwick said that it was early one morning in 1994,? that she left for the city, leaving her five-year-old grand-daughter in the care of, then, 20-year-old Justin.He, however, informed her that he wanted to go to the city as well to purchase a boots.¡°I told him to stay home because he got to look at the little girl¡­in between that time Justin left without my knowledge and I understand he took my little grand-daughter over to a relative.¡±He would never return home. Estwick said that when she returned home in the afternoon, Justin was nowhere to be found. She eventually decided to call his phone but got no answer.? ¡°He would usually answer me as soon I call¡­he was always a child like that, once he know was me number he would answer his cell phone quickly.¡±This led her to enquire of some masons who were undertaking works at her home whether they had seen Justin. According to her, she had left some money with Justin to pay the contractors, but he never did.She decided to telephone family members to enquire if they had seen Justin but they too hadn¡¯t seen him. Into the evening,NFL Jerseys Cheap, Estwick said that her displeasure transformed into deep concern as no one could provide information about Justin¡¯s whereabouts.By the following morning she got a report that the police had picked him up somewhere in the vicinity of Demico House. ¡°I decided to go to the Brickdam Police Station early the next morning,Wholesale MLB Jerseys 2018, but when I went there, they said they don¡¯t have anybody by that name.¡±A distressed Estwick left the gates of the Police Station but was soon confronted by three young men who asked her who she was looking for. After describing her nephew, the young men responded in the affirmative that they, along with Justin were picked up by the police. ¡°I turned back right away¡­I went to an officer and say that a young man just tell me that y¡¯all pick Justin in the same vehicle with them yesterday¡­¡±Eventually,Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Arsenal Jersey UK, Estwick recalled, the officer summoned the young men and asked that they describe Justin to him. The officer called another officer, whom he said was senior to him, and the young men were made to relate the same thing, Estwick said.However, the search for Justin seemed to reach a dead end as the officers kept insisting they had no such person in their custody. On her way out of the Police Station again, Estwick said that another young man who was selling snow cone said that Justin was standing with him talking when the police came and picked him up.¡°I ask the young man if he was willing to go to the station and give a statement and he said yes. He went to the station and he gave a statement¡­he even described the police officer who picked up Justin and gave them a number for the police vehicle that picked up Justin¡­because he claimed he does be around the place so much.¡±The police officers informed the young man that he would be required to identify the officer in an identification parade a few days later but to his surprise, the officer in question was not in the identification parade, resulting in no officer being identified.Estwick said she was eventually invited to a meeting with the Crime Chief and the Commissioner of Police and they revealed their belief that the whole scenario was based on ¡°a mistaken identity¡± and that it may have been the belief of officers that Justin, who was nicknamed ¡®Fine Man¡¯ was perhaps believed to be the notorious Rondell ¡®Fine Man¡¯ Rawlins.¡°I told them that it can¡¯t be because the wanted photo I see them putting up was a very dark-skin person and my nephew is light skin¡­he lighter than me¡­.¡± Several other meetings with other members of the Police Force brought her no closer to finding her nephew.Estwick decided to take her concerns to the Guyana Human Rights Authority and ¡°I walk till I couldn¡¯t walk around anymore¡­and still I ain¡¯t get no results from that.¡±The woman eventually took it upon herself to take the matter to the High Court.¡°When I went to the High Court they push me from day to day and up to today nothing has come out of it. I don¡¯t know what happen to the matter and every time I keep finding out nobody could tell me anything¡­¡±¡°From April 25th, 1994,China Jerseys, Justin disappeared and my aunt take it on so much we had to send her overseas. She died in the States and her body come back and got buried and still we can¡¯t find Justin,¡± said a despondent Estwick.According to the woman,Air Max Zero Be True, ¡°Justin was a child who was always willing and caring. He just disappeared into thin air and nobody can say anything,¡± a situation which has left the Estwick family with way too many questions and absolutely no answers.
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Given the pledge that members of the former administration will not stand on the sidelines and watch the Government repossess Turnkey homes distributed under the PPP/C regime, Attorney-at-Law, Anil Nandlall,Clark Griswold Jersey, has filed a motion in the High Court seeking an order which will prevent the government from reclaiming a plot of land at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo.The action was filed on behalf of Linda Persaud, a resident of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo.On Wednesday, the former Attorney General had warned that measures by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) to take back house lots and the Core Houses from applicants on the grounds on non-occupancy, would be illegal.Nandlall had explained that it is now public knowledge that the CH&PA has made a decision to repossess properties from persons who were allocated a house and lot under the programme that had been launched by the Peoples¡¯ Progressive Party/Civil (PPP/C) Government.Attorney-at-Law Anil NandlallModels of the turnkey house being offered by the CH&PA.¡°I call on all the beneficiaries of this programme not to submit to the authoritarianism and unlawful actions of the CH&PA. I urge that they seek legal advice and representation,¡± the PPP parliamentarian had urged.According to the document, which was filed last week, servants and or agents of the CHPA of the Ministry of Housing/of the State, broke and entered Persaud¡®s property on December 3, 2015 and have since taken possession of it consequently preventing her from entering upon or occupying her property.The document noted that the breaking and entry of the property situated at Lot 3608 Block 8,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Plantation Tuschen,NFL Jerseys 2018, East Bank Essequibo, and (EBE) is unlawful, contrary to and in contravention of Article 142 of the Constitution of Guyana.As such, the applicant is seeking a declaration by the court that the erection thereon of a signboard which reads ¡°property of Central Housing and Planning Authority¡±, on the 3rd day of December, 2015, by servants and/or agents of the CH&PA also contravened her fundamental right and freedom as is guaranteed to her by Article 142 of the Constitution of Guyana.¡°It is also in breach of natural justice, arbitrary, oppressive,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys, unreasonable, capricious, null,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, void and of no effect,¡± the document stated.Additionally, the plaintiff is claiming aggravated damages and costs in excess of $10 million for breach of the Applicant¡¯s fundamental right and freedom not to have her property compulsorily taken possession of without the prompt payment of adequate compensation as is guaranteed to her by Article 142 of the Constitution of Guyana.Furthermore,Cheap Jerseys Authentic, Persaud is asking the Court for a Conservatory Order prohibiting servants and/or agents of the CHPA, the Ministry of Housing or any other Officer of the State from entering upon, remaining, occupying or in any manner whatsoever interfering with the applicant¡¯s quiet and peaceful possession, occupation and enjoyment at her property.The CH&PA has over 25,000 applications for houses and house lots on file, but with little lands available in the Demerara area.Scores of house lots have remained unoccupied with many of the owners migrating. The lands have been posing a problem in the numerous new housing schemes around the country with overgrown bushes and the security issues that comes with it.
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–?? ?garbage bags would be distributed free of cost to groups entering the ParkPatrons who intend to vend and those wishing to bring their vehicles (buses, cars,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Authentic, motor-cycles) into the Botanical Gardens and Joe Vieira Park tomorrow,Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping, will be charged a nominal fee,NBA Jerseys China, according to the National Parks Commission.The commission,Wholesale Jerseys, in a statement yesterday,Undefeated Air Max 97 White, noted that monies collected will be used to offset expenses incurred in cleaning the Gardens and Park of the usually heavy garbage and debris left in the aftermath of kite-flying and picnicking activities associated with Easter Monday in Georgetown.It added that garbage bags would be distributed free of cost to groups entering the Park,Wholesale NFL Jerseys Online, with the view that they will be collected periodically during that day to ease the clean-up exercise.Entrance to the Botanic Gardens will be the Western Main Gate on Vlissengen Road. The exit will be the Eastern Gate.Similar fees will be charged at the National Park by the duly authorized franchisee. Entrance will be at the Carifesta Avenue Gate and exit, the Albert Street Gate.Admission to the Joe Vieira Park will be free between 06:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs for picnickers; those wishing to vend and Park will also pay a nominal fee. However, vending of beverages is strictly prohibited except by the duly authorized franchisee.
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Local investigators have informed their counterparts from the United States of America¡¯s Federal Bureau of Investigations about their breakthrough in the case involving murdered Alpha Guest House proprietrix, Roselaine Hall.The FBI had initially shown an interest in the case since it involved a citizen of the United States.During the initial stages of the investigations, agents from the FBI had journeyed to Guyana and had visited the scene where Hall¡¯s decomposed remains were discovered.It is not yet clear what assistance is being sought from the US investigation agency, but this newspaper was reliably informed that DNA testing might be an area attracting the attention of the local investigators.Kaieteur News understands that although the remains were identified as Hall¡¯s from the clothing attached to it, there are still some question marks.However, following the arrest and subsequent charging of Hall¡¯s ex husband,Cheap Jerseys China, Alex Barker,Air Max 90 Essential White And Black Womens, detectives were able to narrow down their investigations.Barker appeared in court on Friday and was remanded. This was following his arrest last Tuesday at Bartica,NFL Jerseys Cheap, where he was reportedly hiding out for more than a year.Hall¡¯s husband at the time of her death,Wholesale Jerseys, Romeo Rockerfeller, was also detained after Barker reportedly implicated him, but was subsequently released on police bail.A female relative of Rockerfeller was also briefly questioned by detectives on Friday.According to a source,Air Max 90 Black Leather, although a suspect has been charged,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, the case is still being vigorously investigated since detectives believe that Barker may not be the only person responsible for Hall¡¯s disappearance and subsequent murder.
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¡°We are coming after you.¡±This is the message that the new Administration sent out to Guyana¡¯s criminal underworld yesterday following a high-level meeting to address the recent escalation of violent crime.President David Granger convened the meeting, and initial discussions for the development of a broad-based strategic crime fighting approach, that will deliver short and long term goals, were conducted with Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo, Minister of State Joseph Harmon,Cheap Stitched MLB Jerseys, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan, Minister of Social Cohesion Amna Ally, Commissioner of Police Seelall Persaud and Deputy Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Colonel Khemraj Persaud.A release issued yesterday stated that ¡°the clear message coming out of this initial meeting is that the Administration intends to move swiftly and vigorously to arrest violent crime in Guyana.¡±President David Granger, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo,Nike Off White The Ten, Minister of State Joseph Harmon, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan and other officials at yesterday¡¯s meeting (Ministry of the Presidency photo)According to the release, more details of the meeting and information on further engagements will be made available to the public shortly,Blake Swihart Jersey, as the Government intensifies its efforts to tackle the escalating crime situation.Statistics compiled by Kaieteur News for the first six months and six days of this year, show that there have been at least 80 murders during this period. Twenty-eight of the victims were shot dead,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, and of this number, 14 appeared to be clear-cut execution-style killings. Many of these cases remain unsolved.The police and the new Administration have come in for criticism for the recent rise in violent crime,Jerseys Wholesale, even though statistics released by the Force and compiled by Kaieteur News indicate that crime was on the rise from the beginning of this year.Aside from murders committed by robbers and execution-style killings,NFL Jerseys Supply, disputes and ¡®crimes of passion¡¯ accounted for most of the homicides.Fifteen women have been slain for the year, including four young females aged 19, 18, 17 and 14, and three elderly women aged 73, 67 and 68. Of this number, six were killed during confrontations with male associates; three (including two of the senior citizens), were slain during home invasions, two were found battered in remote areas; one was the victim of an execution-style murder, one died from burns after her home was set alight, one was allegedly stabbed to death by a female friend, and one of the elderly women is believed to have been slain by persons who? tried to make it appear as if she was a rape/robbery victim.
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Government has reiterated that it has no shares in the low-cost charter, EZjet. Responding to what appeared to be a concerted effort over the last few days by a number of government-affiliated news agencies to defend the company,Nike Shox Women Clearance, Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon,Cheap Jerseys 2018, yesterday stressed that the administration is concerned about passengers¡¯ welfare.EZjet founder/former CEO, Sonny RamdeoOn Sunday,Huarache Shoes For Men, Kaieteur News published a report that EZjet had notified the US Department of Transportation that it would be cancelling 26 flights between October and May 2013.Following that article, EZjet issued a statement which was published on Monday in the Guyana Chronicle, the Guyana Times,Paul Kariya Ducks Throwback Jersey, and other government-affiliated television channels and websites.Kaieteur News received the release on Monday. That release accused the newspaper of attempting to scare its passengers.EZjet and its founder,Wholesale Stitched Jerseys, Sonny Ramdeo, have been facing court actions over the alleged theft of US$5.4M from a US healthcare company and its 11 hospitals. The monies were allegedly passed through the accounts of EZjet and that of Payserv, a payroll company that Ramdeo also owns.Ramdeo has since resigned as Chief Executive Officer of EZjet to clear his name.There have been questions as to the source of financing for the charter company which started last December and which recently applied to the US government for permission to become a full-fledged airline that will fly from Guyana to any part of the US.Initially, the Florida-based EZjet official said that he funded the charter venture from his pension, stock options and mortgage.But the questions persisted. There were reports that EZjet was owned by local businessmen. A government official has since said that several individuals from Florida have stakes in the company.Responding to questions yesterday on Government¡¯s rush to defend EZjet, Dr. Luncheon insisted that the administration does not have to own shares in companies to defend them.Govt. Spokesman,Cheap NFL Jerseys From China, Dr. Roger LuncheonGovernment, he said, has a ¡°keen interest¡± in avoiding collapse and failure of companies operating in Guyana.He noted that in the case of EZjet, Government has an insurance deposit in place to protect flyers in case it goes bust.